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Fear-Pain Cycle Example

This was shared by a mom on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group and she said I could post it to the blog.

I just wanted to share my experience last night that illustrated the fear-pain cycle to me beautifully.

The storm sirens went off in the middle of the night (the ones that warn about tornadoes and severe storms). A few minutes later, the storm started. Lots of lightning, strong winds, heavy hail. Then I started having pressure waves. I started freaking out, thinking that I was in early birthing time. I started worrying about the safety of going to the hospital in such a storm, and how we’d get our son to my in-laws. The pressure waves started to hurt really badly, which freaked me out more, because my peace cue was not working.

I then remembered the fear-pain cycle, and how fear can cause pain and for the birthing time to stop. I took a moment to remind myself that if I was in my early birthing time, I would have plenty of time before we would have to leave the house, and that the storm would have died down considerably before I would have to do anything. Once I was able to banish the fear, the pressure waves became much better and my HypnoBabies cues worked great!

The pressure waves wound up not being my birthing time, but they sure taught me something!

40 weeks

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