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Our cleaning lady didn’t show on Thursday – not sure why.  So, my
house was a bit of a mess.  I was feeling kind of crampy and tired on
Friday, so I stayed home from work.  Nesting kicked in full force – I
cleaned the kitchen.  Including the revolving spice rack and the
cabinet doors.

Later that evening, pressure waves started and were 10-12 minutes
apart.  They weren’t coming any closer together, so I went to bed and
tried to get some sleep, which didn’t really happen.

At 7am on Saturday, I got up.  Timed pressure waves again and they
were 5-7 minutes apart.  I ate breakfast, made Morgan some french
toast and called my doula.  Brian called his mom to come take
Morgan.  I was initially feeling like the Hypnobabies program wasn’t
working, until I talked to Jean (my doula) and she remarked how calm
I sounded.

She showed up about an hour after I called her (9:30am or so).  We
labored at home until waves were 2-3 minutes apart – 11:30am.  They
never increased in intensity – I felt them as pressure/tightening

When we got to the hospital, the receptionist took her time getting
us to a triage room.  And the nurse took her time getting to us as
well.  I felt slightly nauseous at this point, but it quickly
passed.  The nurse checked me and I was at 8cm.

They hooked me up to the fetal monitoring and moved me to a real
room.  Since I was a VBAC and already over 5cm, they wouldn’t let me
off the monitors, which was a bummer.  I could still move around
some, but the cords got in the way and they were a bit uncomfortable.

I labored for probably another hour or so and then felt “pushy”.  I
had a forebag of waters that still hadn’t broke, so they manually
ruptured that and let me start figuring out pushing.  This stage was
the only time I would describe as “painful” for me.  It tooke me a
while to figure out, but once I did, it happened quickly!

I pushed for probably 2 hours and was just getting soooo tired.  My
doula & Brian were awesome during this whole time.  Jean had me try
leaning over the squatting bar on the bed and then things really
started moving.  Jake was crowning and it was just the three of us in
the room.  The nurse walked in and said I was going to have to change
postions (yeah right!!).  She walked out to get everyone else since
he was so close to coming.  Well, my body took over and Jake’s head
was out by the time she walked back in – Jean was supporting that.
One of the nurses actually caught him.  By the time my OB walked in,
he was out.

He was a compound presentation – hand up by his face.  So, I did end
up with a 2nd degree tear (ouch!), but it all went very well.  The
nurses were all amazed at how round his head was – no cone head at
all.  And they were all pretty amazed that I did it all with no
meds.  I have had some ibuprofin since delivery.

Recovery has been 110% easier this time around.  I feel sooo great
compared to how it was with Morgan.  Nursing has gone well also.

I will admit I was a bit of a slacker during my practice of
Hypnobabies as well.  I listened to my scripts at night and did good
at that part, but didn’t practice my fingerdrops nearly as much as
recommended.  When the time came, I didn’t even consciously put
myself into hypnosis.  But, it worked for me!  We’re pretty sure our
family is complete now, but if we were to have another baby, I’d
totally use Hypnobabies again!


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Mom was getting induced for pre-eclampsia.  Things went well and Hypnobabies helped her stay calm and comfortable.  At some point her blood pressure really shot up and they decided to do a cesarean.  Hypnobabies really helped her stay calm during the surgery and with recovery after. 

I went in on the 15th of March to be induced. Something I fought SO
HARD not to happen. I was so upset, but my blood pressure sky
rocketed and it was the right thing to do. I am glad I didn’t do it
sooner when they wanted me too just b/c she was big. Instead of
pitocin I opted for a cervical ripening balloon.

I was a bit upset going in b/c my DH had to go into the ER b/c he got
food poisoning the night before. So I spent my first 4 hours by
myself praying he’d make it before our DD did!

The insertion of the balloon was a bit uncomfortable but I used my
hypnobabies and it made it so much easier. Once in place and blown
up, I began to have pressure waves immediately … only I didn’t even
know it b/c I was so far in hypnosis. The hospital honored all my
wishes on my birth plan so I only realized about a half hour later
when they hooked me up to the monitor. The nurse was shocked to see
how strong they were. I didn’t like laying down (it just didn’t feel
right) so I spent most of my labor in center switch, walking or on my
birth ball (if you don’t have one I recommend getting one). I did go
into off while on the birth ball by laying my head on the bed.

Thankfully DH came on up a few hours in and felt much better and was
very helpful. He put counter pressure on my back and it was heavenly.
A few times a PW snuck up on me and I couldn’t go to off. So I stayed
in center, used my peace cue, and rolled my hips in circles while on
the ball (it helped, I don’t know why). There was nothing I couldn’t
handle as long as I BREATHED.

That evening I started to get really tired, since we were up most of
the night before w/ DH’s food poisoning. I laid down to get some
sleep. After I fell asleep my PWs stalled out and completely stopped.
I spent most of the morning trying to get it started up again. My
doctor came in, took the balloon out, and we discussed other options.
I still didn’t want pitocin yet so he was on his way back over to
break my water. I don’t know if that’s what did it or not but the
next thing I know my blood pressure was through the roof.

So I had to have a c section. I was pretty upset at first. I felt
like I worked really hard for nothing. My DH was really helpful and
told me that the end result is worth it no matter how you get there.
That my blood pressure would have been much worse if I didn’t have
hypnobabies to keep me calm. I could still use my hypnobabies to get
through this.

So we all got prepped and went to the OR (very quickly). I did tear
up right before the spinal block b/c I got a bit scared. Mostly b/c
they made DH stay out in the hallway for that part. My doctor, who
was not supposed to be on then, actually stayed to assist the doctor
on call. He held my hand and calmed me down. Once the block was done
DH came in. They got the baby out really quickly. The first thing
they said was, “Look at all that hair!”

She didn’t cry right away and no one had explained to me that c
section babies don’t. Something about when they are born vaginally it
squeezes out a lot of the fluids in their chests. So c section babies
need a little more suctioning out. When she did cry only 30 seconds
(felt like a half hour) later I cried. DH went over to cut her cord
and guard her from them giving her the shots we said we didn’t want
(we’re doing delayed and selective vaccs). He did come back around
the curtain at one point to tell me he saw my insides. My husband is
special like that.

They brought her around a minute later. She was all wrapped up and
had a hat on. So all I saw were these chubby fat cheeks. She didn’t
cry after that first cry. She’s very calm. I cried again. They took
some pictures. Then they sent her down to the nursery, as they do
with all c sect babies. I sent DH with her. I was a bit emotional to
see them go so I opted to go into off and into my special place, even
though I was numbed and felt no p***.

I was luckier then most b/c they brought her back early when I was in
recovery b/c she was hungry. It wasn’t until then I really got to see
her and find out all her stats. Isla (pronounced eye-la) was 9lbs
5oz, 20 inches, and had a head diameter of 14.5 cms. So she’s a good
sized little girl. She latched right on and nursed like a champ. I
had a nurse try to tell me that I wouldn’t have been able to birth
her vaginally. I did set her straight. I fully believe if it wasn’t
for the blood pressure I would have had her just fine on my own.

As for my hypnobabies training I thought I didn’t and wouldn’t get to
fully use … boy was I wrong! Recovery from c sections is rough,
especially for nursing moms. Hypnobabies was a huge part of
recovering comfortably for me. I don’t know how I would have gotten
through it with out it. Not only did I get through it but I got
through with minimal amounts of pain meds. I didn’t like how the meds
made me feel and how tired they made me. The nurses were very
impressed with how calm I was and how quickly I was up and walking
around. I don’t regret going through the program at all.

So even if your birth doesn’t go as planned, like mine, hypnobabies
is totally worth it. I’m not disappointed anymore with how my birth
went. It went how it was meant to. I was only disappointed for a few
minutes anyway. Although, I’m not sorry I planned for a perfect birth
either. Could you imagine how my blood pressure would have been if I
had worried about everything going wrong? Any birth where you and
baby come out healthy and happy is a success.

As for Isla, she is calm and sweet as is true hypnobaby form. I’m so
happy to have her and am completely in love with my DD! Her
pediatrician can’t get over how alert, strong, and healthy she is.

Good luck to all the rest of you hypnomoms! It’s so worth it.

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This video shows some of the risks of cesarean and more importantly let’s moms know of ways they can prevent having a cesarean.  I think educating yourself is an important step in preventing an unnecessary cesarean.  Hypnobabies is great for this!

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April is Cesarean Awareness Month. 

Hypnobabies has some different tools for Cesarean moms and VBAC moms.  

Some moms have to schedule a cesarean for medical reasons.  These moms need support and Kerry created a CD set just for them.  Ceserean Birth CD Set. 

For moms who take the Hypnobabies course and end up with a cesarean, in the survey I recently posted, they all felt their Hypnobabies tools were helpful before, during and after the cesarean.  Here is a story of a mom who ended up with a surprise breech baby which led to a cesarean. 

Then for VBAC moms we have a special CD for them, which can be used alone to help them to prepare emotionally for their VBAC or paired with the Hypnobabies class for preparing for a comfortable birth. 

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ICAN launches new site


It is wonderfully organized and has great information for all moms…

Pregnant ones, moms recovering from cesareans and moms wanting to VBAC.

Check it out!  ICAN is a great organization dedicated to helping moms have the best birth possible. 

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Pushed:  The Painful Truth about Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care by Jennifer Block is a fascinating look into the care of pregnant women in America today.   

Read a full review here, which includes 2 small sections you should probably skip if you are trying to GIP (gestate in peace).

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