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I love so many elements of this birth story!  Enjoy reading.

I can’t believe its finally my turn to post my birth story 🙂

A little background: On July 18th I was 40w 3d (according to my LMP) pregnant with my 3rd little boy . My first two boys were born at 39 and 38 weeks so I was surprised I made it that far. My husband was not with me as he had to go overseas suddenly and I was a bit apprehensive about not having him with me during the birth. But thanks to the ladies in this group I was encouraged to teach my mom a few techniques to help me during my birthing. My midwife had this idea that I was subconsciously waiting for him though. I told her I had come to terms with his absence and I was not worried but she said that I may be unaware of it myself on the conscious level….

Anyway, around 7pm on June 18th I was out walking with my mom (an oft-recurring scene during those days!) and we received a phone call from my husband. He said he had some urgent news he had to share and wanted us home to chat face to face on skype. So we hailed a cab and went home. As we were walking up to the building, our doorwoman (who I love!) said we had received a package, so I follow her to the package room and I find: MY HUSBAND!! I was so shocked and unprepared that for a minute there all I thought was, “dang that guy looks just like my hubby!” Then I snapped back started screaming and jumping (yes jumping!) for joy! All my husband said was, “ok I’m here, so are we ready to have this baby now?”

At 5 am (10 hours after seeing my husband) I woke up with some pressure in my tummy, I used the bathroom, felt better for a second then realized that I was having regular waves.. I was SO EXCITED!! I woke my husband up who said with his eyes half-shut, “now thats what Im talking about!” He was so calm yet excited, it was a lovely feeling.. I called my midwife who said to meet her at the birthing center.. I put on my birthing day tracks and started listening to them on speaker as I was getting dressed. We called a cab, picked my mom up and headed to the center. We live in Manhattan so traffic here was a constant worry for me, thank God it was 5:30 am! Throughout the car ride I was listening to easy first stage and I was so relaxed. I felt like I was in center the whole time, talking to the driver, my husband, my mom on the phone all while relaxed and calm. At some point my midwife called and said the center was full and that I would have to be admitted to L&D. Strangely though I didn’t panic or get upset or anything, I just looked at my husband who said, “whatever happens will be whats best for you, you know that right?” and I did! All those affirmations and statements on the tracks came rushing back and I just couldn’t be fazed.

We arrived 20 minutes later and my midwife met us at the door smiling. She said, “good news, one of the rooms at the center is now free”. My husband looked at me with his “I told you so” expression 🙂 We went into the room and I put the ipod headphones in my ear and tuned everything else out.. My midwife checked me and said I was at 6cm, at that point I had had no bloody show, no loss of mucus, liquid, nothing.. I got up to pee and splash! a whole gush of what looked like water was on the floor and all over my hubby’s feet!! I remember my midwife telling the nurse to hurry up, that I was going to have this baby soon and I wasn’t sure what the rush was. (start BOP): my first two non-hypnobaby births were a day and half a day long! (end BOP)

That first wave after my water broke finally signaled to me that something was happening. I went down on all fours, my husband started squeezing my shoulder telling me to relax and to open. My midwife asked if I was feeling pushy and I wasn’t yet (start BOP): in previous births I had pushed when my midwife said push, once I had reached 10cm.. I had tears in both which needed stitches.. this time around I was determined to breathe my baby outand to push only when I felt I needed to (end BOP) I was actually surprised she was asking me that early on – I mean I hadn’t even reached  the ‘pushing baby out’ track yet… but apparently she was right! the next wave came and i felt my body pushing and my baby’s head crowning… by the next wave I heard some weird sounds coming out of me as I was breathing out (I had been completely silent up until then).. sounded a bit animalistic if you ask me! All I was thinking was “sliding the baby out” and that’s exactly what happened..at 6:28 am

Now comes the phenomenal part! I was still on all fours when the midwife held my baby and my husband tried to support me back onto the bed… I ask the midwife, “Is he ok?” and she stammers “um um its its a girl actually!!” I lay down on the bed and looked at my husband saying, “what did she say??” At that point I took my baby in my arms and sure enough there was my baby girl!! I couldn’t believe how blessed we were! My husband had been praying for a girl for so long and we were told at our U/S appointments to expect a boy.. we were still happy of course, picked out a name, bought new stuff and bonded with him and now we suddenly have a girl!!!

And that’s the story of how Sarah came into the world! I can’t begin to stress how amazing Hypnobabies has been for us as a family. Also for those starting late, I started at 33 weeks, but I was very dedicated to the program. I also fell asleep through most of the tracks but for some reason everything comes back to you when you need it the most.

Thank you all for your help, your stories have inspired me and given me hope. I pray that everyone has the most beautiful birth ever!

Marwa –  Mother to Adam, Abraham, and now Sarah 🙂

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Teagun Rex was born Monday, June 14 at 9:15pm. He weighed 7lbs, 2oz and was 21.5 inches at birth. He looked like a skinny tiny old man :-D. He has huge hands and feet, a small head, and gets his ears from his daddy and his blue eyes from his mommy’s side.

I think I recall somebody asking the experiences of second (or subsequent) moms who didn’t use HB for their first babies, so, if you’re interested, here’s DD’s *very* different birth story. BOP needed.  http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=17849803&blogId=393080457

Our birthing day started around 8:00 in the morning on June 14 (one day and 1.5 hours earlier than I had been visualizing). I started feeling mild PW that seemed almost indistinguishable from the Braxton Hicks I had been having for months, except that that they seemed to be coming about every 10 minutes.

We already had a non stress test scheduled, because we were 41 weeks, so we headed to our appt at 11. The PW had gotten less consistent, but never stopped. The test and following ultrasound showed that Teagun’s heartrate was dropping with the waves, and his fluid levels were low. This concerned the doctor, and while she was very supportive of our desire to have a natural, intervention free labor, she felt this necessitated a Pitocin induction, and she sent us to the hospital. Before we left she did a cervical check (only my 2nd with this pregnancy; the first was kind of a surprise), said I was 3 cm dilated. I agreed to having my membranes stripped, and she said that got me easily to a 4.

We meandered over to the hospital, after getting some lunch and snacks. I was sure to drink a lot of fluids in an effort to help out his fluid level.

While I know that the health of our baby is paramount to my emotional well being, it still didn’t mean I was happy about the idea of a medical induction. We brought our breast pump on the off chance they’d let us try natural means first. On the ride to the hospital, I listened to one of my Birthing Day Affirmations, and that really made me feel better about the impending induction, even though it was not what I had wanted.

We got to the hospital around 2ish, got admitted and hooked up to the monitors. Julie, our first midwife, came in and went over our birth plan with us. She was very supportive of our preferences, and even said we could try natural methods of augmenting the PW, since Teagun’s heartrate was looking good! I was so excited. It was as much her general attitude as not having to jump right into Pitocin. Even though I had come to accept the idea of Pit, I was very happy to have a second shot at something resembling the birth I had visualized.

I got hooked up to the IV and my GSB antibiotics around 4:30. The IV was terribly uncomfortable and continued to bother me until they removed it the next morning. While they ran the antibiotics, I tried the breast pump to augment the PW, which, I think, were about 6-7 minutes apart at that point, and still relatively mild.

After the antibiotics were done, around 6ish, we decided to walk the floor a bit. My mom, DH’s mom (Sue) and (2 year old DD) Kismet had joined us at this time. We hadn’t been walking for more than 10 minutes when the PW really started to pick up, in frequency and intensity. They were coming about every 3-4 minutes, and required a little concentration at this point. We walked for a bit, stopping for the waves and when we found a play area for Kizzy.

We made it back to the room about 7, to find we had wandered too far, and security was looking for us! =-O We apologized profusely.

Around this time the waves started getting really intense, and I thought I should try listening to my scripts, because if I couldn’t get the PW under control, I was worried pain meds were in my future, as they were starting to feel like when I had Kizzy, and I was certain we had several hours of that ahead of us.

I tried listening to Easy First Stage, but was having a hard time concentrating because Kizzy kept telling me to wake up, so Sue took her for a walk. As long as things stayed quiet, the CD helped a lot. Especially between waves, I was able to relax and rest.

I planned on spending the next few hours laying down, listening to my scripts, so I told Tony it was time for Kizzy to go home. He called his mom to bring her up to say good-bye, and my mom called her friend to come pick her up.

Sue brought Kismet up, and her and my mom went down to get Kizzy’s carseat, around 8:55. Shortly after that, I had a wave where I felt a little like I wanted to push. I called Maureen, our second midwife, and she checked, said I was 8 cm, and I could give little, grunty pushes with the PW if that felt good.  She reminded me I could stay on my side if I wanted, or do whatever felt comfortable.

I don’t remember if it was the next wave, or the one after that, but it was certainly within 10 minutes of the first “pushy” feeling, but whichever it was, the wave took over, and Teagun was born, in about one long pressure wave. My mom and Sue didn’t get back until his head was half way out. Tony ended up holding my leg with one hand and Kizzy with the other.

Teagun was born in the caul, which is to say that my water never broke, and he was still in the bag of waters when his head came out. It’s apparently quite rare, and is supposed to be a good omen. 🙂 Maureen broke my water as his head made its way out (from my hazy recollection, there really wasn’t any crowning; there was no baby, then his head was half out).  His cord was wrapped around his neck twice, which the midwife quickly took care of.

He was placed on my chest immediately, and, as per our request, they waited to clamp the cord until it stopped pulsating.

We made it home late Wednesday, and are enjoying learning to juggle 2 kiddos and getting to know Teagun: so far, I can tell you he has a squeaky little cry, crazy strong neck muscles, and an obsession with trying to eat his fists. ❤ ❤ ❤  My recovery has been ridiculously swift; I only had mild burning with peeing for about 1.5 days, and then I felt pretty much completely back to normal (as opposed to still being in pain 8 weeks after DD’s birth).

I could hardly be happier with my experience.

  • On one hand, it wasn’t p**nless (the pressure waves were definitely causing some p**n near the end),
  • but I didn’t think to really utilize my tools until it was almost too late.
  • I think, thanks to the reprogramming of Hypnobabies, I didn’t realize how advanced I was pretty much until he was born.
  • I thought we had hours left.
  • If I had taken more time to get into hypnosis during my birthing time, I feel like I would have been more comfortable.

That being said, this was a walk in the park compared to my DD’s birth;

  • it was *significantly* less p**nful, for one.
  • My Hypnobabies training helped me stay relaxed and calm through my PW, even when (during transition, apparently; at the time I thought I was maybe halfway done) I started to doubt myself briefly.
  • I felt so much more in control of the situation and my body.
  • Ironically, the HB tools I was never particularly fond of (the 4-in, 8-out breathing and Special Place (I never felt comfortable trying to visual a baby I hadn’t met yet)) were the ones I ended up using the most.
  • DH had no idea I was experiencing any discomfort throughout our entire birthing time.
  • The staff was apparently impressed as well;
  • the midwife told me I restored her faith in childbirth.
  • I’m ready to do it again!  😀

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Hannah’s birth story began eighteen months ago with the birth of my son Silas. Because I am cross posting this story, I will be using Hypnobabies terminology. I’ll put definitions in parentheses for explanation. For those in the Hypnobabies group, please use your Bubble of Peace while reading the story of my son’s birth. (Bubble of Peace: an imaginary bubble around yourself that allows only positive messages about childbirth into your mind. If reading something will create negative feelings in you, you use your BOP to read the story without it causing you to have negative thoughts about your own upcoming birthing.)

Although I had prepared for his birth using the Hypnobabies program, I had done a poor job of managing my diet, getting exercise during the pregnancy, and doing what I could to get him into a good position for birth. My birthing time with him was very long and exhausting, with eight hours of transformation-like pressure waves and the desire to push. I lost control of my emotions and went pretty crazy. I got an epidural, and was pushing him out 15 minutes later. He was quite large and was posterior, so pushing him out while completely numb from the waste down was no easy task. He had meconium and substantial deccelerations in his heart rate, my doctor cut an episiotomy, and pulled him out. He was whisked away to be assessed by the peds team. It was long time before I heard him cry. Meanwhile, I started bleeding pretty profusely and my blood pressure dropped quite low. I was placed flat on my bag and fluids were squeezed in (quite literally, I saw the nurse standing over me squeezing the bag of pitocin to make my uterus clamp down and stop bleeding). I couldn’t hold my son when he was pronounced healthy and brought back out because I was too weak and we were all afraid I’d drop him. I looked and felt terrible for days.

When I learned I was pregnant again, I knew there were things I needed to do in order to make this pregnancy and birthing better and more comfortable. I exercised as much as was healthy and I could squeeze in. Although I didn’t do a perfect job with a healthy diet, I did a much better job of eating healthy foods and didn’t splurge nearly as much as I had before. I sat in forward leaning or straight up positions to help encourage Hannah to be head down and to put her back towards my front (known as occiput anterior, the best position for birth). I slept almost exclusively on my left side and used a pregnancy pillow to help me stay on my left side. I did my Hypnobabies practice in the day time rather than evening, because I wanted to make sure I stayed awake through the tracks and actually thought about what I was doing on a conscious level (even though sleeping through the tracks is okay, I felt better about my hypnosis practice if I stayed awake).

As my pregnancy progressed, I felt like Hannah was getting quite large. I never felt like Silas was big when I was pregnant with him, but I felt like I was carrying a big baby this time around. I palpated my belly daily and she consumed so much space with little room leftover. I felt great, but I also felt like I was about to “pop” any minute. I felt like my intuition was telling me she would come early, so I prepared myself mentally and physically for this. My house was clean at all times, the bags were packed, the car seat in the car, the diapers washed and folded, the bassinet set up next to the bed…

Everything was ready and all I needed was a baby. The days turned into weeks and people began commenting, “You’re still pregnant?” “You mean you haven’t had that baby yet?” “When was your due date again?” “Are you SURE it isn’t twins?” “Are you having any contractions yet?” “Are you dilating at all?”
I tried to just smile and brush off the questions and comments, but after preparing myself for an early baby, a fast easy labor, and a smaller baby (my son was nine pounds and 22.75 inches at birth), my confidence started waning. I was tired. I wasn’t tired of being pregnant, per se, but just tired. I never felt or said anything resentful towards my child or my body, but I slowly became anxious. What if something were wrong with my baby and that’s why she hadn’t been born yet? Her movements had slowed down, and I found myself anxiously watching the clock in order to do kick counts.

My doctor never voiced concern over the size of Hannah until my guess date (aka “due date”) passed. I already had two guess dates: the guess date according to Naegel’s Rule for dating pregnancy, which is what they use in obstetrics, and the day that I knew to be my real guess date based upon the Fertility Awareness Method. The guess date on my chart at the doctor’s office was a week before my FAM determined guess date, so actually, my doctor didn’t even bring up Hannah’s size until I was a week past what they believed to be my guess date. She said she was concerned that since Silas was a nine pound baby and he was born with some difficulty that continuing until the time I thought would be 42 weeks (which would be 43 weeks by their numbers) could potentially result in a C-section. She said it was ultimately my decision, but she was very concerned. My doctor is a very caring person and I do believe she was legitimately concerned about our safety. We discussed scheduling an induction for later that week, but I changed my mind and was able to buy myself a little more time, thinking it wouldn’t even be an issue.

Another week passed and she voiced her concerns again. By this time, I had already been having anxiety. I knew that having an induction could potentially lead to a cascade of interventions that ended in C-section. The thought of a Cesarean made my anxiety intensify. I too, was concerned about Hannah’s size, though, and had been for a while. I discussed my fears with my doctor. She agreed that they were well founded fears, and assured me that she doesn’t encourage anyone to have an induction unless she is seriously concerned about safety because she knows that un-necessary induction increases risks to moms and babies. I asked her if it would be possible to do a “slow induction.” I told her I preferred to have my water break on it’s own, and to have the pitocin drip titrated slowly over a longer period of time. She thought it sounded like a good idea and was willing to write her orders that way. I left the office feeling good because we had discussed my options and I was empowered to make choices for myself and influence my own care. Most of all, I felt at peace with the decision.

I checked into the hospital on Monday, July 5 at 6:00 PM. We had gone out to dinner at Applebee’s with my parents and left Silas with them. I was nervous all through dinner and had a hard time being social. I had spent the day picking up loose ends around the house, playing with Silas, a lot of time praying, and doing Fear Release sessions. As the time drew near, though, I became a bit withdrawn. I had determined ahead of time that even though I was going in for an induction, that this was going to be a beautiful birth. I knew that if Hannah was as large as we all thought she was, I was going to have to be positive and stay focused in order to avoid an epidural and be stuck on my back paralyzed in the bed. I knew she’d need me to be mobile in order to get her out. So I thought about brave mothers in the Bible who made huge sacrifices for their children. I thought about Jochebed, and how she put baby Moses in a basket in the Nile to protect him from being murdered by the Egyptians. I thought about Hannah dedicating Samuel to the work of the Lord at such a young age. Of course, I thought about Mary, riding on a donkey as she labored and then giving birth in a stable, of all places. I thanked God for these women and knew I could do what needed to be done to give birth to my own child just as He had designed me to, even though the process was being started artificially.

We looked like a couple of tourists checking into the hospital. I had my suitcase, my pregnancy body pillow. Dan had his laptop bag, a backpack, his pillow, and my camera. The hospital was quiet and I asked the clerk checking us in if they had any patients. She assured me that they did. The nurse that took us to our room and got us settled was the same nurse who was present for Silas’s birth. We chatted for a while, mostly about her sister, whom I used to work with. Then she was off at 7 and my angel nurse, Karen, came on.

Karen reviewed my birth preferences and seemed excited that I had chosen to have a natural (pain-medicine free) birth. She told me she had C-sections with both of her children, but thought natural childbirth was wonderful. Because I was being induced with Pitocin, it was necessary for me to be continuously monitored. Knowing the risk of hyperstimulation of the uterus and fetal distress if the Pitocin is turned up too high, I agreed that continuous monitoring was a good idea. I told Karen I wished to be out of bed as much as possible, and she assured me that the cords are very long and I could walk around the room as far as the cords went. She even offered to re-arrange the furniture in the room if necessary in order for me to sit in a glider next to the monitor. I told her that wouldn’t be necessary quite yet, but I’d like to try the ball. She brought a ball for me (which was a nicer ball than the one I have at home!) and then positioned the bed with lots of pillows so I could lean forward onto the pillows as I sat on the ball. It was quite comfy. Then she went about the business of making sure the belts and everything were positioned correctly. She always told me to get comfy first, then she’d position the monitor. She assured me she would re-position the monitor as many times as necessary in order for me to be comfortable.

The Pitocin drip was started at 7:30. I hung out on the ball and listened to Birthing Day Affirmations on my ipod while Dan played a game on his laptop. We would occasionally look at the monitor and the strength of my pressure waves (contractions). They weren’t too strong but they had developed a nice pattern. I was very comfortable and relaxed. Karen came in around 9 PM with the resident. He checked me and I was at 4 centimeters, can’t remember the effacement, and a -3 station. Karen helped unhook my wires so I could walk to the bathroom. Dan helped me change back into my nursing tank and skirt because the hospital gown was uncomfortable. Then Karen put the bed into an upright chair position and helped me get comfortable with lots of pillows behind my back and under my knees. I put the ipod back on and relaxed while listening to the Painfree Childbirth track and Karen turned the Pitocin up. Dan called my doula Dee Dee to let her know what was going on while I was in hypnosis.

When I finished the Painfree Childbirth track, I was ready to use the bathroom again and get back on the ball. We decided to watch a little TV and settled on “Last Comic Standing.” Coincidentally, the comedian was talking about big babies. He was pretty funny and he had me laughing out loud. My doctor came in with the resident shortly after that. I think it was about 9:50. She wasn’t on call, but she likes to see her patients through. She’s only missed one birth in her entire career (she’s family practice, not OB, so she doesn’t deliver as many as an OB does). She checked me and I was at five centimeters, but still at the -3 station. We chatted and laughed about the show on TV and then she went to hang out at the nurses station. I got back on the ball and put the deepening track on. Karen turned my Pitocin up again.

I went into deep hypnosis with the deepening track. Deepening was my favorite track while preparing for this birth. I could really feel my pressure waves picking up in intensity as I relaxed through each one. Karen came in and adjusted the monitor because she was having trouble picking up the heart rate. I decided to re-start the deepening track since I paused it while she adjusted the monitor. I continued relaxing as the pressure waves grew stronger and more frequent. Dan took a few photos, and it looked like I was asleep on the ball, but I was very aware of everything going on. As the track continued, I could tell I was going to need my doula soon. I was a little torn. I wanted Dan and my doula to support me through the intensifying waves, but I also wanted to finish the deepening track because I was enjoying it so much. I opted to finish the track, and the moment Kerri (the woman who guides you through hypnosis) counted me back up, I put my light switch (mental light switch: off=deep hypnosis and anesthesia, center= alert, but anesthesia to midsection of body, on= no anesthesia, no hypnosis) in center and asked Dan to call Dee Dee. He wanted to finish his game, but I told him things were getting serious and I needed Dee Dee to come soon. He called Dee Dee and then he called Karen to come in and turn the Pitocin down since I wasn’t getting but about a 30 second break between pressure waves. I stood up next to the bed and leaned over the bed, relaxing as much as could while standing. Dan rubbed my lower back as I swayed back and forth through the waves.
Karen came in to turn the drip down and I decided I was ready to lie in the bed on my left side. She helped me get into the bed, and she and Dan helped position me on my left side with my pregnancy pillow and the pillows on the bed. I was feeling pretty comfortable, but I was no longer interested in laughing or much conversation anymore.

It was around that time that Dee Dee arrived. She sat in front of me and we talked a little. I would stop mid-sentence to turn my switch off through the waves. She told me I didn’t even look like I was about to have a baby. She said I just looked “blissed out” during each pressure wave. The waves were very intense. I would picture myself at the top of a roller coaster and then I would ride each wave like you would the drops and twists and turns of a fast wooden roller coaster. I felt a little rush of adrenaline at the beginning of each wave, and would say inside my mind, “Here we go!” just like you would if you were on a roller coaster. It wasn’t scary, or particularly painful, just intense pressure and tightening in my abdomen and back. I reminded myself to keep my face and my hands relaxed at all times.

Dee Dee’s apprentice Molly came in and I welcomed her right before another wave came on. Shortly afterward, Karen and the doctors came in. They wanted to check me again and put an internal monitor in since the pressure waves were pretty intense. My doctor didn’t want to continue going up on the pitocin because she was afraid she would over-stimulate my uterus, but they were having trouble monitoring the baby’s heart rate since she was descending pretty quickly. Knowing that they would have to break my water to do this, I went ahead and okay-ed it even though initially I wanted my water to break on it’s own. I asked if I could stay on my side since I was so comfortable and my doctor said that would be fine. When they checked me, I was at 6 cm, completely effaced, and she was at a 0 station.

I’m not sure how long it took them to break my water and put the monitor in, but it took a lot of focus to relax through the waves as they did what they needed to do. Dee Dee rubbed my belly, Dan rubbed my feet, and Molly rubbed my back. It all felt wonderful, but I started shaking and getting nauseous. My doctors stood at the bedside after the monitor was in. In hindsight, I think they knew things were picking up and they didn’t want to get too far away. I told them I wasn’t opposed to some Zofran, only pain meds. They kind of laughed as I told them I wanted 4mg of Zofran, or 8, whichever they felt like ordering. Karen got the Zofran for me and my doctor helped pile warm blankets on my back and my legs to help with the shaking. Shortly after I got the Zofran, my pressure waves intensified some more. I began doing a low moaning with each wave and it helped me keep control of myself. At one point I felt myself starting to lose control, and I said, “Stop it!” pretty loudly. Everyone thought I was talking to them, so all the wonderful massage stopped. At the end of the wave, I apologized and assured everyone I wanted them to continue what they were doing and I was telling myself to stop freaking out. The massage soon resumed, much to my delight and I regained composure.

I felt like time was moving very slowly at that point, and I started to get what my mom calls a case of the “jim-jams.” I felt like I just had to get out of the bed and asked for help going to the bathroom. Karen and Dee Dee both agreed enthusiastically that going to the bathroom was a great idea, so Karen unhooked me and they helped me walk to the bathroom. I had to pause a couple of times between the bed and the bathroom because I continued having pressure waves. As soon as I sat on the toilet, I was stricken with panic, as my waves intensified to an all-new level. I felt my belly get so hard and I began pushing involuntarily. I just couldn’t stop. I began having flashbacks to Silas’s birth, where I had felt the urge to push for nearly eight hours. I was almost in tears and said, “This is just like Silas” but Dee Dee stopped me mid sentence. The waves were right on top of each other and I can only describe the feeling as sheer panic. I was moaning very loudly and cried, “Please help me!” Karen and Dee Dee kept reassuring me and helped me back towards the bed. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw that my doctor and the resident had already gowned and gloved and had the table pulled up to the bed. I was in complete denial that I was about to give birth and I remember thinking that they were just wasting all the sterile supplies and they’d have to open up a new sterile table when it was really time to push the baby out. I kind of perched myself on the edge of the bed because another wave hit me right as I got to the bed. I was holding onto the rail and pushing (not realizing that’s what I was doing). I thought I was just yelling like a cave woman because I had officially lost control of my emotions. Dee Dee, Karen, and my doctor kept telling me over and over again, “The baby is coming, Summer. You’re pushing the baby out right now.” but I didn’t believe them. My doctor crouched down on the floor next me. She was seriously prepared to catch the baby as I stood at the side of the bed. Suddenly there was a gush of fluid as I yelled through another wave and then I felt a stinging sensation. I was able to gasp, “Stinging, stinging!” Someone said, “Summer, the baby is coming OUT!” and I suddenly became a believer and decided the bed was where I wanted to be after all. I couldn’t lift my legs up, though, and all I could say was, “Legs! Legs!” and everyone kind of picked me up and put me into the bed. I don’t really remember much once I got into the bed. I don’t think I even put much effort into pushing, I think my body was just kind of doing it on its own. Dee Dee said I only pushed through three total contractions, but I don’t know if that included me pushing at the side of the bed. I think it does because everything happened very, very quickly. I heard the resident call out that they needed peds team to come in stat, but I just felt like everything was okay so I didn’t panic. I felt her come out and Dan announced, “It’s a Hannah!” (We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl). They took her to the little resusitation room, but she was crying before they even got her there. Apparently she was meconium stained and her heart rate dropped drastically when I was pushing. Dee Dee told me it’s actually pretty common for the heart rate to drop like that when a baby goes through such a rapid descent.

I remember thinking it was amazing how one moment I was having the most intense experience of my life, and the next moment I felt perfect. I laughed when I heard her crying, and Dan went into the rescusatation room to be with Hannah. He brought her out to me pretty quickly and I got to hold her right away. She didn’t really cry that much. She cried when she was first born, but then she quieted right down and was just very mellow. I had some bleeding issues again, but didn’t lose as much blood as last time and my blood pressure didn’t bottom out. The nurse had to “massage” my uterus, which is definitely not massage at all. I didn’t want to turn my switch off for it because I wanted to be able to look at my beautiful baby, so I just had to deal with it. I told my doctor it was worse than the actual birthing time (labor).

Dee Dee said that it was only about twenty minutes from the time they checked me until Hannah was born. That means I went from six centimeters to ten and a 0 station to baby completely out in twenty minutes, which Dee Dee said was “crazy fast.” Everyone kept telling me how awesome of a job I had done and not to worry about my cave woman moments in the last five or so minutes because anyone that went through transformation and pushing that quickly would be a cave woman too. My doctor said she has patients that scream like that at just 2 centimeters.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since she was born. I was on this incredible adrenaline high for two days, and people that saw me said I didn’t even look like I’d just had a baby. I feel so much better this time, and I feel like I’m healing faster. I truly believe the difference is that I didn’t use pain medicine and my body’s natural pain killers, endorphins, were not suppressed so I have less post partum pain. I’m not any less “injured” this time around, I’m just feeling much, much better.

Hannah has already grown and she’s filling out her wrinkles. She’s even getting a double chin! As far as her being a big baby goes… She was 8 pounds and 4 ounces… not that big after all. She did have us all fooled, though, because even Dan earlier on in the pregnancy said he thought this baby was going to turn out to be a ten pounder because I got so big.

I guess my conclusion to Hannah’s birth story is pretty simple. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by God. He created the entire birth process. It’s not something to be feared or dreaded. I know the apostle Paul didn’t have birth in mind when he wrote the book of Phillipians, but the passage in chapter four and verse eight “… whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” definitely applied for me in Hannah’s birth, and I know it can for others too. I’m so thankful to God for blessing me with a husband that supported me through me decision making and the entire pregnancy and birth process. I’m thankful for my wonderful doula Dee Dee who helped bolster my confidence and helped keep my focus. I’m thankful for a doctor that was willing to listen to me and supported my decisions while respectfully giving her input. I’m thankful for a program that helped me focus on the positive and helped remind me that pregnancy and birth are “natural, normal, healthy, and safe.” Most of all, though, I’m thankful for a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

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I posted a few months ago about wanting a home birth vs hospital birth.  Everyone on this group was so supportive  and we decided to do a home birth.  I am so glad that we did.

I thought I was going to be “overdue” but I figured that, like my first child, it would only be a few days.  Umm..nope, I was 13 days “overdue”.  At 41 w 4 d my midwife wanted me to go to the hospital and get an non-stress test.  Everything looked was great except for a couple of jabs from the on call doc about my homebirth so I went home.  At 41 w 6 d I went back for another one.   Ugh.  I was really stressed at this point because my midwife couldn’t continue my care after 42 weeks.  Everything looked amazing again.

I got home around 3:00 and took 4 T of castor oil. It wasn’t bad since I mixed it up in a root beer float 🙂 Nothing happened…and by nothing I mean none of the side effects that you hear castor oil giving you. I figured it was worthless. My mom and I walked to the store to get some stuff for dinner and we rented a movie. The boys got home from hiking and we started the movie around 8. I don’t think I made it even5 minutes into it. I was sitting on the exercise ball and pressure waves started coming every minute and a half. I started panicking thinking that this is not right, these are way too fast.   My husband Brian gave me a blessing and I got in the shower. Brian called the midwife, Kathy. She said she would be about an hour. I got out when the hot water ran out and they had spaced out to about 5 minutes apart. These were easy to handle, every time one would come I would just drop to my knees and lean on my exercise ball in front of the fan. Kathy got there and got set up and took vitals and everything. I was a little worried labor was going to stop. Finally at two am I asked Kathy to check me and she called it a generous three….I was a little discouraged. Right after her check things got intense fast. Brian was totally AMAZING.  I really don’t know what I would do without him. I got in the tub which felt great. After an hour Kathy wanted me to get out and walk around some.

I started feeling the urge to push so she checked me and I had a little lip left but said I could push if I wanted. I labored on the toilet for a little bit and then got back in the tub. I didn’t have that overwhelming urge to push with Claire but boy….I couldn’t have stopped pushing if I wanted to.  My midwife was so laid back. She just sat in the rocking chair and every 5-10 minutes (I think) came and checked the heart rate which was always great. I loved being by myself to push. I could reach and feel the head coming down. BOP It was really hard to slow down when he started crowning and I did let out a scream when his head came out…I totally felt a little tear…yuck. END  He was born in his amniotic sac which was so cool. I tested negative for GBS  but was positive for my first pregnancy so I visualized my water not breaking.  Yay!

Kathy just came over and guided him up to the surface and unwrapped the cord which was around his neck and body. I sat back and brought him up to me. It was amazing. He just looked around at everyone and didn’t cry at all. He had some stuff in his throat but Kathy said it wasn’t bad and he could work it out. No rough suctioning!! We sat in the water for a long time. I think it was over ten minutes before his cord stopped pulsating. No crying…just relaxed. Finally Brian cut the cord and took Jack…my feet were falling asleep. I couldn’t stretch out in the tub because I was a little too short to reach the other side without Jack getting too low to the water.

He was born at 6:18 am  on 6/18 so I went from  a 3 to delivered in 4 hours. He had 9/9 apgar scores. I think I nursed him in the tub and then when I got out. kathy examined the placenta which I delivered when I was in the tub. After an hour maybe? she did the newborn exam. Nothing was rushed…everything was done at the end of my bed. My baby was never taken way. I had one tear up but it wasn’t worth stitching and hasn’t hurt. Amazing considering Jack is over two lbs heavier than my first at 8 lbs 15 oz! In fact, my bleeding has been so much less compared to Claire’s birth. Pain too…I took someIbuprofen but not much and not all the time. Recovery is going so good this time.  He is three weeks old and we have moved from Washington to Utah.  I loved my homebirth and my husband, who was TOTALLY against homebirth when we were first married, loved it too.  He talks about it all the time.  Once again, Hypnobabies was amazing. I kept repeating phrases over and over.  It was intense but awesome.

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Although this birth was nothing like I had actually envisioned (a 4 hour relaxed hospital birth), it was exactly like I wanted and needed (a natural, surprise home birth – superfast about an hour of true birthing time) primarily because my birth plan was followed exactly…

  • I wanted to labor and deliver as my body directed me
  • I wanted to assist with the birth and bring her directly to me
  • I wanted to stay skin to skin
  • To initiate breastfeeding when we were ready
  • Let the placenta deliver naturally and cord stop pulsing
  • To delay procedures until I was ready to let go.

(I had these 6 things printed on a 3×5 card, that was my entire birth plan) I had planned for a hospital birth so all of those things were potential sticking points, things I was most concerned about, the birthing was least of my worries, in fact I hadn’t even tried visualizing a completely comfortable birth, I was so hung up on confrontation with the staff over my birth plan.  I also, had been very torn about child care for my daughter, I wanted my mom to be the one caring for her but I also wanted her to be there at the birth, this way she actually did that.

However perhaps the craziest part is that one thing that I had envisioned and rehearsed really did happen, and it was the best thing, water breaking and then 5 or 6 pushy waves later baby would be born.

I had envisioned, rehearsed and told everyone that would listen, that Ellie would be born on Thursday, May 6th.  The midwives delivered on Thursdays and I was hoping that delivering with a midwife at the military hospital I use, would get me the intervention free birth that I wanted. Although towards the end I started to think, that perhaps that wouldn’t guarantee my ideal birth and started to let go and accept the thought that perhaps another time might provide the optimal care provider mix to have my ideal birth.

I had not had an internal check at my 39wk visit, May 3rd.  I had had about 2 or 3 strong, practice waves a few weeks before so I thought I might be dilating but was so sure that May 6th would be the day that I was ready. I’ll admit to being anxious and not really sure though.  I was a bit anxious going to bed on the 5th, but I had totally prepared for a trip to the hospital the next morning, just like I envisioned.

Nothing…  then around 4:30pm an hour of pressure waves, not very strong but lots of stretching down low, at my pelvic bone, like I had with Clara, no pain or discomfort anywhere else just very very tight stretchy feelings down low that were uncomfortable. I could say they were painful but I know they really weren’t.

Not much more for a couple of days, then to the nurse on Monday, the 10th my official Guess Date.  I was 2cm dilated, 50% effaced and baby was at a -3 station (still high but slightly engaged).  After that exam on Monday I had more pressure waves and bloody show throughout the week. By Friday, May 14th, I was getting anxious, tense, mad, scared,  all the bad feelings.  I was mainly worried that baby was in a bad position which was preventing my body from keeping the pressure waves going and that I would indeed end up at 42 weeks with no baby and an induction.  I read a wonderful post on the HypnoBabies Yahoo Group. Susan was advising another woman in a similar situation, a woman who’s confidence was shaken thanks to some painful practice waves.  She reminded readers that those early pressure waves can be the hardest and most painful, they can be your body positioning baby and the are so irregular it can be difficult to get into good deep hypnosis. (Msg number 76966) I took that thought to heart and went to do a fear release after a what seemed like a 20 minute wave while watching a wonderfully powerful lightning storm.

I slept through the fear release script trusting that my subconscious would clear out the fear and doubt I had in my mind. I wanted to give birth joyously as I’d planned, not grumpy and angry or mean to my support team so I decided not to be that way.  I woke up feeling more settled and accepting of my birthing time, whenever that would be.

My husband came to lay down with my daughter was sleeping and my mom was relaxing in the living room, it was around 9pm when… A ‘real’ pressure wave, it was stronger than I’d been feeling, I knew something had changed and I was excited. This one I felt the stretching and discomfort move up the front of my uterus. Before they were just down low near my cervix. With this one I could feel the stretching moving up.  My husband and I stayed on the bed relaxing, I wanted him to talk to me, he was so tired, I was frustrated with him and begging him to talk to me, when another came about 10 minutes later. And then…

A third real one, that was really really pretty bad (for me anyway – I’d guess that many women, not using Hypnobabies would say it wasn’t that bad.) And a strong pop – my water had broken. I was way up high near my ribs so I was a bit concerned about baby position still.  I didn’t want to move even though I could feel the fluid seeping down onto the bed. After the pressure wave was finished I moved to the bathroom, and saw that happily the water was clear.  Mark wanted to head to the hospital, I told him no, they need to get stronger and closer together, it could be a while. I even doubted calling the doula, which we did and calling my friend Brandi to come watch Clara.

I had another wave talking to my Doula, Emily, she estimated that it was about 4-5 minutes since my water broke. I think I went through 2 on the toilet and then moved to the birthing ball. They were pretty bad and wasn’t really into hypnosis, although I had my headphones on listening to Easy First Stage, I think.  A wave on the ball and I thought I sensed that my body was pushing, just as it had with my daughter Clara, I got nervous and wanted to lay down, went to the couch, and another wave, moved during it and for sure my body was pushing!

My husband and mother wanted to go to the hospital, I said there was no time, and was insistent that I wasn’t going to move. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to move that baby out, but I knew that moving to the car and taking the 40 minute ride to the hospital was just not something I could handle at that point. I guess I felt like she was coming down, because I remember reaching up to check my cervix (I’m not sure what I thought I’d find) but I felt her head, I knew she WAS close. So I went to the toilet again, knowing that it would feel better there.  I have to say the waves were intense and I was not using hypnosis to handle them, but I was thinking about the cues and I do remember telling myself “I’m safe, my baby’s safe” during a particularly rough moment.

My husband went to move the car, although I told him again, there’s no time. My mom wanted to call the paramedics I said not to. I’m not sure why, I guess I was still in a bit of denial about it happening so fast.

Things got fuzzy here, but my mom and I estimate maybe 3 waves later baby was crowning! I felt that first wave on the toilet move her down and out of my cervix, my memory now seems like I felt her move down like I felt her just kind of pop down into my birth canal in one wave. The soreness of my pelvis for weeks seems to verify that there was not gentle stretch or movement of the pelvis.

I remember reaching down and feeling her head crowning, knowing I needed to slow down and relax, I think I did for just a few seconds. I remember looking into my mom’s eyes and saying ‘oh baby’ and she saying that back to me, not sure if she was talking about me, her baby or just about the fact that a baby was here. I pushed between waves and out came her head, I felt it tear a bit forward and back in my perineum.

I knew that it would be really hard for my mom to catch her over the toilet so we started, in a strangely lucid moment between waves, to talk about me moving to hands and knees, even down to the detail that I was going to turn my head towards the tub.  Then another wave and out she came!  I remember feeling the cord pull up a bit and tighten as my mom handed me the baby I brought her up to my chest, I have a clear memory of blood splattering the wall as my mom reached back for a towel.

I remember joy, excitement, amazement, wonder, at holding her. Ellen Judith.  I remember a moment of fright waiting for her to cry, and then MORE (could there be more? I didn’t think so) joy at the sound of her cry.  This was indeed the birth I needed to heal me, the weeks of worry, about her position, pain and frustration of ‘false labor’ and my frustration at my last birth in the hospital when baby was wisked away from and brought back like a stranger to me.
I remember double checking to be sure she was a girl.

My mom called 911 almost immediately, I remember reminding her of the address and hearing her tell me to keep the baby at a lower level than the placenta (I ignored that advice though).  I remember Mark coming in shortly after and he had a shocked look on his face, he was so upset that he missed her birth – he’d oddly been delayed because of a broken gate in our parking garage.  Sometime shortly after that Emily the Doula arrived – she’d been delayed by surprise roadwork in her neighborhood. So baby came in a 2 minute window that my mom and I were home alone together. This is amazing since this child’s middle name is my mom’s name. Judith, a complete surprise and honor to my unassuming and excited mother.

Somewhere in there the placenta delivered without any effort, I don’t even remember another pressure wave happening. I felt it come down and out of me and into the toilet.

Emily asked quite calmly if we wanted to move to the bed. Mark and my mom seemed stunned by the thought and Emily directed them to get the shower curtain and spread it on the bed. I had to remind Mark to get the curtain from the girl’s bathroom since the one in ours was not waterproof.

My mom got a bowl for the placenta, and once Emily fished it out of the toilet and put it in the bowl, I got up to move to the bed, I was sore and I could feel some pain where I know I tore while I was moving to the bed, I could feel blood running down to the carpet, my mom cleaned it up for us later, I never saw it.

The paramedics arrived at some point, lots of them, at least 8, all men. I think I was already on the bed.  They asked a few questions but were pretty hands off since I think things looked pretty stable and I knew  all the right answers, (water clear, placenta delivered, baby had cried, even down to volunteering this was second pregnancy second live birth). They told my mom at some point that we all seemed very calm for having just gone through a surprise birth.  They wanted to cut the cord, I said okay, but had to ask for my husband to do it, no malice there I think they were just looking to keep things moving alone.

It was time to move to the hospital, I was wheeled out on the stretcher, this hurt, I could feel every bump at the point of my two tears. I remember my mom coming out into the hallway with us, and holding her hand and saying goodbye, sad she couldn’t go with us but so very relieved that she’d be home if my daughter needed her.

I was really insistent that Ellie latch before we left, and so got her on in the ambulance before we left and she and I did our best the whole way to the hospital. Mark rode in the front and Emily rode with me in the back, it was nice to have her there we kind of giggled like kids, I was so excited and proud and happy and yet still needed her reassurance and guidance.  Yet more evidence that doulas are truly important people in my opinion. It seemed so strange in the ambulance, like it should be smaller, I felt odd I still had on my cami top and no pants, I was in a sheet that I guess the paramedics brought with them.  I had no idea where we were going, they told me but I wasn’t familiar with that hospital so it was just all so strange and like I’d been transported somewhere else.

We go there and I was wheeled in, through a lobby not through the ER, just in through the very quiet lobby it was around 11pm I guess.  I was checked and found to have two tares, they were afraid I tore up towards my urethra, that was scary, that would really really suck, but it turned out I didn’t.  A very uncomfortable repair later I was feeling pretty good.  Although I wish I handled the staff better, I didn’t fully surrender to them but I look back and know that I did a bit, just to go with the flow, I still feel like I was in control, asking questions, being the owner of my body and my baby.  I controlled when they took the baby out of my hands and when I got to breastfeed, I felt like, unlike with my first, Clara, that this was MY baby, I guess because I brought her to the hospital with me.

Hypnobabies was a great tool before during and after my birthing time,
a great education and preparation and certainly the confidence it gave me to deal with the hospital staff was quite welcome. I also was so glad for that bubble of peace since I got a few ridiculous comments from the doctors. They don’t realize how important their words are to women, and had I not been prepared and educated I’d be scared out of my mind at some of the things that were casually said to me, with no malice intended but still quite negative just the same.

Thank you Hypnobabies for although it was not what I envisioned, I’m certain it was the birth that I needed.

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Hi Everyone,

First of all, just a reminder that Kerry and Carole are speaking at the “Uniting for the Future of Birth” Mega Conference in Milwaukee in early October! http://www.futureofbirthconference.org/

Our session is called, The Transformative Language of Birth and will allow us to teach birth professionals how to alter their thinking and use positive wording which can positively affect birth outcomes. Please post and e-mail this to EVERYONE!

Since our session at the Mega Conference is all about helping birth professionals learn positive language that is extremely helpful to all pregnant and birthing moms, we would like to ask for everyone’s input! This includes moms and birth care professionals.

Please call our toll-free hotline at 800-350-2204 and complete any or all of the following:

“When I was pregnant my (caregiver) said ………to me and then I felt……..about childbirth”. (Doulas, doctors, midwives, nurses; any caregiver)

“My birth was awesome (or whatever adjective you’d like to use) because my (caregiver) said…….”

“My birth was going very well (or however you’d like to describe it) until my (caregiver said …….”

If you are a birth professional, you can complete the following:

“I attended a birth where a (medical caregiver) said……..to the birthing mom and it changed……..in her birth experience (explain what happened, positive or negative).

Please forward this to anyone who would like t be part of the process of changing birth language. Thanks so much for helping us educate birth care professionals how to become more positive and effective!


Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI

Founder/Director of Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

714-952-BABY (2229)


Join us on Facebook, Twitter and our own YouTube Channel:

www.Facebook.com/Hypnobabies www.Twitter.com/Hypnobabies


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I am so pleased to be writing this post.  I haven’t posted anything since my introduction but the Hypnobabies Home Study Course and all of you have been my daily support system.  I am writing this story in complete gratitude and love for all of you.  I now know that your babies can and will be birthed in peace and love, as my Maya was.

My Maya Isadora chose last Sunday, May 30th, as her birthday.  My birthing time started exactly at the time I had imagined during my HB work.  I felt a gush of water while I was lounging in bed around 7 AM.  In the latter part of my pregnancy, I had taken to listening for birds.  I could swear that all of the birds around our house had somehow come to see Maya into the world and this gush occurred while I was doing that.

When I stood more water gushed out and I walked to the toilet to see what was going on.  More water was coming out and I wasn’t able to control it, so I knew that this was likely my birthing time.  The water was clear, as I had imagined, and I was so pleased to see that.  I told my husband and we both were remarkably calm.  I expected to be calm but my husband had initially concerned me.  While he read all of the materials and practiced scripts with me , he didn’t do any of the fear clearing sessions but in the end, he was a remarkable birthing partner and didn’t need them.  I was GBS positive and we suspected my water had broken so we didn’t choose to labor at home.  We did, however, take our time packing and I had breakfast.  I talked to my doula and she gave us great advice on how to handle checking in at the hospital so we could get the midwife we wanted to deliver our baby.

I listened to positive affirmations on our way to the hospital in the “off” position and I even knew when we had arrived and opened my eyes perfectly as we turned in.  We arrived at the birthing suites and a sweet nurse named Stephanie helped us out that first hour.  This was another good omen as my sister’s name is Stephanie and I have several other important women in my life with that name.  Stephanie was again another element I had visualized during my HB sessions.   I was told that it was indeed my birthing time so we called my doula.  Before she arrived, we were shown into our room.

I kept listening to affirmations and enjoying my husband’s company until my doula arrived.  The early hours of my birthing time were very special and sweet.  My doula knew that I wanted to move as much as possible and we combined her methodologies with whatever HB I wanted to incorporate.  We walked a lot and I sat in the rocking chair.  At some point, I wanted to listen to “Easy First Stage” so I did that.  My husband has a great video of me doing that–I was so proud when I saw it.  I truly looked like the fantastic UTube Hypnomoms I had been watching all these months.  My doula and husband thought I was asleep–I am pretty sure my husband still thinks I was asleep.

*BOP Warning* I was at 1.5 cm around this time so it was recommended that we try a low dose of Pitocin.  I asked the nurse to leave the room and talked it over with my doula and husband.  Something inside of me told me I could handle the Pit, that my body would combine with it to get my baby into my arms,  and that this was the right route for me.  So, I elected to start on a low dose.  *BOP Off*

I still moved a lot up until transformation: birthing ball, dancing with my husband, rocking chair, etc.  My pressure waves were becoming more regular and strong.  My doula talked me through most of my pressure waves but I also heard lots of affirmations like “good strong pressure waves help my baby come into the world” in my head.  After a while with the strong pressure waves, I was checked.  Everyone expected me to be around 4 cm because of the way I was acting–but no, I was 7 cm!  A classic HB moment!  We all agreed that Maya would be here soon.

I knew when I was entering transformation and I do remember being remarkably calm.  I had done a lot of fear clearing about this phase and it truly paid off.  I was happy to start pushing although I chose at that point to go with my midwife’s instructions.  In the end, my favorite midwife had come to help me birth my baby (as I had visualized), and I leaned on her knowledge.  In between pushes, the room was happy and calm and I ate ice chips.  I even laughed at some point at something funny the doula said to my husband.  In between pushes, I was able to completely surrender and rest and I completely credit HB for this.

At 8:06 PM, my body took over and I pushed so hard that Maya came into the world in one push (from head to toes).  It was very intense but the feeling of relief and joy I immediately felt was overwhelming.  I said to everyone “That was crazy!  That was crazy!” and everyone started laughing.  You have to know me to know that wasn’t a bad thing–I was wondering if everyone else noticed the natural wonder that had just occurred and I couldn’t even believe it myself.  Maya was placed on my stomach immediately and she remained skin to skin with mom and dad for her first couple hours of life.

Maya is truly a Hypnobaby.  From the beginning, she was sweet and calm far beyond what I imagined.  She even looks exactly like the baby I had imagined in my special place.  I truly believe that her entry into the world is part of why she is so sweet and calm.  We (baby, husband, and I) chose how she would enter the world–even in a hospital setting, with GBS issues, and Pitocin. Oh, and did I mention that my OB had mentioned induction during my previous visit (?) but I believed that in the end, Maya would choose her birthday.   HB helped me remain confident and calm and those little hospital concerns literally melted away.  My doula told my husband that this was one of the most amazing births she had ever witnessed.

And by the way, I now hear birds chirping at night when I feed Maya.  I have never heard them at night before.

Love and peace to you Hypnomoms–you need only to visualize, believe, and surrender.

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