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Some moms (especially some who have had fast births before Hypnobabies) worry that their next births might be TOO fast.

My tip is this: In your mind change it to ideal birthing time.  Visualize what you want.  Maybe you want a 6 hour birthing time (which is fast to many) so whenever you hear “fast and easy”, think ideal length of time and easy.  🙂

When I shared this on the Yahoo Group a mom shared her experience and said I could share it here!

This was my exact fear when I started the program and was almost the reason I didn’t try Hypnobabies for my recent birth.  My 1st birth was 8 hours, but my second was only 4 hrs start to finish – I was only at the hospital 2 hours or less.  I was very worried that I wouldn’t get to the hospital in time for my 3rd or have someone available to take care of my kids while I was birthing.

What I can tell you is that I was surprised at how much warning my body gave me this time around as opposed to my prior births.  My first two pregnancies had a lot of BH, and my second birth even had a trip to L&D thinking this was the real thing.  When it came time to have my second child, things went from nothing to intense very quickly.  For my third birth (first Hypnobabies) I started having very manageable PW at 7AM that lasted on and off throughout the day.  I could tell that this was my birthing time but my body started out nice and slow.  I did not wind up going to the hospital until 11 PM when things picked up in intensity and my daughter was born at 3:45 AM.  From “intense” to baby it was only 6 hours but technically I was probably laboring for 21 hours.  I did visualize that I would have plenty of time to get to the hospital and all my support people would be there for both me and my kids which happened to a T.

My only regret is that in my visualization I pictured things going “nice and slow” so that I could feel good about everyone getting where they needed to be, and I think I visualized my birthing time to be too slow LOL.  So I agree with PP that even though the tracks talk about a fast birth, your visualization is a very, very powerful tool.  Picture your birthing time exactly the way you want it to go and let your body do the rest.

DS 8/18/2003
DS 6/1/2006
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