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I always love it when I find Hypnobabies Birth Stories on blogs.  I love to link to them too.

Here is the most recent Hypnobabies Birth Story I found.

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Shared by one of our Hypnobabies Instructors Carole (with permission from the parents)  This is a great example of how even if a birth does not go as planned Hypnobabies can still help every step of the way!

HI Carole!
I have been meaning to write to you for some time but as you can imagine, I have had my hands quite full! I wanted to tell you about our birth experience since you played such a significant role in our preparation. I can’t imagine what we would have done without you and our Hypnobabies course!
Our birthing time turned out very different than we imagined. A few weeks before my guess date, some physical complications arose. I think [my husband] called you when we were having a hard time getting the baby to move away from my right side. I was baffled that he could be over there because I had been pretty diligent about my pelvic rocks and sleep/ sitting positions. Well, it turns out he couldn’t go over to the left even if he tried! After getting checked out, we found that my sacrum was rotated and my pelvis tilted at a funny angle, making the room in my pelvis mostly on the right side.
We didn’t know it, but this had also been restricting growth for our baby and the placenta. I suppose there was a reason why everyone said I looked so small. Indeed, [our baby] was born at 7.2 lbs, with a placenta the size of something that would have grown a 4 lb. baby. But the tissue itself was very healthy, thanks to my diet; it was just not allowed to get very big.
Anyway, I went to a chiropractor who is very gifted with pregnancy/ pediatrics and within a week of her working to move my sacrum and pelvis, my belly popped out and I gained several stomach centimeters and a few pounds. He was able to move over to the left and center very easily after a week and a half of steady treatment. As you know, two weeks passed after our guess date. I started birthing waves one afternoon and we excitedly started getting ready for that much anticipated time. We never imagined that our sweet boy would be born 36 hours later! I listened to my birthing time CDs and [my husband] was with me, helping me move and keeping me focused the whole time. I will never forget the way he supported me.
I wrestled emotionally during the birthing time after it was apparent that we were not in for a ‘fast and easy’ birthing time. After a while I knew I just had to focus and forget about it being what I thought. I felt a bit like I failed at Hypnobabies because it was not quick or easy. My back was not ‘fixed’ and it was physically more intense than I imagined. [Our son] was born after the greatest physical feat I have ever been through! We both felt confused and overwhelmed, to tell you the truth (add to that the shock of thinking we were having a girl and it ending up being a boy!). At the end of the day, when the midwives were finally going home, they repeatedly remarked what a pleasure our birthing time was to be a part of AND how peaceful and joyful it was. I was a little shocked, to tell you the truth. I remembered being more focused than I have ever been during the birthing time, but it was so intense for me, I did not know it looked so peaceful. A few days went by and we decided to watch the video we recorded of the birthing time. I was amazed! We both cried through it. If you didn’t know I was giving birth to a baby you might miss it on the video until he was lifted out of the water and started crying. I was that calm. We realized that in the intensity and length, the Hypnobabies prepared us more than we knew. I don’t know how I would have handled such an long and physically intense time without such wonderful emotional and mental preparation. I know now that I did not fail at all; Hypnobabies prepared me to deal with my unique situation.  We plan on doing a natural birth again for sure.
Anyway, thanks a million times over for your care and support. We feel that God sent us the BEST support and preparation we could have ever asked for!
All the best, [Mom]

P.S. Our Little One has been smiling responsively (no, its not gas) from the beginning. People are shocked!!

What an amazing birthing you had. Thank you for sharing with such candor. I appreciate hearing of your experience of your birthing. I am so glad you practiced as well as you did, and were able to surmount all the ‘speed bumps’ that your birthing presented you (including your anticipated daughter, Hailey, being born with a penis!?). Shows how deadly accurate those ultrasounds are. How crazy that must have been for you. Were  you completely prepared with everything PINK?!  : )

I bet your midwives will agree that if you hadn’t been in such good control and so relaxed, you might have fatigued and needed transport…or a cesarean. You not only avoided that possibility but managed an unmedicated, non-interventive birthing for your little guy. You should be beyond proud of yourself. I am very pleased for you. 36 long, challenging hours is incredible, and pretty much impossible for moms who are not calm, confident, and ready for what comes. Congratulations you two. Well done. Your little guy certainly is reaping the rewards of his birthing…smiling as he came out I’ll bet!

Thanks huge lots for the pictures. Your [surprise son] is beautiful. He’d even make a cute girl if he had been so endowed. Hah!

May I share your story? Everyone would be so inspired and delighted to hear that in spite of some very real challenges, Hypnobabies managed to help you birth your baby naturally. If you’d like, I can change names to ‘mom’ & ‘dad’ and ‘baby’ to protect your privacy. And, if you’d really rather not, please say so, and I will be grateful that you shared with me.

In friendship and awe of the power of birthing women like you!


Yes Carole,
Our son has a lot of dresses! We are slowly catching up with boy clothes and have packed away the pink with hopes that perhaps a little sister will be able to use it someday.
Our midwives definitely agree that our birth would have been VERY different had we not been prepared in the manner we were. Other Moms I talk to are shocked as well at how things actually turned out with such a long birthing time and my pelvis/back being in the state it was in. There were so many little things I was able to do, such as our midwife telling me I needed to sleep for several hours, right in the middle of the intensity. Because of Hypnobabies I knew how to enter that state effectively. I had my CDs on and was able to ‘sleep’ for a few minutes between birthing waves for several hours.
It is the deepest connection I have ever had with my own mind and body. Pretty empowering! At the end of one of the CDs she says, “through birth I find healing.” That phrase has always struck me. Indeed, it was very healing and liberating to so fully connect to my experience and baby and overcome some challenges in such a natural, beautiful and calm way. My sense of self has been impacted very deeply. On a funnier note, [Dad] says he will never forget the hours and hours of our trio: the CD would say “Ahhhh…” then I would say “Ahhh…” and then our midwife would echo “Ahhh….”. After hours and hours of this, he was going crazy! : )
Of course you can share the story! We would rather our names and pics not be posted, but would love people to know that Hypnobabies makes all the difference in ANY given situation.

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Enjoy!  This is Tanya’s Birth story – I just posted about how she uses Hypnobabies not just for birth but for LIFE!

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Great Video about Hypnosis

Here is a short interview explaining about hypnosis.

I am going to post a new video of a mom using Hypnobabies during her birth tomorrow!

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“I’m going to give a Girl Scout effort to hypnobirthing,” the actress, 36, tells Pregnancy magazine about the method that uses hypnosis to promote natural childbirth.

“I’m really excited about it. That’s my plan, but my husband and I are both very, very open to however the child is supposed to come out. Knock on wood it all goes well. I’m not one to judge any woman on how they choose to give birth. It’s individual and I think everyone’s different.”

I hope she does have a wonderful birth!

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Morgan Cornwall, HCHI, HCHD, CD (DONA)
Morgan Cornwall
Serving Boise, ID and surrounding areas

I became a Hypnobabies Instructor after using Hypnobabies for my last birth. It was such an amazing experience and it worked so well that I knew I HAD to be involved with teaching this! I’m currently available for group and private Hypnobabies Classes. I am also certified as a birth doula through DONA and as a Hypno-Doula. Please visit my website for more information on class schedules. Happy Birthing!

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Lily’s birth was amazing!  I was dilated to a 4 for at least a month before my birthing time began with a lot of irregular, but strong practice waves, so I was very ready.  I had been planning on having this baby on the 26th.  I was pretty relaxed all Christmas day, but come evening I really started nesting and getting my home in an acceptable condition.  I got showered and did my hair, just in case.  I think subconsciously I sensed it coming.

I got a good strong wave at 10:30 Christmas night and they kept coming, but they weren’t regular and some seemed to never end.  It was weird.  I thought, there is no way this is real.  But my doula came anyway about 11:30 or something and she was totally patient and supportive.  Matt was great, too.  The minute he saw me get down on the floor at 10:30 he was right by my side.  That’s when I really began to focus on my hypnosis.  Then I went in to the bedroom and got my birthing day cd going in head phones and sat on my birthing ball leaning on the bed.  This was my favorite position.

I was worried about being too tired since I hadn’t really napped that day and we were getting into night time.  I think it was about 1 when I decided to try resting in bed.  The deal was I would either get some sleep or if that wasn’t working I’d do what I needed to to  get things really going.  I couldn’t sleep.  So I hopped in the shower to regroup and Matt got in with me because I didn’t want to be alone.  We tried some nipple stimulation and it seemed to help and I was able to lean on him during my birthing waves.  It was a really special bonding time for us and probably one of my favorite parts of my birthing time—just to be all alone with him, trusting my body to do it’s wonderful magic.  We didn’t need anyone but each other in that moment.  It was really neat.

Then I got back on my trusted birth ball.  ( I had done a lot of my finger drop practice like this so it was very familiar and comfortable for me.)  At about 2:30 I decided I needed to go to the hospital because I didn’t want to be in the car when things were even more intense.  So we left at about 3.  Turns out the car was the most relaxing place for me during the entire birthing time.  I was really able to focus on my hypnosis (which worked quite well and kept me very calm).

We got to the hospital about 3:30.  They almost didn’t even admit me to the Labor and Delivery unit because the monitor wasn’t showing any contractions.  Weird.  Plus I was so calm.  I just listened to my birthing day cd with headphones and totally ignored everyone.  Matt answered all the questions.  The nurse was totally annoyed, but I didn’t care, I was having my baby and she was just getting in my way.  J  Anyway, they almost didn’t admit me, but the midwife on call (I saw 6 midwives who rotated being on call) took me anyway.

I thought I had to stay on the bed for the initial monitoring and it was torture to sit reclined in the bed—I just couldn’t focus very well and it was so uncomfortable.  Finally, I’m like, can I get off this bed?  The midwife was like, sure.  So I get on the birth ball again leaning against the bed.  Minutes later my water broke and there was blood.  I go in to use the bathroom and there was tons of blood in the toilet.  Not exactly normal.  So they watched things closely.

I sat on the toilet a while and leaned on Matt during waves, still listening to my cd.  Then my doula asked if I wanted to get in the tub.  It sounded like heaven.  I just ripped off my clothes and head phones and climbed in.  It felt so good.  The water in the tub was so relaxing.  Until I hit transformation.  My comment at this point was, I can’t get comfortable.  No screaming just uncomfortable.  I was getting really unsettled and couldn’t find a comfortable position.

Soon after, I said, I think I’m pushing.  Then the next wave I said, I’m pushing!!  It was like I couldn’t help it and really I wasn’t consciously pushing.  My body was doing all the work.  My doula said I had to get out of the tub, because when she checked me she could feel the head.  I think I just knew, cause I got right out and over to the bed.  My doula said she was amazed at how fast I got out of the tub.  I never did get my headphones back on.  It was all too fast.  But I had imagined this part, visualizing my body just opening with ease, totally relaxed.

Pushing was amazing.  I laid on my side.  It just seemed like the thing to do.  My body did all the work and it was only 5 minutes of pushing.  It didn’t hurt, I just felt stretching and then I never even tore!  Even though Lily was 1 pound bigger than Dianna and I did tear with Dianna.  So cool.   I never could bring myself to do perineal massage either, so I felt very good about this.  I did the aaaahhh breathing and imagined opening and that’s all I needed.

Lily Anne was born at 5:35, about 2 hours from the time we got to the hospital.  They placed her right on my tummy.  I was in heaven.  Lily didn’t breath immediately, which isn’t normally a big deal with the cord still attached, but since there was so much blood when she came out, I think they were a little concerned and she wasn’t pinking up, so they took her for just a minute to get her some oxygen and stuff, then brought her right back to me.  Yay!

I was able to stay with Lily at all times.  They let me keep her until it was time to go to the nursery for a bath and then I went with her and Matt, and she stayed in my room the rest of the time we were there.  I went with her the one time she needed to go to the nursery to have her hearing tested. So perfect!

When we got to the room after her bath they were a little concerned about the amount of bleeding plus my heart rate was fast and my blood pressure was low.  They said they may need to check into it more if it didn’t change when they checked me next.  For the next hour or so I sat and used hypnosis telling myself that my bleeding was minimal and my blood pressure normal.  When they checked me next they were no longer concerned.  I really believe that my body just did what I told it to.

I feel so good after having Lily naturally, too.  The recovery has been way better than it was after Dianna (epidural, then pitocin and a1st degree tear).  I wouldn’t say the birth was painless, but it was fast, easy and very manageable.  And I can’t stop daydreaming about it.  I felt so calm and confident.  It was such a positive experience.  I am so excited to do it again.  But I would love a home birth, I think.  The transition from home to the hospital was the worst part of.

Another amazing thing about having Lily naturally is the intense attachment I have to her.  It’s just different than last time.  And she’s very attached too.  When we are asleep in bed sometimes I scoot away to giver her more room, and the next thing I know she’s smack next to me all cuddled up again.  I love it!

Anyway, I have to say, natural is the way to go and Hypnobabies is the best way to have an amazing birth experience!


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