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Michaela’s Hypnobabies Homebirth

Home birth story entitled “There is Nothing like Falling in Love” 

This is one of the final quotes in the story. 

Hypnobabies is THE best birth preparation course ever. It is powerful and it works. My doula was incredible, her energy is astounding, she kept me so grounded and focused. I am always surprised how my midwife magnifies the ability that I have within me and calls it forth from me. It was such a pleasure to laugh with my husband and feel his tenderness, love and support while bringing our daughter into this world.

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Gianna’s Birth a VBAC

I always love to hear a good VBAC story, they are very inspirational to me as a VBAC mom and I know other moms wanting a VBAC need to hear positive stories.

Here is a post about Gianna’s Birth.   The mom used Hypnobabies and at the end of her post, she gives a review of HypnoBirthing and Hypnobabies at the end of her post.

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Dylan’s Home Birth

Here is another great birth story.  Dylan’s Hypnobabies Homebirth 

(Warning, there is a swear word in the post, when her water breaks and startles her.)

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