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Jennifer King, BCH, CHt, HCHI




Vancouver, BC


Proud to be Canada’s FIRST Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor Clinical Hypnotherapist, Board Certified Painless Childbirth Specialist (Gerald Kein) Hypno-Doula

Before I had ever even heard of Hypnobabies, I decided to become a Hypnotherapist because of the application of Hypnosis from conception to birth and postpartum.  I recognized it as an opportunity to make a career out of doing something I was truly passionate about.  It was Master Hypnotist Gerald Kein himself who suggested that if I wanted to focus my career on working with pregnant women, that Hypnobabies was the way to go!

I quickly became certified in his Painless Childbirth techniques and attended the first Hypnobabies training that I could.

Hypnobabies empowers women with the knowledge they need to make the right choices for them AND gives them the tools to achieve those goals; it truly is a beautiful thing and I am very proud to bring this wonderful program to Canada.

I offer private and group Hypnobabies classes as well as individual Hypnosis sessions as required.  Smoking cessation if free for any expectant mom who is struggling (with referral from care provider).  Please see my website and feel free to contact me if you would like more information (I LOVE talking about what I do!!).

Hypno-Doula Trainings are also available, for doulas and midwives who are interested in learning how to birth-assist Hypnobabies clients.  Please contact me for details.

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Drives herself home from work and has the baby 2 hours later!

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Part 2:


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My EDD for this little girl, baby #5, was 3/25. All day 3/20, I contracted irregularly but steadily. At noon we went to a family picnic/bingo perty the kids had been looking forward to.  Then around 4pm, we headed 40 miles up to the city where I’d planned on birthing for a b-day party for my nephew.  Everyone kept asking me how I was feeling & I said “fine,” not wanting to make a big deal about the waves I was still feeling. I was a bit concerned because the baby had felt posterior since I woke up & I wanted to go home & crawl around or spend some time leaning over a chair to encourage her to turn, as I had been doing for weeks.  By 8pm we left & I said I just wanted to get home to lay down & see if the waves were going to go away & to better time them.  On the drive, my waves were 10-12 min apart.  They still were completely comfortable, but were longer-lasting than in previous days.

Back at home, my husband put the kids to bed, showered, & packed a bag.  Bags for me & the kids had been in the van for a couple of weeks.  I listened to the Hypnobabies Deepening track while sitting on my birth ball, leaning over the arm of the couch.  Waves were still coming about every 10 min. It was almost 10pm, so before it got too late I thought I’d better called my midwife & my MIL, who would be watching the kids, to let them know this probably was “it.”  Then I leaned forward over some pillows on the coffee table & watched some tv while sipping red raspberry leaf tea & timing my waves.  They became 5-7 min apart.  My 10-yr-old son said he was too excited to sleep, so I had him arrange the “nurse cookies” I had in the freezer onto a tray.  My husband came downstairs to check on me & I said “let’s go.” We put the birth ball & the sleepy kids in the van & headed the 40 miles back into town, me with my Ipod on the Birthing Affirmations.

I called my MW again & my in-laws, who met us in the hospital parking lot & hopped in our van to take the kids to their house.  We checked-in at midnite, with my Ipod still on.  My husband dimmed the room lights.  I gave the nurse my birth plan & she just said, “ok, no IV,” like it was no big deal & didn’t even place a heplock, though I’d offered.  She did a 20-min monitoring strip then only monitored intermittently after that. My MW, Donna, arrived around 1am, & said I was “a stretchy 4, and thin” & offered to break my water, but I said I’d rather wait a bit.  I knew things would get more intense once it was broken, & I wanted to be further dilated first.  She asked if I was hungry then brought me chicken soup & left us alone for a bit.  I knew I should try to sleep, but I was too excited.

At 2:30, 6cm, Donna broke a small trickle in my bag & waves very gradually began to increase in intensity & frequency.  I put the ball in bed with a pillowcase draped over it & knelt, leaning my upper body on the ball. During each wave I would use my peace cue, focus on relaxing my hands & listening to Kerry’s voice on my ipod, & I would drop my hips limp & low & wide, envisioning, not the baby moving down, but just a general idea of downward motion, of a sort of a tidal pull.  I was still generally comfortable—the waves feeling about like strong menstrual cramps.  In between waves my husband, Donna, & I basically chatted.  I remember hearing my husband “warn” Donna that I’d birthed our last baby on all-4s, so she’d expect I’d be staying in the position I was in. Donna asked if I’d want to get in the tub or shower & I mumbled “too late.”

After 2 or 3 stronger waves that came very close together, I suddenly said I felt pushy & heard Donna push the call alarm for the nurses.  With the next wave the baby’s head started crowning & I remember saying “here she comes” & automatically pushing.  Donna said “wait, don’t push yet” & I said “I’ll try” but it was hard to hold back.  I pushed anyway & my husband said Donna had barely reached the end of the bed when the head was out.  I heard her saying “easy, easy” as I instinctively pushed along with 2 or 3 fast waves, & at 3:36am Julia Kathleen was born.  8lbs 4oz.  From feeling “pushy” to the baby in my arms could barely have been 3 minutes.

They lay the baby on the bed underneath me & helped raise her up to my belly/chest & slipped a blanket under her.  They rolled me over to my back so I could hold her on my chest.  She nursed & snuggled for an hour while I delivered the placenta.  Then my husband cut the cord & they took Julia to the warmer next to me & bathed her & did the newborn stuff.

Donna was happy with my birth position & said she’s sure it helped the baby turn to a good LOA birth presentation herself.  My husband kept saying for days how amazing the birth was—how calm and quiet and fast.  I think my calmness is why Donna was so surprised when the baby suddenly appeared.  I was surprised myself. I mean, I could feel the intensity increasing, but I kept thinking, “ok, it’s going to get bad soon,” but instead it was like I just snapped my fingers & Julia was here.  The actual pushing-out was not p***less, exactly, but totally manageable & gentle.  I barely broke a sweat.  No stitches, no tearing, no hemorrhoids, barely even swollen-feeling afterwards.  Couldn’t have asked for much better than that!

–Kerry Beth

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Hypnobabies Spring Sale is here!

Our Hypnobabies Spring Sale starts on Sunday, April 25th, for one week, ending at midnight on Saturday, May 1st. All items in our regular website store at www.Hypnobabies.com will be 20% off, including all CDs, books, our Home Study Course and all products for birth professionals.

*MP3s and eBook downloads are not included in this sale.

Please use the promotional code, SPRING when you order.

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Kelly L. McKamey CD(DONA), HCHI
Kelly McKamey

208 359-0696
Idaho Falls, Rexburg and surrounding areas, ID

Certified Hypnobabies Instructor
Certified Doula (DONA)

I have always felt passionate about pregnancy and birth. After the difficult birth of my 4th child, I began my quest for a more gentle, compassionate way of birthing. At that time, I chose the path of doula work. It has been fulfilling and rewarding. I have boasted to people that my job allows me the opportunity to take part in “Miracles” on any given day! When I discovered Hypnobabies, I was thrilled! I know in my heart that Hypnobabies is the best possible way to birth. It is truly the way to a gentle, compassionate birth.

Private and Group Hypnobabies classes available.

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I want to start by saying I am 45 years old and this is my first child.  My pregnancy went perfectly and I only gained 30 pounds.  I ate healthy and continued to exercise through out my pregnancy.  I began using Hypnobabies at 18 weeks.  I have always been a big believer in the power of suggestion and positive affirmations so I was sure that this was going to work for me.

I was just 2 days short of 37 weeks along.  It was a Saturday morning around 3AM when my water started leaking.  At 3PM I called my midwife to speak to her about the best course of action (if any) since I had not really had any pressure waves yet and was still 3 weeks before my guess date.  She recommended I go to the hospital to get tested to ensure that it was in fact my water that had broken because it seemed like such a slow leak.

I arrived at the hospital around 5:30PM.  I was tested; my water was leaking and I was only 1cm dilated!  I was checked in to the hospital to monitor the baby to ensure he was OK.  He was doing great.  I didn’t want an IV and originally agreed to a heplock but I consented to the IV with an antibiotic only because the results of my GBS test had not come back yet and my water had ruptured.

I didn’t want to be induced so I requested that we wait to see if my body would begin pressure waves on their own before attempting any induction.  I put my headphones on and began listening to hypnobabies to try to get things going.  By 9:30PM there was still no change and no pressure waves.  My midwife and I decided to try cervidil to help my body move things along.

I got hardly any sleep on Saturday night because the LDR bed was really uncomfortable; I was hooked up to the monitors and had an IV in my arm.  In addition, I really don’t like hospitals.  The next morning at 9:30AM I was checked again and I was still only 1cm dilated.  There was no change.  I was so disappointed that there was no natural progression even with all my attempts at relaxation.  Although my baby was still doing well my midwife was concerned because my water had naturally ruptured over 30 hours ago so we decided to induce with pitocin.

Immediately my headphones were glued to my ears as I listened to all my Hypnbabies tracks.  Pressure waves began slowly around 10AM.  At first they felt like I was doing a crunch without moving and as time passed they progressed.  Around 2PM the nurse told my husband to go get something to eat because “it was going to be a while”.  I thought my pressure waves were progressing nicely but I was so exhausted after not sleeping for the last 2 nights that I needed a break.  So I pulled off my headphones and the pressure waves slowed a little to give me a break but shortly afterward they came on so fast and furious it was like a freight train barreling through my body.

20 minutes later I told my midwife I didn’t think I could do this.  She said “lets just wait until your husband gets back from lunch and we’ll check how far along you are”.  I don’t think they had any idea how far along I was.  I replied “I don’t think I can wait”.  She agreed to check me right away.  As she was checking me I recall her turning to the nurse and saying “Get her husband back in here NOW..SHE’S GOING TO HAVE THE BABY”.  I was already 9.5cm dilated.  They called my husband, he dropped his lunch and ran back to the hospital and arrived just in time.  I was squatting at the edge of the delivery table hanging on to the bar.

I remember the nurse saying “Do you feel pressure like you have to move your bowels and I replied “it’s time for me to push”.  In 2 pushes the baby crowned…I don’t think I was comfortable anymore as I was tired and cranky and just wanted to see my baby.  At this point I said to my midwife “just pull him out” and she replied “I can’t grab his ears yet” (she’s certainly has a sense of humor).  2 more pushes and my precious little munchkin was in my arms.  It was 2:44PM on Sunday.

It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had and my baby was exactly as I had envisioned.  I believe that Hypnobabies was instrumental in a quick and comfortable birthing.  From the first contraction to the birth of my baby boy was 4 hours and 44 minutes.  I was calm and comfortable until just before the baby crowned. At which point I was still calm but I don’t think I can say I was comfortable any more.

I hope my story is as inspiring to everyone that reads it as their stories were to me.  I am so thankful for having hypnobabies and an awesome midwife with a sense of humor.

New Mommy, Cheryl and little Austin James (aka AJ)

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Power of Nurses Words!

Hi everyone,

This was posted to the International Hypnosis Research Institute’s email newsletter. I thought it was helful information for our student’s care-givers as well! If only they would consider the POWER of their WORDS!  : )

Author, Ron Eslinger, the author is a nurse-anesthetist, and hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis for anesthesia and teaches others how to do it also. The link below is to the story that I also cut and pasted in case the link doesn’t work for some of you.


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