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It is always nice to see moms sharing their births with others!

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Sita Payne Romero, LMT, CD (DONA), HCHI


Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas

Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year
DONA-Certified Doula
Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Hypnobabies Classes, Infant Massage Instruction, Doula Services, Prenatal and Postpartum Therapeutic Massage, Expectant Couples Partner Massage Classes

I realized my calling when I experienced the beauty of life through my own pregnancies, labor, birth and mothering. I have a great desire to connect and communicate with mothers-to-be and new mothers on many levels, including education, support, and community. My path in the birthing community has evolved over the years as I have seen the spectrum of birth options and interventions as a doula. My personal journey led me to have a painless childbirth experience with my second daughter, using Hypnobabies. It is my goal to share that amazing experience with others and to help moms-to-be have an unmedicated, empowering and comfortable birth experience!   Hypno-Doula Trainings are available, for doulas and midwives who are interested in learning how to birth-assist Hypnobabies clients.  Please contact me for details.

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Lily’s Birth as told by her daddy, Trevor…

Lily was born Monday at 8:24am. All natural, a healthy Hypno-Baby! Kendra was absolutely amazing!!!

3am, Sunday night – Kendra felt some pressure. More of a “menstrual cramp” type of pressure. I timed her waves and they were 2 mins. apart! But she was so relaxed. We went to the hospital. She had her headphones on : ) and the nurse looked her over and said Kendra was 2.5 cm and (you are not going to believe this) “If you were really in labor, you would not be so relaxed.” I laughed when I heard it. She was going to send us home!

Because her waves were so close together and Kendra’s explaining that they were pretty intense actually, she asked us to walk the halls for an hour. So we did. 6am…About 35 mins. into the walking Kendra’s waves got pretty intense. She’d stop and hang on me and I’d say, open…open…open…Release. And then after a few times it happened. Kendra vomited (is that a word?) and her water released simultaneously. Wow! Then I ran and got the nurse and into the room we went.

I put on the CDs and Kendra listened to the “Fear Release” and “Deepening” CDs and waited. She was very relaxed and quiet. The waves would come and I’d relax her more. At about 8am she felt what we thought was an intense wave and the nurse came in. I told her that they were getting pretty intense and that she felt a little “pushy.” This same nurse that almost sent us home said “Don’t worry, she’s got a while to go.”

A new nurse came in about a minute after and began to examine Kendra. She said “You’re at 10 cm and I can see the head! Kendra pushed for 5min-10min and there Lily was! Kendra went from 2.5cm to 10cm in an HOUR! Lily had the cord around her neck and her heart rate went down to 60, but she was fine, Kendra was healthy and I was in shock : ) It happened so fast that I didn’t even get the on-call doctor’s name until after. We didn’t even get a chance to use the birthing ball (I carried that thing in with pride!).

We are home now and Lily and Kendra are doing fine. The Hypnobabies birthing was a success! We are so grateful that we found your class.

Thanks again Carole. We’ll keep in touch. Trevor

Lily’s birth as told by her mama, Kendra…a few days later

Hi Carole,

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for helping us through such an amazing event.  I am so glad we were able to take your class.  I felt so prepared and calm.  The things that really helped were:

*Understanding the natural process my body was doing to prepare before and during labor:  The baby dropping down, the birthing waves, the baby pushing herself out with her feet, positioning.

*Practicing the “finger drop” to enter hypnosis instantly, and having Trevor tell me “relax” and “open”.  The “open” really worked since I went from 2 cm to 10 in an hour.   : )

* The idea of a birthing “wave” was perfect for me.  My stomach was actually moving like a wave.  Also, I grew up swimming in the ocean.  When a big set would come I would just dive down deep under each wave and relax, knowing it would pass over me.  I’d come up and do the same for the next wave.  Fighting the wave would only make things bad.

*Because I had the attitude that everything was going to be fine and my wonderful baby was coming helped me stay totally calm and focused even when things got crazy (cord around the neck, lowered heart rate). *I can’t say I didn’t feel some discomfort but it was totally manageable.  I was concerned when I thought “Okay, a centimeter an hour.  I have 8 more hours!”  The words Epidural Express went through my head; that’s too catchy of a phrase.  That’s when they checked me and said “There’s the head and you’re ten centimeters”  So 8 hours was only 5 minutes.  The pushing was actually more comfortable than the waves.  I think that’s what everyone is afraid of and it’s really not a big deal.

Anyway I am so grateful to you.  There is no way to thank you enough.  Everyone says I was so lucky to have such a quick and easy birth.  I was, but it wasn’t luck alone.  They were all so skeptical of Hypnobabies, but now they’re not.


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Some moms (especially some who have had fast births before Hypnobabies) worry that their next births might be TOO fast.

My tip is this: In your mind change it to ideal birthing time.  Visualize what you want.  Maybe you want a 6 hour birthing time (which is fast to many) so whenever you hear “fast and easy”, think ideal length of time and easy.  🙂

When I shared this on the Yahoo Group a mom shared her experience and said I could share it here!

This was my exact fear when I started the program and was almost the reason I didn’t try Hypnobabies for my recent birth.  My 1st birth was 8 hours, but my second was only 4 hrs start to finish – I was only at the hospital 2 hours or less.  I was very worried that I wouldn’t get to the hospital in time for my 3rd or have someone available to take care of my kids while I was birthing.

What I can tell you is that I was surprised at how much warning my body gave me this time around as opposed to my prior births.  My first two pregnancies had a lot of BH, and my second birth even had a trip to L&D thinking this was the real thing.  When it came time to have my second child, things went from nothing to intense very quickly.  For my third birth (first Hypnobabies) I started having very manageable PW at 7AM that lasted on and off throughout the day.  I could tell that this was my birthing time but my body started out nice and slow.  I did not wind up going to the hospital until 11 PM when things picked up in intensity and my daughter was born at 3:45 AM.  From “intense” to baby it was only 6 hours but technically I was probably laboring for 21 hours.  I did visualize that I would have plenty of time to get to the hospital and all my support people would be there for both me and my kids which happened to a T.

My only regret is that in my visualization I pictured things going “nice and slow” so that I could feel good about everyone getting where they needed to be, and I think I visualized my birthing time to be too slow LOL.  So I agree with PP that even though the tracks talk about a fast birth, your visualization is a very, very powerful tool.  Picture your birthing time exactly the way you want it to go and let your body do the rest.

DS 8/18/2003
DS 6/1/2006
DD 9/22/2009

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Let me start with some background on how we arrived at this birth.

I had a very positive med-free hospital birth experience with our daughter M (now age 2.5), but really wanted to pursue homebirth for this pregnancy. DH said absolutely not. He had too many safety concerns. So I compromised, and found a group of midwives who deliver out of a natural-birth friendly hospital. As much as I loved them, I found that I kept returning to the idea of homebirth. Finally, I decided that we needed to at least meet with a homebirth midwife. If DH still had safety concerns after doing that, fine — I had no problem staying in the hospital. But I needed to know whether or not homebirth was an option.

We met with C, a homebirth midwife, just before New Years. I was 35 weeks along. Afterwards, I was shocked when DH said he was open to switching. It was still a difficult decision to make, particularly that late in my pregnancy, but we finally decided to switch.

Fast forward about four weeks…

On Saturday, January 30, I was 39 weeks 4 days. Despite being close to my “due” date, I was fully expecting to have a few more weeks of being pregnant. M was born two weeks late, as was I. This baby’s head was still high and I had not been experiencing any BH’s or other signs that my birthing time might be drawing close.

At around 3 PM, I was standing in line to check out at a store when I felt two small gushes of fluid. I checked in with C as soon as I got home, and she said to keep an eye on it and call her in a few hours. I continued leaking throughout the evening, but had only sporadic PW’s. Still, when I checked in with C, she said that the continued leaking meant my water was broken, and that my birthing time would likely start within 24 hours. I didn’t really believe her 🙂 But DH and I got the house cleaned up, checked in with our doula and our birth photographer, and lined up friends to help with M.

I went to bed around midnight, listening to the fear clearing session script, just in case any lingering fears were preventing me from really moving into my birthing time.

I woke up to pee at about 1:30 AM. I had lost my mucus plug, and I was bleeding. That’s when I knew that C was right. This was it.

DH and I both panicked a bit. This was our first experience with spontaneous labor (M was induced), and we didn’t know what to expect. We decided to call our doula, P. She had been at another birth, but agreed to come straight to our house. Meanwhile, I timed my PW’s and they were roughly 7 mins apart, lasting around a minute.

P arrived around 3:30 AM and encouraged us to get some sleep. We got her set up in our guest bedroom, and we both felt better knowing she was right upstairs if we needed her. We were able to go to sleep. I put on the easy first stage script. Every now and then, a PW would wake me up, but I relaxed through it and went straight back to sleep.

We all got moving around 8 AM, except M, who chose a good day to sleep in! She woke up around 9:30 AM, and by that time, the PW’s were definitely intensifying. We called over some friends to help with M. DH cooked breakfast for everyone, but I wasn’t hungry by this time, so I just went into our bedroom, put on some more scripts (birthing day affirmations and easy first stage), and relaxed through contractions on my own. The scripts helped a lot. I particularly loved the affirmation, “I am safe, and my baby is safe, no matter how much power flows through my body.” I could picture the power flowing through my body with every PW. It felt awesome! I also remember a couple of times when the scripts said to smile, and I did!

I also figured out that rocking on my hands and knees was the most comfortable position during PW’s, so that’s what I did through most of them.

Somewhere in there, I overheard P mention to DH that I was getting that serious look. One of them called C and our birth photographer, E, who arrived together at around 10:30 AM. C quickly checked my vitals, and everything sounded great. We mostly stayed in the bedroom, playing more Hypnobabies scripts to keep me focused, DH talking me through PW’s and reminding me of my Hypnobabies cue words, P applying counterpressure and a warm rice sock to my back, C checking in on the baby with the doppler every so often.

The PW’s flew by. My cat often wandered under my belly or rubbed her head against my face during them. M broke away from her Disney movies in the living room to come say hi a couple of times. At one point, C said I needed to eat something, so P fixed a plate of apples and peanut butter for me. M hopped up on the bed and started eating them with me, and drinking out of my water bottle! Everyone tried to tell her no, but I told them it was fine. It made me smile. Then she jumped all over our bed yelling, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!” PW’s are so easy to get through when you have adorable distractions like that 🙂

Around 12:30 PM, I started noticing that the PW’s were getting really long, and more on top of one another. I knew I was probably in transformation.

Not too long after that, I had a PW where midway through, I stopped the low vocalization that I had been doing and started to grunt. I felt my body pushing and it felt good. When it was over, P asked, “Did that feel different?” and I said, “I think so. I couldn’t tell if I needed to push or if I just wasn’t doing a good job of relaxing through that one.” P said, “Well, let’s see what the next one feels like.” The next one felt much the same. The second midwife, G, had arrived a little while earlier, and she got to work on filling up the tub in our bathroom, while I did some pushing on the bed with DH, P, and C.

With another PW, I pushed, and suddenly felt a pop and a huge gush of fluid — my water had finally broken completely.

Soon, it was time to get in the tub. The water felt wonderful! Pushing itself didn’t feel all that great, so I pushed hard to get it over with. I had a nice break in between PW’s, and I held DH’s hand and closed my eyes and just relaxed, knowing my baby would be here soon.

After a few PW’s in the tub, the head popped out. That was somewhat surreal, seeing my baby’s head underwater! But C assured me that the umbilical cord was still providing oxygen. With the next push, at 1:20 PM, I felt the entire body come sliding out.

I opened my eyes and saw my baby for the first time, and simultaneously heard DH yell out, “It’s a boy!” The excitement and pride in his voice was so evident. It was amazing, hearing my husband say those words rather than an ultrasound tech, coming with all the emotion of seeing our baby — OUR BABY! — for the very first time. I cannot even put it into words. Hands down, one of the highlights of my life.

C put him right on my chest and we just started to laugh and cry. He picked his head right up and calmly looked at us with his deep blue eyes, like he was saying, “Hello, Mom! Hello, Dad!” There were a few concerns with his breathing initially, but after a lot of suctioning, he started crying heartily and pinked up nicely. We had someone bring M in to meet her new baby brother, and she was amazed by him! She kept touching his head and hands. So sweet. Someone asked her what she thought of him and she replied, “I have a big nose. He has a small nose.” LOL!

I eventually moved out of the tub and onto our bed. The entire atmosphere was so relaxed and peaceful. I got W latched on and he nursed for a while, murmuring contentedly the entire time. My doula brought me a sandwich and some fruit to munch on. My photographer showed us how to put prefold diapers on a newborn.

The midwives examined my bottom. I did need a few stitches; I blame myself for pushing too darn hard, rather than remembering my Hypnobabies “Ahhhh” pushing! On the bright side, my midwives told me to use my hypnosis as they stitched me up, just as I’d done during my birthing time. I did, and that made the stitching a lot easier. They even commented on how relaxed I was! Yeah for Hypnobabies!

The midwives also did the newborn exam. W weighed in at 8 lbs 11 oz, and measured 21″ long. A tiny little thing — the first baby under 9 lbs in at least three generations of women in my family.

It all took around 3 hours, and then everyone started to clear out, leaving our new family of four plus my mom (who had flown in from Atlanta that morning to help with M) alone in the house. W and I spent the rest of the evening cuddling in bed. M came in often to visit with me and her new baby brother. She adores him!

That night, I slept with W and DH on one side, my cat on the other. I laid awake for about an hour after one of W’s nursing sessions, staring at my two boys, reviewing the incredible events of that amazing day in my head. Totally blissed out. A perfect way to end one of the best days of my life.

Thanks to Hypnobabies for an amazing and very easy birth experience!

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Hi All,

Our My Best Birth video sponsorship started today and you can see us here as the pre-ad roll video (30 seconds), as well as banner ads above and below the video:


Leila did NOT use Hypnobabies, but was hoping for a natural birth.

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First a bit of background.  This is my 2nd birth, my first was 2.5yrs ago at a very conventional hospital that had a 98% epidural rate!  This was ok with me though since I knew no other way to manage the pain.  I was induced with pitocin due to pregnancy induced hypertension, had an epidural, and pushed for 1.5 hrs.  Ended up with at 3rd to 4th degree tear and a beautiful 8lb 7oz boy.

Fast forward to present, we are now living in a new state and we have a very natural birth friendly hospital that I also work at has a L&D nurse.  And of course, I found and studied HypnoBabies ☺

It all started on the evening of November 27, 2009 when I was 38w6d pregnant.  Hubbie was at the airport dropping off my brother for his flight home and had taken our 2.5yr old along for the ride.  My blood pressure was pretty high that day and I was getting bad headaches and felt pretty lousy.  I had been diagnosed with gestational hypertension the two weeks prior and was going to be induced in four days.  I was lying down in bed and got up to go to the bathroom.  While sitting on the toilet I suddenly felt this strong downward pressure.  It didn’t hurt and I chalked it up to the baby moving around.  When I stood up from the toilet there was a big splash as my water broke all over the floor.  At first I thought it was pee although that really didn’t make sense.  The water was clear though so I realized what had happened.  I immediately started crying.  This was the absolute worst time for this to happen since we were without anyone to take care of our toddler for the next 24hrs (my brother was already on the plane heading home at this point).  I cleaned up the floor and continued to gush fluid but wasn’t having any contractions.  I called DH and left a message on his phone and called my sister and sobbed since I was so stressed-out.  DH called me back and confirmed that my brother was on the plane and we couldn’t get him back so he was coming home and that he would figure out what to do with our son.  DH’s calm demeanor made me feel so much better!

Meanwhile I called my OB to tell her my water had broken.  She said to come to the hospital in the morning if nothing happened overnight or if the contractions started and were 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute for 1 hour to come in then.  At this point I wasn’t having any contractions so I just assumed we would be going in, in the morning.  I decided to do a fear release which really got me calmed down.  I realized I had nothing packed and started getting a bag together for the hospital.  I started feeling menstrual-like cramps but they weren’t painful at all.  DH came home and had figured out a plan for our son and took him over to a neighbors house for the night.  I was so relived that my son was happy and being well taken care of.
The menstrual like cramps continued until about 9pm when they started feeling more like a squeezing sensation.  They still were not painful at all but I decided to get comfortable and start listening to the scripts so that I would be ready.  I got on my birthing ball upstairs in my bedroom and leaned on the bed listening to my scripts.  I became really focused and completely lost track of time.  The contractions were close together, every 2-3min, but only lasted around 30 seconds.  At some point I started moaning through them but I wasn’t in pain, the moaning just gave me something else to focus on.  When DH came back from dropping my son off he sat beside me, timing the waves and offering support.

Around 11:15 pm I decided to try some new positions since I had been on the birthing ball for so long.  This is where I lost my focus.  I had been so comfortable on the ball and I should have just stayed there but I remembered reading that you should move around so I did.  Listen to your instincts!  Anyways, I tried getting on all fours but I couldn’t tolerate it for a minute.  DH ran me a bath and as soon as I got in I couldn’t handle it and I got out.  I was having trouble re-gaining my focus and the contractions had become very strong and were now 2-3min apart lasting for 1min each.  In retrospect I’m not sure if things suddenly ramped up or I just came out of hypnosis.  At any rate, I decided that I had, had enough and that I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I couldn’t find a comfortable position or get back in the groove and just felt desperate and wanted to go to the hospital and get an epidural!  DH calmly said he believed I could do it without and was I sure I wanted to go?  I figured I was around 4cm and had a long ways to go and was done.  How wrong I was!  So off we went to the hospital.

We had a 30min ride to the hospital and at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to sit in the car but somehow I was able to and off we went.  Once I was in the car I was able to regain my focus and listened to the scripts again.  Even though the contractions were incredibly intense and powerful I felt less desperate and more able to cope.  The contractions were incredibly close together.  I would have one very strong one then it would fade into a mild one then accelerate into a moderate one.  After that I would get 30 sec were all sensation was completely gone and then it would start up all over again.

DH drove fast and told me later that he was timing all of the waves and realized that I was a lot closer to having Liam then I thought!  When we got to the hospital DH jumped out to get me a wheelchair and a nurse from the ER came out to help.  As I got out of the car I felt the most unbelievable urge to push.  Really it wasn’t even an urge – my body was pushing whether I liked it or not!  The nurse made a joke about me wearing earphones and I remember thinking it was pretty funny but I couldn’t respond – I was busy!

DH raced me up to labor and delivery (where I work) and I was so happy to see some friendly familiar faces.  One look at me and they knew things were moving fast!  I remember saying “I feel like I need to push but it seems too soon!”  One of the nurses checked me and I was fully dilated and Liam was +2 station.  It was 12:30am, just 3.5hrs since the contractions started.

At first my nurses thought they could get the med-lock in (IV) but quickly realized it was going to be too hard so they decided to forget it.  They were having a hard time getting Liam’s heart rate and my OB had not arrived yet.  All the while my body was pushing but I wasn’t putting any extra effort into it.  The pushing actually felt great and was much more comfortable than the squeezing of the contractions.

15min later my OB arrived.  By this time my nurses had found Liam’s heart rate and it was lower than it should be.  He didn’t seem to be tolerating the contractions well.  My nurse looked at me and said “The baby’s heart rate is dropping.  You need to really push.”  At this point I started pushing hard with the contractions and it felt great!  I was really worried about this part but it wasn’t painful like I thought it would be.  I could feel Liam’s head moving down and out.  It was great to feel that feedback instead of the numbness from the epidural where it was so hard to tell what I was doing.

I pushed for about 15min all together and then Liam was out!  Turns out he had the cord around his neck twice and that is why his heart rate was dropping.  As soon as my OB looped it off his started crying and pinked up.  He was put on my chest skin-to-skin and dried off.  I felt so wonderful.  I did it!

In retrospect, I realized that when I had felt like I couldn’t handle the contractions anymore I was actually in transition.  I had read so many stories where this was the case but for some reason I didn’t think that this pertained to me!  I must have been around 9cm when we got in the car to head to the hospital.  I am very glad that I listened to my intuition that is was time to go!  When I was preparing for the birth I had done a lot of visualization on how I wanted my birthing time to go.  I saw myself spending most of my labor on my birthing ball and then labor would be very quick and that I would get to the hospital towards the very end of my labor.  Visualization is a powerful tool!  In the end I got exactly what I wanted, a natural, medication-free hypnobirth without even an IV.  And now our little Liam is here!

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