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I just read this wonderful book review of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth. 

Then I read the reviewer, Molly’s other insights about the book.  She says, ” In the opening chapter, they identify a concept that I have *felt* for some time, but hadn’t really put a finger on. The authors refer to it as a “climate of confidence” and a “climate of doubt.” I love this way of articulating the messages swirling around pregnant women in our society.”

I think this is wonderful observation as well.  I also think it is one of the great things about Hypnobabies, it helps mothers develop that climate of confidence within themselves.  In the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group they are surrounded by other women who have that same positive attitude.  This has helped encourage mothers to make more empowered choices during their births.  They refuse to buy into the climate of doubt that is so pervasive in the birthing world right now. 

Thanks for the great review and insights Molly!

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