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April is Cesarean Awareness Month. 

Hypnobabies has some different tools for Cesarean moms and VBAC moms.  

Some moms have to schedule a cesarean for medical reasons.  These moms need support and Kerry created a CD set just for them.  Ceserean Birth CD Set. 

For moms who take the Hypnobabies course and end up with a cesarean, in the survey I recently posted, they all felt their Hypnobabies tools were helpful before, during and after the cesarean.  Here is a story of a mom who ended up with a surprise breech baby which led to a cesarean. 

Then for VBAC moms we have a special CD for them, which can be used alone to help them to prepare emotionally for their VBAC or paired with the Hypnobabies class for preparing for a comfortable birth. 

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