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I really enjoyed using Hypnobabies while I was pregnant.  My baby was born and now I miss listening to Hypnobabies.  Any suggestions on what to do?

I have a wonderful suggestion!  Hypnobabies has 2 CD’s or MP3’s that can help!

  • After the Baby Comes – This wonderful hypnosis and relaxation track was created directly from the requests of many of our moms to have a way to relax and still use hypnosis and positive imagery after their baby came, so it contains deep relaxation, hypnotic deepening techniques, Special Place Imagery, suggestions for deep and peaceful sleep, personal growth as a parent, nurturing your mind and body in this new life, and a calm and confident mothering style.
  • Breastfeeding Success This 25 minute hypnosis script has deep hypnotic suggestions, affirmations and visualizations for instant breastfeeding relaxation, easy letdown reflex, increasing milk supply, confidence when nursing in public and a cue word for pain relief when experiencing nipple soreness, “after pains” of the uterus, or Cesarean incision pain. Our Breastfeeding Success track was designed to create a positive breastfeeding relationship for as long as mother and baby wish.

So you can still enjoy listening to scripts to help you relax or even sleep better!

  • Peaceful Sleep Now – For ALL – Our most popular hypnosis session, Peaceful Sleep Now is a wonderfully relaxing track that teaches you to use deep hypnosis with the most gentle, progressive relaxation techniques, to guide anyone experiencing insomnia into a deep, restful sleep, and reprograms your inner mind to use a specific cue every night to easily fall asleep, get back to sleep if awakened, sleep deeply and well, and wake up refreshed. Very effective for all.   Listening to your Peaceful Sleep Now audio track every night at bedtime will help you to relax and fall asleep easily as well as get a good night’s sleep, since it has wonderful suggestions for going to sleep, staying asleep, getting back to sleep and awakening refreshed. Please get completely ready for bed by doing the same bedtime routine every night and making all your last minute comfort adjustments before you turn on your Peaceful Sleep Now track. You’ll be totally ready for relaxation and a great night’s sleep! **PLEASE NOTE: This audio track is designed to induce sleep and should only be listened to when you are ready for bed at night.

You can buy the CDs or MP3s at http://www.hypnobabies.com

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Gwendolen Eve was born in February 11 days past her EDD. She weighed 9 pounds, 1 ounce, and I think she was 20 inches long. She was born with dark hair that has since lightened somewhat, and she has deep blue eyes that everyone comments on, they’re so beautiful. She has long toes and a long torso and chubby cheeks. She’s a beautiful baby, and she was very kind to me in the womb.

My first baby, born in September of 2005, was a very good, typical hospital birth. Great doctor, no effacement before labor started, relatively easy labor that was a full 24 hours from first menstral-like cramp to birth, epidural at 8 cm, no complications. I wish every medicated birth went as smoothly as that one did. I wanted to go natural, but I realized I didn’t have the tools to manage it just yet.

My second baby was a hypnobaby. I had effaced and was at 3 cm two weeks before he was born, then I had an accidental home birth. That birth story is on the Hypnobabies website. Look for August’s birth. Basically, it was just 2 hours long, intense, comfortable, and exhiliarating. I wanted any future births of mine to go just like that one did, and I fully expected them to.

Of course, life changes. When I got pregnant with baby #3, I was in a different state far away from all of my family, and my husband was a student in the Navy.

For no good reason, I had a lot of anxiety throughout this pregnancy. I kept worrying that there would be something wrong with the baby. I was scared of giving birth in the car during a snowstorm, I worried that my husband wouldn’t be there because I’d give birth before he came home from school at the Navy base, I worried about not having support, I worried about toxic-whatever it is that my baby could get because we adopted a stray cat in November, etc.

Just a few weeks before my baby was born, I had my husband, Danel, give me a blessing. In it, I was told 1) that my baby loves me, 2) every birth is different and 3) that Heavenly Father is pleased with how much I appreciate motherhood and how much I’ve worked on bringing my child into the world with peace and safety. Though that blessing didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear (I wanted a “your child is healthy and will be born alive and well”), I treasure hearing how much my unborn child loves me. That blessing put the rest of my pregnancy in perspective. Up until the day she decided to come, there were important things I needed to do, such as making sure all 3 carseats could fit in our little sedan, cleaning and organizing the house, setting up the cosleeper and baby clothes, making sure I had batteries for the walkman, making sure I *had* a walkman, etc. I think that is why Gwen waited so long to come; she was giving me the time I needed to get everything done. In the meantime, it was very easy to feel Gwen move because she was posterior. I think that because she was posterior, it was easy to feel her move without her having to punch and kick at my innards, and so in that way she never hurt me, and I was constantly reassured that she was doing just fine. She was so very kind to me.

My mother-in-law came to visit 5 days after my EDD. She was staying for a week. We had all thought that my baby would be born by then. My mother-in-law was a wonderful help, but as each day passed, she worried more and more that she’d have to leave without holding her newest grandchild. I wasn’t effacing or anything to indicate that I’d be going into labor anytime soon. I listened to the Easy First Stage track several times and occationally went on a walk, but I really didn’t do much to jump-start birthing time. I really wanted my baby to come, but I also wanted her to pick her own birthday. It wasn’t easy trying to find the right balance, especially not when I had so little energy, anyway.

My birthing time started Sunday morning. Any little birthing wave I felt, I felt it in my back. They were uncomfortable, but I went through all 3 hours of church (from 11:00 to 2:00) without anyone knowing I was having them. I had always wanted to do that, labor through church and no one notice.

Both to and from church, I had to drive. Danel was in the back seat with the other two kids because he was the only grown-up who fit, while my MIL sat next to me in front. I was pretty distracted on the way home, but I had angels watching over me, and we somehow got home safely.

I didn’t tell anyone I was having pressure waves until I got home, and even then I only told Danel in the privacy of our bedroom. I timed the pressure waves, but they were pretty irregular. I hopped into the bath in hopes that I’d be more comfortable, but I wasn’t. Our bath was just too shallow. I had three quick, strong pressure waves once I stepped out of the bath.

By dinnertime, my dear MIL could tell I was in labor. I’m sure it was unmistakable when I laid my forehead on my arm on the table and stopped talking for the duration of the wave. I’m glad my MIL was right there: we didn’t have to worry about transporting my other two children, or calling in a babysitter. At about 6 or so, I had Danel and a friend of the family give me another blessing (in which I was told, again, that every birth is different), and then Danel and I went to the hospital. The waves were still irregular, but I felt that it was time to go, so we did.

It was eitehr snowing or raining when we got outside. We brought a large blanket, a pillow, the walkman, and a few other things. On the way to the hospital, I piled the blanket and pillow on me, and leaned on them. I continually turned my switch to Off and I used the Peace cue. I couldn’t get as comfortable as I had during August’s birth, though, because it was all back labor. By the time I was in the hospital and admitted, I was starting to feel pretty discouraged.

I got the heplock pin (and came to detest the thing), got monitored the required amount of time, got checked (I was at about a 6) and got an unpleasant surprise: apparently, it was indeed hospital policy that once a woman is in active labor, that she be continually monitored. Thanks to the fact that my preference sheet that was with my profile specifically requested for natural-childbirth-friendly nurses as well as intermittent monitoring, the nurse I got decided to do things this way: leave me free to move as I need, and every 10 minutes put a dopplar thing on my tummy to measure things for a full minute. I will forever love those nurses for giving me the freedom I needed to handle the pressure waves the way I needed to, while still technically “continually monitoring” me.

I changed position between almost every birth wave. I was on the birthing ball, I was on the toilet, I was standing up, I was laying down, I was on all fours. I also constantly listened to the Easy First Stage track, used the Peace cue and the Off cue, and had Danel push on my back with every wave. I just couldn’t get comfortable the way I was comfortable with August’s birth. After I was at the hospital for another hour and got measured again and was still at a 6, I felt discouraged. I worried that this could go on for a long, long time, and I feared that I would just give up. I had Danel give me one more blessing, this one for courage, and then I went back to giving birth. After that blessing, the waves became more intense, but I no longer worried about the hours ahead of me. Instead, I continually focused on what I needed to do next. The more intense they got, the more primal I became, more focused on “now”. I got more verbal, too. I eventually did settle on the all-fours position on the bed, with a warm, wet rag pressed hard onto my back. The batteries in my walkman ran out, but I was so focused and I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer, so I just took the headphones off.

Then I realized that I was pushing with the waves. I waited through anotehr wave, just to be sure, then had Danel call a nurse, and she checked me. I was complete. She called for the doctor (who had arrived at the hospital early because of the storm and because he knew I had fast births), but it was too late. The urge to push through the next two waves was too much. I was completely primal, and pushing with power, and I wasn’t going to hold back to wait for anybody. I felt the nurses hands on my bottom, and looking back I’m sure that they were just giving my bottom support, but at the time I felt that they were pushing my baby’s head back in, and I told them not to, and with roars of power I pushed her out right then and there. The nurse and Danel caught her (the OB wasn’t going to let Danel catch her) and announced that she was a girl. Poor dutiful doctor arrived in time to help deliver the placenta and stitch me up.

She was such an unhappy baby, but she nursed all right. After she was in my arms for a while, she settled down. We all loved her.

Later that day, my MIL got to hold her granddaughter, the only grandbaby she got to hold “fresh from the oven.” Two days later, she had to fly back home.

The next day, my son’s birthday, I felt good enough that I went home.

Though this birth wasn’t as comfortable as August’s birth was, I consider the Hypnobabies program a success here. The cues gave me something to actively do during the pressure waves, the Easy First Stage track reminded me to be thankful for my nurses and for their concern for me, the Fear Release sessions helped me deal with my fears before the birth, I connected with my baby, and the birth preferences sheet helped the hospital cooperate with me so that I could have the best birth possible. I would definite recommend this program to anyone, and I plan on using it again in the future. I do wonder if the Peace cues would’ve been more successful if I didn’t have “back labor is difficult even for hypnomoms” running through my head, but oh well. I’ll work on getting that out of me. I look forward to an even better experience next time.

(Some moms do fine with back labor with Hypnobabies, so this is something this mom had in her own mind.)

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Just wanted to share the Hypnobirth of my little girl, Quinn Marie, who was born April 6 🙂  BOP: It was not entirely pain-free, but I would still consider this experience a success, as I was able to go intervention and pain-med free and had a quick birth for a first child.

I had lots of BH waves throughout my third trimester and was always wondering when they might get closer together and become actual birthing waves.  At 38 weeks exactly, they went from 10 min apart in the morning to 6 min apart in the afternoon and 4 min apart in the evening, but never got more intense or turned into anything.  At 39 weeks, I was told at my appointment that the baby was really low and in great birthing position, but I was hesitant to get my hopes up.  I expected to go late because this was my first baby and because my mom was about a week late with me.

At 39 weeks and 4 days, I was at work (to my coworkers’ chagrin, who kept looking at me like I was a ticking time bomb) and felt crampy all day.  By the end of the day, I was feeling it in my lower back as well.  After so many weeks of BH waves, I didn’t take it too seriously.  I went for a walk with my husband after work just like we had done the previous two days.  After the walk, I felt the waves more strongly, though they weren’t painful or uncomfortable.  I did go ahead and do 2 Hypnobabies tracks that night (Deepening and Easy First Stage), and something also told me to set up my short term disability benefits, too!  The waves continued but I was able to sleep comfortably all night.

The next morning (39 weeks and 5 days) I awoke an hour early because of birds chirping outside the window.  The waves were still present, and I got on my hands and knees and wiggled my rear in the air, which was really comfortable.  At that point, I started thinking that something might be up.  I was discussing with my husband that we should possibly go into work early, pick up our laptops, and work from home when I heard a POP! at 7am.  My water had broken!

I called the on-call midwife at the birth center.  She said that because this was my first child, I should probably go through several hours of active birth waves (3-4 min apart) before coming in because they wouldn’t admit me until 4-5cm.  She suggested I have breakfast, take a shower, and relax as much as possible.  I told her that my waves were already about 3 min apart but I don’t think she took it too seriously.

My husband got me breakfast and water and I used my hypnobabies tracks.  The waves got much stronger after my water broke, but I was still just fine.  I watched some comedy tracks on Youtube (Eddie Izzard) to stay relaxed.  After about an hour or so, I needed to lie down.  My husband squeezed my ankle during waves and timed them on his ipod.  The waves were still 3 minutes apart consistently.

At about 9, my regular midwife called and asked how things were going.  I told her that I had been having waves 3 minutes apart for several hours now.  She sounded surprised and said “this isn’t usually how it goes [for a first timer]!” and suggested I leave in half an hour for the birth center.  Well, by the time 9:30 rolled around, I was in transition.  I was shaking uncontrollably and I couldn’t sit down to use the toilet because the baby was really low.  This is where the BOP should be used before proceeding.

The car ride was pretty difficult, being so far along and not being able to get into a comfortable position.  I tried to stay relaxed and use hypnosis, but it was just too much.  The trip was 45 minutes and we kept getting stuck behind cars/big trucks, which was incredibly frustrating!  As we got to the birth center, I was thinking, “If I’m only 3cm, I’m going to have to do a hospital transfer for some relief.”

Well, it turns out I was already 10cm and ready to push.  They had me move back and forth from the bed to a birthing stool to help the baby down.  I resisted pushing for some reason…I think because I felt unprepared and scared.  I also didn’t feel the natural urge to push for quite awhile.  Ultimately it took 2 hours to push our baby out because of my resistance, and I wish I had prepared myself better for this stage of labor.  I had a 2nd degree tear.  Anyways, we found out we had a little girl, and things were great 🙂  I did need a pitocin shot to help with my bleeding, which I was okay with.  Baby girl Quinn was born at 12:23, about 5.5 hours after my water broke, and was 8lb1oz and 20.5″ long.  She took to nursing immediately and had APGARs of 8/9.

I feel that Hypnobabies allowed me to have a very calm and confident pregnancy, defend myself against negative people and horror stories, and have a fast labor for a first timer.  Next time around, I’m going to listen to myself to determine when to leave for the birth locale (I think I would have been much better off NOT in the car during transition) and practice relaxation for the pushing stage ahead of time (though now I know what to expect!)

Thanks for listening 🙂


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This is part of my Wondering About Series. Feel free to e-mail any questions you are wondering about to sheridan AT enjoybirth DOT com.

What is the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group and how can I join?

The Hypnobabies Yahoo Group is for expecting moms who are curious about or using hypnosis for birth.  We have moms on there using all kinds of hypnosis for birth programs:

  • Hypnobabies Live Course
  • Hypnobabies Home Study
  • HypnoBirthing Live Course
  • Reading HypnoBirthing Book
  • HypBirth
  • Private classes with Hypnotherapist

It is a very active group with 30-40 messages posted a day.  The moms are all great and very supportive of each other.  Just last week I had a mom post a question FROM THE HOSPITAL.  Her baby’s head was tilted a little and her birthing time had stalled.  Her OB was threatening her with a cesarean if things didn’t pick up.  She wanted tips on how to get things moving.  Other moms jumped in with some easy ideas.  “Try hands and knees”  etc.  She e-mailed back hours later saying that baby did move and she had her vaginal birth.

The Hypnobabies Yahoo Group is a great group for you to join if:

  • you are an expecting mom interested in learning more about hypnosis for birth.
  • you are an expecting mom trying to decide if getting the Hypnobabies Home Study is worth the money.
  • you are an expecting mom trying to decide which childbirth for hypnosis is the best for you.
  • you are an expecting mom using Hypnobabies.

I moderate the group along with other Hypnobabies Instructors.  So it is a great group for moms using the Hypnobabies Home Study, because any questions they may have as they study can get answered.

You can join by going here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hypnobabies/ and applying.

IMPORTANT:  You must send an introduction to be approved into the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group, after applying you should get an automatic e-mail with instructions on how and where to send your introduction.

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Our precious Ian Edward arrived this past Wednesday, Apr 28 at 3:51am. 3 days “early” – yep, he knew when to be born!

He’s a lovely teeny little thing, 6 lbs, 5 oz, 18 1/2 inches. This was all very shocking to our whole family, as my husband and I were both 21 1/2 inches and over 8 lbs. Anyway, I did it!!!

Hypnobabies was amazing, and I had the wonderful natural birth that I wanted. I wouldn’t call it p*** free or discomfort free, but I was able to handle everything and Ian was born safely and happily after about 13 hours of birthing time, the first few hours being really really easy – sort of like, is this it?

One of these days I will sit down and write a more detailed story, but I must share something that my husband was very impressed with – he noticed that in between pressure waves (and man, does “pressure” describe it – especially at the end! Whoa!), my heart rate would drop to around 72 every time. Uh… my resting heart rate, hanging out on the couch doing nothing, is around 90. Well then! DH attributes this – my being able to stay calm in between PWs – the key to what was our easy birthing.

My sister-in-law was our birth partner assistant, and she had a natural birth (but not hypno) a year and a half ago, and she now calls me her birth warrior hero – which is hilarious, because she is one tough chick – and wants me to be her “doula” whenever she has her next baby! She’s been telling everyone how amazing I was and that I just kept saying PEACE  through the PWs and it was awesome.

So many more details to share, but to everyone who is doing this for the first time or questioning whether it will really work – IT WILL!!! It’s incredible! You and your baby can do it!

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Hypnobabies disclaimer: This birth story has non-Hypnobabies language in it, so use your BOP of peace if you feel the need. It was intense, a wild ride, but not what I would call painful. (I have chronic migraines, now THOSE I consider painful!).

This was my 4th Hypnobabies birth and 3rd homebirth. I’ve never given birth without Hypnobabies, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I didn’t listen to my Birth Guide tracks (my home study course is from 2004, I know these tracks are a little different now) and didn’t feel the need to use my lightswitch. But after 4 times, the hypnoanesthesia and other hypnotechniques (“release” and “peace” cues) are so automatically integrated into the birthing process for me that it’s not something I consciously think about. Saying “open, open, open” was the only thing I remember consciously choosing to do.

I did a lot of envisioning my birth this time around, and this was pretty much exactly like I had pictured. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste 😉 but for me it was exactly what I wanted.



I wasn’t getting much sleep on Monday night, the night of the 14th. I went to bed around 10 pm but between waking up to pee every 45 minutes (love having a bladder the size of a walnut) and my 22 month old repeatedly waking up and needing me (2 year molars suck), there wasn’t a great deal of sleeping going on. I was large and uncomfortable, felt like I needed the assistance of heavy machinery to help get me out of bed. But thanks to this I know that I was not having any contractions throughout the night, everything was calm in uterus-land.

Just after 4 am I got up to tend to DD2 again. Got her some more water, settled her back down and made yet another trip to the bathroom. Started to go back to sleep and then…. hmmm, was that a contraction? Involuntarily I was out of bed, kneeling on the floor and leaning over the side of the bed.

I glanced at the clock and it was 4:15 am. I woke up DH who asked if I was in labor and I said I didn’t know, maybe? He snorted and said “this is no maybe – last time you had the kid 2 hours later” and went downstairs to get things going. I called my midwife to let her know that I had a contraction and had the 2nd contraction while I was on the phone with her, she left as soon as we hung up. Then I grabbed my computer and sent a Facebook message to the chiropractor I was going to see later that morning, letting her know that something might be getting started so I might not make it to see her that morning.

The birth tub heater was broken and it was only maintaining about 92 degrees, so DH started the big stock pots of water boiling. After my last two 2 hour labors we knew we might be pressed for time. I brought down my iPod to listen to my Hypnobabies Birth Guide tracks but don’t remember where I set it down. We spread out a shower curtain on the floor in front of the birth tub, put the waterproof sheet and spare sheet on the futon, then DH went upstairs to make some coffee.

When a contraction would hit I would lean on my hands and knees over the futon, moving my hips and making really low vocalizations to keep myself relaxed and saying “open, open, open” (like on my Hypnobabies tracks). DH came and asked how I was doing and I looked at him and joked “stop the ride, please, I want off now!”

This was probably about 4:30 am. I remember thinking that I couldn’t really be in labor yet because I was still wearing my nightgown – I can’t stand to have any clothes on when I’m laboring. 😉

I went into the bathroom and thought about sitting down, but realized that if I sat down on the toilet then I probably wouldn’t be able to get back up and didn’t want to spend the rest of the time stuck on the toilet. I walked back into the family room and the tub looked so inviting – off came the nightgown and in I went. I was hot and sweating and the water was warm enough to feel comforting but not overheat me. The feeling of relief and support when I sank down into the water was amazing.

DH came down with the first pot of boiling and poured it into the other side of the tub, I was acutely aware of the feeling of the hot water swirling around in the cooler water of the tub and the coolness of the edge of the birth tub against my forehead as I knelt down, focusing on the physical sensations. DH went back upstairs to refill the pot and check on the others and I leaned over the side of the tub, enjoying the warm waters swirling around my legs.

I felt a bit of pressure, reached down and felt the baby’s head & amniotic sac right at the opening, then my water broke. I yelled upstairs “hon, turn the stove off!”. He yelled back “why, is it warm enough?” It was difficult to talk (I tend to be non-verbal in labor) but managed to say “baby!” as my body started to push with me half- kneeling, half-squatting.

The head emerged as he ran down the half- flight of stairs saying “holy sh*t, you’re kidding me!” and then the entire baby flew out into the tub. DH scooped the baby out of the water to hand to me as I turned over. I caught a glimpse between the legs as I cuddled him up and said “we have another little boy!”. I kept his body down in the water to keep him warm and had DH hand me a chux pad to cover him up with.

I told DH to open my computer and check the time, it was 4:39 am. 24 minutes after the very first contraction and, as DH said, “I didn’t even have time to brew my coffee!”.

Ian Grainger B.

9 lb 8 oz, 21.5″

My longest pregnancy (40+4 by ovulation), shortest labor (24 minutes) and next-to-smallest baby.

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Alexander was born on May 18.  It was an easy birth, and I am so grateful for Hypnobabies to help me stay relaxed and calm even though things didn’t go exactly as I had planned.

I went to see my OB on Monday the 17th, 6 days past my guess date of May 11.  I had an ultrasound and an exam, and my OB told me that my amniotic fluid level was very low and that I needed to go into the hospital that night to be induced.  I was dilated to a 3, but not fully effaced.  She knew of my desire for a natural birth and use of Hypnobabies, so she said that she would start me on a low dose of pitocin and then come into the hospital in the morning to check me and break my water.  I was really disappointed to have to be induced again (this was my 3rd birth, first hypnobabies, second time going natural), and I cried on the way home from the doctor’s office.  I had all afternoon to calm myself down and just accept that this was my situation and to make the best of it that I could.

I went into the hospital around 9:30 pm that night.  The nurses already had a copy of my birth plan that I had included with my preadmission paperwork, but we had to make some adjustments with the induction (mainly I would need an IV and have to be put on continous monitoring since I was being induced and due to the low amniotic fluid).

They hooked me up to the pitocin around 11:30 pm or so.  They offered me Ambien to help me sleep, which I took, especially since my DH forgot his headphones and “borrowed” mine. I slept soundly and woke up refreshed around 6 am.  The nurse told me baby was doing great and that my OB would be in around 8 am to break my water.  I was still completely comfortable and the pressure waves were barely noticeable.

After a breakfast of broth and jello, my OB came in to check me and break my water.  She said I was dilated to 5 cm and my cervix was nice and soft.  She then broke my water, and barely anything came out.  They weren’t kidding when they said my fluid was low.

Shortly after, my pressure waves started to increase in intensity, so I got on the birth ball and started listening to “easy first stage” on my ipod.  I got about halfway through, when I could hear my DH and nurse behind me talking.  I tried to focus and block them out, but after hearing them debate whether or not I was asleep, I turned my switch to center, sat up and asked, “is there something you need?”, and the nurse told me when I leaned forward on the bed, the monitor slipped off and she needed to adjust it.  So, I sat up through the next wave while she held the monitor in place to check baby’s heartbeat.

Then I felt like I needed to use the bathroom, so I got up and went in and started to feel sick and started to sweat and shake at the same time.  I was in there what felt like forever leaning over the sink resting on my arms.  Finally, the sensation of feeling ill passed, and I got back up and went and sat on the birth ball.

After a few more pressure waves, I told the nurse that I would need to push soon and to call my OB.  She asked if I wanted her to check me first and I agreed, so she checked me and said I was at an 8 and had a small lip left.  Once I got on the bed, I had an overwhelming urge to push.  The nurse told me not to, but I couldn’t help it, so I ignored her and pushed anyway.

At this point, I remember I lost focus a bit and couldn’t relax.  I remember lying on my side clutching the bed rail and was very tense.  I regained my focus, though, and even though I wasn’t relaxed, I concentrated very hard on visualizing the baby moving down the birth canal.  After about 2 or 3 more pressure waves, my OB arrived and said the baby’s head was right there and I could push him out with the next wave.  So during the next wave, I really focused and pushed him out in 3 pushes. I was trying to concentrate so hard that even after he was out, my OB finally said, “um…you can open your eyes now!”

Alexander was born at 10:03 am, about 2 hours after my OB broke my water.  I was completely comfortable until I hit transformation, and even then I felt that things were totally manageable. I had some clots that they had to push out after the baby was born, and what I remember as being excruciating with my second birth was no more than mild discomfort this time around.

It was such an amazing birth, and went much more smoothly than my last birth without Hypnobabies.  The nurses and staff were really impressed, and before I was transferred to the postpartum room, my nurse came in to thank me for letting her be a part of it,
which I thought was kind of funny, since she was such a great help to us.  If we decide to have any more babies, I will definitely use Hypnobabies again.  Not only did I have a great birth experience, this was by far my most comfortable pregnancy, and I feel that is because of all the relaxation techniques and positive affirmations used in the program.  My entire pregnancy and birth experience was better than I thought possible.


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I am starting a new series:  Wondering Wednesday

Is there something you are wondering about Hypnobabies or pregnancy or birth?

I would love to answer your questions.  So send them in.

You can either leave a comment or e-mail me at sheridan AT enjoybirth DOT com.

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What Ifs? Come True!

A woman on one of the message boards was struggling to keep her confidence up as her birth drew closer.  She was planning her second VBAC, first unmedicated birth using Hypnobabies.  She kept talking about all the possible problems and reasons she should agree to an induction or “just go for the drugs” or even a repeat c-section.  She was fighting off her OB’s induction suggestions (for a VBAC!?!), despite being 5 cm dilated at 38 weeks, and 7 cm dilated at her 39 week appointment!  Some of us encouraged her to think about more positive “What ifs…?” and she later posted this, which I thought deserved to be shared:

“What if my water breaks on it’s own and I get to feel the joy that I’m going into labor in my natural surroundings?  What if I get to celebrate the start of “Birth Day” with my SO and children, in our home…with excitement knowing LO is soon to come?  What if I get the NCB nurse of my dreams and she is soothing and wonderful?  What if my mom sees just how strong of a woman I really am?  What if I amaze DBF and he actually feels emotions and lets them show?  What if I have people respect me and my birth time enough to listen to me calmly and openly, and treat me like they are lucky to be in attendance?  What if I get to feel and see my baby come out?  What if I get to feel him against my skin before he’s cleaned up and dressed? What if I get to hold and nurse him right away?  What if I am healed from past abuses by birthing my child?  What if I feel so emotionally charged that baby blues are non existent? What if I have the birth of my dreams and am forever changed for the better?  What if there is a renewed sense of appreciation for my older children and they feel more love from me?  What if everything goes right?”

This morning she sent me a message (and a similar one to the board) that said simply.  “My ‘What ifs’ came true.”

That is a good days work right there.  Thank you, Kerry, for all you’ve done and all you do!


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I love that in Hypnobabies we teach about the importance of this special time, right after baby is born!

It is shocking to me how many moms who are taking my Hypnobabies class for the 3rd or 4th baby and they are amazed that they have the option of keeping the baby on them for an hour or two.

“I didn’t know I could do that!” one mom exclaimed.  The nurses always had taken her babies away after a minute or two and then spent 10-20 minutes weighing them and doing other things before she really got to hold and meet her baby.  She always hated that, but didn’t realize she had a choice!  She made sure it happened with the birth of her Hypno-baby and she loved that special time!

I find that typically in a hospital birth the baby nurses really want to do the routine procedures right away.  It takes some consistent “No, I want to keep my baby.”  comments from mom to make it happen.  I suggest telling the nurses you will call them when you are ready to weigh the baby.  This way they will leave the room and only come back when you want them too!

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