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WHERE: Amazing Babies Midwifery Care,
ADDRESS:  13768 Roswell Ave.  #205,
                  Chino, CA  91710 
Please email me at:  jthomas@amazing-babies.com  for confirmation.
Come and hear panel discussion on local birth choices, opening of AquaNatal Birth Spa, and a report on the American Association of Birth Center’s 25th birthday bash in Tuscon in
September.  How & Why AABC is the “bridge” between the 2 groups of midwives uniting for the common good of mothers & babies everywhere.
Even if you can’t join us, please consider sending a $10 donation, so a birthing couple may attend free of charge.  We have quite a few young couples expressing an interest, but the $10 is hard right now for them.

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Orgasmic Birth

There is a new movie, Orgasmic Birth being released that looks very interesting.   It talks about how birth can be enjoyable, even orgasmic.  I know that many moms using Hypnobabies have enjoyable, comfortable births, I imagine some have probably even had orgasmic births.  This movie will hopefully help inspire moms to have un-medicated births in supportive environments and learn that it can be a wonderful, enjoyable experience. 

I used Hypnobabies and did have a beautiful birth, while I wouldn’t describe it as orgasmic, it was amazing and enjoyable and empowering.  I look forward to watching the film when it comes out and hosting a screening at my house for all my friends, students and clients! 

You can read a great interview with Debra about her film.   Also the film will be highlighted on 20/20 on May 16th! 

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