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Dina, Twin Hypno-Mom!

This week, Friday August 8th at 9 AM Pacific Time on Hypnobabies LIVE at http://www.healthylife.net we have Dina Nash, mother of 3, with two Hypno-babies! – Twins!  We have her birth stories and much more information on using hypnosis for childbirth from a very personal perspective.


This is our monthly Hypnobabies Moms show, where our Hypno-Moms share their birth stories; very personal journeys of self-discovery and growth. Today Dina shares with us:


The birth of her first child in the hospital, induced, epidural, an “eventless, disappointing experience.”


The LLL moms who shared their natural birth stories with her and started her on the road to education.


How the midwifery group at the hospital had other plans for her twin birthing, so Dina found a midwife who would hear her and respect her.


How she planned for her birth center birth with Hypnobabies.


How she learned that babies don’t read calendars and don’t really mind who is present at birth!


A really calm and easy-going doctor came to attend and it was all “meant to be”.


Her twin babies were very heathy and nice sized and…why was Dina laughing during transition?


“I would say there was no pain at my birth, just warmth!”


Please join us for this very special show.


Hypnobabies LIVE is on at 9 AM Pacific Time, (Noon Eastern Time) on http://www.healthylife.net. (Link below also) It will be replayed the next day – Saturday at 1 PM (Pacific Time), and 4 PM (Eastern Time).


** If you are unable to tune in for the live show, each show will be ARCHIVED and retained at http://www.healthylife.net for several months. You will be able to access our Hypnobabies Live shows *at your convenience* and listen to our archived shows whenever you want. It will take a couple of days for each show to appear on the Archive list after it airs for the first time.


Here are some helpful hints about accessing the show: To hear our Hypnobabies LIVE show go to http://www.healthylife.net. (click on the link below) To listen you will need Windows Media Player if you don’t have it there is a link in the upper right hand corner of their homepage that will allow you to download a free version. If you are going to listen to the program live you simply click the “LIVE listen here” button in the upper right hand portion of the homepage.


Wait a few moments for the program to load and make sure your speaker volume on your computer is turned up. After a short wait you will hear the show. Depending on when you log in the show may already be in progress. If you want to listen to an archived version of any past “Hypnobabies LIVE” show you will need to click on “Show Archives”. This will take you to a list of past shows and you can select which one you want to hear.


*******If you are interested in being a guest on our Hypnobabies LIVE show please contact us at Hypnobabies@la.twcbc.com and we’ll talk about your passion! Only holistic subjects please, and all are welcome.

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