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1. Do you feel like hypnosis helped you be able to move past your cesarean birth so you could focus on this new and different birth?
no 0.00% 0  
2. Regardless of the outcome of this birth, are you grateful you used hypnosis during your pregnancy?
no 0.00% 0  
3. Were you successful in getting your VBAC?
no 0.00% 0  
4. Would you recommend hypnosis to other moms going for a VBAC?
no 0.00% 0  
unsure 0.00% 0  

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*****This is not a scientific study.  I had 60 results.  These results are from moms using a few different types of Childbirth for Hypnosis classes. ******  

1. Was one of your main goals in taking a Hypnosis for Childbirth class to have a birth with NO pain medication?
no 0.00% 0  
2. Did you end up wanting pain medication at some point during this birth?
3. Did you get pain medication?
yes – drugs through IV
yes – epidural

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*****This is not a scientific study.  I had 60 results.  These results are from moms using a few different types of Childbirth for Hypnosis classes. ****** 
How would you rate your comfort level during your birth?
Completely Comfortable for the Entire birth.
Completely Comfortable until Manageable discomfort during Pushing
Completely Comfortable until Discomfort during Pushing
Completely Comfortable until Manageable discomfort during Transformation
Completely Comfortable until Discomfort during Transformation
Some Manageable discomfort throughout the birthing time
Discomfort throughout the birthing time
 Were you happy with this birth experience?
Do you feel your hypnosis tools helped you during your birth?
Would you use hypnosis again for future births?
yes, same program
yes, different program
Would your recommend hypnosis for childbirth to your friends?



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To share her joy of her Hypnobabies births.  She has had 2 babies using Hypnobabies.  Each baby weighed over 10 pounds! 

Here is the link to Cynthia’s Hypnobabies Birth Blog.  Go check it out!

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I lost my mucous plug on Saturday (December. 1st…my due date was the
 5th) and had some waves that night, but they stopped around three in
 the morning. The next day we walked around the mall and about a
 million other places but the waves weren’t coming back. Finally I
 decided to go to be around seven at night and they started up
 again. I took a bath around nine, watched a movie, and got my
 birthing pool ready. Around three in the morning on Monday, December.
 3rd, I decided to call my midwife. I was already at 6cm with a
 ripened cervix and fully effaced. Two hours later I was at 10 cm.
 Up to this point, I hadn’t felt any pain whatsoever.
 That’s when things got a little rough…my midwife’s partner decided
 to check me to see what was going on because I still didn’t feel the
 need to push. I felt INCREDIBLY uncomfortable having her up there
 and told her to get her hand away from me and she wouldn’t!!
 Anyway, after what seemed like forever, she finally listened to me.
 (thanks to my wonderful midwife and friend, Rachel Talley). Anyway,
 I felt so uncomfortable that I think I consciously decided to wait a
 little longer before having my baby…I didn’t feel ready for it
 anymore, and it took me quite a while to get over that feeling.
 We got out of the pool for a while and I tried sitting backwards on
 the toilet or laying in bed, but it wasn’t helping. The midwives
 decided to leave Jason and me alone in the bedroom for a while…it
 was actually an amazing experience…my husband started praying for
 us and showed an extremely vulnerable side that I’d never seen
 before. He told me that Ammon was there with us and that he was on
 our way and would be here soon. That gave me some encouragement.
 As a side note, I hadn’t invited my mom to the birth because she was
 really uncomfortable with the idea of a home birth, so I decided
 that I didn’t want negative vibes there. Well, around eleven in the
 morning (after about six hours of being fully dilated), she randomly
 showed up! It was an amazing experience, though, because I had all
 of a sudden really felt the need to have her there, but didn’t want
 to call her because I’d felt bad about not inviting her in the first
 place. It seems as though as soon as my mom showed up, things
 started moving again.
 I had to get out of the pool for a while and push on a makeshift
 birthing pool (it was so uncomfortable that my butt hurt for a few
 days). After several more hours of pushing (you can imagine how
 tired I was…I hadn’t slept since Friday night…I was even falling
 asleep in between waves!!), my little boys’ head came into sight and
 he started crowning. I got back into the pool for my water birth
 and had the opportunity to deliver him completely on my own. (This
 was at 2:34 after about nine and a half hours of being fully dilated)
 He latched on immediately and has been great with BFing ever since.
 He weighed exactly 8 lbs and measured 21.5 inches. He’s absolutely
 beautiful with blue eyes (must have come from several generations
 back because he and I and all our parents have dark brown eyes),
 olive skin, and a full head of dark hair.
 As for the Hypnobabies…I had my Hypnobabies CD’s going in the
 background, but that’s all I did. I’m not sure if it was the
 hypnosis, but I can honestly say that the only discomfort I felt was
 with the midwife. All the waves were strong and empowering, but no
 pain at all. Even the actual birth felt no worse than an Indian
 Well, guess that wasn’t exactly short, was it? Anyway, I’d like to
 thank all three of you, especially Laura I absolutely loved my
 homebirth/Hypnobabies experience and can’t wait for the next one!!

This birth story was shared by a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  Come join us if you want to learn more about Hypnobabies!  (You must send an introduction to be approved to the group) 

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I read this great review on Molly Reads Blog for a Prenatal Yoga DVD.  

It is called Yoga for Your Pregnancy by Yoga Journal and Lamaze.  You should go read Molly’s post, because she has actually used it.  She is also a wonderful Childbirth Educator, so she knows her stuff!  But is sounds like a great exercise tool for expecting and even postpartum moms.

Molly finishes her review saying, “There is an interview with the instructor as one of the bonus features and she talks about her planned homebirth which progressed very quickly and so she ended up having an unplanned unassisted birth, which I thought was cool. She also talks about using hypnosis to prepare for birth.” 

Yoga and Hypnosis are great in combination in preparing for and birthing your baby. 

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Emira’s Home Birth

Last Saturday, February 16th, 2008, I had my 40 Week 3 Day appointment. My midwife did an internal and said I was the same as last week (3cm Dilated). Boy was I disappointed. She offered to sweep my membranes again, (Which we had done for past 3 weeks) and of course since I was tired of pregnancy and felt it as time I said yes. She did the sweep and as we were sitting on her couch visiting I started to get waves.

She had just delivered another baby at 8 am and had been up all night so she was going home to sleep for a couple of hours. When we left the appointment it was about 2 o’clock. A quick note, I had decided to homebirth about 32 weeks along in this pregnancy. I loved my obgyn but she was going to be out of town on  my due date week. She had suggested being induced a week early so she could support me in my effort for a natural childbirth. But my  whole reason for going for natural and not an epidural this time had been to see/trust my body to work on its own this time so being induced did not sound reasonable at all to me.

I found a great direct entry (homebirth in Utah) midwife and began seeing her in December. We decide to go eat lunch and see if the waves would progress. We stopped at one Costco to get gas then started heading towards Chili’s. On our way there I decided to start timing waves at 2:46pm. They were coming every 5-6 minutes consistently. I decided I couldn’t sit through a sit down lunch with these waves so we headed to a different Costco to eat pizza with the kids and walk around. Well we got to eating pizza but I couldn’t walk they were so strong.

I was fine breathing through them and was using a method called Hypnobabies to cope with the waves. This is a method of Self Hypnosis and it worked great for me. I imagined my waves as waves on the ocean and just rode them out not experiencing pain but definitely pressure. We called our midwife Vivian and told her sorry to wake you but this is where I am. She said to drive home and let her know if I was still having waves. Half an hour later we were home it was about 5pm. I timed waves for  another hour and they stayed about 4-5 minutes apart. I was sensing a difference in them though so I called her and asked her to drive up. This takes about 45 minutes from where she is so we called our families to give them the heads up as well.

When Vivian got to our house I was still timing waves online. She took one look at me and said are you willing to stop timing your waves and just admit you are  in labor? I laughed and said yes and we headed downstairs. We did an internal and I was at a 7-8. At this point when I was having waves the top part of the waves were very intense and I had to have  my husband holding my hands then but they were still completely something I could handle. I was upset because the water tub was still not full but it was full enough to get in.

I had been laboring on a birth ball which was great until  transition where I dropped to my knees and held my husbands hands. By now it was about 8:30pm. I was in the pushing stage for about 30 minutes and with 4 pushes Emira was out and joined us at 8:56pm. She was a perfect 8lb 2 oz and 21 inches long. She came out peacefully and lay on my chest. She did have the cord wrapped around her neck twice so my husband was unable to catch her which I  think was a little disappointing to him but of course the Emira’s safety was our top priority.

We went to the pediatrician two days later and  everything still looked great. We have been home a week today and she is sweet and sleeps a ton and is my first child I am able to really breastfeed (because of work schedule) so I am so excited to have this time with her. 

A couple of quick thoughts. My waves never came closer than 4minutes apart lasting at most 2 minutes so it was good I could feel the change from regular to transition stage. My water didn’t break until I was pushing and already fully dilated, so all those “signs” I was watching for never happened but being in tune  with my body ended up being the most important thing.

Also, my Hypnobabies technique was so effective at keeping me in a state of calm that even my mother  who is a RN and was totally against homebirth/natural childbirth said you have convinced me if all births could be this peaceful, birth would be viewed completely differently. If you made it this far into my story thanks for reading and good luck to everyone with their sweet babies. 


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