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In celebration of Hypnobabies offering their products on Amazon, we thought we would do a give away. 

Hypnobabies of course has wonderful products for moms on the Hypnobabies Website

Now 3 different Hypnobabies Sets are available on Amazon as well. 

Hypnobabies Home Study

 Hypnosis for an Easy Pregnancy CD Set

Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Workbook Plus 5 CDs

Not only can you buy products on Amazon, but you can become an Amazon affiliate and if you refer friends, clients, doulas to buy Hypnobabies products or any other products from Amazon, you can make money!  🙂  You can even make your own store on Amazon

This month we are giving away Hypnosis for an Easy Pregnancy CD Set

The Winner will be announced on March 9th and the last entries will be accepted on Saturday March 7th. 

This set is great for expecting moms, friends of expecting moms (what a great gift to give!) or even doulas who could lend the CD’s to their clients. 

To enter the give away:

In order to enter visit any of the Hypnobabies products at Amazon (links above) or at Hypnobabies and come back and leave a comment about your favorite product.  Or leave a comment about why you want to win Hypnosis for an Easy Pregnancy CD Set

You can earn another entry by blogging about this give away and letting me know, you can either e-mail me at sheridan AT enjoybirth DOT com or leave a comment.

You can earn another entry by adding the Hypnobabies Blog to your RSS and letting me know, you can either e-mail me at sheridan AT enjoybirth DOT com or leave a comment. (What is this?  Here is a great explination in video form.) 

Also if you have used any of Hypnobabies Products you can earn 2 entries by leaving a review on Amazon or on the Hypnobabies Review Blog and let me know you have left a review in the comment section or by e-mailing me!  2 entries for each review left.  🙂

Have fun!

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There is a new website out of the UK with information for moms worried about having a big baby. 


So many moms go to a late term ultrasound and are told their baby is going to be so BIG. I loved this quote from the site. 

I heard a great analogy from an obstetrician once, that likened trying to predict the size of a baby before birth, by ultrasound, to trying to guess the weight of a man, sitting in a bath full of water, in the room next door by measuring his waist and thigh bone. When you look at it like that it really does become apparent how ludicrous these gross measures we use are!

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Beyond Prenatals

A new blog about eating well during pregnancy.  In Hypnobabies we teach the importance of nutrition in helping moms stay low risk and healthy. 

The goal of Beyond Prenatals is to encourage and empower women to learn more about nutrition during the preconception period, pregnancy, and early childhood.

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I read this great review on Molly Reads Blog for a Prenatal Yoga DVD.  

It is called Yoga for Your Pregnancy by Yoga Journal and Lamaze.  You should go read Molly’s post, because she has actually used it.  She is also a wonderful Childbirth Educator, so she knows her stuff!  But is sounds like a great exercise tool for expecting and even postpartum moms.

Molly finishes her review saying, “There is an interview with the instructor as one of the bonus features and she talks about her planned homebirth which progressed very quickly and so she ended up having an unplanned unassisted birth, which I thought was cool. She also talks about using hypnosis to prepare for birth.” 

Yoga and Hypnosis are great in combination in preparing for and birthing your baby. 

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