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Our first Male Instructor!  Horray!

Rev. John Burger HCHI

Des Moines, IA

(515) 423-3150



As a father of triplets I have very fond and wonderful memories of the miracle of childbirth.  As a pastor for nearly 20 years, I have always enjoyed being a part of family events and especially visiting families at the birth of their children.  There is no more miraculous time in your life than the birth of your child!  There are no doubt other men out there who do “hypnosis for childbirth”, but I am proud and honored to be the only male presently certified to teach Hypnobabies® complete childbirth education course!  While the birth of my daughters was the most miraculous event of my life, there is a wealth of information in Hypnobabies® that I wish I would have known prior to the birth of my triplets.  I want you to be prepared and confident for the most miraculous and powerfully bonding event of your life!  And I want you to enjoy your baby’s (or babies’) easy, comfortable birth!

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