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Kim needed to have a planned cesarean due to medical reasons.  She decided to use the Hypnobabies Cesarean Birthing Day Set.    I was excited to hear about how her birth went and was happy that she let me share her story with you!

Hi mamas,
I’ve been following the posts but staying mostly quiet as my use for Hypnobabies was quite different than the rest of you.
I’m happy to say that we have a beautiful hypnobaby boy born by cesarean on Jan 5th. Hypnobabies really helped me stay focused and calm and my healing time started before the actual surgery started.
I did temporarily lose it when the anesthesiologist told me dh couldn’t stay in for the spinal, something that was really important to me. Then, within seconds, the head doc came in with a big smile and said, “Sure he can” and even joked that ‘real’ moms leave 24 hrs after surgery these days…LOL. I was shaking still, but quickly went back into my bubble of peace and focused on my baby and at that point didn’t even worry about some of the other things I wanted out of the norm.

I pictured my baby’s lungs healthy and ready to breath on his own. I pictured him so strong! At times I’d ask where we were (I wanted to be more present as he was born) and I’d visualize what was happening, watching with my mind’s eye.

DH was amazing! He whispered our ‘word’ as well as other key words and phrases Kerry used in the scripts. The surgery was easy (as could be). I had the mirror, but didn’t even look when the time came.

My OB honored my request and put my son up to my face all wet and fresh out so I could kiss him, like I would in a normal birth. Because of staffing issues, we were temporarily separated, but dad was with him. Within the hr I was in recovery, baby was latched on and nursing like a pro! I was up walking that night, disconnected from the iv and off meds by morning and discharged after 48 hrs (the min for c/s babies).
Hypnobabies also helped me with the after birth pw’s. These are always more intense than pre birth pw’s for me and even more so after surgery since I couldn’t move or sway through them. I used the relaxing breathing and imagined my uterus doing what it was meant to do for healing which made that so much easier.
I encourage everyone to do whatever possible to have natural vaginal births (having had both, there’s no comparison), but do know if circumstances change and you need a cesarean, Hypnobabies really helps!
Thanks for letting me be part of this group!

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