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I was watching a program about how the brain works the other day on Discovery Health and a segment explored how the brain reacts to fear and pain.

They talked about how Navy Seals train their brains to deal with the extremely physically and emotionally stressful situations in which they will have to overcome their fear and pain.

Sound familiar?

Their training is based on basic 4 rules that I think will interest you:

1. Positive Self Talk
Navy Seal: I can do this.  I have trained for this. etc.
HypnoMom:  Pregnancy is natural, normal, healthy and safe.  My body knows exactly how to best have my baby.  etc.

2. Goal Setting
Navy Seal: I will make it to lunch.  I will make it through this mile.
HypnoMom:  I will make it through this wave.  Each wave brings me closer to holding my baby.

3. Mental Rehearsal
Navy Seal: Practices over and over in his mind how it should go.
HypnoMom:  Practices over and over in her mind how it should go.

4. Controlled Breathing
Navy Seal: Controlled inhale with a long, slow exhale to mimic how the body breathes while in sleep or times of deep relaxation.
HypnoMom:  I think you get the point.

All those tough guys out there had better hope that HypnoMoms never band together and go on a rampage!  😉

Gina a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group sent this in and said I could share it!   I loved it!

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