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A mom sent this to the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group and she said I could share it with everyone!

Hello HypnoMamas 🙂

My beautiful baby girl has just turned one (yay!) & I wanted to pop in
& say “Hello!”

A year after doing Hypnobabies, I am still so happy when I think about
what a great tool kit Hypnobabies was for me during my pregnancy &

I listened to the tracks on my mp3 player every night in bed (&
promptly fell into a deeeeep & lovely sleep) & often listened to the
affirmations on the way to work or while I was sat at the pc surfing
the net.

If any of you are feeling a little bit wobbly about if it really will
work for you, then I hope my little story helps give you a nudge in
the right direction.
Our experience was nothing short of amazing & I am so pleased that I
birthed my baby instinctively.
Sheridan’s video is great to watch – she looked so peaceful!
I wondered if I would look like that too…
I, on the other hand made loads of LOUD birthing sounds! 🙂 They made
my midwife & husbands ears ring…ooops!
(I must emphasise that I had ZERO discomfort – yes, it is totally
true… no discomfort at all.)
It was just my own special birthing song: “Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Peeeeeeeeeeeeeace… Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! ” 😀

So, may I wish you all your own style of Hypnobirth!
Love & hugs,
Linda & Anna Lulu.

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