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The Power of Medical Hypnosis

It is amazing how powerful hypnosis can be in helping us deal with medical events. This video shows how it can help with cancer and surgery. So imagine how wonderful Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis works for birth, which is something our body is meant to do!

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We would love for you to share.  Not only in your comments here, but by joining a Blog Carnival about the topic of How Your Childbirth Classes Helped You!  

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I have used my “peace” cue for many things, IUD placement, tattoo, hot wax on feet with pedicure etc. But this week I had another reason to be grateful for my training. 🙂
My poor little 21 month old Reilly was admitted to Children’s Hospital with Mastoiditis. An ear infection that had gone into his bone. He had surgery and other treatments. He is healing well and we are home now. My Hypnobabies training was a lifesaver.

When they would come in and ask us about a procedure that BRAND acronym was so drilled into my head that even in my concern and worried mindset I asked all the right questions and made sure I fully understood everything before asking them to leave so my husband and I could decide.

  • B – Benefits
  • R – Risks
  • A – Alternative
  • N- Nothing
  • D – Discuss and Decide

I seriously think Hypnobabies is the best thing I have done!
Usha in San Diego

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Confidence in Body

I was having a lot of pre-birthing waves before Elizabeth’s arrival.  In fact, my sister in law noticed when I was having a practice PW because I would suddenly relax for a minute as if I was turning off while at her son’s first birthday party.  When she figured out what I was doing, she asked me how far apart they were.  I told her I didn’t know, and I wasn’t worried about it.  She thought they were pretty frequent and started to get worried about me.  I smiled and knew that I would know when my birthing time would start, Hypnobabies gave me confidence about my body.

Happier During Pregnancy

My husband noticed a change in my mood after I started listening to HB’s Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations, he said I was very pleasant, and I never complained about any pregnancy discomfort.  His co-workers would tell him stories about their wives while pregnant, how rough it was, and how bad they hurt or complained.  He would smile and tell them that everything had been perfect with me, I was still working and going to school, and keeping up with life.  He said that the pregnancy did not slow me down, and he was proud of me. That gave me warm fuzzies.  I truly attribute my positive outlook during my pregnancy to Hypnobabies .
Late in my pregnancy, Hypnobabies was a tremendous help.  It reminded me that all my practice waves were for a reason, and not happening to just annoy me.  It helped me cope mentally, and it relaxed me physically.

Birthing Time

When my waves switched from being practice to the real thing, (about 2 am the day Elizabeth was born), I stopped listening to Hypnobabies tracks, but still practiced my relaxation.  My husband would say “you’re not really in labor are you?” because I was doing so well.  My midwife was hesitant to drive over because I wasn’t showing any signs that would make her think birth was imminent.
I wish I would have had a video of DD’s birth, it was perfect, and I wanted to show the world what a first time mom could do!  Elizabeth was crowning two minutes before my MW’s Assistant arrived, and she brought in the rest of the stuff my MW needed from her car.  I honestly wonder if my birthing time would have been much much shorter (it was short already) if my MW arrived shortly after I called her the first time.  I have a feeling that if she would have arrived sooner, my body would have also let Elizabeth arrive sooner too.

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