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Interesting question.   There is a good article on Associated Content that asks this question.

My thinking is that if moms are listening to affirmations throughout their pregnancy then they are more empowered and stand up for their rights and trust their bodies.  All of these things help a mom make more informed choices and hoepfully have better births! 

There is a great comment about the Birthing My Twins Naturally CD on the Hypnobabies Review Blog, where a mom felt that her affirmations really helped her stand strong in a discussion with her care provider. 

Here is a blog post from a mom who uses affirmation in her pregnancy and how it helps her.  It includes her long list of affirmations!    Good for her! 

I wish all moms would listen to affirmations.  Hypnobabies has a great Affirmation CD for pregnancy and birthing.  They are also now available as MP3 downloads!

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A nice Pregnancy Affirmation Video

One of the great things about Hypnobabies is their Pregnancy and Birthing Day Affirmations.  Moms love to listen and learn them.

I just found this nice video on You Tube with great pregnancy affirmations.


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