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I love reading on other blogs how moms decide to use Hypnobabies and then follow along through their pregnancy.

I recently found a blog where a mom goes into a really in depth explanation of why she is doing Hypnobabies.  She also answers some questions she has gotten about the program.

Here is one of the questions she answers.

Does Learning Hypnobabies take a lot of time & energy?

Time: yes. Energy: no. And my guess is that for many of you the time factor would be the biggest downside. I’d say it is for me.  The total amount of time it takes every day is about 60 minutes, not including listening to the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations (which I don’t count because I listen as I fall asleep and doing so doesn’t take up more time for me, in fact, it often helps me relax and fall asleep more quickly!)

And truthfully, I started the course very early (about week 18) so that I could give myself more time, if need be. It is a 5-week course but you can make it a 10-week course (taking 2 weeks for each class instead of one) if you want to. I think I actually should have done this. You’re supposed to listen to a track each and every day. I work to do so 5 days a week. Since I know that I’ll still have at least 15 weeks to continue to learn and review, I figure I’m perfectly fine. You also need time to practice and time to read from the course book.

The course has a maintenance program that is key to continue doing even after the official course is finished. Practice makes perfect and that is especially true with this. Once you start the course, you need to to take time each day until baby is born to practice.

Regarding taking energy: heck no! In fact, taking time to relax and practice each day will actually give you MORE energy. Even on days when I wish I had time to nap, my half-hour of listening to my track allows me to relax and recharge.


Click on over and read her whole post!

Here are just a few of the other questions she answers.

  • Doesn’t hypnosis mean you can’t move? I wouldn’t want to have to stay in one place during my birthing time…
  • Doesn’t using hypnosis mean I won’t be aware of what’s going on around me? I don’t want to miss this wonderful experience.
  • So, I listen to a track and practice a couple times a day? Is that all Hypnobabies does?

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Crystal took Hypnobabies and tells her reasons why in her blog post.

Here are 2 of my favorite reasons –
• We learned how to enter self-hypnosis with the drop of a finger (literally!) achieving deep states of relaxation very quickly and easily. I’ve always struggled with meditation yet with self-hypnosis I’m able to turn my busy mind off and become very deeply relaxed within seconds.

• “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis” enabled me to walk, talk and move around freely yet remain very relaxed, fully present, aware and in touch with my body and my baby.

Click over to her blog to read them all.

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A few things she points out.

  • Moms are excited to birth and have a lot of confidence!
  • Births are calm.
  • Moms are relaxed and controlled.
  • Moms are aware and responsive.
  • Birth Partners very connected and have great tools!

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Since I know that you all love Hypnobabies.  I feel certain that you will understand the importance of voting for Hypnobabies in the small business grant contest:




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Thank you so much,



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Lizzie was born on January 28 at 6:34 a.m.  This is her birth story: I was having pws for a long time before I actually gave birth. I did things a little bit different this pregnancy because I really wanted to go natural. So I really focused on increasing my protein (which is really hard for me) to strengthen the placenta I also rubbed basil (DoTerra Essential oil) on my right ankle every night to help strengthen the placenta. Both of my previous pregnancies have ended with me being induced because of placenta problems. About 3 weeks before my due date (so when I was 37 weeks) I started listening to birthing day affirmations. I also had a massage where my massage therapist focused on pressure points that encourage labor and she used clary sage, which is a labor inducing oil. About that time I would get pws, but they weren’t anything big.  At 38 1/2 weeks I started drinking raspberry tea and started rubbing clary sage on my ankles (both sides) and my little toes. I also started listening to my “Come out Baby” track.

On the 26 (Thursday night) I was having pretty strong pws and I thought this might be it, but nothing. On Friday (27) I went for my weekly checkup with my midwife and I had her strip my membranes. That was about 11 that morning and I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. I came home and was feeling pretty good, I was having pws, but nothing major. My doula texted me and told me that I needed to get into hypnosis early and that she was going to Las Vegas for her daughter’s gymnastics meet, so if she didn’t make it to the birth, then that was how it was meant to be. After lunch I listened to my deepening track and started having some really good pws. My husband put the girls down for nap/quiet time and I told him we needed to start getting things ready and that I thought the girls should go over to a neighbor’s house when they got up. I started walking up and down the stairs, listening to my birthing day affirmations and my pws stopped. So we didn’t end up taking the girls to a neighbor’s house. We played a game and then the girls got up. We made dinner and while we were making dinner my pws started up again, so this time I listened to my fear clearing session while dinner was in the oven. I had several pws during dinner and we started timing them, I think they were 5-7 minutes apart.
After dinner I listened to another track (I think it was come out baby). My husband started putting the girls to bed and my pws stopped again. I called my mom and gave her an update and then checked the news and then took a shower. While I was in the shower I was doing belly lifts to encourage the pws and help the baby turn if she was posterior. After my shower I decided we should probably go to bed, so we went to bed about 9:30 (normally we don’t go to bed until around 11). Both of us had a hard time falling asleep, but I think my husband finally fell asleep around 10:30. Usually listening to my tracks helps me fall asleep, and I was drifting in and out, but the pws started up again and they were getting more intense, so around midnight I asked for my husband’s help and I went out to our living room, he got the Easy First stage cd out and put that on and I was leaning against the ball and rolling it around etc. I think this was also helpful in getting Lizzie into the right position. They seemed to stop again, so we went back to bed. For the next hour I was having really intense pws, but they were only like 15 minutes apart. At the end of the hour I had 4 in about 24 minutes so about 6 minutes apart. So I woke up my husband and I told him, “these pws are as intense as right before I got the epidural with Jenna.” During her labor I was at about a 6 or 7 when they gave me the epidural (and I only got it because they were telling me I would need pitocin, and I didn’t think I could handle the contractions with pitocin, however, she was born 1/2 hour after they gave me the epidural!). So my husband decides that we should go in and calls our neighbor down the street and my midwife. I hop into the shower and continue to do belly lifts. I get out of the shower and talk to my midwife who tells me she has had another long night (she was inducing a patient that night and had been up the night before delivering a baby) and so she is going to lie down to rest and wait until I am all checked in to come.
Our neighbor gets there and my husband has all the stuff in the car, so we go out to the car. We drove to the hospital. I had a couple of pws on the way in. They decide to put me in a triage room (first time that’s ever happened:) and check me. They knew that my midwife liked to check her own patients, but I told them that she was sleeping and not to bother her, so they checked me. I was at a 4 1/2 and that really discouraged me. They told me that I could walk around for an hour and they would recheck and if I had progressed they would definitely keep me. So my husband and I walked around, I was walking using wide hips and was listening to easy, first stage. I also put some clary sage on my belly and ankles and made plenty of trips to the bathroom. Right before they checked me again I told my husband that I didn’t think that I could go home at this point. When they checked me I was at a 6, so they got me all checked in and into a room.
My midwife comes along and checks to see how I am doing. She left for a little bit and I started to feel pushy. When she came back I told her this and so she checked me. I was at an 8 1/2 and my bag of waters was in front of the head. She told me that my waters would probably break soon and I would feel a big pop. At this point I was definitely “ahing” during my contractions. I had to go to the bathroom and she told me if I felt the baby coming we would have to go back to the bed, however I made it back to bed before anything happened. However my “ahing” changed to a much deeper gutteral sound. At this point my midwife is telling the nurses, she’s having this baby. My nurse was actually helping with another delivery and so I guess the nurses weren’t really around, my midwife said this was great because then she didn’t have to check me etc. She was constantly telling me to listen to my body and if I felt like pushing to push (even when she checked me and I was only an 8 1/2)! She was also rubbing my shoulders and neck and my head. My husband was putting counter pressure on my back. I was leaning against the bed on my knees with my hands over it — kind of like a chair. However, I switched to my hands and knees as I started pushing. At one point I was kind of kneeling down so that the baby wouldn’t be able to come out, and my midwife said that I would have to open up more so they could get the baby. I know I had the pushing baby out track playing, but I wasn’t listening to it. Interestingly enough, my pws still weren’t regular. I remember having like a 5 minute pause between one and then the next one was like 90 seconds. My midwife asked if I wanted her to break my waters so the baby would just come out, and I agreed, so she broke my water. At this point I just felt a constant need to push. I know I took breaks, but I just felt like I had to keep pushing to get her out. It seemed like it took a really long time, but I’m sure that it didn’t. She finally came out and my husband announced, “it’s a girl” and I got to hold her.  I definitely feel like this birth left me so empowered and I am so glad that I finally got my all natural birth!!!:)

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Thanks to Annie from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group for sharing her birth story with us.

Yes! It was Awesome! Wonderful! So peaceful, so relaxed, so beautiful! Absolutely worth all the training I did every day for half a year! Thank you Hypnobabies, I got exactly what I wanted and it was SO GOOD..!

I felt sure and confident all the time. I felt happy, good, peaceful, joyous. I knew I would know exactly what to do at any moment, I knew I wouldn’t have to ask anyone anything, I would just listen to my body and do as I intuitively knew I should do. I felt no worries about anything. I knew I would know if there was anything special I should pay attention to, and there wasn’t.

I was totally in my own world, I heard Kerry’s voice and the same time I didn’t hear it, I was there and able to say anything I needed to anyone and the same time I was completely elsewhere, calm, peaceful, in my own beautiful world.

I was on all fours all the time during the waves, and it was good. I only used the bed as a soft place to be on all fours. I leaned forward on a mountain of pillows and relaxed totally and took the hugs of waves, and it was so good. Intense, yes, but there was nothing wrong with that, intense was good. I felt so secure and sure.

At some point I kept shaking my butt, which felt great, at a later point I kept still, just relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful massage and pressure my doula applied on my back. And all the time I was in my own world, completely happy, calm and secure.

I didn’t feel transformation, I didn’t feel crowning, I didn’t feel the small tears I got. I only felt intensity, which was a good thing just as I had taught myself, pressure, wonderful need to push and the great great feeling when I went along that need and pushed. I felt my baby move, it was wonderful, a feeling full of joy! I knew when my baby was coming out, no one interrupted, no one tried to guide me in any way, I knew what to do. With a great, most powerful feeling I had ever felt I pushed, the head was out, I immediately touched it. It felt warm, wet, wonderful, I said “there’s the head”. Then I felt a great urge to say something gentle and encouraging to the baby, so that she would know that mom is waiting and it’s safe to come out to the world. The words came out of my mouth “Come darling, come out dear”. Then with a powerful, happy, so joyous feeling, the last push, my body moving along with hers so she could slide easily out – and she was born! I felt the most wonderful joy I had ever felt in my life!!! I was so happy, I felt so powerful, so full of energy, so proud!!! I kept repeating Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!! I hugged my doula and continued repeating Awesome! Fabulous! Wonderful! Awesome!! The two members of the staff who were there witnessing the birth, the midwife and the nurse (who had only arrived at the last moment, as instructed), were both totally amazed and convinced, their eyes were wide open of amazement, they smiled and laughed and congratulated me and said wow you must be proud, wish we had had this on video, people won’t believe this, wow..!

I’m so happy and content about this birthing, and it feels especially good as my previous birth was a standard hospital version with all possible meds and a very poor, traumatic experience that took a long, long time to get over. This time it was all different and this birthing truly did become a very healing experience for me!

By the way, I had visualized a birthing that would begin with first some small signs, so I would know that now I can start to put myself in the right mood, “this might be it”. I wanted to have a bit of time to “adjust” myself to the right mood. Then I had visualized that it would be nice if it started in the morning, maybe 3…4 am, so we would all get some rest before it starts. Then we’d be home for a couple of hours, arrive at the hospital early enough to get settled nicely, then a few hours at the hospital, so that the whole thing would take say about 6 hours. Well, I got my sign, the mucous plug came three days prior, along with a few small signs during the days. So I could indeed get myself adjusted in time. I was really happy I got those days, I loved to settle myself to the right mood and start waiting for things to start. Then the actual process started at 3am, we were home for 3 hours, arrived at the hospital nicely and got settled, and after 6 hours, quite exactly, the baby was born. Wow! I’m really happy I did the visualization!!! =)

I also want to share the most important things, in addition to Hypnobabies, that I used to make the experience the best possible, just in case someone wants to know. And feel free to ask me anything you want to know.

* A good and understanding doula – absolutely indispensable!!! She was crucial for the success of this birthing, as she took care of all discussion with the staff so I could stay in my peaceful own world and concentrate. And she was there to massage my back exactly as I wanted and that felt like heaven!!!
(I wanted no one else to be there than just my doula, and, only when needed, a midwife. That way I could best concentrate and stay in my own world, and it worked exactly as I had hoped!)
* Epi-No! Yes, it works wonderfully! It helped both physically and mentally, as I learned in advance about the intense feelings and I even learned to enjoy the intensity! Thanks for the tip, I got it from this group!!!
* Spinningbabies.com – just as instructed in Hypnobabies! A very good resource! I had an “optimal position lifestyle” -attitude for half a year!
* Orgasmic Birth – the book (not the video). This is the resource that lead me to Hypnobabies. Beautiful, positive, powerful and confident attitude, reading this was like balm to my soul.
* Keeping my own clothes, using my own cd’s that had sounds of flowing water with binaural beats, candle light, scarf & cap to protect my eyes from bright lights and my face from anyone watching, using the power of sound as I sang through the beautiful, wonderful second phase, happily, joyously, calmly… oh it was just so beautiful!!!!!!! =)
* …And so on 🙂

So, now I’m a very happy Hypno-Mom of a 3-week old baby girl, cherishing the memory of the birthing for the rest of my life!!! Thank you Hypnobabies, thank you Kerry and the team, thank you, you wonderful moms in this group, this group gives so much support!
Yes, Hypno-Moms Rule!!! =)

Your happy Hypno-Mom

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You can read Tiffany’s Birth Story here.    Here is her lovely birth video.

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Mandy, a Hypnobabies Instructor in Denver got this email from one of her students.

I wanted to share a few experiences I’ve had recently with the Hypnosis practice and CD’s.

I’ve been practicing a lot and using the CD’s and it seems easier to relax every time I do it. I have RA and this generally effect my hands and wrists the most right now so every evening around 9 pm my hands swell up and I have intense pain in my wrists making it a challenge to find a comfortable sleeping position. I’ve been listening to the CD’s and during the CD I can completely lose my sense of pain my hands—as if they are not there at all, when I come up from Hypnosis that pain is still there although not always as strong as before, so cool.

Additionally, I am a very nervous flier and I do fly often so I have been developing techniques to help me stay calm during take off and landing. Yesterday when I flew, I practice my finger drop and middle switch technique many times throughout the flight and I felt so relaxed and rested. When it got close to landing I listened to the deepening track then turned the track off and continued using affirmations for the remainer of the landing- Deeper and deeper relaxed, Peaceful, Calm and Confident and it was amazing I was sitting with my eyes closed and smiling as the plane bumped along during a very windy landing.

The added benefit was that even though I got up at 3:30 am and went to bed quite late I felt rested and relaxed through out the whole day and did not feel over tired and cranky as I usually do on a flight day.

I just wanted to share becasue I am so excited and delighted that the Hypnosis seems to be working very well for me. I was talking with my co workers about my upcoming birth and choice to do a home birth and I really felt completely confident, empowered and enthusiastic (I was glowing) which is a significant shift from how I was feeling before our class began.

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I have been having a lot of pelvic and hip pain on my left side.  My chiropractor said it is probably symphysis pubic dysfunction and it will probably bother me until she’s born.  I have been using Hypnobabies to help me deal with the discomfort and it has been a life saver!  Especially at night when I’m trying to sleep.  I had some doubts about how well Hypnobabies would really work once I was in labor since I’m not in any pain when I practice.  Now I know how well it works and I have no doubts that I can have a completely comfortable delivery.  I will keep you updated on how we’re doing.  She could be here any time now 🙂

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