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“I’m going to give a Girl Scout effort to hypnobirthing,” the actress, 36, tells Pregnancy magazine about the method that uses hypnosis to promote natural childbirth.

“I’m really excited about it. That’s my plan, but my husband and I are both very, very open to however the child is supposed to come out. Knock on wood it all goes well. I’m not one to judge any woman on how they choose to give birth. It’s individual and I think everyone’s different.”

I hope she does have a wonderful birth!

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Trust Birth Conference MP3 Sale

I went to the Trust Birth Conference and it was AMAZING.  Here is your chance to hear the amazing speakers and topics that were covered!

Miss the 2010 Trust Birth Conference?  Attend a session that you’d love to hear again?  Now is the time to preorder the 2010 recordings at a discounted price!  You will be notified when the sessions are available for download.

PRESALE on 2010 Trust Birth Conference Sessions
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On April 1st, the 2010 sessions will go to their regular price of $20 each, with varying discounts for larger orders.

AND, we are offering a HUGE savings on the cost of the 2008 sessions:
2008 Trust Birth Conference Sessions
1-9: regular price of $15 each
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You can also preorder the 2010 Trust Birth Conference magazine for $20 (regular price will be $26).

All orders must be made prior to April 1 or regular prices will be charged. Pay via paypal by going to www.paypal.com and sending money to: trustbirthconference@trustbirth.com and make a note in the comments section as to what you are purchasing.  Please forward a copy of your paypal receipt to Lori for the 2008 sessions and she will send you a coupon code for downloading them.   You can choose your mp3s for the 2010 sessions when they are ready.

These purchases will help us to pay off the debt of the 08 and 10 conferences.

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Lily’s Birth as told by her daddy, Trevor…

Lily was born Monday at 8:24am. All natural, a healthy Hypno-Baby! Kendra was absolutely amazing!!!

3am, Sunday night – Kendra felt some pressure. More of a “menstrual cramp” type of pressure. I timed her waves and they were 2 mins. apart! But she was so relaxed. We went to the hospital. She had her headphones on : ) and the nurse looked her over and said Kendra was 2.5 cm and (you are not going to believe this) “If you were really in labor, you would not be so relaxed.” I laughed when I heard it. She was going to send us home!

Because her waves were so close together and Kendra’s explaining that they were pretty intense actually, she asked us to walk the halls for an hour. So we did. 6am…About 35 mins. into the walking Kendra’s waves got pretty intense. She’d stop and hang on me and I’d say, open…open…open…Release. And then after a few times it happened. Kendra vomited (is that a word?) and her water released simultaneously. Wow! Then I ran and got the nurse and into the room we went.

I put on the CDs and Kendra listened to the “Fear Release” and “Deepening” CDs and waited. She was very relaxed and quiet. The waves would come and I’d relax her more. At about 8am she felt what we thought was an intense wave and the nurse came in. I told her that they were getting pretty intense and that she felt a little “pushy.” This same nurse that almost sent us home said “Don’t worry, she’s got a while to go.”

A new nurse came in about a minute after and began to examine Kendra. She said “You’re at 10 cm and I can see the head! Kendra pushed for 5min-10min and there Lily was! Kendra went from 2.5cm to 10cm in an HOUR! Lily had the cord around her neck and her heart rate went down to 60, but she was fine, Kendra was healthy and I was in shock : ) It happened so fast that I didn’t even get the on-call doctor’s name until after. We didn’t even get a chance to use the birthing ball (I carried that thing in with pride!).

We are home now and Lily and Kendra are doing fine. The Hypnobabies birthing was a success! We are so grateful that we found your class.

Thanks again Carole. We’ll keep in touch. Trevor

Lily’s birth as told by her mama, Kendra…a few days later

Hi Carole,

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for helping us through such an amazing event.  I am so glad we were able to take your class.  I felt so prepared and calm.  The things that really helped were:

*Understanding the natural process my body was doing to prepare before and during labor:  The baby dropping down, the birthing waves, the baby pushing herself out with her feet, positioning.

*Practicing the “finger drop” to enter hypnosis instantly, and having Trevor tell me “relax” and “open”.  The “open” really worked since I went from 2 cm to 10 in an hour.   : )

* The idea of a birthing “wave” was perfect for me.  My stomach was actually moving like a wave.  Also, I grew up swimming in the ocean.  When a big set would come I would just dive down deep under each wave and relax, knowing it would pass over me.  I’d come up and do the same for the next wave.  Fighting the wave would only make things bad.

*Because I had the attitude that everything was going to be fine and my wonderful baby was coming helped me stay totally calm and focused even when things got crazy (cord around the neck, lowered heart rate). *I can’t say I didn’t feel some discomfort but it was totally manageable.  I was concerned when I thought “Okay, a centimeter an hour.  I have 8 more hours!”  The words Epidural Express went through my head; that’s too catchy of a phrase.  That’s when they checked me and said “There’s the head and you’re ten centimeters”  So 8 hours was only 5 minutes.  The pushing was actually more comfortable than the waves.  I think that’s what everyone is afraid of and it’s really not a big deal.

Anyway I am so grateful to you.  There is no way to thank you enough.  Everyone says I was so lucky to have such a quick and easy birth.  I was, but it wasn’t luck alone.  They were all so skeptical of Hypnobabies, but now they’re not.


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Some moms (especially some who have had fast births before Hypnobabies) worry that their next births might be TOO fast.

My tip is this: In your mind change it to ideal birthing time.  Visualize what you want.  Maybe you want a 6 hour birthing time (which is fast to many) so whenever you hear “fast and easy”, think ideal length of time and easy.  🙂

When I shared this on the Yahoo Group a mom shared her experience and said I could share it here!

This was my exact fear when I started the program and was almost the reason I didn’t try Hypnobabies for my recent birth.  My 1st birth was 8 hours, but my second was only 4 hrs start to finish – I was only at the hospital 2 hours or less.  I was very worried that I wouldn’t get to the hospital in time for my 3rd or have someone available to take care of my kids while I was birthing.

What I can tell you is that I was surprised at how much warning my body gave me this time around as opposed to my prior births.  My first two pregnancies had a lot of BH, and my second birth even had a trip to L&D thinking this was the real thing.  When it came time to have my second child, things went from nothing to intense very quickly.  For my third birth (first Hypnobabies) I started having very manageable PW at 7AM that lasted on and off throughout the day.  I could tell that this was my birthing time but my body started out nice and slow.  I did not wind up going to the hospital until 11 PM when things picked up in intensity and my daughter was born at 3:45 AM.  From “intense” to baby it was only 6 hours but technically I was probably laboring for 21 hours.  I did visualize that I would have plenty of time to get to the hospital and all my support people would be there for both me and my kids which happened to a T.

My only regret is that in my visualization I pictured things going “nice and slow” so that I could feel good about everyone getting where they needed to be, and I think I visualized my birthing time to be too slow LOL.  So I agree with PP that even though the tracks talk about a fast birth, your visualization is a very, very powerful tool.  Picture your birthing time exactly the way you want it to go and let your body do the rest.

DS 8/18/2003
DS 6/1/2006
DD 9/22/2009

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Hi All,

Our My Best Birth video sponsorship started today and you can see us here as the pre-ad roll video (30 seconds), as well as banner ads above and below the video:


Leila did NOT use Hypnobabies, but was hoping for a natural birth.

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Hypnobabies benefited me so much–not just during her birth, but also in the weeks leading up to it.  With my son I’d been impatient–totally the cliche waiting for that baby to arrive…this time I went past my guess date, and even had a false alarm where we almost went to the hospital (turns out it was just early labor–she arrived the next day), but I wasn’t impatient at all.  I enjoyed my pregnancy so much more in large part because of the Hypnobabies practice.

Earlier in the pregnancy I’d been diagnosed with prenatal depression, and I had desperately wanted to avoid using medication.  My friend recommended that I start my scripts at that point (I was 27 or 28 weeks) instead of waiting until 32 weeks as I’d planned, and I credit Hypnobabies with helping me to get past the prenatal depression without medication!

I wasn’t a perfect Hypnobabies student (there were days when I wouldn’t practice my scripts, and towards the end I kept turning them off after about 10 minutes), but I was still able to benefit from it greatly.  The birth was such a positive experience for me and my husband and was very healing because my first natural birth didn’t go as well–there was a lot of panic and crying and yelling.  Not fun for either of us!

The big thing I would have done differently in my study/practice is take the fear release more seriously.  I didn’t have any idea until it was too late, but I was afraid of the pushing portion of my birthing time.  And of course I didn’t realize that until it was time to push–too late to do anything about it!

(BOP, but I hope you’ll keep reading because I think you can learn from my mistake!)

Once I let fear in, I was unable to keep myself into hypnosis.  Even once I’d “failed” my Hypnobabies, though, the principles still helped me in the birth.  I was being a giant baby about pushing and refusing to push.  My midwife bossed me into doing it, but I was being wimpy about it and I kept saying out loud “I’m a bad pusher.”  But then I remembered from the Hypnobabies that you create reality, and I immediately STOPPED saying “I’m a bad pusher” and switched to “I’m a GOOD pusher” and it made all the difference in the world.  Suddenly my little wimpy all over the place efforts were directed and strong and it was over in minutes.

I’m so glad I used the Hypnobabies program and I hope you all have birthing times as wonderful as Ellie’s was for me!

Traci – Enjoy the Slide Show!

Ellie’s Birth from Traci on Vimeo.

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I have a backlog of Hypnobabies Birth Stories piling up.  I am going to post 1 a day for the month of February.


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Mace, a positive VBAC story

Mace Wayne entered the world on 8/31 at 1:22 am and was 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long and I am proud to say was a successful VBAC!!!

I started into labor the evening of the 29th and was every 5 minutes lasting a minute…I listened to my birthing affirmations and the rainbow relaxations by myself until I couldn’t be by myself anymore and woke my hubby early the 30th.  My doula showed up shortly there after and then my world went spiraling out of control…

I attempted to take a bath and suddenly had contractions one right after another so that I had NO time to relax inbetween.  We made it to the hospital…barely (I had to ride facing backwards on my knees…couldn’t even get my pants on…had just a “sexy” thin robe on and that was it…very flattering…oh and dirt roads hurt…all those bumps…ugh!)…and once we got to the hospital, was dissappointed to find I was only a 1!

I labored like that for another few hours with no progression so we all decided an epidural would probably allow me to relax enough to start progressing (it was either that or go in for a c-section).  Wow, the epidural helped…hated my legs numb, but it did help me sleep and relax.

After steady progression, the epidural was starting to wear off a bit, so they bolused it a little bit when I hit a 7…then my doula turned on my birthing affirmations track…and I slept through the rest of transition…how wonderful that was!

I woke when my OB entered the room, said I was complete and that we could take an hour or so and work on breathing the baby down!  My doula took turns with my mom…alternating gentle pushes and breathing the baby down…all the while birthing affirmations were playing in the background!  It was VERY peaceful.  When I started pushing, I had to keep being turned from side to side because they kept losing baby’s heart rate…finally, she decided to try the suction cup but at the last minute decided to let me try pushing on my back with the idea that I had about 20 minutes to get him out…or there would be more interventions (glad she didn’t do the suction cup…never would have stuck as he has inch long blond hair!!!).

Sure enough, that was all it took.  My son came out as he was turning…he started face up and with each push turned a bit more until he was face down.  The nurses were very surprised at my control and peace in pushing him out that way as my epidural was pretty much gone again!  I was able to control the speed of his head coming out very well…once his head was out, the OB told me to stop pushing, but my son had other ideas…despite my panting, he came spinning out and the OB playing “juggle the baby”.  I ended up with a second degree rip from his shoulders, but that was it!  I got to have the birth I wanted…had him on my chest and got to breastfeed right away…even got to do some HypnoBirthing even though at the start, I didn’t think I was going to get the chance!  Thank you to all whole helped me out and responded to my questions!  I will definitely use hypnobirth next time again!  (Sheridan, you have my permission to do whatever you need to with my birth story.)

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Hypnobabies Empowers Mom during birth

Here is a link to a great birth story, which shows how mom has  such a great support team and that she made the best choices for herself as she went along with her birthing time!

You can read it on Laura’s Blog.

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Dr. Siegel wrote a wonderful article on the power Doctors words have on their patients.

As doctors we are not trained to communicate and understand the power of our words as they relate to a patient’s ability and desire to survive.

It is also not only doctors but all the authority figures in our patient’s lives that affect their ability to survive and the outcome of their disease. Parents, teachers, clergy and physicians change lives with their words.

All Care Givers should be taught this and trained how to use their words.  The effects could be far-reaching!

In Hypnobabies we talk about the importance of our words and the words of those around us.  We create a Bubble of Peace to let in “only the good, none of the bad.”  This can help immensely when working with care givers who don’t yet understand the power of their words.

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