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Wonderful article discussing how Canada is changing its stand on breech births.  They are now encouraging vaginal breech births!

Great video showing a vaginal breech birth.

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Vote for Hypnobabies Facebook Fan Page!

Hi everyone!
Babble lists their “Top 50 Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages” each year. Hypnobabies loves the Babble articles and we post them all the time, and we mingle with most of the Facebook Pages on their 2011 Top 50 list…Hypnobabies needs to be on that list!
Our resources and our fan base are (and we might be biased on this one) awesome, and deserving of being among the ranks.
This is where YOU come in…It’s EASY to help us to get noticed:
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Also, you can forward this email to your students and doula clients, supportive care-providers, etc. to ask them to please take two seconds to help.

Thanks for helping us to spread the Hypnobabies love!


Carole Thorpe, CHt, HCHI, HCHD, CLEC, CiHOM
Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis, VP 
Director of PR & Marketing

714.952.2229 (Mon-Fri, 10-4 PST)

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Speak out about birth

Nice article about birth in America.  Join in the conversation.

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Hypnosis instead of pain killers?

There is a great article in ODE magazine about Replacing Pain Killers with Hypnosis.  They look specifically at a person having a tooth removed with only hypnosis.  They then go on to explain how hypnosis works for people to stay comfortable without medication.

Increasingly, dentists, physicians and surgeons are using hypnosis to replace, or at least reduce, the use of painkillers as well as general and local anesthetics. Hypnosis may not be the method of choice for major operations, but for a growing number of procedures ranging from kidney stone fragmentation to minor surgery to childbirth it has proved an effective alternative to conventional sedatives and analgesics. Hypnosis is real, says psychiatrist David Spiegel, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. It’s no less palpable an analgesic than medication.

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Hi Everyone,

First of all, just a reminder that Kerry and Carole are speaking at the “Uniting for the Future of Birth” Mega Conference in Milwaukee in early October! http://www.futureofbirthconference.org/

Our session is called, The Transformative Language of Birth and will allow us to teach birth professionals how to alter their thinking and use positive wording which can positively affect birth outcomes. Please post and e-mail this to EVERYONE!

Since our session at the Mega Conference is all about helping birth professionals learn positive language that is extremely helpful to all pregnant and birthing moms, we would like to ask for everyone’s input! This includes moms and birth care professionals.

Please call our toll-free hotline at 800-350-2204 and complete any or all of the following:

“When I was pregnant my (caregiver) said ………to me and then I felt……..about childbirth”. (Doulas, doctors, midwives, nurses; any caregiver)

“My birth was awesome (or whatever adjective you’d like to use) because my (caregiver) said…….”

“My birth was going very well (or however you’d like to describe it) until my (caregiver said …….”

If you are a birth professional, you can complete the following:

“I attended a birth where a (medical caregiver) said……..to the birthing mom and it changed……..in her birth experience (explain what happened, positive or negative).

Please forward this to anyone who would like t be part of the process of changing birth language. Thanks so much for helping us educate birth care professionals how to become more positive and effective!


Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI

Founder/Director of Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

714-952-BABY (2229)


Join us on Facebook, Twitter and our own YouTube Channel:

www.Facebook.com/Hypnobabies www.Twitter.com/Hypnobabies


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In all sorts of medical procedures.  This one focuses on dental work, but mentions other things as well.

For example, Childbirth!  What a great idea!

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Great post from a mom about what Painless Childbirth is really about!

She points out that it is hard for many to wrap their mind around the word painless.  That really thinking of it in a different way, having a comfortable birth, helped her to achieve just that!

What do you think?

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OB nurse shares her experiences about helping moms make this happen.

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Great study showing how hypnosis is beneficial for lowering prenatal stress.  Click here to read.

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Hi Hypnobabies Fans!

Together we *can* make a difference!

Oprah has created a contest for people to get their own TV show on her new network and I entered the contest with a video about teaching expectant parents about *taking responsibility for their own decisions and care during pregnancy, birth and baby care*.

(Watch here, but click on link below to VOTE!)

YOU can click the link below and VOTE for it, and leave comments on why we need a show like this right now! WE NEED VOTES, so please everyone vote and leave comments!

AND…..let’s forward and post this everywhere that there are moms, birth professionals of all kinds, *anyone* who wants to help change the face of childbirth!! *Tweet, FB, LI, groups, lists, anywhere!* Please keep Tweeting this and using all of your contacts every day, asking *them* to forward it on to others in the birthing and natural childbirth community.

WE have the opportunity to make a huge difference here!! LET’S GO!

Thanks so much,  🙂 Kerry

We have a chance to change the birthing world! Please VOTE for “Every Mother, Every Baby” show!

Link to pass along so others can vote: http://bit.ly/9nT9RG VOTE for our show on Safer, More Responsible Births! Tell all of your firends!

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