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This is an e-mail from one of the moms on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  She gave me permission to share it.  I think it is a great example of how educating yourself and being empowered can help shape your birth.

Her OB had been pressuring her into setting an induction date because of “big baby”  She asked all the moms for ideas and support, did her research and went back to her OB and took charge of the situation.  I LOVED her story.

“First off I’d like to say thank you to everybody who gave me advice on my ‘big’ (healthy) baby!

I had my doctor’s apt. yesterday where we were to discuss my birth plan I put in at my last apt. My doctor had been pressuring me to induce around 38 weeks (pending a u/s) b/c I have been measuring so large. I was very nervous. I made sure I did a fear release  before I left and toughened up my BOP.  (Bubble of Peace)

When he came in I held up my hand and told him that I wanted to talk before he even said anything. I told him that I know I am his first experience with Hypnobabies and I need him to have an open mind. I explained the program and the power of thinking positively. I told him about people using hypnosis for surgery.

I showed him my books and gave him a list of websites he may want to check out. I told him all the reasons I did not want an induction.  I told him I take a lot of personal responsibility for my own health and what I’m doing to help with the birth (massage, exercise, etc). We discussed birthing positions and baby positioning. I told him there is no reason that I wouldn’t be able to birth a big baby on my own.  That we couldn’t know that until I was birthing her. All my tests have been great and I stayed within my weight gain limits. I even gave him print outs of my diet from spark people and shared some of the stories from the big baby file. The last thing I told him was that I needed him to decide if he was on board quickly b/c I was not going to be flexible and to know it wasn’t personal against him it was just really personal FOR ME.

The next thing I knew he was right on board, asking questions, and copying things out of my workbook so he could help (scripts and stuff. I did tell him about Hypnobabies offering professional courses). He started using the Hypnobabies lingo. I didn’t think he’d ever look at the sites I gave him but he called me today to ask me more questions and  said he was planning on talking to the hospital staff he was so excited. I did AGREE to the u/s, only b/c we decided to ‘test’ it’s accuracy along with checking out some other stuff (we had some placenta problems early on). He’s agreed to stop talking about induction. The only time it will be brought up again is if I go over 42 weeks and if it comes up we will try all other natural alternatives before we go the pitocin route.

I’m so happy!!! I hear a lot of women are having the same ‘big’ baby issues I have been. Stick to your guns girls! We can do this. It’s all about how you look at it. My child is HEALTHY. She has THRIVED inside me b/c of the excellent care I have given her. She is active and has a very strong heart. Nobody is going to make me feel bad about that. My body is not going to make a baby I can’t birth.

Here is the list of her reasons she doesn’t want an induction. 

There’s a lot of both medical and personal reasons I do not want an induction:

*They can’t accurately predict her size from an u/s or my measurements.

*Both my daughter and I have been really healthy the entire pregnancy.

*Studies show being induced makes it more likely to have a c section and I don’t want to have major surgery.

*Even if she is huge there’s no way they can know if my body can birth her until my birthing time. I’d like the chance to at least give it my best for my child.

*It is my gut feeling that an induction is not right for me especially if it’s only for the reasons they have given me. If something were to come up maybe that would change but right now a ‘big baby’ is not a good enough reason.

* The risks associated with induction outweigh the risks of a big baby for me.

* I had a major illness last year where I discovered doctors don’t know everything. I’ve taken an active role in my medical care ever since.

*I don’t feel that anyone else has the right to tell me what to do with my life or the life of my child.

* No one has the right to make a woman feel like she is broken in any way for no apparent reason. That’s how I felt. Why couldn’t I birth my baby? I must be broken. There must be something wrong with my body. Then I realized that is crap.

* I worked HARD for this natural birth. When I got pregnant I talked to my doctors and read up on what I was supposed to do. I did everything I was supposed to do from eating right, exercise, gaining within my weight limit, and preparing. I credit her healthy size to that. Not that all small babies have something wrong with them that’s usually genetics. We just know that there are factors that can cause babies to be underweight. I made sure she’d be a good size ON PURPOSE. I felt like I was being punished for doing exactly what they TOLD me to do.

* This will not be the last time I will have to stand up to someone for the health or well being of my child so I might as well just jump right into it. I trust my judgment as a mother, I’ve prepared for this for a long time. Once she’s here I’ll have to decide all kinds of things based on what I think is best for her. I think this is best for her.

* Thanks to the lovely ladies in group I was given some good information sites to read up, including the big baby bull page you have. It showed me that my gut was right even if I didn’t know it then. I was able to speak in my doctor’s language. I was able to understand HIS concerns and the reasons for them. I was also able to understand that doctors work in percentages. They look at the chance of something happening. They look at being prepared for the worst. While I understand it I knew it wasn’t okay with me.

I knew I wanted a natural birth and I knew that’s supposed to be good for baby but then they throw all these medical terms and issues at me. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what was true or what was likely to happen and what wasn’t. I had a gut instinct and that was it. He has a medical degree and aren’t doctor’s supposed to do what’s best for you? I was so confused. I don’t know what I’d do without Hypnobabies and the group. Even a lot of natural birth enthusiasts want to talk about worse case scenarios. There’s not a lot of places to turn. Thank God for the internet!”

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ICAN launches new site


It is wonderfully organized and has great information for all moms…

Pregnant ones, moms recovering from cesareans and moms wanting to VBAC.

Check it out!  ICAN is a great organization dedicated to helping moms have the best birth possible. 

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I had my great Hypnobabies birth on Thursday, January 31st.  Everything went really well and I couldn’t be happier.  Even though I wasn’t in hypnosis (while driving to the hospital), the suggestions of pressure and tightening were so powerful that I was able to drive myself to the hospital when my waves were 5 minutes apart  lasting for a minute.  I’ll have a detailed birth story for you all after I meet with my doula so I can cheat with her notes.  I hope that everyone gets to have the birthing experience that I did.

On a side note, I became quite the celebrity at the hospital.  My nurse had been a L&D nurse for 30  years.  I was her second birth of a mom using hypnosis.  She kept raving about how great my birth was.  The director of pre-natal education came to visit me and asked lots of questions about Hypnobabies.  They are starting a natural childbirth class at the hospital and have asked if I’d be willing to share my experience.  How cool is that?


Sarah did send in her full birth story, you can read it here

This birth story was shared by a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  Come join us if you want to learn more about Hypnobabies!  (You must send an introduction to be approved to the group) 

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A Hypnobabies VBAC Birth at a Hospital

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When my husband and I got pregnant we did extensive research on the having the safest birth possible for both mother and baby.  We chose a midwife as our healthcare provider based on exceptional outcomes research.  We quickly came to the conclusion that natural birth was what we wanted.  Our midwife recommended using Hypnobabies for pain management and we began the extensive self-study course.  We practiced everyday and did all the recommended cues and affirmations.  We knew we were not ready to have a home birth, but we were apprehensive about birthing in a hospital because of unnecessary medical interventions.  Our midwife assured us we would be fine and to put together a Birth Plan.

I am happy to report that I was able to give birth in such a perfect way!  The nurses at the hospital were so wonderful, loving and patient.  They really facilitated such a spiritual birth for our little one.  They were so respectful of our preferences.  They used a Doptone instead of the external fetal monitor and allowed her to be placed immediately on my chest when she was born for an hour.  She was able to nurse immediately, and they also did all procedures in the room with us.  My midwife is truly an angel as well.  She knew I desperately wanted to have a natural hypnobirth and she was there and supported me the entire time!  Even when I felt like it was going to be impossible, she reminded me that I could do it and to stick with my plan.

I woke up at 1:30am Saturday morning with menstrual-like cramps that started in my back and wrapped around the lower part of my abdomen. They were about 5-10 minutes apart and very regular so I was sure my birthing time had begun.  I laid in bed for an hour but I was restless so I decided to start baking brownies for the nursing staff.  Our dog came down to see what the commotion was, and then went upstairs to wake my husband. 

We went to the hospital around 9:15am once I had been having pressure waves for 1-2 hours and they were 2-3 minutes apart.  We called the in-laws to start their journey from Ohio, paged my midwife and called my Mom.  We loaded up the car and were on the way to take the dog to doggie day care, I was deep in my hypnotic trance with my headphones on when I noticed blue lights in the rearview mirror. We were being pulled over!  My husband jumped out of the car at the red light and motions to the police officer that I am in labor by pointing to his belly.  The officer pulled up beside us, took one look at me and asked if we needed a police escort.  We thanked him and said we could make it on our own.  I was still in trance but I was getting a little uncomfortable and irritated at the disruption. 

When we got there, my pressure waves slowed down considerably because I was nervous about being in the hospital.  I was only 3cm dilated so my husband and I walked the halls for an hour, bounced on my birthing ball and paced.  When my midwife checked me around 1:00pm I was 5-6cm and 100% effaced.  I used my hypnosis and was able to stay in trace during most of the dilation.  I could hardly feel the pressure waves at all.  When I was 7-8cm when my midwife suggested I get in the tub.  I was a little reluctant, but I decided to do it and my husband helped me. I was so glad I did because it provided tremendous relief and allowed me to catch my breath. 

My husband was so wonderful! He was with me the whole time helping me with my hypnosis ques, bringing me water, snacks and holding my hand while they checked the heartbeat.  He didn’t leave my side once, not even go to the bathroom!  My mom was there supporting me the entire time as well.  Her Lamaze experience definitely came in handy during the pushing phase.  I was fully dilated around 5:00pm and tried pushing in several different positions.  It was very hot and when my mom asked if she could loosen my gown I grabbed it and tore it off. My modesty went out the window as I was fully concentrated on staying as comfortable as possible. 

I was getting frustrated, feeling that I wasn’t making progress and almost came out of my trance.  I leaped on to the bed in high position and grabbed the mattress and screamed.  My husband and mom came to my rescue quickly and reminded me that I can do this and to RELAX! I agreed and made the conscious decision to continue with the tools I had for hypnosis. Looking back on it, I would guess this would be what they refer to as  “transition”. 

Finally, I was most comfortable on my side.  I tried to push with every pressure wave, but since I was so deep in trance, I could only feel it at its peak and wasn’t able to utilize the full force. With every round of pushing everyone would exclaim “THIS IT, PUSH HER OUT!”  They got me the mirror and showed me part of her head sticking out.  My  midwife encouraged me to feel her head as well.  I knew I could do this; it was just going to take some time. I had to pace myself. I pushed and pushed and in-between I used my relax cue to catch my breath and took sips of water.  It was amazing that I had so much control considering I had no pain medication.  My midwife used bottle after bottle of mineral oil to massage and stretch me.  We listened to the “Pushing Baby Out” CD it seemed like 100 times and we were all getting annoyed but nobody could reach the CD played to turn it off or change CD’s.

Centimeter-by-centimeter, baby Claire was born at 9:30pm after 4.5 hours of pushing.  I didn’t end up with any stitches or episiotomy! I had a very small tear that didn’t even bleed.  It was so awesome, as soon as she was born and they placed her on my chest she looked up at me with those big eyes.  How amazing!  I did it all natural and my baby is so healthy and relaxed as well.  She is beautiful and her head was perfectly round despite such a long time in the birth canal.  She nursed right away and was very content.

What a spiritual and euphoric experience!  We are truly blessed and it was worth all the hard work.  It means so much to me that with all the loving support and patience of my midwife, husband and mother, I was able to be empowered to have the perfect natural birth.  Later I found out that some of my friends had actually placed a bet that I would end up with an epidural.  You can imagine how excited and proud I was to tell them my birth story!!!

This birth story was shared by a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  Come join us if you want to learn more about Hypnobabies!  (You must send an introduction to be approved to the group) 

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