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S. Rachelle Smith, MSW

(413) 458-0071



Williamstown, MA

Late Dec – Early Jan in Hawaii – Cell (808) 347-0803

Clinical Social Worker, Educator, Mentor & Energy Worker

For Peaceful Relationships, Wellness & Childbirth

I teach Hypnobabies, Birthing From Within, How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk, WifeWORK: What Marriage Really Means For Women Today, Motherhood: Myths & Misconceptions, Taming the Chew, PAIRS Passage to Intimacy, PAIRS Hot Monogamy, PREPARE-ENRICH marriage education and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshops and classes.

I also provide LaHo-Chi, Reiki and Healing Touch Energy Work sessions, gentle, natural hands-on treatments that facilitate a deep state of full-body relaxation, which stimulates the mind-body connection and the immune system response.

Unfortunately, it was after my own highly medicalized, traumatic twin birth experience in 2002 that I began to see how huge the gap was between what I had read and was taught in the “mainstream” and what I really needed to know to be effective during childbirth. Knowing how this gap negatively affected my postpartum health and our family’s most formative first year together, I started off on a mission to help others build this bridge for optimal family wellness. Hypnobabies undoubtedly offers this much needed link and provides endless possibilities for creating empowered moms, peaceful birth and magical beginnings for families.

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