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OB nurse shares her experiences about helping moms make this happen.

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Great study showing how hypnosis is beneficial for lowering prenatal stress.  Click here to read.

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Hi Hypnobabies Fans!

Together we *can* make a difference!

Oprah has created a contest for people to get their own TV show on her new network and I entered the contest with a video about teaching expectant parents about *taking responsibility for their own decisions and care during pregnancy, birth and baby care*.

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YOU can click the link below and VOTE for it, and leave comments on why we need a show like this right now! WE NEED VOTES, so please everyone vote and leave comments!

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WE have the opportunity to make a huge difference here!! LET’S GO!

Thanks so much,  🙂 Kerry

We have a chance to change the birthing world! Please VOTE for “Every Mother, Every Baby” show!

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I love that in Hypnobabies we teach about the importance of this special time, right after baby is born!

It is shocking to me how many moms who are taking my Hypnobabies class for the 3rd or 4th baby and they are amazed that they have the option of keeping the baby on them for an hour or two.

“I didn’t know I could do that!” one mom exclaimed.  The nurses always had taken her babies away after a minute or two and then spent 10-20 minutes weighing them and doing other things before she really got to hold and meet her baby.  She always hated that, but didn’t realize she had a choice!  She made sure it happened with the birth of her Hypno-baby and she loved that special time!

I find that typically in a hospital birth the baby nurses really want to do the routine procedures right away.  It takes some consistent “No, I want to keep my baby.”  comments from mom to make it happen.  I suggest telling the nurses you will call them when you are ready to weigh the baby.  This way they will leave the room and only come back when you want them too!

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The Off switch is like when you choose to put the “good vibes” tape in your mental VCR when running:

you can choose for it to be a running experience where all you think about is how everything hurts (normal NCB way)


you can choose to put the tape in about you flying through the air with the wind runnign through your hair and feeling empowered. (Hypnobabies way)

Hypnobabies feels a bit like this- you have to train to be able to achieve your goals and you have to make a choice: Your body can definitely do it, but you have to make sure your mind is going to follow along.

– I hope this is helpful for those doing this program.

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I want to tell you about how Tanya’s story inspired me.

I found out I was pregnant very early (4 weeks). That same week I had a dentist’s appointment for a filling, cleaning and xrays. I told the dentist I thought I might be pregnant and he said we would just do the cleaning since the anesthesia is a vasoconstrictor and is not a good idea for women in their first trimester. So I got the cleaning and he told me I could come back after the first trimester.

I immediately got my hands on Hypnobabies Self-study course (8 weeks) and began practicing. I never thought at the time it would have anything to do with my impending filling. When, I studied the part about creating anesthesia however I thought there maybe a way around this whole filling and a narcotic business.
Then, I was lucky enough to read Tanya’s story about her mole biopsy while nursing and the way she used her Hypnobabies technique. Then, I watched the other links Sheridan had shared about the woman getting dental implants sans anesthesia with hypnosis and I knew I could do it.
Now don’t get me wrong; I questioned whether I could do it. What if it didn’t work? What if I felt pain? Would it be the same for my birth?
So I set up my dental appointment at 16 weeks (today) and I let the assistant know that I would not be using and shots and I had a technique for discomfort. She told me they had an anesthesia for pregnant women, but I told her I didn’t want anything except for the insert used to hold people’s mouths open during procedures when the patient was unconscious. She raised her eyebrows, but said she would let the dentist know. Fortunately the dentist and I are long time friends and he said it would be no problem.

I asked him to give me a minute to put myself under- “this is it,” I thought. During the procedure the assistant said “You’re doing great Tonya, they are going to love you in the delivery room!” The dentist responded “Yeah, you will have to come back and teach this to all our patients!”
Within what seemed like two minutes they were done. The dentist asked if I was ok and I said “Oh yeah-didn’t feel a thing!” (I absolutely meant it-well I felt like I had to pee because that is just a constant lately!) He said he had gotten some fillings done before with out anesthesia but nothing like that and not without a flinch like I had just done. He said I was AMAZING!

I told him it was Hypnobabies and I would send him the links on the dental procedures with hypnosis. YEA HYPNOBABIES! Now I won’t know for quite some time how my birth will turn out but I definitely feel more confident than ever!

Comment by Sheridan – Hypnobabies is meant for preparing for birth.  Not all moms would be able to do this (convert what she was learning for birth and use it for dentistry), but how awesome that she did!

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Words DO effect our pain level.

Some people wonder if it really matters what words people use during birth?

Well science has proved that it DOES!

Words Easily Trigger Painful Memories

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