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lily ann was born on monday, june 9th at 12:39am – after about 14 hours of birthing. 
i skipped church on sunday morning – because i was having some pressure waves – however, i had no idea that the baby was going to come. 
they were 5 minutes apart for over an hour, we called to check and see when the dr. wanted us to come in.  i was GBS+, so he wanted me to come in at that point. 
my doula (also my HB instructor) met us in triage. 
they admitted me soon after – and i was dilated 4 cm. 
i had never met the doctor who was on call that day – and the first thing he suggested when we got into the room was that he break my water.  we declined.  the dr. and nurse read my birth plan – and both of them seemed somewhat understanding of our preferences. 
my sister, my husband and my doula were all in the room with me.  as the pressure waves intensified, my hypnosis deepened – just like it is supposed to.  the only way anyone could tell i was having a pressure wave was to look at the monitor.  and, during the pressure waves, the doula, my sister & husband would get on each side of me – gently applying pressure to my shoulder and giving me suggestions like “peace” and “release”.  i was also listening to HB tracks.  it was amazing, during intense pressure, how i could direct my pelvic floor – and entire body – to become relaxed and limp. 
we were at 4cm for a long time – and the dr. was getting impatient.  my husband read the “come out baby” script to me and i immediately dilated to 8cm.  we moved to my side and i went to 9.5 cm.   at that point, i was pushing involuntarily.  my sweet baby was in the birth canal and i could feel here there. 
when the dr. said it was time to push, it was such a relief.  and i knew i would see her soon.  all i could do was smile during and between each pushing wave.  my husband said he thinks we had 4 pushes to get her head out. 
when she came out – she was just perfect.  the best moment of my life.
she was alert – eyes open and so peaceful.  they gave her a 9.9 apgar score – not a 10 because she had purple hands for a few moments. 
the nurse was so impressed with the process.  actually, everyone involved was amazed at how peaceful the birthing process was. 
i know i couldn’t have done it without the hypnosis and the support system that i had throughout the birth. 
the nurse came back the next day – just to tell me how impressed she was. 
lily ann weighed 6 lb. 12 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. 
God has truly blessed us.

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Starting Sat. October 11th. 2-5 PM

Contact Lorraine for more information!  714-624-3495 and her email address is doulalorraine2003@yahoo.com

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Hypnobabies Classes – Los Alamitos/Rossmoor/Seal Beach


Classes starting Thursday Evening October 9th and Saturday Morning October 11th. Class size is limited to only 5 couples per session. A great time to start class is in your 4-6 month. $399 per couple, includes all materials, CDs, etc.



What is Hypnobabies?


  • Complete Childbirth Education Course, which teaches nutrition, exercise in pregnancy, how to stay low-risk, the process of birth and valuable self-hypnosis techniques that allow Mom to automatically produce a natural anesthesia throughout her body and remain completely relaxed during labor.

  • Relaxed and Confident Mom and Dad throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.

  • Shorter labors due to optimal positioning of baby and lack of resistance in the birthing muscles

  • Fewer complications and interventions, as the body and mind stay completely relaxed during labor. Our students are taught how to stay low-risk and healthy during their pregnancy.

  • Fewer drugs or no drugs at all, means less risk of harmful side effects for mother and baby.

  • Elmination of the Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome.

  • Easier Recovery, with less pain, bleeding and “baby blues”.


Some Wonderful Statistics about Hypnobabies! 
The following are statistics for the “Hypnobabies” method only (a 6 week course, 18 hours of instruction). Other hypnosis for birthing methods do not offer such in depth instruction, and many do not track results.

  • Pain-free, entire birthings…70-75%. Women who report that they felt nothing but pressure. 

  • Pain-free until transition…10-15%. Pressure only, until the 10-60 minute transitional period, with mild to intense degrees of sensation or discomfort thereafter.

  • Pain-free until “active” labor…10%, with mild to intense degrees of sensation thereafter.

For More Information, please contact:

Amy Paolinelli, MA, HCHI 562-343-3725




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Beyond Prenatals

A new blog about eating well during pregnancy.  In Hypnobabies we teach the importance of nutrition in helping moms stay low risk and healthy. 

The goal of Beyond Prenatals is to encourage and empower women to learn more about nutrition during the preconception period, pregnancy, and early childhood.

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You become a mother starting in your pregnancy and how you are treated during your pregnancy and birth can have a positive or negative influence on you. 

Bellies and Babies Blog has a great post titled How can we expect to make mothers out of women when we treat them like children?  

One great side effect of Hypnobabies and joining the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group, is moms are finding the strength to insist on being treated with respect.  (Of course we all should be, but sometimes care providers don’t)

Some mom’s sit down and have heart to hearts with their care providers and get the support they desire. 

Some mom’s end up changing care providers to one who WILL listen.

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Visit River Healing for class location and more information.

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Classes starting in Chino Hills

Hypnobabies 6-week complete childbirth education. Classes starting Tuesday (10/21) evenings or Thursday (10/23) evenings. Class size is limited to only 5 couples per session. A great time to start class is in your 4-6 month. $399 per couple, includes all materials, CDs, etc.

Choose your evening quickly — these classes fill up since they are the only ones in a 50-mile radius.

Whether you are planning to have your precious baby at home, in the birth center or in the hospital, this course will WORK FOR YOU!

Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course that also teaches Gerald Kein’s famous Painless Childbirth techniques to Hypnobabies mothers so that they can enter hypnosis, deepen it themselves and remain mobile during labor, completely comfortable at all times. Most of our Hypno-babies have no drugs in their systems when they are born, and are able to nurse, breathe well and interact with their happy parents immediately.

Did you know?
There are people that have life-threatening allergies to anesthetics who successfully undergo medical and dental surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthesia! If hypnosis can create effective pain elimination for surgeries of all kinds, we know it can work for childbirth, and it does quite well. Your mind is much more powerful than you may realize, and right now you’re using only 10% of it. You can easily tap into that gold mine and you’ll be amazed at what you can do!

The AMAZING Benefit:
Relaxed Mom and Dad throughout pregnancy, labor and birth. Both parents participate in the Hypnosis and Fear Release sessions, providing them with a sense of calm and confidence.

Shorter labors due to lack of resistance in the birthing muscles.

Classes are EITHER Tuesday nights or Thursday nights – 6pm – 9pm. If you are interested or have questions, please email: Joyce Moxley Thomas, MHA, LM, CPM, HCHI safe_birthing_midwife@yahoo.com

For more information about Hypnobabies, go to www.hypnobabies.com
— Joyce Moxley Thomas, MHA, CPM
Executive Director

— Author of the 1983 California Midwifery Pilot Project, HMPP#148

SBIN, Inc.
(The Safe Birthing Information Network is a non-profit educational organization)
3233 Grand Avenue #N291
Chino Hills, CA 91709

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Changing our Beliefs about Birth

Talk Birth’s Blog had some interesting birth quotes on it. 

Here is one that caught my attention, as quoted from Molly’s blog.

This one is from a book I love called Transformation Through Birth:

“There are many women who delivered their children naturally who swear by [a specific birthing method]. It is sad to see so many women credit a technique rather than themselves and their own inner resources for their birthing experiences. Women who birth joyfully do so because of who they are, what they believe, and how they live.” (emphasis mine)

That last sentence is what really struck me.  “Women who birth joyfully do so because of who they are, what they believe, and how they live”

I think that is one reason why for ME hypnosis helped me have the birth I wanted. It helped change what I believed.

After my first birth, bedrest, Preterm labor, emergency cesarean at 34 weeks, I didn’t believe my body could carry a baby full term, deliver vaginally… but with hypnosis I was able to change my beliefs about my body and birth.

So, while I think it is possible for many women to birth joyfully without certain programs. For moms who need extra help changing their beliefs about birth, Hypnobabies is a great tool to help with that!  Sadly in today’s society most women don’t develop positive beliefs about birth on their own.

I guess I do credit Hypnobabies for the wonderful birth I had with Bryson.  But I guess I really feel I got tools and helped change my beliefs with Hypnobabies and that helped ME to have a wonderful birth.  Because my wonderful birth did stem from what I believe!

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A nice Pregnancy Affirmation Video

One of the great things about Hypnobabies is their Pregnancy and Birthing Day Affirmations.  Moms love to listen and learn them.

I just found this nice video on You Tube with great pregnancy affirmations.


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My pressure waves started early Thursday morning, June 12th (not sure
what time as I didn’t look at the clock when they woke me up) but I
finally got up after one woke me up at 6:40am. I had another one 10
min later so I decided to try and time them. Starting at 7am I
started timing them and I had 4 in a row at just under 10 min apart.
They stayed between 10 – 20 min apart for most of the day. I started
listening to my Hypnobabies script Easy Stage One on repeat.

Between 5 – 6pm they started to get more intense and they seemed more
frequent. I asked my husband to time them for me and they were coming
about 6 – 7 min apart and lasting about 30 – 45 sec. I continued to
breathe through them and listen to my Hypnobabies scripts the entire
time. I alternated between Painless Childbirth and Easy Stage One.

At about 9pm when the pressure waves were about 4-5 min apart for an
hour I asked my husband to call my mom to have her come down (she
lives down the street from me). When the pressure waves were
consistently 3-4 min apart and lasting close to a minute we decided
to head to the hospital. I took a 15 min shower first while my mom
hovered over me and my husband got everything out to the car.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:30pm on Thursday, June 12th. I was
taken to a triage room and put on the fetal monitor, my vitals were
taken, and a cervical exam showed I was 6-7 cm dilated. The triage
nurse was surprised at this because she said I was doing so well.

A different doctor was on-call for my OB’s group so they called him
to get labor orders (I also knew this doctor very well and was quite
happy that he was on-call). The triage nurse told me that I was being
moved to a L&D room and they would keep the monitor straps on me and
hook me up when I got to my room. I asked her if I could have
intermittent monitoring so that I could walk around if I wanted to
and she said she would call the doctor to ask. The doctor insisted on
continuous fetal monitoring, but I wasn’t required to stay in bed, I
just couldn’t go past the wire length.

I was then taken to my L&D room and introduced to my nurse. I was GBS
positive so I already knew that I had to have antibiotics but I had
requested a hep lock only so another nurse came in to put the hep
lock in. I had to have two bags of antibiotics and was able to move
around at the bedside while this was being dripped. During this time
I was sitting on the glider in the room and was listening to my
scripts. My husband and mom were with me and were awesome in helping
me stay relaxed and reminding me to take sips of water to stay
hydrated. As soon as my antibiotic was done I was disconnected from
the IV.

My husband gave my nurse my birth plan and to my surprise she read it
very thoroughly and clarified a few things with me. He also gave her
the brownies I had made and she was surprised at this and said no one
has ever given them anything like that before. She seemed very
appreciative of that.

I continued breathing and relaxing through my pressure waves and when
they started getting much more intense I found that standing leaning
against the counter and swaying my hips back and forth really helped
me through them. I felt better able to relax my birthing muscles with
my abdomen kind of “hanging” out in front of me.

At 11:45pm I was standing at the counter in the room when I had a
pressure wave and along with it a huge urge to push and I did push
some and had a big gush of fluid. I told my husband and my mom and
said to get the nurse because I felt like I had to push. My husband
said that my triage nurse who first checked me when I arrived at the
hospital overheard him tell my nurse this and he said she whispered
to another nurse, “that was fast.” My nurse came in and had me get in
bed to check me. I had another pressure wave with an urge to push,
and I did, and had another gush of fluid. She said I was about 9 cm
dilated and they were calling Dr. Wiseman and I should not push until
the last lip of my cervix was out of the way. The most difficult part
for me was having pushing pressure waves with that incredibly strong
urge to push and being told not to.

This was the point that I lost focus on relaxing because it was so
difficult to not push. My husband and mom jumped in to help talk me
through trying to relax and not push so I would dilate that last bit.
The nurse wanted to check me again during a pressure wave to see if I
dilated. She checked me and I did dilate to 10cm and was given the go
ahead to push. The doctor was still not there yet. I tried to push in-
between pressure waves to help stretch my perineum without the force
of a pressure wave behind it and I did fairly well with this. I used
the “breathing baby down” technique of pushing and was very vocal
with the use of “ahhhh” to get through this part.

My nurse was getting very nervous because she said she could see hair
and the doctor was still not there. Another nurse in the room assured
her that he would be there any second. He came in shortly after that
and they got everything ready and wanted me to turn onto my back and
put my feet in stirrups but I was more comfortable lying on my side
with my leg up so I stayed in that position. My husband and another
nurse were holding my top leg up while I pushed. The doctor was
wonderful at helping to guide my pushing so that I wouldn’t tear. The
pushing part actually felt wonderful and not at all uncomfortable.
When he was crowning I felt very, very tight and stretched but I
wouldn’t call it painful. This was very interesting to me since my
biggest fear that I had was the pain of crowning and of tearing.

I started pushing at about 11:55pm and my beautiful Hypnobaby was
born at 12:15am on Friday, June 13th. He was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 in.
long. My husband didn’t want to cut the cord (he’s always a little
queasy around blood and stuff and was holding himself together pretty
well for what he saw), but the doctor kind of pushed the scissors
into his hands and said, “come on daddy” and showed him where to cut
and he did. A few more pushes and my placenta came out and was
intact. I did end up having a small tear that the doctor was debating
about even stitching but he did do one stitch as a precaution because
it was bleeding a bit.

The only drugs I had for this birth were the 2 bags of antibiotics
when I first arrived at the hospital and 2 Tylenol tablets after I
was in post-partum to help with some soreness. I refused the routine
Pitocin that is given after delivery because when I asked if there
was a reason I needed it the nurse didn’t have one and she said that
I was fine. Total time from active birthing time to delivery was
about 6-7 hours and this is my first baby. Total pushing time was
about 20 minutes.

This birth was such a wonderful, intense and incredible experience
and I am so thankful to the Hypnobabies program for allowing me and
my husband to have a birthing experience the way God intended for
women to have.

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