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Why would you have natural childbirth?  Why would you want to feel all that pain?  You wouldn’t get a tooth pulled without drugs, why would you give birth without drugs?


 Not a perfect comparison

Why?  Think back to when you were little kid and your teeth fell out on their own. 


Did you need anesthesia for that?  No, it may have hurt a little, but it wasn’t agonizing.  Why?  It wasn’t horrible, because your teeth were meant to fall out!

But it can be a powerful analogy when you look at it this way…

Mind Shift – Dental Work and Hypnosis

Well, I had a huge mind shift when I saw videos of people getting dental work without drugs using hypnosis! There was a man getting a root canal without drugs?  Wasn’t he in agony?  NO!  He felt totally comfortable. 

A woman getting her front teeth pulled and implants put in, all without anesthesia.  Was she freaking out?  No, but I was freaking out just watching her!  It made my teeth ache just to watch.

Right there shows the incredible power of our mind!  If my teeth can hurt just watching her, then can our mind be powerful enough to create pressure, where there is usually pain? 


This leads me to the question: 


If hypnosis can work for dental surgery, can it work for birth? 


Yes it can!  And it works even easier than for teeth.   Why?  Remember birth is a natural process and dental surgery isn’t.

Do you think your body is made to give birth?   Yes, a mom’s body knows just how to give birth.  It is a matter of our minds and fears getting out of its way!  


Did you know that your uterus has 2 opposing muscles in it?   The inner horizontal muscles hold your cervix closed and the outer vertical muscles help to open your cervix. 



All mammals uterus are like this, because it helps them escape from predators.  If you were a gazelle giving birth and suddenly a lion snuck up on you, your body needs a way to stop birth. 


The fight flight hormone (adrenaline) causes the inner horizontal muscles to stop your cervix from opening.  When the two muscles are fighting against each other it causes pain. 


But if a mom can let go of her fears and stay deeply relaxed then her birthing muscles can work in harmony and birthing comfortably is possible.  When you add the power of medical grade hypnosis on top of your body’s natural ability to birth, then you have an amazing recipe for an Enjoyable Birth! 


Staying comfortable with no medication! 


Wait a minute you say!  I have tons of fears about birth!  How am I going to let them go?  Luckily hypnosis can help with that as well.  (more on that in a moment) 


I wanted to have the benefits of natural childbirth. 


  • Freedom of movement
  • No catheter
  • No drugs
  • Easier Pushing
  • Amazing hormones
  • Better for baby!


BUT I didn’t want the pain.  So I tried hypnosis for childbirth with my last two births.


My 1st birth using hypnosis

My first birth had been an emergency cesarean, so I had a lot of fear lingering from that experience when I got pregnant with my 2nd baby.   The program I used was…

  •More Guided Relaxation than Hypnosis 

–Gave me confidence  and helped me let go of my fears. 

–I didn’t have enough tools so I lost focus

–I chose to get an epidural (remember I didn’t want pain)

–Great Birth for me – my goal was a VBAC

 –The program was helpful and I was glad I used it.

My 2nd birth using hypnosis

For my next birth I looked for a more complete childbirth hypnosis program.  I knew that hypnosis could work for birth, but I needed more tools.  I wanted deeper hypnosis, more tools and a CD especially for my birthing day.  I found all that I wanted in Hypnobabies


  • Medical Grade Hypnosis

–        Like Dentist’s patients

–        Lots of CD’s including Fear Release

–        Cues to enter hypnosis instantly and deepen

–        CD just for Birthing Day!


  • Childbirth Information

–        How birth works (where I learned about amazing uterus)

–        Staying Low Risk

–        Choices during birth


Did it work?  See for yourself.


It worked beautifully.  I was able to stay calm and focused for all 18 hours of my birth.  I felt pressure and it was pretty intense the last hour, but it wasn’t painful, just powerful! 


So indeed Hypnosis can help moms have comfortable childbirth! 


Want to Avoid Pain? smallpain-78

If your main reason for avoiding Natural Childbirth is to avoid pain, then check into Hypnobabies.   You can discover the power of your body and mind to create a comfortable natural childbirth. 


Still want an Epidural?  smparking-lot

If you are the type of mom who says sign me up for the epidural in the parking lot, then check into Hypnobabies.  Then you will have the tools to stay comfortable from the time your birth begins until whenever you decide to get the epidural.  Why have discomfort walking from the parking lot to the hospital and waiting for your epidural if you don’t have to?  (Not to mention, getting an epidural is not guaranteed!  It is great to have other tools ready to use just in case!)


Want help dealing with Fears? smtv3

If you want some tools to help you deal with your fears regarding birth, then check into Hypnobabies.  I think almost all moms today have some fears regarding birth, because we are bombarded by negative information regarding birth from the television, our friends and family.  With Hypnobabies you are able to create a Bubble of Peace to keep all that negativity out.  There is also a Fear Release CD to help you release your fears. 


Just want to sleep better? smallsleep-during-pregnant

If you think this is totally nuts, but want to sleep better during your pregnancy and feel more relaxed about being pregnant and birth, then check into Hypnobabies.  I ended up loving Hypnobabies so much, I became a Hypnobabies instructor.  My best friend was pregnant at the time, so she took my class just because I needed a guinea pig to practice on.  She never thought it would work.  She only listened to the CDs because they helped her sleep better at night and she loved how confident she felt about her upcoming birth.  (She had a cesarean with her first baby and was planning on a VBAC.)    But still didn’t think it would work when her birth started, but was thrilled when it did!  She had a comfortable un-medicated VBAC.   She said that even if it hadn’t of worked for her birth, she still would have been happy she used it because of the relaxation and confidence it gave her. 


Comfortable Childbirth using Hypnobabies!


Why would you have natural childbirth?  Why would you want to feel all that pain?   Well, I didn’t want the pain.  But I wanted the natural childbirth and with Hypnobabies  I was able to have natural childbirth comfortably!

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BBC Hypnosis Interview

BBC Interview on hypnosis

It was nice to hear a doc proposing that hypno-anesthesia can help make some medical procedures safer and save costs even, and that it should be made more readily available!

I am not sure I agree with this doc’s estimation that 25 percent of adults are ‘not hypnotize-able’ though. I have been taught by more than one instructor that anyone of average intelligence, who can follow verbal directions, and who wants to be hypnotized can be.
There is no difference between the hypnosis that this doc was talking about and what our Hypnobabies moms learn, since ALL hypnosis is SELF hypnosis, because we allow it to happen, and deepen, and accept suggestions or not.


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We just had a lovely discussion on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group about the power of birth. 

Trisha said, “I have been thinking about this for a few weeks. I hope my thoughts come out somewhat clearly (placenta brain and all). I practiced with #2 almost perfectly. I had a pain free birth. It was fast and furious, less than 2 hours. I pretty much started in transition from the get go. I was intimidated and frightened by the POWER I felt. I wasn’t in pain (although I wasn’t completely comfortable because I was overwhelmed). Nothing hurt at all. But it was as if the power of the universe was coursing through my abdomen and I was afraid. Until my dh got to my side and began saying and doing all the right things (about an hour into labor he got home from work) I couldn’t let go.

I just share this little piece with you because I think I somehow missed that it could still be intense and powerful without being painful, and the fear that I had could have turned painful instead of just feeling powerful.”

Michele responded, “I think that’s a really good description of what it’s like. It actually really amazes me how powerful a birthing woman really is (the trick is to embrace that power rather than fear it, I think).  I consider myself to be pretty physically strong, but my uterus must be the strongest muscle in my body, hands down. :)”

L added, “I have been thinking back to my first birth experience and thinking that if I had been able to relax and recognize the feelings as power instead of discomfort that I would have been able to birth him naturally as well.  After reading your post I am feeling much more relaxed about this birth, knowing that I will CHOOSE to view the feelings as power.”

P then said, “This topic is really something I can identify with. Hypnobabies, for me, was fantastic about helping me overcome my fears around childbirth. My childbirth experience was indeed ‘powerful’ and ‘intense’ but I would not categorize it as ‘painful’. I think overcoming our fears puts us in such a better place to see that childbirth is a normal and natural experience. My daughter was in a bad position and it was a long intense labor. Hypnobabies helped me to relax and handle each wave. But, yes, it was powerful. I think it is important for us to remember that powerful and intense DO NOT mean it has to be painful!”

Finishing up with,

“I absolutely love this!
Embracing the powerful & intense experience that childbirth is instead of fearing it.
The power is within us as a woman’s body is built for it.” 

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This is an interesting new way for moms to learn about birth.  There was an article in the New York Times about this.  Lights, Camera, Contraction 

I posted my Hypnobabies Birth Video of my VBAC Hospital Birth of Bryson on You Tube

I posted this over 2 years ago and 428,782 people have watched it.  I know it has inspired a lot of moms to look into hypnosis for childbirth.  My birth video ended up on the news in Georgia, when a mom there cited it as the reason she used Hypnobabies. 

I think that moms posting and watching birth videos on You Tube can be positive.  You just need to be selective about the videos you watch.  If you go to my You Tube Channel you can see a list of my favorite videos.  Many positive birth videos there.

If you have posted your Birth Video on You Tube.  Please leave a link in the comments!  If you have a birth video, but haven’t posted it… well think about posting it.  Your video may inspire many women to learn about how great birth can be!

Here are 2 of my favorite videos. 

The first is Temple, singing during her birth.  Here is a link if you want to read about her birth story

The next is a great video for women who were told their pelvises were too small to birth their babies. 

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http://birth-joy.blogspot.com/  This is Bonnie’s Blog and this is her amazing story and the power of a women’s body and intuition!

This is what I posted to my Hypnobabies Yahoo group along with their comments at the end.

Talita Pearl was born September 11, 2008, at 3:29 p.m. 6 days after her “guess date.” The labor and birth were not like anything I had visualized or expected, but were exactly what she needed to come into the world safely and healthily.

On September 10, 5 days after my guess date, my water broke around 1 a.m. Since most of my other labors were 4-6 hours long, I was excited because I figured this baby would come before my little boys (ages 5 and 2) woke up. Just what I had visualized and wanted! I woke up DH and together we filled the birth pool, changed the bedding and lit some candles. I wasn’t having any real pressure waves so we both went back to bed. I listened to Birth Day Affirmations, Easy First Stage, Deepening, Hypnotic Childbirth 1 & 2. You get the picture–nothing was happening! No waves and no sleep. Of course, I kept gushing amniotic fluid and pieces of the mucous plug so I was going to the bathroom about every 20 minutes. I kept thinking maybe I should get up and really get labor going so the baby comes before everyone wakes up. However, I was tired and so I just lay there on my left side listening to my HB. Finally at 4:30 a.m. I came up with a plan: I would put on Deepening again and when it ended at 5 a.m. I would automatically wake up (this often happened during the pregnancy) and would get up and really get things going. That would give me 2 hours–that should be enough time before my boys woke up. (So funny in hindsight.)

As soon as the script ended I awoke with a start. I felt like I needed to have a huge bm. That, combined with the adrenaline of my “plan” made me jump out of bed and practically run to the bathroom. As I sat down, waves of nausea came over me at the same time a really strong pressure wave started. I started moaning and grabbed the trash can and put it between my legs just in case I threw up. I was terribly hot and sweaty so I ripped off my shirt and threw it on the floor. Our bathroom door is within reach of the toilet so I grabbed onto the door knob and held onto it for dear life. I was thinking, “Maybe I slept through early labor and this is transition!” Suddenly I felt myself jerk upwards and “thought what just happened?” I finished business and got back in bed telling my DH to go get the throw-up bucket. I was breathing really fast and hard. My DH got the bucket then put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Relax.” It worked immediately. (Yay HB!) My breathing immediately calmed down and I told him what had just happened. It wasn’t until then I realized that I had almost passed out on the john!

I went back to sleep for a couple of hours and at 7 a.m. decided to call my midwife. She came out and checked me. The baby was too high for her to even reach my cervix. (?) At a plus 3 station. I thought it odd since I had carried the baby low all pregnancy and the baby had been engaged for nearly two weeks. She said not to worry, the sac can reseal itself and it could actually be days before I gave birth. She reminded me of the standard things to be careful of when the water breaks and then she went back home.

My DH stayed home from work because we both thought it could happen at anytime. All day long I only had mild crampy sensations. I lay down often to rest and catch up on sleep. I put on HB scripts whenever I would lay down and they helped me relax and get some sleep. I was surprised that it was all happening so slowly. But I was so grateful I wasn’t in the hospital strapped to a fetal monitor being starved “just in case” I needed anesthesia. (Birth story #4)

That night we went to bed just knowing that it would happen once the boys were asleep and the house was quiet. At exactly 12 midnight I awoke to a strong pressure wave. I started watching the clock and realized they were coming about every 5 minutes. Hooray! That lasted about 45 minutes and then the waves started to come less often and not as strong. What??!? However, they kept coming irregularly. I got in the pool at 2 a.m. I listened to HB on my speakers I had set up by the pool and some of Enya’s music. I had always wanted to listen to Carribbean Blue in the middle of the night while laboring peacefully in my birth pool. However, being in the water just didn’t feel right so I got out after an hour. I called my midwife at 3 a.m. to let her know what was happening. I was worried about waking her up too soon, but she was already awake, just lying in bed wondering how I was doing! She arrived by 4 a.m. and checked me. I was only 3 cm. Argh! I kept resting off and on the rest of the morning. Pressure waves continued to be irregular and I would never have two strong waves in a row. I was very perplexed. I had never labored like this before. My DH and midwife were great. They never showed signs of impatience or frustration. I think we all just seemed to know that this was how this labor needed to be for some reason. They alternated rubbing my back and legs during waves and I continued listening to HB scripts. I was actually getting kind of tired of them since I had listened to every one of them at least 3 times! Once my midwife started rubbing the pressure points on my feet and hands to stimulate stronger waves. Even though that didn’t sustain anything, the massage felt great and I couldn’t help but think, “I would never be treated so well in the hospital!” In fact, I knew that had I been in the hospital I would have been started on Pitocin since it had been so long since my waters had broken and since my waves were so mild and erratic. The other odd thing was that laying on my left side seemed to be the best position to bring on pressure waves–more than walking around or sitting on my birth ball. Even in that position, the waves were very manageable and I just breathed deeply through them and used my peace cue.

Finally, at 2 :30 p.m. things suddenly changed. I was lying down on my left side (of course) and the waves started coming close together and very long. My midwife heard me moaning and came in to time them. One was 2 minutes long! At this point all I could think to do was moan really low through each wave. I knew this was transition and I guess I wanted everyone else to know as well, because in between waves I was saying, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” I’m not sure how long that lasted, but suddenly I just couldn’t lay there anymore. My midwife helped me off the bed and I got situated on the birth stool. At this point, my two little boys who had pretty much left me alone most of the day just had to be in my bedroom with me. I think they were a distraction to all of us so I told my DH to take them next door to our neighbors who had agreed to watch them if I had the baby during the middle of the day. I honestly didn’t think that would happen! When DH got back, he sat behind me in the glider chair so he could support me and rub my back. I had a brief rest period where the waves didn’t come as often but they were still pretty intense. After another check my midwife said I was complete, and thus began the pushing stage. I have never pushed so hard and so long except for my first baby. In actuality I pushed for 11 minutes but it felt like an eternity. I was pretty vocal as I pushed, groaning real low in my throat. I couldn’t believe it was so hard to get this baby out. Being my 7th baby, I thought the baby would just kind of shoot out, like my 5th baby had done. Not so! I told my midwife I wanted to feel the baby’s head while still inside me and so when the baby was nearly at the opening I reached down and felt the head. I honestly felt like I was touching part of me–like I had the sensation in my finger and also the baby’s head. It was weird but cool. Then I had to push with all my might for a long period as her head slowly (and I mean slowly) eased out. I felt the ring of fire for what seemed like forever. (But I didn’t tear!) I kept thinking isn’t her head out yet? Finally it was out but the midwives found the cord was around her neck and it was a little tight. She said, “We’ll either have to cut the cord now or you can push right now and get this baby out.” Fortunately the cord was just barely loose enough for her to ease it over the head as I pushed. Again it was agonizingly slow–I felt first the top shoulder come out, then the bottom shoulder and finally the baby was out. My midwife immediately put the baby on my legs face down so any fluid could drain. We discovered the cord was too short to bring the baby to my chest. The baby felt so good–so hot and alive! We rubbed the baby’s back to stimulate breathing, still not knowing if the baby was a girl or boy. I was patient–I wanted the baby to be okay. Finally after about 30 seconds (it seemed more like minutes) we turned the baby over and both my DH and I said together, “IT’S A GIRL!!!!” We were so excited. After 4 boys in a row and knowing this would be our last baby, we were ecstatic!

The midwives suctioned her and actually used the neonatal mask to help get her breathing. She was a little blue but pinked up really fast. She is absolutely perfect and beautiful. Everyone felt her strength and energy as she took her first breath. We knew then that she is a strong and incredible spirit.

A few days after the birth my midwife read the literature on short tight cords and discovered that my birthing time and actual birth were “textbook” for that situation. Slow, easy labors and a longer pushing stage allow the cord to adjust with each wave and each push. Also the best position to use is lying on your left side. Exactly what I had done instinctively! I am totally amazed at nature’s wisdom and how if we just trust our bodies, they know what to do for our babies to be born safely and naturally. I am totally convinced that had I been in a hospital I would have had a C-section. No doctor or nurse-midwife would have “allowed” me to labor so slowly and mildly for 38 hours after my water had broken. They would have used pitocin and that would have put the baby in distress and they would have done the CS. (Birth story#3) I am so grateful for everything I’ve read about natural childbirth and for the Hypnobabies scripts that told me every day of my pregnancy that my body knew how to birth my baby!

That’s a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful story and testament to birthing!

Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. I love that you and your midwife were able to stay calm and patient as you had the birth that was best for your baby. That is a great testimonial to the power of a mother’s intuition and the beauty of birth. Your body and baby knew just what they needed! I would love to add your story to my positive birth story site and the Hypnobabies Blog. Please let me know if that is ok. Enjoy your sweet Talita!

My response to Sheridan:
I would love for you to add my story to the sites you mentioned. I’m still in awe whenever I think about her birth. Hypnobabies was so instrumental in helping me to trust in my baby, my body, and the birth process. =)Bonnie

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Interesting question.   There is a good article on Associated Content that asks this question.

My thinking is that if moms are listening to affirmations throughout their pregnancy then they are more empowered and stand up for their rights and trust their bodies.  All of these things help a mom make more informed choices and hoepfully have better births! 

There is a great comment about the Birthing My Twins Naturally CD on the Hypnobabies Review Blog, where a mom felt that her affirmations really helped her stand strong in a discussion with her care provider. 

Here is a blog post from a mom who uses affirmation in her pregnancy and how it helps her.  It includes her long list of affirmations!    Good for her! 

I wish all moms would listen to affirmations.  Hypnobabies has a great Affirmation CD for pregnancy and birthing.  They are also now available as MP3 downloads!

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Journey into Motherhood is a book recommended to all Hypnobabies Students, because it is full of wonderful, positive birth stories.  I am so happy to say that Sheri Menelli has decided to give this book away free!  I hope all moms take advantage of this and are inspired by these stories!

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