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One of the coolest things about moderating the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group is I get to work with moms all over the world.  Seta shares the story of Marisa’s birth in Japan.


This was my first time with both pregnancy and hypnosis. Fortunately, my pregnancy was  uncomplicated with just some mild morning sickness in the first trimester. Another fortunate thing, although I didn’t think so earlier, is that I am in Japan where natural childbirth is the norm. In fact, I had asked my doctor about epidurals and drugs very early on in my pregnancy, but he said that the hospital could only administer these for medical reasons, but never at the request of the mother. When I found out a little later that the hospital did not even offer childbirth classes, I started to worry about how I would cope with labour and delivery. I began searching online for options and this lead me to Hypnobabies.


I began the Home Study course about eight weeks before my due date so I’d been doing maintenance for the three weeks prior to delivery. I listened to the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations on average 6 out of 7 days depending on how busy I was. As for the daily hypnosis lessons, I fell asleep most of the time (hypnotic amnesia) but woke up at the end of each session. Actually, to this day, I still don’t consciously know what is on most of the CD tracks. If I missed a hypnosis session, I sometimes doubled up on another day. I practiced using my light switch when I remembered to, and then only about two or three times on those days.

So basically, I practiced relatively regularly, but didn’t beat myself up about missing a day or two. I never really felt like I got the hang of the light switch, but I kept telling myself not to judge the experience and just keep at it.

DH practised with me a total of three times, and only in the last week or so before delivery. However, he was incredibly supportive of my efforts, though he doubted it would work on the day. As for myself, I also had my doubts, but then again, what did I have to lose by trying?

The day I started listening to the Birthing Day Affirmations was the day I went into labour, at 39 weeks 6 days.


My labour began with my water breaking unexpectedly. I was lying in bed around 10.30pm and felt some unfamiliar sensations down below, like baby was poking its fingers through the amniotic sac. I felt it once, then sat up, twice, and then the floodgates opened. I felt the warm liquid running down between my legs, similar to urine but without colour or smell. I called out to DH who came running at the excited sound of my voice. “I think my waters just broke.”, I told him, “I think baby’s coming!”. I went to the bathroom and checked the color of the liquid. It was very clear so I told DH that we had some time to get to the hospital and to try and remember all our last minute items for the hospital. I put on a menstrual pad, but that filled up in a matter of minutes, so I ended up folding up a towel and putting it between my legs to catch the amniotic fluid that just kept coming and coming.

On the way to the hospital, a 20 minute drive, I listened to BIRTHING DAY AFFIRMATIONS and did some of that slow breathing that Kerry always starts off with on the CDs – in through the nose, out through the mouth. I didn’t know it at the time, but that breathing technique would be crucial later in my delivery.

We arrived at the hospital and I was checked (here I used my light-switch OFF): 1 cm.

I was hooked up to an IV because I had tested positive for Group B Strep (a bacteria that can harm a newborn baby) and then DH and I settled into our room for the night. Needless to say, neither of us slept very well that night in anticipation of what was ahead. During the night, when I wasn’t sleeping, I listened to BIRTHING DAY AFFIRMATIONS, DEEPENING, and SPECIAL PLACE tracks.

The next morning, I was checked again by my doctor (lightswitch OFF): 3 cm.

He manually dilated me (really uncomfortable!) and in seconds, I was at 5 cm.


I hadn’t felt any pressure waves by this point. But I continued to listen to tracks on and off. Actually, I could have listened to them non-stop, but I felt sorry for DH who, when he wasn’t catering to my every whim and desire (Can you get me some coffee? Can you turn the aircon off? Can you open the curtains?) was just waiting it out. So I would turn my ipod off or volume down, put my light-switch in CENTRE, and chat with DH. One time he even read a script to me which gave him more involvement, and me more relaxation.

Nurses came in from time to time to either hook me up to the monitor, or change the IV bags. If I was in the middle of a hypnosis session (DH said I looked like I was sleeping) then DH would answer any of their questions, or at least ask them to wait until I was ready to answer. I think that having someone in the room who can be your advocate really helps you keep focussed and also helps the staff understand what’s going on so they don’t feel like you are ignoring them. I allowed some internal checks, but refused others – the fact that I could choose whether to have one or not really made me feel in charge of my birthing time (something that was hammered home in the JOYFUL PREGNANCY AFFIRMATIONS). Sometime in the evening, I allowed an internal: 7-8 cms.


At this point, I started listening to the EASY FIRST STAGE track over and over again. For some reason, I had been saving that one for when I really felt like I was in labour, and the 7-8 cms indicated that I was heading into transition, what for some women is the most demanding phase of labour.

Now, the nurses were never convinced that I was in active labour. They kept asking me, “Do you have any p***? Does it hurt?”, and I would also reply honestly, “No”. If they asked DH “Does she have p***?”, he would tell them the same thing, “No p***, just pressure”. So they didn’t believe that I was really labouring, even though they could see my pressure waves on the monitor from their own office, and even though those pressure waves were dilating me. It might be a cultural thing, but every time a nurse would enter my room, she would ask about the p***, and then when she’d leave, she’d say “Call us when she starts to feel p***”. Needless to say, we never had to make that call.

Transition for me was the first time I felt a pressure wave. I didn’t feel the “wave” part, but the pressure was undeniable. I kept telling DH that I needed to do a number 2, but every time I would go to the bathroom, nada. It was uncomfortable and annoying more than anything else. Eventually, after countless attempts to relieve myself, I recognised that the rectal pressure was the baby, and not some huge turd.

I spent most of this time in hypnotic amnesia, and even now, don’t have total recall of this transitional phase. I was using my light-switch more often by this point, switching OFF to go into deep hypnosis, into myself and my body’s physical experience, and then switching CENTRE when I wanted to re-enter the outside world (ie. To communicate with DH or the nurses). So I only remember bits and pieces of transition, like when I suddenly got the shakes and started shivering uncontrollably and DH covered me with duvets and started rubbing me to try and warm me up. Then just like that, I felt hot and sweaty and needed to have the windows open and wanted to strip down to complete nakedness. I remember looking at the monitor every now and again to see baby’s heartbeat (above 100 is good, below 100 call the nurses station we were told). I remember chanting along with the track “PEEEEACE, OPPEEENNN, RELAAAAX”, probably freaking out the Japanese nurses but by this stage, beyond caring.

Twice I had DH call the nurses’ station to tell them I had to push. The first time they came running, “So is she feeling any p*** yet?”.  I think the withering look I gave that nurse answered her question. “I feel like pushing”, I told her. She said a midwife would have to do an internal before we went to delivery. I didn’t object. The midwife checked: 8.5 to 9 cms. The second time DH called them, my doctor came in and checked me: almost 10cms!! YAY!!

A nurse went running to get a wheelchair for me, which I didn’t fit into (damned Japanese-sized wheelchairs), so I walked the short distance to the delivery room.


(***Warning: Put up and reinforce your BUBBLE OF PEACE for delivery room description)

I love my doctor and the attendants that helped us were real angels, but the delivery room, my goodness, what a shambles. I could see big garbage bins filled with blood-soaked I-don’t-know-whats, and shiny stainless steel implements lying on a table. I saw deep sinks that needed a good scrub and the morgue-like fluorescent lights that were just not working for me. I don’t mention these things to scare anyone, but this was the one time during my labour that I desperately and urgently resorted to my BOP to block the negative images before me. I focussed on getting to the delivery bed, or rather, the delivery bench.

(***Relax your BOP, that’s as bad as it got for me J)

As soon as I lay down on the delivery bench, I switched on the PUSHING BABY OUT track. This I would listen to until I delivered baby. I had never listened to either track on the Birthing Day CD, so maybe this had something to do with what happened next, but for some reason, I was unable to breathe the baby down. Each pressure wave, now ranging from between 4 and 2 minutes apart, was manageable, and I was fully dilated, but baby didn’t seem to be making any progress downwards. After an hour of this, three things happened that made me want an alternative. Firstly, another woman was wheeled in to the other side of the delivery room, she pushed and pushed, then we heard the crying of her baby. She had successfully delivered in five minutes! Secondly, without warning, I was suddenly hooked up to oxygen. Baby was apparently not getting enough air and its heartbeat had dropped to below 100 beats a minute. “Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth”, DH said. Well, this came naturally with all my Hypnobabies practice. The third thing that motivated me to try something different was that my doctor was looking, quite frankly, bored. I asked him, “Am I weak pusher?”. “Yes”, he replied, “You’re a weak pusher”. (Hey, I asked). I turned the volume down on my ipod, and said to him “OK, so please tell me how to push”.

Seeing my determination to get the baby out, my doctor coached me on the delivery table with classic Lamaze pushing technique “There’s a con***ction coming” (He had to tell me this because as I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t feel the onset or subsiding of my pressure waves, only the pressure at the peak). “Now take a deep breath….and….PUSH 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10 now RELAX”… “Breathe again…and now PUSH…”. Now while I was listening to the doctor, I had Kerry’s voice in my ears, DH with his hand firmly on my shoulder giving me PEACE and RELAX cues and the doctor instructing me for pushing. I felt like I had this whole team of people on my side, encouraging me and cheering me on.

It might be TMI, but what felt really good while I was pushing, was for the doctor or an attendant to push, with a cloth, against my anus, as kind of counterpressure. (I asked my doctor about it later and he said it was to help prevent haemorrhoids, and I’m happy to say it seems to have worked.)

At 12.18am, on November 7, 2009, my beautiful daughter entered this world.


As soon as my baby was out, I ripped out my earphones and tossed my ipod to the side. But word to the wise: If your doctor has to leave you to perform an emergency C-section, then returns 2 hours later to do an internal check and finds a tiny tear that he wants to stitch up, you might want to keep those Hypno tracks handy. I didn’t, and ended up begging the doctor to let me heal naturally, to which he relented. I hadn’t thought of using hypnosis for any part of afterbirth.


I credit Hypnobabies for so many things:

* My practise sessions really helped me relax during my pregnancy and increased my confidence for this baby, not to mention future ones.

* I was able to stay relaxed and comfortable for all of my labouring and birthing time. Furthermore, I was lucid throughout transition and delivery, the two phases I thought would be the most challenging. Also, because I had been so relaxed up until delivery, I had saved up enough energy for pushing and was not completely exhausted by the end of it.

* DH did not see me suffer. He was worried about the unavailability of drugs with me being a first-time mother, and though he was sceptical at first, he is now a true believer in hypnosis for childbirth. What little practice we did was very helpful in the end.

* Marisa is a very calm and easily contented child. She doesn’t cry very much and then only when she needs something. I know it’s still early days, but for now, she appears very relaxed, a true Hypnobaby.

* My doctor was so impressed with my relaxed state during labour and delivery, he asked if this program was available or would be available in Japanese. He said he wanted to promote this idea amongst Japanese women who are really given no other alternative than to grit and bear it. So Kerry, if you happen to read this, Japan needs Hypnobabies please!

Finally, to all women still considering whether to try hypnosis for childbirth, I highly recommend Hypnobabies. I used the home study course, with great success, and will definitely be using it for my future babies.

To those women that are currently using the program, good luck with your birthing day!! Choose to use your hypnosis tools and enjoy your experience, as I did.

Love, Seta, DH and Marisa

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Tiffany Buss HCHI, BSN
Tiffany Buss

(303) 471-2643
Englewood CO

Heritage Birth Services providing Hypnobabies Childbirth Education classes.

I am so excited to offer you the opportunity to learn Hypnobabies. I used Hypnobabies for my last birth in March 2007 and it was such an incredible experience. Through this experience I have been inspired to share this wonderful gift with other families. Where else can you be given the tools to be confident in your ability to give birth naturally and enjoy it at the same time. Birth is a beautiful occasion and by using Hypnobabies you can stay relaxed and calm throughout your birthing time. It is so important to educate yourself on the choices you have through your pregnancy and birth, I am so glad you have taken the time to look for the information you need to have the best birth for you and your family. I wish you and your baby a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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Mace, a positive VBAC story

Mace Wayne entered the world on 8/31 at 1:22 am and was 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long and I am proud to say was a successful VBAC!!!

I started into labor the evening of the 29th and was every 5 minutes lasting a minute…I listened to my birthing affirmations and the rainbow relaxations by myself until I couldn’t be by myself anymore and woke my hubby early the 30th.  My doula showed up shortly there after and then my world went spiraling out of control…

I attempted to take a bath and suddenly had contractions one right after another so that I had NO time to relax inbetween.  We made it to the hospital…barely (I had to ride facing backwards on my knees…couldn’t even get my pants on…had just a “sexy” thin robe on and that was it…very flattering…oh and dirt roads hurt…all those bumps…ugh!)…and once we got to the hospital, was dissappointed to find I was only a 1!

I labored like that for another few hours with no progression so we all decided an epidural would probably allow me to relax enough to start progressing (it was either that or go in for a c-section).  Wow, the epidural helped…hated my legs numb, but it did help me sleep and relax.

After steady progression, the epidural was starting to wear off a bit, so they bolused it a little bit when I hit a 7…then my doula turned on my birthing affirmations track…and I slept through the rest of transition…how wonderful that was!

I woke when my OB entered the room, said I was complete and that we could take an hour or so and work on breathing the baby down!  My doula took turns with my mom…alternating gentle pushes and breathing the baby down…all the while birthing affirmations were playing in the background!  It was VERY peaceful.  When I started pushing, I had to keep being turned from side to side because they kept losing baby’s heart rate…finally, she decided to try the suction cup but at the last minute decided to let me try pushing on my back with the idea that I had about 20 minutes to get him out…or there would be more interventions (glad she didn’t do the suction cup…never would have stuck as he has inch long blond hair!!!).

Sure enough, that was all it took.  My son came out as he was turning…he started face up and with each push turned a bit more until he was face down.  The nurses were very surprised at my control and peace in pushing him out that way as my epidural was pretty much gone again!  I was able to control the speed of his head coming out very well…once his head was out, the OB told me to stop pushing, but my son had other ideas…despite my panting, he came spinning out and the OB playing “juggle the baby”.  I ended up with a second degree rip from his shoulders, but that was it!  I got to have the birth I wanted…had him on my chest and got to breastfeed right away…even got to do some HypnoBirthing even though at the start, I didn’t think I was going to get the chance!  Thank you to all whole helped me out and responded to my questions!  I will definitely use hypnobirth next time again!  (Sheridan, you have my permission to do whatever you need to with my birth story.)

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Hypnobabies Empowers Mom during birth

Here is a link to a great birth story, which shows how mom has  such a great support team and that she made the best choices for herself as she went along with her birthing time!

You can read it on Laura’s Blog.

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Leigh Short, HCHI, CD

(208) 697-7115


Nampa/Caldwell Idaho

Certified Hypnobabies Instructor, Certified DONA Doula

I believe every individual should have the opportunity to:

Own Your Birth, Understand Your Birth, and Love Your Birth

After three children and three methods that just taught me how to cope with the pain and rely on something else when I couldn’t, I found Hypnobabies on my fourth.  This birth was the first birth that my husband and I took full ownership of, and we enjoyed every minute. Through our adventure, Hypnobabies gave us the tools we needed to enjoy the experience of our birth, not to cope with it.  As an instructor, I can help you receive those tools for your own enjoyment.

Own It, Understand It, Love It,

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So, here i am, hopefully able to post the whole story today. I think i’ll add a BOP just in case about the pushing stage, which was nonetheless amazing, and a section after that, as i had a little trouble with my pressure going down. but still, i hope despite the slight hitches, it’ll encourage those of you going for a VBAC, and maybe even help you stay on track with your hypnobabies practice.  i should say i wasn’t very constant with the finger drops, although i did listen to my scripts–3 or 4 at a time–religiously every night as i fell asleep. if nothing else, it helped me sleep well and stay relaxed throughout my pregnancy. i had none of the emotional ups and downs i experienced before.

I would also like to mention that my first son was born by unnecessary c-section, due to dr’s impatience and our lack of information, other than thinking that there wasn’t much to birth than arrive in the hospital, lie on your back, and push a baby out with or without an epidural.

A year later, i began my journey to find something better, something more humane, for myself and my next baby, and also in a way for DH and our firstborn, and after encountering ICAN and another support group, and finding out about hypnobirthing, i decided Hypnobabies was the way to go. I found a new dr. (recommended by a friend who’d had a slightly complicated but natural birth), a wonderful doula, with whom dh and i clicked from the frist meeting, and the dream of a water birth.

so, fast forward to now:  I guess the story begins last tuesday, dec. 1st, when i awoke to regular waves about 3.5 min. apart from 2 to 7 am. I was pretty sure (and hopeful) that that was it, as my guess date was only 2 days away and i’d started natural induction methods, as per my ob’s suggestion, around 38 weeks. But when i got up that morning, the waves spaced out to like 10-20 min. apart with no aparent pattern. We decided to go get checked that afternoon (my 1st check, and so wonderfully brief, after having my membranes stripped the last time–without my consent OR knowledge!) and found that i was at 3-4 cm. Dr. asked if i wanted to get checked in or go home, but we decided on the latter, as i knew this could go on for a long time and i didn’t want to be in the hospital more than was necessary.

So home we went and had nothing at all that night or the next day. on thursday night, the pattern started again, but this time at about 2-3 min. apart, and again i was sure it must be it. That afternoon i also started acupuncture to help things along, and i thought it must surely be working. WEll, long story short, the waves petered out again after a few hours. I went in to get checked on friday morning and was still at 3-4, so dr. said he wanted to see me on tue. Dec. 8.  His assistant, however, refused to give me an appointment, certain that i wouldn’t make it!!!

That afternoon and again on saturday, i had two more acupuncture sessions, and again i would have steady waves for a while that would come to nothing. I was actually quite calm over the weekend, listening to my birthing day affirmations and easy first stage every night, in addition to my VBAC cd, hoping that they would help my birthing time start.

Monday afternoon the acupunturist called to ask if i’d had the baby yet, and offered another session. I said yes, but then thought better of it and said i’d wait one more day. Then, i did a lot of nipple stimulation throughout the day, every chance i got (DH was at work, of course, so not many choices), i rocked on all fours, telling Gabriel to come out and my cervix to open, open, open. I also told GAbriel that he needed to come out soon for his sake and mine, because i didn’t want any interventions of any sort, and much less another c-section.

(Both DH and i had been telling him to come so we could hold him and love him, and meet him, but that didn’t seem to do the trick!)  The waves i got, although still without a pattern, were getting stronger now, and i knew they must be leading somewhere, even if my birthing day was not there yet…

That night, DH and i watched a movie and i timed a few waves, but they were still like 7-20 min. apart without a clear pattern, although they would all last over a minute now and made me breathe deeply and sometimes even use my peace cue (which, by the way, I loved throughout my pregnancy and birthing!!).
We went to bed, and as soon as i lay down and turned on my ipod, the waves stopped, as i knew they would… I had made up my mind Gabriel would wait till after the tenth, so i just tried to take it easy.

Later that night–4 am in fact–i awoke to a pretty strong wave, stronger than any i had felt so far, and i assumed it was just time to go pee, as every night i would wake like that. but as soon as i turned over to get out of bed, i felt a trickle and said “uh-oh!” aloud, thinking it must be my water breaking. sure enough, when i got to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, a little squirt of water came out. uh-oh! i said again. i did my business and by the time i got back to bed, my waves were there, steady. i woke DH gently with the cliche my water broke!, which had him wide awake in a second!

i told him i couldn’t remember what the dr. had said if my water broke:  did i have time to go back to sleep? should i call right away? dh went on the internet to try and find something, but by 4:30 i had gone to off and center to move through my waves. every time one hit, i would go on all fours or lean on the ball or bed, swaying and saying peace aloud. soon, i needed dh to apply counterpressure to my back, really hard–so hard, that i ended up with bruises!!

in between waves, he tried to reach the dr., but couldn’t (turns out his cell was at a setting where it would neither ring nor vibrate!!!). i got in the shower to try and ease the discomfort, but although the water felt nice, the waves were getting stronger, and i did end up having to go on all fours in there to make it through them.

i think i said in my previous post that it wasn’t p**n-free, but that’s not exactly right:  what happened was that if i was alone, once the waves were this strong, i felt i was close to losing control and actually giving in to p**n. as it was, it took all of my concentration to keep hold of myself through each wave, and by now they felt like they were 1 min. apart, although dh says they stayed at 3 min. the whole time. come to think of it, it was probably that they were lasting so long that even if from start to start they were 3 min. apart, from finish to start they were under 1 min!

so anyway, getting out of the shower and dressed was quite an ordeal at this frequency! in the meantime, dh got my mom and told her to come over right away, then got my doula who told us to head to the hospital, as she could tell from the sounds i was making that i was in transformation (BTW, i knew when i got in the shower because i was shaking!), and she finally managed to contact my dr. also, at the end of one of those waves, i had two dry heaves, and remembering so many birth stories i read before, i thought, “great! what if this baby decides to be born here, and we are unprepared for this!!” fortunately, i didn’t have an urge to push yet, but i knew it wouldn’t be long.

it was around 5:30 by then, and my mom still hadn’t arrived to babysit my 2 yo., so we decided to leave the keys with the security guard of the building and head out, as it was obvious that i was quite far along and moving fast, even to our inexperienced selves!

in the car, DH driving as fast as was safe at that hour, i put on my ipod to early first stage, stayed in center, and would repeat cues aloud as we went, even closing my eyes practically the whole way to the hospital, ten min. away. i made a bigger effort to focus because i couldn’t go on all fours, so i tried to stay limp and loose through the two or three waves i got on the way.
finally, we made it to the hospital even as the dr. was parking his car. dh went to check us in and i went up with the dr. he checked me and checked the baby’s heart and said to the nurse to fill the tub because i was at 8-9 cm!!! that’s when i thought “too late to back down or chicken out and ask for an epidural!!” so there i was, on my way to my planned and cherished birth!

i had another wave before i could get off the bed and turned on all fours, my bottom in the air, i guess,but i coulnd’t care less at the time. my doula walked in then and held me, then helped me down. she gathered my stuff and off we went to the l&d room with the most wonderful pool.

as soon as i got there, i felt the need to pee, so i went, but had another wave and had to go down on all fours in the bathroom–again, couldn’t care less!–peed, then went down on all fours again. i think i spent more time on the floor than i did upright by then!

just before i got in the tub, dh walked in to find me on all fours, butt naked except for a top i had managed to slip on before everyone, which told him i was too far along to care.

he and my doula helped me into the tub where i immediately knew that was the place for me. i stayed on all fours, lowering my head on the edge of the tub for each wave while dh massaged my sacrum or lower back to my chant “harder, harder!”, and my doula poured warm water over me. (as i moved along, i became more and more vocal, and when i started pushing, i almost laughed aloud hearing myself because i reminded myself so much of a cat we had when i was about 8 when she was giving birth for the first time!! they were not sounds of p**n but of power, much like martial arts like kung-fu use).

she asked me to feel inside and see if i could feel the head yet. i couldn’t quite, but it was getting close. a couple of waves later, i started pushing involuntarily indeed, and the dr. came over to check on baby’s heartrate, and i could feel some concern. he let me go another wave, then said if i didn’t get baby out soon, he would have to get me out of the water. that was not in my plans, so i pushed as hard as i could. he actually let me push two or three more times, then had me change to a squat, holding onto a bar on the side of the tub, and finally baby started crowning. but his heartrate wasn’t what it should be, i guess, because instead of letting me push on my own, everyone started urging me to push as hard and long as i could. we needed to get him out NOW. so i did. i pushed because his life depended on it, and felt like i was ripping open in every direction. still, i can’t say that what i felt was p**n, now that i think of it. i have very low tolerance and i would have been crying if it had been p**n. i wasn’t. i was determined. i actually put my hand down between waves and felt his little head right there.

after that, i pushed with and without waves–purple pushing, i’m afraid, but the situation required it–and finally, he came out. Why was he so hard to push out? oh, just because he had one hand by his face and the cord around his neck!!! he was born at 6:40 am, only about 40 min. after i got in the water–or less, i really don’t know!

well, as he wasn’t breathing–or not properly–the dr. cut the cord right away, even though he advocates waiting, and handed him to the pediatrician who started rubbing him and giving him oxygen. I kept asking is he ok? and when i finally heard him cry, softly at first, then more strongly, i relaxed.

****end of BOP****

dh and my doula helped me out of the tub and onto the bed, then i was handed my little Gabriel for the first time, and it felt awesome. in fact, i feel like a runner who has just won a marathon!

i tried to nurse him, but he was too tired and wouldn’t latch on. we kept giving him oxygen–i had oxygen too, by the way, to help my baby through the pushing stage. meanwhile, the dr. was checking me–that WAS quite uncomfortable, as i had completely let go of my focus and swithced it to my baby–and said i only had a tiny tear that didn’t require stitching. all that pushing and no tears worth mentioning!!!

THen, i was asked to push again, to get the placenta out. i don’t know if i pushed too hard or what, but it shot out and startled the dr. “you said push,” i told him.

they had brought GAbriel down by then, but he was fast asleep and didn’t nurse till that night! poor thing was exhausted…
anyway, Gabriel stayed with me from then on, as they only took him for a little while the next morning to bathe him and have the ped. check him, and before noon we were on our way home.
since then, my recovery has been great–nothing compared to recovering from my previous c-section–and it’s wonderful to be able to care for both my sons as if nothing. The only downside is my eyes are all bloodshot from all that purple pushing, but even that is fading fast, and i would do it all again if only to have my healthy, beautiful baby! (my sons’ ped. asked if i would do it all natural again, and i said, even now, yes, if i were planning to have more kids!)

so, i got my vbac, much faster than i expected, but pretty much as i visualized in that it started in the middle of the night and baby was born in water without interventions, after arriving in the hospital at a 7 or up.

i believe hypnobabies helped me stay in control the whole time, even though i hardly had time to use the tools, other than my peace cue–my lifeline–and i also believe it was responsible for my baby being in the right position, albeit with a hand and cord in the way.

i loved it so much throughout my pregnancy that it feels weird now not to be listening to the scripts every night as i fall asleep. btw, i had a dream of my baby’s birth some months ago, and i remember i said i never got to listen to the pushing baby out script… well, i really didn’t! so i do believe that our subconcious has a big part in what we experience in life. i believe i brought my c-section upon myself before, and this is why i believe so strongly now that i programmed myself for this wonderful vbac, even with details such as the script thing.

so, for those who are still waiting, make sure you program positive thoughts into your mind and keep the negative what ifs out.

If you got this far, thank you for reading, and thank you hypnobabies for helping me achieve my dream. I recommend this method to everyone i think would follow through with it, as it does require commitment that not everyone has.

I wish all of you who are still expecting a most wonderful birthing, with as few hitches as possible, if any.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!

Nuriyah, mom to Leo (unnecesarean 7/11/07) and Gabriel (water VBAC 12/8/09)

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Dana Kunze HCHI, BS, Cd (DONA)
(970) 484-1854 or (970) 691-2017
Ft. Collins, CO

The Nurtured Birth Doula Services,LLC

Ongoing Hypnobabies Classes in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

As a doula I am so blessed by the opportunity to accompany women as they experience the transformative power of childbirth. And I am very excited to offer Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis techniques that will allow the birthing experience to be comfortable and enjoyable as well.

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It is hard to know exactly where to begin  . . .  I signed up for a Hypnobabies Class when I was 33 weeks pregnant for a personal home class with just my husband and I. I was a bit worried at first with me deciding so late in pregnancy that I needed to take the class but my wonderful instructor Katherine Stanglin convinced me it would still work and she was 100% right!!

This was my 2nd birth. My first birth was an induction 9 days past the guess date for high blood pressure.  I was hooked up to Pitocin and instantly had waves for 13 hours and somehow managed to birth naturally and vaginally but with tons of medical interventions: pitocin, breaking my water, internal fetal monitoring, episiotomy – 3rd degree and vacuum. So needless to say I walked away from my first birth disappointed mainly in myself because there were times I begged for pain medication and an epidural but my mom and husband knew how important a drug free birth was that they didn’t listen to my begging.

When I became pregnant with my second baby I was thrilled but nervous and I had lots of fear surrounding the birth but I also was convinced to do whatever it took to make this a good experience and one I was proud of. I hired a doula, changed OB’s, changed hospitals and took my hypnobabies course. So here the birth story begins. My guess date was 11/25 and by this point I was exhausted and worn out and so ready to meet the baby and wondering if I would get to experience going into my birthing time on my own – praying it wouldn’t be like the first birth.

My mom convinced my husband and I on 11/28 that we needed to get out of the house and go to dinner and see a movie and she would babysit our 24 month old little boy that evening. We live ½ a mile from a great shopping center with a movie theater so we decided we would walk up and grab dinner and a movie. We hadn’t walked more that 250 feet when I fell and skinned both my knees on the concrete sidewalk. I started to cry and told my husband I was so big I couldn’t even walk anymore 🙂

We went back in and got the car keys so we could drive and some Neosporin for my knees. Needless to say we saw a fantastic movie and during the movie I thought to myself – hmm this feels different than the Braxton hicks – I could feel them starting at the top of the uterus and working there way down. They were totally comfortable and I didn’t mention anything to my husband until we were getting the car. I told him I wasn’t sure but maybe these were the real thing but I only had a few.

We went home – I mentioned them to my mom but told her I wasn’t sure and just wanted to try and sleep. We went to bed about 10:30 and I put Easy First Stage on my Ipod – Fell asleep and realized I had been out for about an hour and half – I slept through the majority of all my scripts throughout the 7 weeks I studies hypnobabies so I was used to this. I woke up close to midnight and felt like taking a bath. Then I felt a little hungry and I went down and had 2 cookies that my hubby and I made that day testing a recipe for Christmas 🙂 Then I decided to lay in bed and time my waves with the contraction master application on my iphone.

I started at 12:48 because this was truly the first time I believed that this was really the day my precious baby would be born. I laid in bed totally relaxed listening to my Birthing Day Affirmations and timing the waves for 1 hour – At 1:45 I woke up my husband and told him they were 2.5 minutes apart last about 1 minute and it had been 1 hour. We relaxed a bit more on the bed making our plan. We called my mom to return  to our house and our doula to make her way to our house. My husband took my 2 year old to my dads house once my mom arrived and then by 2:45am

My fantastic support team was all here at my home – My mom, my doula and my husband. By now the intensity of the waves had increased and I was having to move around a lot upright and when a wave began I would bend over my bed or chest of drawers for support and truly relax. I believe that I first moved into center when I was sleeping and stayed in center until my baby was born.

I told my team at 3:00 am that I thought I was ready to go to the hospital but I was wavering and couldn’t make up my mind and my doula said “I just want to make sure that if we go to hospital and you aren’t as far progressed as you are hoping for that you will not be defeated.” I asked her – “Do you think I am not that far? “She said she wasn’t sure but she just wanted me to make sure I thought timing was right and for me to know if I wasn’t far progressed we could turn around and come back to the house after being checked. I told her that maybe she was right  and to let me try to get through some more waves – My husband suggested I take a shower and I thought this was a good idea. The minute I entered the shower the intensity elevated tremendously and I became more vocal with the waves. My husband rushed down the stairs to start the brownies because we had made the plan to take them to the nurses – needless to say these didn’t make the trip to the hospital.

20 minutes later I got out of the shower and told my mom and doula that now I was positive and I was ready to go. I changed and we loaded the car and we listened to affirmations on the car ride. As we pulled up to the entrance I began to feel nauseated and this feeling I remembered – which I took to be a good sign.

We checked in at the hospital at 4:00am. We were given our room and put our hypobabies tracks on the cd palyer in the room. The nurse checked me and told me I was at 5cm but that she thought the baby might be breech – Which was Outrageous – Since my OB and I knew baby was not breech. Needless to say things moved along pretty rapidly – Between trips to the potty and waves it was non-stop.

Near 5:15 my water broke at the beginning of a wave and the nurse checked me again and said I was at 8cm. Once at the hospital I did experience some deep pressure in my lower back which my doula and mom applied counter pressure with each pressure wave, which helped tremendously. Also I stood from 1:45 – until birth time – laying or sitting was so awful I could barely stand it for the 2 minute vaginal check.

Once I stood back up from the check with the next wave I felt the urge to push. I tried very hard to breathe the baby out and I focused on keeping my mouth loose and my breathing AHHH AHHH’s but I found this very difficult. I must say that after watching Sheridan’s birth to Bryson and breathing him out I am so impressed. The nurse said if I was going to push since my doctor wasn’t there I had to get on the bed – I had envisioned birthing my baby on my side or squatting but since squatting wasn’t an option because the Dr. had not arrived – I tried side lying and that felt wrong.

So I moved to an all fours position with my head and upper body inclined and this felt right – Although thinking back on it my rear was just out there in everyone’s face because I elected not to wear the hospital gown  and keep my clothes on which was a T-Shirt and boy cut panties but somehow with all the trips to the potty the panties didn’t make it longer than 30 minutes J – Oh well.

It was about 20 minutes of pushing and the Dr. had still not arrived. I was facing a bed and a wall and could hear the # of people in the room increase but I wasn’t sure what was going on because being in center – I was totally unaware of chaos, commotion or really anything that would normally be a distraction. My baby’s head was already out when the doctor arrived and with a few more pushes a beautiful baby girl was born. Unfortunately her shoulder was stuck on my pubic bone so they told me to flip over on my side with the next push and literally with that move she slid right out but needed to get some oxygen.

Kampbell was born at 6:10am. I was a little sad because I wanted her directly on my chest and I wanted her cord to stop pulsating before clamp or cutting but the oxygen was medically necessary. I did have a 2nd degree tear but this was nothing compared to the episitotmy. It was about 10 more minutes before the placenta was born and these waves were very easy. They brought her to me just after that and she nursed perfectly. She weighed 9.1lbs and was 21” long.

I can honestly say this birth experience was amazing. I believe that hypnobabies trained me to believe that with birth there would be pressure but not pain and this is exactly how it happened. My instructor stressed that you have to choose to use your hypnosis and there wasn’t a minute of the 5 hours that I wasn’t listening to Kerry’s voice including Easy First Stage, Deepening, Birthing Day Affirmations and Pushing Baby Out. After my first class I truly believed this program would work for me and that I would have a pain free, fast, quick and wonderful birthing time and sure enough all my wishes and beliefs came true.  On a side note I continued to use my hypnosis after birth with the uterine contractions while nursing and anytime I felt like I needed some relief because it truly works wonders. Thanks to everyone in this group for all of the stories, questions, feedback, etc. – I truly believe they were very instrumental in my positive experience.

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Susan McClutchey HCHI
Susan McClutchey

(919) 806-8560
Durham, NC

I am a Certified Hypnobabies Instructor and experienced Hypno-Mom. My husband and I loved our painless Hypnobabies birth so much we knew I had to help other women to have the birth of their dreams…so I became trained as a Hypnobabies Instructor!

I am teaching Hypnobabies Classes in Durham, North Carolina. If you are interested, please call me to discuss class times and dates. I keep my class schedule very flexible, to suit the needs of as many families as possible. I don’t want anyone to miss out on having the birth they want because of scheduling conflicts!

Several enthusiastic references readily available on request!

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Dr. Siegel wrote a wonderful article on the power Doctors words have on their patients.

As doctors we are not trained to communicate and understand the power of our words as they relate to a patient’s ability and desire to survive.

It is also not only doctors but all the authority figures in our patient’s lives that affect their ability to survive and the outcome of their disease. Parents, teachers, clergy and physicians change lives with their words.

All Care Givers should be taught this and trained how to use their words.  The effects could be far-reaching!

In Hypnobabies we talk about the importance of our words and the words of those around us.  We create a Bubble of Peace to let in “only the good, none of the bad.”  This can help immensely when working with care givers who don’t yet understand the power of their words.

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