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West= my 22 month old Son
John= my husband

The Birth of Mabel:

Mid-morning on Oct 2nd I called my midwives to ask about labor inducing herbs they have. I was “due” on 9/28 according to ultrasound measurements (or 9/25 based on LMP-last menstral period). I was huge and very tired of being pregnant.  One of my midwives (Heather) reassured me that this was indeed coming soon and that she thought we should hold off on the “big guns” until the following week. She advised me to get some acupuncture and maybe go on a date with John.

My friend Tele agreed to watch West while I got acupuncture and my friend Amy agreed to come over for a couple hours  to hang with West while John and I grabbed a bite to eat. It was wonderful of both my friends to help us like that.

I was having very irregular, very mild contractions on and off that day and was hoping acupuncture would kick things into gear. Alas after my session they stopped. I was very upset. I was venting to Tele how I thought acupuncture was actually slowing things down for me. I just sooooo wanted to be done being pregnant. When John came home from work a couple hours later I started having some again, this was around 4pm. They were very mild more more regular and around 5 mins apart. 15-20 later Amy showed up to watch West. I told her that maybe we’d be having the baby tonight, but it wouldn’t be for a while and that we still were going to eat.

On our way to the restaurant I called the midwives to tell them that tonight, but it wouldn’t be for a while. However after I got off the phone I was noticing that the contractions were closer together and although they weren’t painful I did have to focus during them. I decided it wouldn’t be a fun dinner and I wanted to go home and listen to my Hypnobabies. I just wanted to be in a good place so when labor really did kick in I’d be ready. On the drive home I did get overwhelmed with emotion and started crying. Good tears, I was so happy that this long journey was going to end. I called the midwives back and told them that maybe they should come over sooner. Heather told me she was on her way.

So we get home around 5:30 and I just zone out in the basement listening to my Hypnobabies “Easy First Stage of Labor” tract– I took my first dose of Bach Rescue Remedy to help keep me calm. We asked Amy to stay until West went to bed and she very nicely agreed. Around 6pm Heather comes in and just sets stuff up while I lay in bed listening to my relaxation tracts. After about a half an hour I ask when I can get in the birth tub, she tells me I can now. Sweet. I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, but the contractions were getting stronger. However as soon as I got in the water I thought I ruined things as the water felt sooooo good and so much more relaxing. I thought for sure I got in to soon and my contractions were much more comfortable. The other midwives show up by this point.

Around 7pm I started moaning through the contractions, there was so much power surging through me I just had to moan. I also started feeling emotional again at the peak of each contraction. After a few of them I finally let go and just sobbed. It felt so good to release that energy. John tells me he’s going to put West down for bed around 7:40 and since it seemed like we still had a ways to go it seemed like a good time for him to go. He gets back at 7:50 (with Amy upstairs with West, John didn’t need to make sure West was asleep yet).

When John got back I had a HUGE, INTENSE contractions, the midwives told me that the amniotic sac was “right there” (an inch or two from my opening). Then next GIANT contraction my water broke. The next MONSTER of a contraction her head came out. I was beyond shocked. I had no idea that I was about to push her head out. I just couldn’t believe we were there yet. Both John and I were like  “what just happened. You have to be kidding me”. The next BIG WAVE came and her body came out. I just kept saying “what just happened?” over and over again. I just couldn’t believe it was over. How could I have just done that?

After I birthed the placenta there was much discussion on her size. The midwives thought she was 9lbs or more… but she looked so little to me. They got one scale out and it said 10lbs 5 oz. I didn’t believe it. Luckily they also had their digital scale to so they weighed her there. 10lbs even. I was again floored. How could I deliver a 10 lb baby with 2 pushes. Impossible.

I felt great though. Wonderful even (minus the fact that my “girl region” was quite achy). The best part of the whole thing was when West saw her for the first time. He had the most wonderful dreamy smile. Oh the love!!

**side note: while I was listening to the “Easy First Stage of Labor” tract my contractions (sorry “pressure waves”) would just disappear, almost fade to nothing, and I’d think “oh wow, this is working for me… I can’t believe I’m one of those people this is working for!!”

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There is a new website out of the UK with information for moms worried about having a big baby. 


So many moms go to a late term ultrasound and are told their baby is going to be so BIG. I loved this quote from the site. 

I heard a great analogy from an obstetrician once, that likened trying to predict the size of a baby before birth, by ultrasound, to trying to guess the weight of a man, sitting in a bath full of water, in the room next door by measuring his waist and thigh bone. When you look at it like that it really does become apparent how ludicrous these gross measures we use are!

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This is an e-mail from one of the moms on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  She gave me permission to share it.  I think it is a great example of how educating yourself and being empowered can help shape your birth.

Her OB had been pressuring her into setting an induction date because of “big baby”  She asked all the moms for ideas and support, did her research and went back to her OB and took charge of the situation.  I LOVED her story.

“First off I’d like to say thank you to everybody who gave me advice on my ‘big’ (healthy) baby!

I had my doctor’s apt. yesterday where we were to discuss my birth plan I put in at my last apt. My doctor had been pressuring me to induce around 38 weeks (pending a u/s) b/c I have been measuring so large. I was very nervous. I made sure I did a fear release  before I left and toughened up my BOP.  (Bubble of Peace)

When he came in I held up my hand and told him that I wanted to talk before he even said anything. I told him that I know I am his first experience with Hypnobabies and I need him to have an open mind. I explained the program and the power of thinking positively. I told him about people using hypnosis for surgery.

I showed him my books and gave him a list of websites he may want to check out. I told him all the reasons I did not want an induction.  I told him I take a lot of personal responsibility for my own health and what I’m doing to help with the birth (massage, exercise, etc). We discussed birthing positions and baby positioning. I told him there is no reason that I wouldn’t be able to birth a big baby on my own.  That we couldn’t know that until I was birthing her. All my tests have been great and I stayed within my weight gain limits. I even gave him print outs of my diet from spark people and shared some of the stories from the big baby file. The last thing I told him was that I needed him to decide if he was on board quickly b/c I was not going to be flexible and to know it wasn’t personal against him it was just really personal FOR ME.

The next thing I knew he was right on board, asking questions, and copying things out of my workbook so he could help (scripts and stuff. I did tell him about Hypnobabies offering professional courses). He started using the Hypnobabies lingo. I didn’t think he’d ever look at the sites I gave him but he called me today to ask me more questions and  said he was planning on talking to the hospital staff he was so excited. I did AGREE to the u/s, only b/c we decided to ‘test’ it’s accuracy along with checking out some other stuff (we had some placenta problems early on). He’s agreed to stop talking about induction. The only time it will be brought up again is if I go over 42 weeks and if it comes up we will try all other natural alternatives before we go the pitocin route.

I’m so happy!!! I hear a lot of women are having the same ‘big’ baby issues I have been. Stick to your guns girls! We can do this. It’s all about how you look at it. My child is HEALTHY. She has THRIVED inside me b/c of the excellent care I have given her. She is active and has a very strong heart. Nobody is going to make me feel bad about that. My body is not going to make a baby I can’t birth.

Here is the list of her reasons she doesn’t want an induction. 

There’s a lot of both medical and personal reasons I do not want an induction:

*They can’t accurately predict her size from an u/s or my measurements.

*Both my daughter and I have been really healthy the entire pregnancy.

*Studies show being induced makes it more likely to have a c section and I don’t want to have major surgery.

*Even if she is huge there’s no way they can know if my body can birth her until my birthing time. I’d like the chance to at least give it my best for my child.

*It is my gut feeling that an induction is not right for me especially if it’s only for the reasons they have given me. If something were to come up maybe that would change but right now a ‘big baby’ is not a good enough reason.

* The risks associated with induction outweigh the risks of a big baby for me.

* I had a major illness last year where I discovered doctors don’t know everything. I’ve taken an active role in my medical care ever since.

*I don’t feel that anyone else has the right to tell me what to do with my life or the life of my child.

* No one has the right to make a woman feel like she is broken in any way for no apparent reason. That’s how I felt. Why couldn’t I birth my baby? I must be broken. There must be something wrong with my body. Then I realized that is crap.

* I worked HARD for this natural birth. When I got pregnant I talked to my doctors and read up on what I was supposed to do. I did everything I was supposed to do from eating right, exercise, gaining within my weight limit, and preparing. I credit her healthy size to that. Not that all small babies have something wrong with them that’s usually genetics. We just know that there are factors that can cause babies to be underweight. I made sure she’d be a good size ON PURPOSE. I felt like I was being punished for doing exactly what they TOLD me to do.

* This will not be the last time I will have to stand up to someone for the health or well being of my child so I might as well just jump right into it. I trust my judgment as a mother, I’ve prepared for this for a long time. Once she’s here I’ll have to decide all kinds of things based on what I think is best for her. I think this is best for her.

* Thanks to the lovely ladies in group I was given some good information sites to read up, including the big baby bull page you have. It showed me that my gut was right even if I didn’t know it then. I was able to speak in my doctor’s language. I was able to understand HIS concerns and the reasons for them. I was also able to understand that doctors work in percentages. They look at the chance of something happening. They look at being prepared for the worst. While I understand it I knew it wasn’t okay with me.

I knew I wanted a natural birth and I knew that’s supposed to be good for baby but then they throw all these medical terms and issues at me. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what was true or what was likely to happen and what wasn’t. I had a gut instinct and that was it. He has a medical degree and aren’t doctor’s supposed to do what’s best for you? I was so confused. I don’t know what I’d do without Hypnobabies and the group. Even a lot of natural birth enthusiasts want to talk about worse case scenarios. There’s not a lot of places to turn. Thank God for the internet!”

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