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There was a mom, Michele on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group who was posting that her OB was doing the “Big Baby Scare” and wanted some input.  I shared my Big Baby Bull link and said, educate yourself and follow your instincts.
She posted her birth story and this was my reply.
This is a GREAT example of the power of a mother’s intuition.  At first I was sad that you chose to get a cesarean.  But as I read your story I could see that you were right in your choice (not because of his size, but because of the meconium AND your internal confirmation that you made the right choice).  I also am glad that you didn’t feel pressured into the cesarean by your care providers, that it was truly your choice.
I love that your Hypnobabies tools were so helpful before and during the cesarean.  That is great.  I would love to add your birth story to the Hypnobabies Blog.  It is a great example of the power of a mother’s intuition!
Michele said,
Thanks Sheridan. I too was totally surprised at my own decision to have surgery rather then go thru the natural process of birth. I’m a real naturalist about things and get a little nuts when I feel I can’t work with the natural order of things. It was weird. No matter how much I wanted to make the decision to be induced it never felt right to me in the hour and a half I was making the decision. At the time I couldn’t have told you why, it just was what it was.
Anyway, of course you can put it up on the Hypnobabies blog. I think people should know that the tools that they study will be there for them even if things don’t go as planned.
Here is her birth story…

Miles Avery came in to the world on Monday July 6, 2009 at 9:57pm weighing 9lbs 4oz. and measured at 22 inches long! Big baby! But a real cutie!

Let me start out by saying that I studied Hypnobabies for 3 months prior to birth and fully prepared myself to have a natural childbirth. I believe if I ever have another child I will again prepare myself with Hypnobabies for a natural childbirth because Hypnobabies gave me the tools to deal with the process of having a c-section and made for a relatively calm birth amongst the craziness of the operating room. Doing Hypnobabies every night also made for a relaxing pregnancy and I believe had something to do with how incredibly calm my baby is.

On Monday July 6th I went to the hospital for a third fetal movement test. Since he was measuring big from the week before the Dr’s wondered if I had developed Gestational Diabetes so while there the nurse called to get the results of the GD test the week before. It turned out that I had developed it. From that point on I was told that the baby was coming out that day either by induction or by c-section. I was surprised that they actually were giving me the choice.  Now I had not read up on c-section or inductions so I wasn’t prepared to make the decision. The only knowledge I had of either of the 2 choices was the info in the HB home study book as well as some support from people on the HB message bored when I asked which would be better. I thank everyone for their responses!

When my husband got the hospital, he and I debated for over an hour and half which method would be the better option. We asked the OB at the hospital and our OB what they both thought. I called my parents and a friend of mine who had recently had a c-section to ask her about the recovery process. After going back and forth between the 2 we decided that the c-section was the way to go. I do have to say that the OB at the hospital and my OB never pressured me either way. In fact at one point the OB who performed the procedure actually said to me, “Let’s just start with the induction.” Cause I was taking so long to decide! I guess she figured I was uncomfortable with getting a c-section. They both were supportive of either option as long as I was open to having the baby that day.

Once we decided and I got admitted, it was time for pre-op. The staff there and the OB let me have close to an hour to prepare myself by letting me get into my own self-hypnosis mode. Like I said I hadn’t prepared for a CS so I was a little unsure of how to use the method for that so I started out with the Deepening CD to make sure I was as relaxed as I could be. After that I put myself in hypnosis and turned on my center switch just in time to wheeled into the operating room. I turned myself off when getting the spinal block and back to center when I had the lie down and stayed there for a few moments while answering questions from the anesthesiologist. Feeling the spinal take effect was the worst part for me. There was a moment where I felt like couldn’t breathe. And the Dr had the nurses tilt the table a little bit to help me out which did help. Then came some nausea, which the anesthesiologist gave me some Zofran for. Then my head started to hurt and here is where HB really helped me out. I began using the “Peace” cue while the pain in my head came and went. The “Peace” cue kept me calm during a moment that I wanted to really panic.

After my head stopped hurting and the Dr. made sure that I could not feel anything. My husband was allowed in and I promptly turned myself off while husband rubbed my head and gave me the relax and release cues through the entire operation. I also was saying to myself the entire time, “Deeper and Deeper with ever exhalation”.  I was completely relaxed and very aware of what people were saying and doing after I turned myself off. I never felt any pain during the surgery partly because of the drugs, but also because I was so relaxed. I remember the Dr and nurses telling me and commenting to my husband how calm I was and how good I was doing. I know that they are probably supposed to say that, but they all sounded genuinely impressed at how well I was handling everything.

Miles came out already crying and covered in meconium. This told me that I had made the right decision. He was just ready to come out. I remember the nurses all commenting on how big he was and that I had delivered the biggest baby of the day! LOL!  I was able to see him after a few minutes of him getting weighed and some blood tests taken because of the GD. Turns out his sugar was not elevated at all. I must have just recently started to develop GD right at the end.

Miles is just a beautiful baby boy. So far in his week and a half old life I have only had one night where he was fussy, but most of the time he is so calm and able to settle right down when he does get fussy that I am calling him my Zen Baby!

I truly do not think I would have been able to be so calm through the operation had I not studied with Hypnobabies. It truly gave me the knowledge and the tools to make my decision and to remain calm and relaxed throughout the c-section.

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Continuous Support during birth

3. Bring a loved one, friend, or doula for continuous support – lead authors Jeanne Green, MT, CD(DONA), LCCE, FACCE, and Barbara A. Hotelling, MSN, CD(DONA), LCCE, FACCE

We learn about this in class 3 and we teach the birth partner how to provide the best support throughout the Hypnobabies Class series.  It is very helpful for mom to have someone their to support her continuously throughout her birthing time.  Ideally this person will know about her hypnosis tools and cues.

For single moms without this option, Hypnobabies is actually a great choice as well, because it is set up so a single mom can do it on her own.  With the CDs you will have the continuous support of Kerry’s voice throughout your birth as well.

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What if you could have a gentle, peaceful and joyful natural birth?

What if you could eliminate fears you have about labor and birth?

What if your labor was comfortable and your contractions mostly felt like pressure and little to no pain, with little to no pain medication?

It’s possible with Hypnobabies!

Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education program that combines the best information for having a safe pregnancy and birth with instruction in hypnosis for childbirth. Based on Gerald Kein’s Painless Childbirth program, you can learn simple self-hypnosis techniques that are used in medical settings when patients cannot use anesthesia for procedures or surgery.

This six-week, 18-hour course is thorough and provides students with weekly hypnosis practice that helps prepare couples and single moms for their final exam, which is, of course, childbirth! The techniques students learn will benefit them wherever they have their baby –at the hospital, a birth center or at home.

Many Hypnobabies students who have taken this course have experienced one or more of the following results:

· The use of fewer drugs or no drugs, which means less risk of side effects for mothers and babies.

· Shorter labors, because mothers are more relaxed when pain and fear are minimized or eliminated.

· A calmer birth environment because of calmer, more relaxed mothers.

· Fewer medical interventions are necessary because of the wonderful progress moms are able to make on their own during labor.

· Birth partners are more relaxed because of the knowledge they’ve gained and from the hypnosis they’ve helped mothers with.

· Students learn how to re-train their minds and replace negative messages they’ve learned over time about labor and birth with positive messages. This helps mothers to be calm and confident during labor and birth.

· Fewer drugs and medical interventions = faster recovery and healthier mothers and babies

Here is what some Hypnobabies students have shared about their birth experiences:

“I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to use self hypnosis for Mauro’s birth. Not only did it allow me to have the kind of birth I wanted for him and for me, but it also taught me the incredible power of the mind and the value of deep relaxation. I hope to be able to continue to use those lessons throughout the rest of my life.” – Mauro’s mom

“I was completely calm and relaxed during the entire 14 hour labor. I read all of these stories… about painless birth and thought that must be nice, I am just hoping to be able to develop some tools to help me cope. I ended up with a pain free amazing hospital birth, more than I could have ever asked for. It is a story I have been sharing with anyone who will listen. Your mind and Hypnobabies are amazing tools!” – Reese’s mom

“ I could hear everyone in the room, I was aware of what was going on, I could change positions, yet I was so concentrated on opening my body during contractions. In between contractions, even at 8 cm and with the waves coming on fast, I actually felt myself nod off to sleep!” – Victor’s mom

Ready to learn how to have a gentle, peaceful, and joyful birth?

Hypnobabies classes are now being taught in Northeast Austin/Round Rock, near the La Frontera shopping center.

Day of the week & time: Saturdays from 9 am – 12 pm

Dates: October 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, November 7th, 14th

Cost: $350. $50 deposit required; remaining balance due by first class.

Special Note: Women must be in their 34th week of pregnancy or earlier in order to take this class series.

If you’re not sure Hypnobabies is right for you, I invite you to listen to our introductory audios. The first audio explains more about hypnosis, and the second audio is a hypnosis track for you to experience deep relaxation. Listen online or download the tracks today!

Visit http://www.AustinHypnobabies.com/hypnocurious.aspx to experience hypnosis and find out more about Hypnobabies.

To read birth stories from Hypnobabies’ moms, visit:


Enjoy Your Baby’s Birth, In Comfort, Joy and Love

with Hypnobabies


Darlene MacAuley

Helping Women Have Peaceful, Gentle, and Joyful Births

Hypnobabies Childbirth Education, Hypno-Doula and Birth Doula Services, Reiki and EFT

Office: 512.691.9546
Websites: www.withHeartandHands.net
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I love stories where moms overcome great odds to have amazing births!  So when I read this birth story of The Crafty Work at Home Momma I knew I had to share it!

She was planning a VBA2c (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) and had found a supportive care provider and a supportive hospital, hired a doula and prepared with Hypnobabies.  Well her doula was looking for typical benchmarks in determining how far along mom was (looking for discomfort, etc) and mom was much further along then she thought.  When mom needed to push before leaving for the hospital, they realized they would never make it to the VBAC supportive hospital (30 minutes away) so they had to divert to the VBAC banned hospital.

Well, she managed to have an awesome un-medicated vaginal birth there!  Horray for her!

Please go read her story, it is very inspirational!

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2. Walk, move around, and change positions throughout labor – lead author Teri Shilling, MS, CD(DONA), IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE

Another great tool to help your birthing time go more quickly and easily.

Hypnobabies is great, because it is eyes open childbirth hypnosis.  Moms using Hypnobabies are able to open their eyes, walk, talk, shower, sit on birth balls, do pretty much anything!  By following their body in moving to different positions, it helps their baby move down and out more quickly!

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It doesn’t get any better than this!  🙂

Mariana was planning a VBA2C and used Hypnobabies to help prepare.  She hired a doula and was planning to birth at a hospital 30 minutes away that allowed VBACs.  Because she was so relaxed her doula didn’t realize she was so far along and they had to go to the hospital 5 minutes away and the baby was born 30 minutes later.  Vaginally at this hospital which prohibits VBACs. Maybe that was because there wasn’t time for them to figure that out!

You can read the whole story yourself at The Crafty Work At Home Momma!

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Here is a mom relaxing in the tub at 9 cm during a pressure wave.  Look at how calm she is!  🙂

You can read the moms experience at her blog!

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My pressure waves started Wednesday night about 9 or 10 PM, but they
were really inconsistent–up to 45 minutes (or more; they were so
inconsistent I didn’t bother timing them!) between waves.  This was
similar to my first birth, so I figured I’d be birthing my baby
sometime Thursday night/Friday morning.

Uh, no.  Wednesday and Thursday night, I listened to HB scripts for a
couple hours to help relax through pressure waves.  Probably around
midnight Thursday night/Friday morning, my water broke, but it was a
high break, so the small amount of liquid made me unsure that it had
broken.  Still, I was able to get a good amount of sleep both nights.

Friday afternoon, my mother and my sister arrived from out of town (I
wonder if, really, I was delaying my own labor for her arrival so I
wouldn’t have to worry about my 2 year old).  We went shopping for
curtains for the baby’s room and had dinner at my sister’s house.  (I
have a lot of sisters 😀 .)

By Friday night, my pressure waves still weren’t really progressing,
though I had finally gotten up to 3-4 an hour.  By then I was pretty
sure my water had broken (I don’t know why leaking water all day
hadn’t been my first clue….), and rereading the HB workbook section
on high breaks helped to reassure me, especially around 9 PM when I
realized that a doctor would give me a three hour deadline to have the
baby and I was scared to call my OB and be put on drugs to regulate my
pressure waves.

I listened to more scripts and was able to get a little sleep Friday
night (as much as I could, having to pee hourly or sometimes even more
frequently!).  After midnight, I was *extremely* uncomfortable, but a
few positions mentioned in the course really helped (specifically
leaning over against a counter, rocking my hips from side to side!).

At 2:30, I decided it was time to go to the hospital.  For some
reason, although we live 1.5 mi from the hospital, it always seems to
take an hour from the time I decide it’s time to go to the time we’re
admitted.  Okay, so I know part of the reason–my pressure waves were
too intense to walk and lasting several minutes.  I was pretty much
freaking out and seriously thinking I wasn’t going to be able to get
along without an epidural.

At the hospital, they asked first thing if my water had broken, and
they did a test paper that came back bright blue–definitely amniotic
fluid.  So they were very careful about internal exams ( 😀 !), but
they did an initial one–I was eight cm.  (Even better than I’d
visualized!)  The nurse asked if I was planning on having an epidural.
I said, “Well, I wasn’t *planning* on it. . . .”  She told me I
didn’t need one!

I was a little worried about this hospital, though I’d liked it okay
the first time around, I’d *heard* that other hospitals in the area
were more natural-birth friendly.  But they never mentioned an
epidural again!

I had a very hard time focusing through the last hour of pressure
waves (and got very annoyed at my MP3 player), but my wonderful nurse
helped me to focus.  She didn’t even know we were doing hypnosis, but
she used a lot of the same cues from the course–the same breathing
cues, telling me to relax specific body parts.  She also took hold of
my foot to give me another physical stimulus to focus on, which I liked.

DH was great, too, though I discovered that I hated the forehead relax
cue and couldn’t tell him to use my shoulder.  (A little busy, I was!)

The OB got there an hour after we did, and I was almost complete.
Because I had a high break and kept myself well hydrated, he actually
didn’t believe the nurse when she said my water had broken and still
had to AROM (uncomfortable!) and pushed the last little lip of cervix
out of the way.

They told me I could push, and while I wasn’t having any urge to push,
I was ready for my birthing time to be over.  I did have local
anesthesia (which is really good, since I had 2nd degree tearing),
but, incredibly, pushing did not hurt.  There was a lot of pressure,
stretching and a little stinging (probably from the local), but it DID
NOT HURT.  It was just a lot of work!

Rebecca Shae was born at 4:58 AM on Saturday, July 26.  She weighed 5
lbs, 13 oz and was 18.5 in long.  After they weighed her and wiped her
off, they gave her back to me and she nursed for an hour.  I declined
the routine pitocin, which my OB grumbled about a little as he sewed
me up, but for someone who I know is not very supportive of natural
birth, he wasn’t bad (and I realize now that his personality is just a
lot more gruff than my regular, superoptimistic OB).

Other than being small and a little cold, she’s done great!  We should
be released from the hospital any time now (once DH gets here) and I’m
excited to go home.

I don’t feel like I did very well at maintaining my focus on my own,
but HB did help me through two days of pressure waves and I was able
to give birth naturally.

My husband blogged about the birth (a much shorter account) on my
blog: http://www.mamablogga.com/first-guest-blogger-daddy-x-2/


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Singing Mom at 10 cm

I don’t know if this mom was using any special tools to stay so calm during her birth.

But this video demonstrates wonderfully how birth can be peaceful, calm and beautiful!

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Let Birthing Time Begin on it’s Own

6 Healthy Birth Practices.

1. Let labor begin on its own – lead author Debby Amis, RN, BSN, CD(DONA), LCCE, FACCE

I think this is one of the most important choices a parent can make.  Your baby knows when it is time to be born!  In Hypnobabies we learn that a due date is really just a GUESS month.  There is a 5 week window of full term.  We learn about the choices we can make before our births.  Starting from choosing a care provider that has a low induction rate (inducing only for valid medical reasons).

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