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At least one of these moms did the Hypnobabies Home Study.  Maybe more did.  But regardless, this is a very important message for multiple moms.  You can have a vaginal birth!  You can have an un-medicated birth as well!

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Orgasmic Birth

There is a new movie, Orgasmic Birth being released that looks very interesting.   It talks about how birth can be enjoyable, even orgasmic.  I know that many moms using Hypnobabies have enjoyable, comfortable births, I imagine some have probably even had orgasmic births.  This movie will hopefully help inspire moms to have un-medicated births in supportive environments and learn that it can be a wonderful, enjoyable experience. 

I used Hypnobabies and did have a beautiful birth, while I wouldn’t describe it as orgasmic, it was amazing and enjoyable and empowering.  I look forward to watching the film when it comes out and hosting a screening at my house for all my friends, students and clients! 

You can read a great interview with Debra about her film.   Also the film will be highlighted on 20/20 on May 16th! 

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I’ve been studying Hypnobabies since 20 weeks (I’m 37 now) and finally had a chance to try out my mad hypnosis skillz today. I have a
complete phobia of needles, like paralyzing, fainting bad. My midwife wanted to do a blood draw last week and I said no, let’s wait a week and I’ll come prepped for it.

This morning I did a Fear Release session but was still feeling nervous. So I get there today, go and lay down before the appointment and listen to one of my scripts on iPod. I told DH to have them draw the blood as quickly as they could without disturbing me while I was relaxed. So I’m laying there and I feel her put on the band and wipe with alcohol and then a tickle on my arm like she brushed it with her finger. All of a sudden the band is off and I’m like *what the heck, she missed the vein!!!*.

So I open my eyes and she says “All done, you did great!”. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!

Last time I had my blood drawn I fainted and it took me 10 minutes to come around fully. This time I stood up and said “wow, that was it?” and walked into her exam room without batting an eye!!!

I am so jazzed to use this for birth now. Even if I just get to use hypnosis for blood draws for the rest of my life it would be totally worth it but now I completely believe it is going to be awesome for my birth and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.


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You have probably spent the past several months dreaming about the day your baby will finally be nestled in your arms instead of in your womb.  And now, more than likely, you are reading this because you are interested in the possibility of having an amazing birth experience using hypnosis.  I want to share with you why I teach Hypnobabies.
I had three incredibly wonderful birth experiences without using hypnosis.  And I knew it was possible for mothers to achieve what I was extremely fortunate to have experienced.  I decided to incorporate my hypnosis training into my Doula services, so I began to investigate the childbirth hypnosis programs that were already created. 
I discovered Hypnobabies and after making comparisons, I realized there was no comparison to what Hypnobabies offers.  I became an instructor.  I love teaching Hypnobabies because:
~ it is based on the philosophy that birth is normal,
~ it provides life-long skills,
~ it works!
Lasi has been a Hypnobabies Instructor since 2005.  She is certified as a Birth Doula and in hypnotherapy.  In 2005, she founded and currently co-directs Mothering & More Birth Network in Pennsylvania.  She is a Coordinator for Operation Special Delivery in the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

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