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Their birth story began on September 20 when I was 33 weeks pregnant
with the twins. At 2am I woke with pressure waves (PWs) that were
strong and intense and 10 minutes apart. Within 30 minutes, they were
5 minutes apart so we headed to the hospital. When we got there, they
checked my dilation and I was 4 cm and 75% effaced. Since it was so
early, they immediately started me on Terbutaline, antibiotics, and
steroid shots. The Terbutaline didn’t have any real effect on the
PWs, so they next started me on Magnesium Sulfate. At that point,
delivery seemed imminent. The local hospital doesn’t have the
facilities for babies prior to 35 weeks, so I was transferred by
ambulance to a hospital about 60 miles away.

I stayed on Magnesium Sulfate for 3 days and then they turned it off
to see if the labor would restart. I had PWs the whole time but they
weren’t “productive”. I stayed in the hospital 24 hours longer and
when I didn’t dilate any further, I went home. It took 2 weeks to
recuperate from the Mag-Sulfate so my mom stayed with me and cooked
for me.

On October 14, labor started again. This time I was 36 weeks. After 4
hours of PWs that were 5 minutes apart, we headed back to the
hospital. I dilated from 4 cm to 6 cm in the triage area within the
first 20 minutes. The standard procedure for delivering twins is in
the operating room (which I was okay with) so we headed straight
there. After 30 minutes or so I felt the intensity of the PWs die way
down. After spending 3 hours in the OR, I finally told the MW that I
didn’t think the PW were productive anymore. We headed to a regular
room to rest and see if the PWs picked up again. The next morning,
they were completely gone. We spent that day in the hospital, walking
the halls and seeing if we could get things going again. No luck.

At this point the OB was very reluctant to see me go home since I was
so dilated. We agreed to stay one more night and check again for
dilation in the morning. I was so tired from little sleep, walking
all day and the stress from being in the hospital again. My
confidence in my body was severely shaken with the starts and stops.
The OB on call that night came in to talk to us about doing an amnio
to check if the babies’ lungs were developed enough to induce labor.
I was so frazzled that I almost agreed. My DH was much steadier of
mind and reminded me that the babies should choose their own
birthday. There was no sign of distress in the babies and I was fine –
why induce at 36 weeks?

So the next morning, our favorite midwife (she also attended the
birth of our daughter) checked me and since there was no change,
discharged us.

We spent the next week getting stuff ready around the house. We are
also house-hunting since we are currently in a 2-bedroom condo with
soon-to-be 4 kids so we looked through some houses.

On the afternoon of October 21, while looking through the house that
we ultimately decided to buy, labor started again. We monitored the
PWs for a while, but then had the bloody show and very intense PWs.
So we headed in to the hospital – again. This time I was at 8 cm at
check-in (no triage this time). In about an hour I was at 9 cm and we
headed to the OR again. All this time I had been using my hypnosis
tools very effectively.

One thing was very different from my DD’s birth. This time, the OBs
really pushed the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to
me and try to convince me that epidurals are completely safe and that
I should get one “just in case”. I refused, stating that I was
consenting to deliver in the OR “just in case”. He was sure to let me
know that he would be right there in the OR if I changed my mind.

It’s odd, but the operating room is icy-cold! DH and our MW (the same
one again), made sure I had warm blankets and tried to warm me up.
Slowly I noticed that the PWs were getting less intense and spacing
further out. After an hour or so I didn’t need to focus to get
through the PWs. I asked the MW to start some pitocin at a low level,
just get things moving again. Every 30 minutes or so, they turned up
the pitocin. I would get a couple of good PWs each time it got turned
up, then they would taper all the way down again. I was getting
discouraged – I thought pitocin was a sure thing; it never occurred
to me that it would not give me hard, intense PWs!

I will never forget sitting on the operating table at midnight in a
freezing cold operating room, singing great 70′s and 80′s rock songs
with the MW and nurses, dilated to 9 cm, maxed out on pitocin, and
feeling nothing. We were playing “name that song/artist” and chatting
about life in general.

Finally, at around 12:30, I asked the MW to break Andrew’s bag of
water. Thing got really intense after that. The PWs were definitely
uncomfortable at that point, but I went back to using my hypnosis
tools and stayed very much in control. I felt every sensation as
Andrew made his way out. There was pressure outward on my hips as
Andrew pushed past William. Once Andrew was out, William began to
settle into place, staying head down. William was still floating in
his bag of water, and the bag didn’t break until I was pushing him
out. It almost felt like he got “washed” out when the water

Andrew arrived at 1:00 am, October 22 and William followed at 1:28
am. It was a wild ride from the water breaking to William’s arrival.
The intense cold of the room made it very difficult to relax the way
I wanted. I birthed them both laying on my left side, but the nurse
had to pry my right leg up to allow the boys to come out because I
had my legs clamped together. There were only two things that I
remember hurting – moving that leg and having the heart monitor
touching my belly. Otherwise, it was a very satisfying experience. I
felt like I was on a high for a while after the birth, even though
our babies ended up in the NICU before I could hold them. They both
had 1 minute apgars of 8, but then had breathing problems at 4
minutes. They were both in my room with me within 12 hours, doing
great! Both immediately nursed, having nice big mouths and perfect

Both the MW and the nurses thanked me several times after the birth.
Apparently it is so rare that twins are birthed naturally and even
more so that the MW gets to catch both. I’m pretty convinced that I
would have had a c-section if I had gotten the epidural. With that
and the pitocin, I would have had failure to progress and the boys
heart rates may have suffered. I am so thankful to my supportive DH
and Hypnobabies. None of it would have been possible without them.
Three weeks later, I am tired but still feeling so powerful – amazing!

Andrew – 6lbs 11oz, 19 inches long
William – 6lbs 6 oz, 19 inches long

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How excited I am to share my wonderful birth story. Sorry if this is a little long but this is my first birth and I am not sure where to start since I am not sure when “labor” actually began so I will first say that around Sunday the 2nd of November I started having what felt to be like pms cramps. I called my Doula and she asked that I just keep her informed if anything progresses. They subsided and then would come and go till Tuesday the 4th.

I had a doctors appt. that morning and when he checked me he said that I was at 0-1 dialated. No problem since my 40 week mark was that Thursday anyways and I wasn’t worried or rushing it. I let him know about the “cramps” and that I had started just a little bit of bloody show. Went home and just hung out around the house with DH.

The cramps got a little more intense as the day progressed and around 10:00 pm I joked to my DH that he might not be going into work tomorrow. Around 10:30 he fell asleep but I was unable to get comfortable. They were getting stronger and to be honest I was getting a little scared because I kept thinking that if this is just signs of upcoming birthing time I can’t imagine what that is going to be like. I debated waking my DH and just kinda walked around the house doing my peace cues and trying different positions.

At 2:00am I suddenly got really sick and threw up. I called my doula and told her what what was going on so she said to get dressed and that she and her doula partner (I got two doulas for the price of one!) would meet me at the hospital. I was really worried that I was waking everyone up for no reason and that I would get sent back home. We arrive there and get checked in. The nurse asked if she could check my progress ( the staff was awesome andtotally respected my Birth plan ) and I said yes. She checked and I was at 5cm : )

I couldn’t believe it. Just that morning I wasn’t even fully at 1 and I didn’t even think that I had truly begun my birthing time and yet here I was at 5cm. They get me into my room and by this time it is about 3:00am. My DH and doulas were incredible. When my PW would start my DH would do the release cue and my Doula would press on my back and hips. That extra pressure plus release cues made me think that the waves were over until I would move or they would let go of my hips and I would realize that I was actually peaking at that time.

Pretty soon the PW were right on top of each other with no breaks in between but I just relaxed and let my body do what it needed to do. I really started to go in myself and not focus on anything. I could hear them talking to me and giving me my cues but it all kinda sounded muted or muffled. I didn’t really have a concept of time.

By 8:30 I was at 10cm. Pushed for 2 hours and at 10:25am I gave birth to a beautiful 8lb 19in boy with lots of brown hair!!

My DH said he overheard the nurses talking about how they couldn’t believe how calm I was and my doulas said it was inspirational the way my body and baby was working together. My Dh is so proud of me and I am so thrilled I took this chance on Hypnobabies. No drugs were needed and I would say that I was only in “labor” for about 10-12 hours. BTW my water broke minutes before I started pushing.

Thank you to all the women on this site, when I had doubts just reading the posts made me feel better and more focused. I couldn’t have done it without my DH,my doulas and the strength and wisdom I got from the women in this group*. Keep having faith in yourselves because you can do it!!

*Hypnobabies Yahoo Group is a great place to interact with other moms using hypnosis for birth

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I wanted to thank you sincerely for such a wonderful site and offer my Hypnobabies story. I love hearing birth stories but once I started my Hypnobabies self study course, I found myself steering clear of all birth stories.  I was worried I would hear something negative and my bubble of peace wouldn’t do it’s job.  I came across your website when I was about 30 weeks pregnant and it was a breath of fresh air.  I needed to hear those positive and beautiful stories.  Thank you for sharing them!
If you are still collecting stories for your website, here is mine.  It was not an entirely painfree childbirth but it was very close to it.  This was my 2nd birth and my first hypnobaby.  With my first child, I was in labor for close to 11 hours and it was not a very good experience (except for the beautiful outcome – my son!).  My birthing time with this birth was the complete opposite.
I woke up on my due date about 2:30 in the morning and just didn’t feel right. My stomach hurt and I was uncomfortable so I got up and started walking around my living room a bit. I realized I was having pressure waves and they weren’t very consistent but I could really feel them. About 3, I decided to get together my things and take a shower before I woke up my husband.   When I woke him up at 3:30, he wanted to know how far apart my ctx were and I had no idea. He started timing them for me while playing in an online poker tournament. I would say, ‘write down the time’ when I felt one start. And he’d write it down and go back to his game. (BTW, he finished 7th in the tournament. lol)I walked around my living room and when I would feel a pressure wave, I would kneel over my birthing ball and rock back and forth, concentrating my mental anesthesia where I needed it. At 4, my husband told me my pressure waves were really inconsistent. I said, I’d rather them be inconsistent here than at the hospital! I decided to listen to my Easy First Stage cd from Hypnobabies to regulate them.

I flipped my light switch to the center and continued leaning over my birthing ball.  I would say to myself, open open open and I really could feel my cervix opening. At 4:30 when my pressure waves were consistently 4 min apart, I had my husband call his mom to come watch our son. He said Why? I said because I don’t wanna have this baby here! I was kind of hungry and trying to listen to my body so I ate a couple bites of toast. Not as delicious as I had hoped. His mom got there about 5:15 and my pressure waves were 2 min apart at that point. I was ready to go!

We left for the hospital and I put on my birthing day affirmations cd. It was relaxing and positive but being in the car for 20 min was tough. I just closed my eyes and focused on the cd.  My husband actually asked me if I was still having contractions! He then went by mcd’s but they were closed so we stopped for a few minutes at the gas station while he bought a paper, donuts, and a breakfast sandwich.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00. I walked in and they said yes? I said yeh I’m in labor. They got me back into a triage room  and the tech guy was getting me hooked up to the ctx and fetal monitor. I was getting really pissy about having to lay down. My husband was just bsing with the guy while they tried to get the monitor in the right spot. The baby was freaking out about the monitor being on her and all of a sudden she kicked REAL hard and then I heard POP! And my water broke everywhere.

I said “oooh. My water broke”…And that was the end of my pleasantness! I don’t know if I suddenly lost my focus or what but my pws went from being completely manageable to being very intense. I started to feel really pushy and they wanted me to lift up to put a pad under my butt. NO! They wanted me to lay on my back to be checked. NO! I started to puke up my couple bites of toast, yum.

The nurse agreed to check me on my side while I was still in triage and I was complete and +2. No wonder I was feeling pushy! They rolled me down the hall to a delivery room and asked me to move beds. I said NO once again. But I had to….so I finally just sucked it up and moved. Right away the dr came in and they set everything up for delivery.

The dr insisted that I push the traditional way and I was trying to tell him no, my dr had said it was ok to push how I wanted but he didn’t care and I just wanted the baby out. I used the Hypnobabies suggestion and ‘talked’ to my baby, assuring her that we could do this and that she was just fine.  Out loud, I was saying “I can do this I can do this I can do this.” So I put my legs in the stirrups and they said push when you feel like it. I used the Ah technique suggested by Hypnobabies and it was incredibly effective!

3 pressure waves later at 6:57am, Nora Christine was born. She weight 8lb 3oz and was 21 inches long.

The nurses and my husband were astonished!  The nurses kept telling me, you make this look so easy.  My husband is a bit ornery so he wasn’t quite as vocal about his surprise at the ease of my birthing time.  He did tell me he was disappointed he hadn’t gotten to read the paper!  He had misjudged how my birthing time was progressing because he expected it to be similar to my first child’s birth.
In addition to having such a wonderful birth experience, I fully credit Hypnobabies for the length of my birthing time and the timing itself.  I had used imagery to picture my birthing time from beginning to end during my last few weeks.  In my mind, my husband would be home (he often works out of town), I would comfortably “labor” at home, arrive at the hospital at least 8cm dilated, and have my baby within 4 and a half hours from my first pressure wave.
The mind is an incredible thing!  And Hypnobabies truly works.  Once my children are older, I’m very interested in becoming a hypnodoula myself.  In the mean time, I just want to share my story and let women know that childbirth does not need to be a terrifying and painful event.
You are certainly welcome to share my birth story if you so choose.  Otherwise, thank you again for you website.  I hope other women find it as positive and inspiring as I did.


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My birthing time started on Monday night, 2/02/09 around 9:20. I went to bed with my tailbone hurting so I turned on my heating pad and lay down to read. After a little while I wanted to change positions so I moved and I felt a bubble pop and my water broke. So I got up and changed my pajama bottoms and let my husband and my mom know. My mom had come in from out of town just in case I started my birthing time on my guess date, which was 2/2/09.  After laying back down I started feeling some pressure waves that were more intense than any Braxton Hicks I had previously had. So I tried to time a few on my own and thought they seemed very close, 1 to 2 minutes apart. I decided to be sure I would have my husband start writing them down to be sure I was right. After about an hour of pressure waves being 1 or 2 minutes apart, I called my doctors office who said to go ahead into the hospital to be checked out. The ride to the hospital took a great deal of focus for me to stay relaxed, every bump in the road was tough!!

Once we arrived at the ER, they wheeled me in because I just couldn’t walk very well at that point. Once I was checked in completely they took me to a room where an internal exam was done, I was 5 centimeters! The week previously I had been to the doctor and she had told me I was 3 centimeters and 50% effaced. My doula Kristin arrived at the hospital and helped me with position changes and when I started feeling sick she had some good smelling peppermint oil to ease the feeling some. The whole time I listened to my Birthing Day track and was able to remain relaxed. Occasionally it was difficult when my legs started aching, which was surprising to me. Kristin massage my legs with oil to help ease the ache.

Not long after my legs acting up, I ended up vomiting my dinner (never again will I want Italian food!). I then started feeling a lot more pushy, so I sat on my birthing ball to help bring the baby down more. During all of this I continued listening to different tracks of hypnobabies. When the nurse came back around I asked if she could check me to see if it would be ok to push. Once checked she said I was fully dilated but there was a little bit of my cervix that was still slightly in the way. So we waiting for maybe 30 more minutes (I don’t really remember the time) and I told the nurse I was ready to push and she said ok, the cervix might move on its own if I went ahead with pushing.

Pushing was difficult and I felt like I wasn’t making a whole lot of progress until I asked my doctor if she had any suggestions for me. She told me to hold my breath with the pressure wave and push hard at that point. I had not wanted to do any holding of my breath, but if I had not I think the birthing would have been at least another hour longer. I pushed for a total of 2 and half hours and then my little Bryce Violet entered the world!!

My experience was almost exactly like I had visualized it! I had visualized a 7 to 8 hour birthing and it really happened! I can honestly say I never felt P***, just intense pressure. All of the nurses and my doctor were so impressed with my birthing time! The hospital is actually going to interview me for their monthly magazine as well as the local newspaper regarding my birthing time and the methods I used for a natural birth experience!

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In my Hypnobabies study, I visualized going into labor on a Friday, at 38 weeks plus 5 days.  With both of my previous non-induced births, I went into labor on a Friday, so my mind naturally went to the same day of the week.  Then, a few weeks out from that date, I mentally set a goal to make it through 1/23 before going into labor.

  • I needed to finish up a major project at work that week
  • I had a three hour spa appointment (a Christmas gift from my employees) scheduled for that morning
  • My husband and I planned to take our twelve year old daughter out to a nice dinner that night.
  • I literally told myself that I had permission to have the baby after dinner on Friday night.
  • I even put the date of 1/24 on the birth announcements that I mocked up a few weeks before.

The mind is a very powerful thing, so 1/23 is when our birth story began…

On Friday morning, 1/23, I started my massage at 10 AM.  It was a wonderful time to relax and contemplate that we would soon bring our fourth child into the world.  The massage was followed by a facial, a spa lunch, a pedicure and a manicure.  It was blissful!  I came home and took a nap around 4 PM.  During the hour long nap, I was woken up by a few waves of pressure in my back.  I had experienced many rounds of “false” labor prior to this time, so I mentioned it to my husband, but wrote it off.

While getting ready for dinner, I felt several more waves, but nothing consistent.  We went out to a lovely dinner with our oldest daughter at a fondue restaurant.  This was an important time for us to spend with her to celebrate some incredible decisions that she is making in her life.  We all joked about the pressure waves that were coming every 7 to 9 minutes.  When I felt a wave coming, I would put some meat in the fondue pot, turn my switch to off, and rest my head on my hands.  When I turned back to center, my meat was done!

On the way home, we called my hypnodoula to let her know that we might be in early labor.  I actually started getting excited!  I got the birthing ball out, set up my laptop to contractionmaster.com, covered up in a blanket and set out to start timing things “officially”.  At 11 PM, the contractions stopped completely!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was fooled again!  I called my doula to let her know that things had stopped and that I was going to bed.

I drifted off to sleep, but was awoken with pressure waves again at 5 AM.  The waves were very random ranging from 5 to 12 minutes apart.  I lay in bed timing contractions and trying to get some work done on my laptop until 9 AM.  At that point, I figured that if a pattern wasn’t organizing itself, that it was probably false labor – AGAIN!  I made a joke about it to my husband and started my day.

I decided to stay home from work because – even if it was false labor – I was mentally frustrated and would probably be a distraction to my coworkers.  I called my doula around 11 AM because I was very frustrated.  The waves wouldn’t go away, but yet, they wouldn’t get closer together either!

  • She told me to make a conscious decision that this was my early birthing time and to start listening to my birth day affirmations.
  • She recommended that I release the fear that the waves may stop again.
  • Finally, she recommended that I stop frustrating myself by timing the waves and just trust that my body would know if they were getting closer together and getting more intense.

All of that advice allowed me to relax and at that point, I turned on the Birth Day Affirmations, turned to center and started nesting.

That bath felt so good and was so peaceful!  I turned on the jets and leaned on the side letting the water hit my belly during the waves.  I was enjoying being totally quiet and totally by myself.  About ten minutes into the affirmations, I realized that I had already had three or four waves!  I decided to time a few on contractionmaster.com.  I had the laptop on the floor right out of the tub, so when a wave would come, I would lean over the side of the tub, press the space bar, and turn off.  The waves were coming 2 ½ minutes apart and were lasting 90 seconds.  I was still so calm, relaxed and comfortable that I had a hard time believing that they were that close.  I didn’t want to get out of the tub… REALLY didn’t want to get out!

But, I knew that if I didn’t, we could end up in trouble.  I didn’t think that I was in transition, but I knew that if I hit transition, we might not make it to the hospital since in my last birthing time, I progressed from 5 cm. to delivered in 20 minutes.  I hauled myself out of the tub, got dressed and went to wake up my husband.  Upon telling him how close the contractions were, he hurriedly loaded up the car!

We took off for the hospital, but had to turn back about 5 minutes into the trip since we forgot to leave our car keys with my mother in law!  I was joking with my husband that it seemed like the waves were spacing out and would probably stop before we got there. I put on my makeup in the visor mirror and just turned to off for my waves.  I was still very comfortable and assumed that if this was my real birthing time, I was probably at 4 or 5 cm.  When we got to the hospital at around 5:45 PM, my husband dropped me off at L&D.  I walked in and waited for him at the elevator.  I realized things had picked up when I had three waves just waiting for him to walk in from the car.

When we checked in at L&D, I was still answering questions, walking on my own, and turning to off when I had a wave.  I didn’t even need to lean on my husband.  I just stood in a wide stance, dropped my head, closed my eyes and swayed.  The nurse took us to triage, but after watching me turn off a couple times, she said that we were going straight to a room.

I got on the gown, and gave her a urine sample.  Thank goodness my hypnodoula arrived at that time!  I was having more trouble turning off while they were putting the heplock in and strapping on the monitors to establish a baseline.  She was great at reminding me to release and saying scripts to me to help me go deeper.  The nurse checked me once the monitors were in place and to everyone’s surprise, I was 8 cm!!!  Wow!  Walking, talking, calm and collected at 8 cm!  I love Hypnobabies!!!

My doctor came in about that time.  I asked if he would let me get into the jacuzzi tub.  He laughed and said that he didn’t think so, since I was already at an 8.  I begged him, so he agreed if he could check me first.  He found that I was completely dilated, so the jacuzzi was definitely not an option!!!  I was instinctively moaning through my waves at that point.  My doula was encouraging me to “breathe the baby down” pushing as I felt the need.  We did that for a few minutes and then I had the urge to turn on my side.  She held my top leg up to open up my pelvis, while my husband held my hands.  I got a strong urge to push, and my water broke spraying three to four feet across the room!  That relieved a lot of the pressure for a few minutes.

I could then feel Jillian’s head move down.  Honestly, that was the only time that I felt any fear or trepidation.  I was scared that pushing would hurt so I tensed up which made the pressure more intense.  My husband, my doula and my doctor all encouraged me to slow down, relax my bottom and breathe.  It was hard to relax, but I focused very hard, gathered myself and gave a couple huge pushes.  I think I sounded like a momma lion during those pushes!  That was all it took!  Jillian came sliding out at 6:47 PM – less than one hour after arriving at the hospital!

Jillian was pink, alert and nursed immediately for over 45 minutes.  Her apgar scores were 9 and 9.  She was more alert than my first three, because she was completely unmedicated and because it was such a peaceful birth!

After the doctor checked me out, he found that I didn’t tear at all, even though I had scar tissue from two previous episiotomies and a previous tear!  All it took was delivering on my side instead of on my back and my ob using olive oil and perineal support as Jillian crowned!  Because Jillian was able to nurse so well immediately following birth, my ob was able to skip the pitocin shot – my uterus was already contracting very well on its own.  All said… my only medical intervention was a heplock which we agreed to.  That’s not bad for a hospital birth with an ob!

In summary, this was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! It was not scary, painful or out of control.  I was able to have my 8 year old son and 12 year old daughter present for the birth, and was able to give them the wonderful gift of watching a peaceful, comfortable birth, which is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.  I was also able to give Jillian the gift of an unmedicated start to life!  It was everything that I hoped for!  Thank you Hypnobabies!!!


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Hypnobabies rocks!  Keep practicing and I know you all will be amazed on your baby’s beautiful birth day.  I’ll post Danielle’s complete birth story soon but here are the highlights in a nutshell:

Danielle Nicole was born on  January 12 at 8:39 pm (guess date was Jan 21st).  She was 6 pounds 15 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long at birth.

She is doing very well – eating like a champ and her mom, dad and brother are just in awe.  I was able to convince the doctors to discharge us just shy of 24 hours after she was born and we have been much more comfortable getting to know each other at home!

I was able to use all my Hypnobabies skills to “labor” at home for most of Monday.  We arrived at the hospital just in time on Monday evening – around 6 pm – and she was born about 2 1/2 hours later.

That is not to say that it was a short labor.  I had prodromal labor that began on Saturday.  The regular 5 minutes apart pressure waves began on Monday morning and I was able to stay at home for most of Monday until my water broke around 5 pm and the pressure waves were about 2 minutes apart.

We packed up the car and headed off to the hospital at around 5:30 or so.  Before we knew it the baby was on her way and nothing could have stopped her ;-).  The doctor didn’t get there in time and it was the nurse and Daddy who “caught” her.  I’ll save the details for later.

The humorous part is that when the nurse realized she was coming RIGHT THEN she ran out to get some help.  My poor husband could see that she was coming out and he was all by himself.  I heard him yell “She’s coming NOW!” and then say “Where is the call button?”.   For a brief moment I thought he might be leaving to go find the nurse and I begged him not to leave.  Five seconds later three nurses rushed in just as she was born – one nurse helped to guide her out as my husband caught her while the other nurses started frantically grabbing supplies.  My husband said it looked like a comedy routine down to the baby just about flying across the room.

It was everything I had hoped Hypnobabies would help me with –

  • the ability to stay at home as long as possible
  • a quick birth once we arrived at the hospital
  • an alert, healthy, beautiful baby
  • who was able to nurse immediately.

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I was told 19 years ago that I could never have a vaginal birth. This was told to me when I was pregnant with my first child by my doctor. Everyone told me I was just too little and I was just not made to birth a baby. She was a c-section and I had 3 more c-sections after that. Laboring with all of them. One, failure to wait. Two, frank breech. Three, breech. Four, because I didn’t know any different. I knew in my heart I could be normal. I believed this. I just needed someone to believe in me.
I was pregnant with my fifth child. There was only one physician said he would let me try. That’s all I needed to hear. I even scared the midwives and they wouldn’t take me. I finally was going to have a vaginal birth. Well, shortly after that I was devastated to find out I had suffered a miscarriage.
After I got the o.k. we tried again. After trying for one month we were pregnant. I did every thing I could to stay and keep healthy. I took my vitamins, ate healthy, walked 3-5 miles a day and started to see my chiropractor. I also started with Hypnobabies at 13 weeks. (I listened while sleeping at night & used the VBAC cd) Nothing and no one was going to stop me. Thanks to Hypnobabies and my big ‘bubble of peace’ I fought everyone off including my husband.
Here’s my story:
The baby was very low and had been for a couple of weeks. I knew she was going to come early. I didn’t think it would be quite this early though. It was September 5 and I was 36 weeks and 5 days. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. with my water broken. Not a gush, but not a trickle either. I hadn’t had any pressure waves yet. I knew if this was like my last birth they would start soon, even though the last one was a planned section. I woke up my DH and told him today is the day.
At 8:15 my DH called my mom and told her she would need to come and take our DD soon. She is just shy of her third b-day.  We got the kids off to school. Of course, they all wanted to stay home. I started to pack up my things.
9:30 My pressure waves were barely starting.
9:45 They had picked up enough to start timing them. They were 9-10 minutes apart and 30-45 seconds long. I couldn’t feel anything except for tightening. No pain yet. At this point I was getting the car seat put together. I also spent a few minutes cleaning the kitchen.
At 10 a.m. I called my doula to give her heads up. I told her I thought it might be a while so don’t be in any big rush. I was just getting started. She said it was funny I called because she was just thinking of me and how I was. I finished up the kitchen.
10:30 a.m. I went up stairs to get the rest of my things together. I started to time my pressure waves again. To my surprise they were 2 minutes apart 45 seconds long. I knew they were a little closer. I didn’t they were that close because I had NO pain! I called my doula back to let her know. We talked about what I should do, wait it out, her come over, or go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go to soon so I decided to stay at home. Since I wasn’t in any pain I didn’t think she needed to come yet. I went on and put in my birthing day affirmations.
11:30 My mom came over to see how I was doing. She couldn’t believe I was in labor. Finally, I had to ask her to leave so I could stay focused (all she wanted to do was talk). Still no pain, only pressure.
12:00 Mom left. I got in the shower. My pressure waves are 2 minutes apart and 45 seconds long.
12:20 I got out of the shower and laid down. I put in easy first stage. At this point my two year old kept hitting the cd player and turning it off. I told my DH since I couldn’t stay focused because of DD to call my doula and mom and tell them to come. My pressure waves seemed to slow down but were more in tense.
12:25 My doula and mom were called.
12:30 My mom came.  I called my doula and told her I was sweating and shaking. I had also gone to the bathroom and there was bright red blood in the toilet. She was still surprised to see how calm and in control I was. She knew because of my symptoms I was in transformation. We both agreed to meet at the hospital. I didn’t want to get there to early but now I thought I wish we had left sooner. No pain, only tightening.
1:00 We were off to the hospital. I still wasn’t in pain but the pressure waves were very intense. My DH was going 55 mph I told him he might want to go a little faster. That was a very long half hour drive.
1:30 We get to the hospital not before DH tries to go to the doctors office first. I get out of the car with no shoes on. We get buzzed in and I have a pressure wave at the door and this LOUD buzzer goes off. My ipod couldn’t drown this out. With the help of Hypnobabies and my doula I make it through. I opt out of using the wheelchair and choose to walk to triage. They ask me to pee in a cup and put on a gown I decline both and ask if they can just get me to a room.
Of course, they have to check me here first. I think they all about fell on the floor when they found out I just had an anterior lip and was +1. That got them moving a little faster.
The rest of  this I am blurry on times. I remember getting to LDR and my doula tells my DH that I was pushing. I didn’t even know I was until she pointed it out. I was vocalizing at this point. Things were so intense I don’t know what I would of done without Hypnobabies or my doula.
The next thing I knew this doctor walks in that wasn’t my OB. My OB catches his own. I ask who he was. He was filling in for my OB. This was not in my plans. From the start he was rude and wanted to intervene in every way he could. My BOP was tested tremendously. I fought him for two hours. Love that BOP.
The hospital was NOT Hypnobabies or naturally birth friendly at all. He said I should be glad he was there because no one else would take me after so many c-sections. He asked if I wanted him to leave. I said yes, then he wouldn’t go! He said no one else would take as a patient. Whatever!
He also kept saying he was only giving me 15 more minutes then he was using forceps or the vacuum, this would speed things up and ease up any pain. One of the nurses said he had somewhere to be. They turned the lights on, I was center stage for people to came watch, I was told I was only thinking about me not my baby because I wouldn’t use interventions, and they told me as the baby was crowning that if I didn’t use an internal monitor I would have a dead baby! Her strip was fine. He just wanted to be in control.
I still say my BOP protected me, if only my DH knew how to use it. I was doing MUCH better than him. Also, I did get to reach down and touch my babies head, that was AWESOME!
3:28 My baby was born. The mean doctor did two episiotomies without consent! As he was sewing me up from my 2nd degree laceration when my doctor walks in. He drove in from two hours away driving 80-100 mph to catch the baby only to miss it by 10 minutes at the most. The mean doctor was giving my doctor some big spiel about how I had ruptured and I needed an IV. Yes, I won with the IV and hep-lock, I didn’t have one. I even got to wear my own clothes-no gown. I think the way I was all over the bed it would have been the way.
So, my doctor checked me and said ‘no, I hadn’t ruptured and there was no need for it’. I think he was really bummed he missed it.
I had done it. A 100% natural VBA4C. No meds at all. This gives me the courage to do it again!
In the end, it was a very bittersweet day. It was a year ago today that I found out that I had miscarried. And today I was blessed with a perfect baby girl and a natural vaginal birth that everyone doubted I could have. God is good!
Miley Reyce
5 lbs. 13 ozs.
19″ long
Apgars: 9 and 9. Pretty good considering ‘I was self centered and the jerk was threatening me with the internal monitor with the baby not doing well’.
4 hour pain free labor-2 hours of BOP pushing. Thank You Hypnobabies!
I couldn’t have done it without my doctor, Hypnobabies, my chiropractor,and my doula.

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Hi all, well my bubba was born on Monday morning (20 September) at 7.11am, weighing 9lb 7oz and 54cm long.  It was after a very intense 3 hours but an experience that I am appreciating more and more each day as I reflect upon and process my feelings.

Owain (pronounced ‘owen’) is our 3rd baby but first Hypnobabies birth.  I prepared for my second birth using hypnobirthing.  We now have 3 beautiful boys.

The birth:
I was past 41 weeks and beginning to worry that (for the first time) I would be faced with the decision of whether or not to accept an induction at 42 weeks.  Nothing seemed to be happening.  I tried to relax and trust that my baby knew exactly when to come.  On Sunday (after eating a VERY hot Indian meal for dinner on Saturday), we thought things had started in the morning when I felt a bit ‘off’ and the braxton hicks seemed a bit stronger than usual.  So we stayed home from church (which was great because I was not looking forward to all the comments about how ‘overdue’ baby was!) and waited.  And waited…and waited…nothing.  It completely fizzled out.  But I had hope that this was a signal that my body was preparing.  I went to bed hoping that I would have a baby the next morning after a decent night’s sleep.

At 3.30am I woke to go to the bathroom but soon realised that I would have some trouble going back to sleep.  I lay in bed timing the pressure waves to see if they had a pattern.  They were about 5 mins apart but did not seem very long at all.  I felt a little discomfort during the peak of each one but was able to stay completely relaxed.  By 4am though I didn’t want to be doing this on my own and I didn’t want to be lying down.  I woke up hubby and told him I think things had started.  He sleepily said “that’s nice dear” and almost went back to sleep!! lol

Anyway, I stayed on the birth ball for a little bit while my husband woke up properly then took the CD player into the bathroom to begin relaxing in the bath.  We messaged my sister (4.17am) to be ready to pick up our 2 boys soon.  At 4.37am we messaged my midwife that my birthing time had started and continued with my hypnosis and relaxation while listening to the birthing day CD.  I breathed through each pressure wave with my eyes closed in centre-switch and repeating the mantra “open, open, open”.  At first there didn’t seem to be much of a pattern with the pressure waves but timing was difficult because I was having trouble determining when a pressure wave started and finished.  There were definite peaks where I felt discomfort but I felt my tummy tightening a lot (without any discomfort) and wasn’t sure if that was part of the pressure wave or not.  The discomfort I felt in the peaks, I imagined was my cervix stretching open quickly and easily and welcomed the sensation.
At 5.37am my husband thought that we were about 2/2.5 mins apart and messaged my midwife to tell her.  She called back and I said I wanted to come in asap.  The pressure waves were definitely starting to become overwhelming and, for me, that is the sign that I needed her.  We began preparations to leave (I had a list of everything that needed to go in the car, e.g. hospital bag, towels in case my waters released in the car, apple to snack on etc.).  While my husband was attending to that, I called my sister into the bathroom to help me through the pressure waves and told her to tell me to “open”.  This visualisation/affirmation was very effective in my second birth (6 hours) and I was pretty determined to “open” quickly this time as well.  At some point before we got in the car, I did start feeling the need to vocalise a little during the pressure waves as they were feeling more intense but I tried to stay loose and limp by blowing raspberries (see “Sphincter Law” from Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth).  By 6am we were in the car and on our way.  The ride in the car didn’t seem too bad and I wondered if my body knew to slow down just for those 10 minutes.  I think I only had 1 or 2 pressure waves and I was able to stay relaxed, quiet and limp.

During the car trip I expressed to my husband that I was scared I wasn’t as far along as I thought.  I felt that it was important for me to express my fear as a way of releasing it.  I told him that I wanted him to keep reminding me that it would be over soon and we would meet our baby.  I said that he should tell me that even if we find out I am only 4cm, because it was still possible that I could fully dilate within an hour or less (I have attended a birth where this happened and have read of such instances in birth stories also).  We met the midwife in the car park and I was so glad to see her I nearly cried!  I hugged her and told her my fear as well.  Just at that moment a pressure wave came and I felt the urge to push!  My midwife gently laughed and said that she didn’t think my fear would be a problem.  My husband and midwife had to support me (under each arm) while walking to the birthing suite (it’s a long walk at the other side of the hospital!!) because I was really zoning out now with each pressure wave.  I was groaning and grunting/pushing too.  I was very focused and in my own little world.

Once in the birthing room things continued to intensify.  I was feeling very overwhelmed by the sensations and vocalised to release tension/energy but I was sure to keep my noises low to stay loose and limp.  My visualisation of a calm, quiet birth had gone out the window but I was still very focused and dealing with the sensations instinctually.  I felt inside myself hoping to feel a head.  I was pretty sure I could feel the head, but there was something else there that felt smooth and hard (the head has a squishy feeling).  I thought it might be a lip of cervix.  I asked my midwife to confirm that the head was definitely there.  She said it was the head and that there was a lip of cervix there too and that was what was slowing things down a little.  “I knew it” I thought.  Damn.  I went through a couple more pressure waves and then asked if she could do something about the lip (I had read birth stories where the midwife pulled it out of the way – it sounded uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as it was pushing against cervix!).  She said she could but I would need to move over to the mat (I was in the bathroom where hubby was showering my back to relieve the discomfort in my back).  I thought, “ok,…I can do that…” I started thinking about how I could crawl to the mat but soon realised that I did not want to move.  I focused on relaxing more during the next pressure wave and imagined the cervix melting away.  Then I reached inside, it had thinned some and I gently pulled at it and felt it slip away to the side.

Anyway, I had told myself (in my head) that once the lip was gone, this baby was going to come FAST (in fact, I had resolved in my mind that this baby was going to come out in one go even if the midwife had to pull it out!  The sensations were so intense that I was determined that the baby’s head and shoulders would be born in the same pressure wave).  So once the lip was gone I really focused on pushing. I matched the intensity of the sensations with my grunting/pushing and just followed my body.
[Following my body was not something I thought about though, I just did it.  It was very instinctual.  It was very primitive.  Rationale and reason did not exist.  Nothing existed in that moment except for the task of bringing my baby into the world.  At some point I did manage to say "camera!" to remind my midwife to take photos.  It was not a demand, nor was it a request, it just "was".  Societal rules of "politeness" do not exist in this state.  In hindsight, it's an incredible state of mind to be in.]

So I ended up on my hands and knees pushing and visualising my baby shooting out of my butt like a canon-ball (that’s where it felt like it was coming from)!!  I was so focused on birthing the head that I didn’t realise that no one was behind me to catch the baby!  Just as the head was emerging, I called out “head! head!!” and my midwife rushed around to the baby.  I continued to follow my body’s pushing urges and heard my midwife call to my husband (our birth plan was that he catch the baby).  I was just focused on pushing and then I felt that amazing release as the shoulders emerged and the baby shot out of me!  My husband got around to the back just in time to take over from the midwife and catch our son.  Instantly, I was turning around and my husband was handing our son to me.  It was a magical moment.

Owain let a short cry out just as he was being born and then he peacefully snuggled against my chest.  His cord was not clamped until it stopped pulsing.  I birthed the placenta around the same time and it was intact and healthy.  On inspection, we realised that Owain had lots of vernix on him and it was quite thick in some places.  So all that worry about him being overdue was unnecessary.  My ultrasound dates were probably about a week out.  He came when he indeed was ready.
At first, I felt that I had not implemented my Hypnobabies tools very well because I found the experience quite overwhelming and intense.  I was quite distracted during my pregnancy with study and did not really get into the hypnosis practice until the last couple of weeks.
However, I have realised that whilst I may not have been in a deep and calm/quiet hypnotic state I was still using my tools to help me in the way I needed for this birth. I was very focused throughout and used visualisation, my lightswitch (in the first half of the birth), breathing, affirmations (particularly ‘open’) and the cue words ‘release’ and ‘relax’.  All of those tools, I practiced with Hypnobabies.  So I guess it did help immensely.  I particularly think that Hypnobabies helped me to listen to my body, focus deeply, and face the challenges of my birth instinctually (i.e. the intensity of a fast birth and the lip of cervix).  I had intentionally visualised a fast birth (2-4 hours) without realising that this could mean an intensity that I had not before experienced.  Next time, I still would like a fast birth, but with more mental preparation to feel calm and positive during the birth.
Thank you Hypnobabies, I had a wonderfully empowering birth experience!
If you’ve made it to the end, I hope something I have shared will help and empower you on your hypno-journey!
Love Christa :)

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I am so happy to announce that I was able to have a successful, natural hospital birth for my twins, David and Isabella. For a little background: I was having trouble with one of the OBs at the practice, jumping right to the idea of a c-section because Baby B was “oblique” according to their definition (but definitely still head down). My next appointment with a different doc went better, and though no ultrasound that day to verify position, he agreed that a vaginal birth would be an option and not to worry about positioning because it could change the day I go into the hospital or during birthing. He made sure my next appointment would be with a doc who wasn’t going to immediately suggest a c-section, but also not get my hopes to high. So that brought me to my next appointment. I had a sono which showed both babes head down and quite cramped! The tech had a hard time getting measurements, but determined they were still both growing well and fluid levels were great.

I then went to my visit with the OB. I had seen this one a couple times and was pretty happy with everything he had to say. He did the swab for GBS and then checked for dilation. 2cm. I found that interesting, since 3 days before my first daughter’s birthing time I was 0cm. We then went to his office for a chit chat about birth options. He was completely open to vaginal delivery since they were both head down. He personally was experienced and willing to do a breech extraction if it were needed. He explained to me and my husband how things would work if it came to that and recommended (but would not “require”) an epidural just in case he needed to do that, since it would be very uncomfortable. I asked about just placing the catheter and not administering the medicine and he said that would be okay with him, though he thought I was crazy for wanting to do this natural. The last thing he mentioned was that the sono was showing the babies’ bellies being smaller than their heads, which apparently is not good. He said if I did not go into labor on my own by the time I reached 38 weeks (I was almost 37 at this appointment), and he thought I wouldn’t, that we would induce. We would make sure to schedule it for a day that he was on-call. I was okay with this, mostly because I thought my birthing time was going to start that weekend anyway (it was Friday). Anyway, I was very happy with how my appointment went, especially compared to the previous one.

That night, I went to bed happy and confident and READY. Good thing, because around 5am I felt this weird popping in my belly. I thought to myself, “I wonder if my water broke.” I did not feel anything. I thought I would just say there for a while and see how things went. But then I started thinking. **BOP** What if that popping was more than just the sac breaking? What if something is wrong? I didn’t feel that with my first when my water broke. I imagined going to the bathroom and finding blood. I decided I should get up and check. I stood up. No liquid pouring out. I got to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and fluid came pouring out. There was so much, I didn’t know if I was peeing or if it was fluid or both. I saw a little pink in my panty liner, which didn’t alarm me. I got up, turned around, and as I had feared, the water in the toilet was red. I put in a new pantyliner and decided to go downstairs to call the on-call OB so I wouldn’t wake my husband. I got about 3 steps down the stairs and felt another huge gush of fluid. I wasn’t going to make it with just the panty liner in! I went back into the bathroom. Still a lot of blood in the fluid. This worried me, as with my first it was clear, and everything the docs tell you and everything you read says amniotic fluid should be clear. I woke up my husband; we got our things together and headed to the hospital. **End BOP** I called the OB on the way to let her know the situation and that we were on our way in. She did not seem concerned but we got there as quickly as possible.

When we got to the hospital shortly after 5:30am we were brought right into an L&D room. The nurse had me change into a gown. The OB came in, checked my dilation (3.5 to 4cm) and the fluid. She said the blood was probably just from the cervix dilating. Probably?! She did a sono and determined both babes were still head down and we could go ahead with the NCB plan. Everything looked good, so she restated her thought that the blood was just from the cervix, especially since it was in the fluid and not straight blood. What a relief to hear that nothing was wrong, but I had then wished I had stayed at home!

The nurse hooked me up to the monitors. Everything was looking good with the heartbeats. She then asked me if I was feeling the contractions. I said no. She was surprised because I was contracting every minute. I thought, wow this is going to be fast then! Then it was time to get the IV catheter in. Since they had only done the GBS swab the day before, there were no results available yet (which was why I had wanted to do it the appointment before, but oh well) and I was going to have to have the antibiotics just in case. I used my light switch and directing anesthesia for the three attempts to get the IV in. After this, I listened to my Birthing Day Affirmations and some music I had selected for my birthing time.
Two hours after we arrived, the shifts changed. We were assigned the most wonderful nurse anyone doing NCB could ask for. She mentioned many different things we could try if we wanted – birthing ball, bath tub/shower, she could even perform Reiki! I had my husband give her our birth plan and the goodie basket I had prepared (she was so shocked and appreciative).


She looked through our plan and papers and saw the Hypnobabies sign for the door and immediately asked if she could tape it up. She occasionally came in to fix the monitors, but otherwise tried to leave us alone. Even better news: the next doc to come on-call was the one we had seen in the office the day before. What luck! When he came in to check on me, he mentioned that as long as everything went well and stayed that way, I would be able to deliver in the room and not the OR. I was thrilled!


It wasn’t long before it was time to start the antibiotics. The nurse explained that she was also putting in fluids to help dilute the penicillin since it can have a burning feeling and that once it was done she would not continue it. I could tell she had actually read through our birth plan and she was trying to respect it and make sure we understood she was not ignoring it, that the fluids were just for comfort. Once the penicillin started, I was very appreciative of the dilution. During this time, I decided to stay in the bed. I had to angle my hand just right in order to keep the drip going, so it was easier to keep an eye on it sitting up in the bed. I listened to the Easy First Stage script.


Once the antibiotics were done I decided it was time to get out of the bed and get on the ball to get things rolling. With every pressure wave, I allowed it to take over and open, open, open. If I ever tightened up my muscles, I would notice it almost immediately because of how different the PW felt – much more uncomfortable – and I would just loosen up and imagine my cervix opening. I started feeling the pressure in my back so I had my husband massage it for me.


After having to adjust the monitors several times, the nurse was able to convince my OB to agree to take me off them for a while. After being on the ball a while longer, I decided to get up and walk around. I think the gravity helped, but it was much harder for me to concentrate on the PWs while standing.


Before I knew it, it was time for another dose of penicillin. Four hours had passed already. Around this time, the pressure waves started to become much stronger. My OB came in to check on how things were going. He was asking me about how much pain I was in, to try and get an idea of how things were progressing. He began talking about something and I found myself turning my light switch off. He stood there to watch, but I remember him talking to my husband joking about how some patients find it a good thing that he will let them do NCB. But the bad part is, he will let them do NCB. I wasn’t finding it very funny while I was trying to focus! He left, but it wasn’t long after that the PWs were getting much stronger. The nurse asked me if I was feeling any pressure.  Told her I could feel the pressure moving downward, but I was not feeling pushy yet. She called the OB to come check me quickly.


I had my headphones on, so I thought I heard him say I was 5cm. Later, my husband told me he said 5, 6, 7. Which was it? Doesn’t really matter. He suspected it wouldn’t be too much longer. He was about to go perform a c-section, would be done in 20 minutes, and then would be back.
**BOP** At this point, the PWs were really hard to focus through. I felt like I was losing control. The pain in my back was very strong and I was shaking throughout the waves. I kept telling my husband this because I wanted him to massage, apply pressure, do something! The nurse at this point was busy trying to get everything in the room set up since I would be delivering there. I think I only had about 4 or 5 of these PWs, and then I got this sudden feeling like I could rest for a minute. And then I felt like I was going to be sick. The nurse grabbed a bag and handed it to my husband and I vomited. He commented on how well the popsicles I ate kept their color. Another very un-funny moment.


I began to heave again but then started to push involuntarily. The nurse asked if I was pushing, since I was letting out a big grunt. She checked me and could feel the baby’s head. She sent another nurse to get the OB. He was not done with his procedure and I was going to have to breathe through the urges to push. Once he got in the room, he got my feet into stirrups. I thought “oh no, this isn’t how I want to push!” And I told my husband. He was never very supportive of Hypnobabies or anything that wasn’t procedural for the docs or hospital, so I knew I wouldn’t have him to help me on this one.


I eventually decided to just go with it so the doc could have a better chance of maneuvering the second baby into the pelvis. At least I was sitting reclined and not flat on my back. With that, I just let my body do what it felt was right. In between pushes, the OB’s cell rings. He answers it, I hear him telling a patient how long to wait before coming in, and then I start to push again and the nurse yells at him and he says something to the person on the phone and then hangs up. It must have been the same person calling back because very soon after his darn phone rings again. This time a nurse answers, tells the person that the doctor is busy and will call back ASAP. All this time, my first baby is on his way out.


Thankfully, there was no coaching or counting involved during pushing. I was so focused and it came so quickly, I never listened to the Pushing Baby Out script. I just listened to my body. I would bear down and let out a grunt several times during a PW. At one time I even let out a roar. But as many others have described it, it was not out of pain, but of exertion. As the baby was crowning, the OB started to try to guide me a little bit. “Another good push… give me a little push… good.” At this point it was actually helpful. And he told me when I needed to stop so he could unwrap the cord from around my first baby’s neck. And then it was okay to push again. **End BOP**


The next thing I knew, I had a little boy on my chest. He was quiet for several seconds, then let out a little wail. Then he was quiet. He just opened his eyes and looked at me, blinking. As this was happening, starting from the very moment he was plopped on my chest, I immediately felt the urge to push again.


The OB promptly had his hands in there trying to guide my little girl’s head down into my pelvis so she would not turn into a transverse or breech position. Once she was in proper position, they had my husband cut the cord of our first baby and he was taken over to a warmer while his sister made her entrance. The OB ruptured the sac and after a few short pushes and some more grunting, a little girl found her way onto my chest. The nurses commented, “Another big baby!” They were surprised to see twins of such healthy weight considering my small size and that they were born at 37 weeks. They were both in great health and no need for the NICU; they had Apgar scores of 8 and 9 (boy) and 9 and 9 (girl).
So here are the stats:
David Robert, born August 21, 1:50pm, 5lb 12oz
Isabella Caroline, born August 21, 1:54pm, 5lb 8oz
I am so happy I was able to have a wonderful, NATURAL hospital birthing experience with twins!!  And I know it was because of Hypnobabies. My first birth was not a Hypnobabies birth and it did not take long to give in to the offers for pain relief. Interestingly, both birth experiences, in terms of length, were very similar. First birth: began with water breaking at 5:05pm, daughter born at 2:07am. Just over 9 hours. Second/third births: began with water breaking approx 5am, babies born just before 2pm. Just under 9 hours. Even the times were similar, just a difference in am vs. pm. But the two experiences as a whole were entirely different. It was absolutely amazing to be so in tune with my body and to let it do what it was made to do without anything interfering. I am very excited to be able to start recommending the Hypnobabies program to other people I know. Thank you all for your support!

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I am so happy to announce the births of Alexandra and Sophia (identical twins). They were born on Nov. 23 at 10:00 am and 10:03 am using Hypnobabies of course!

So here is a little background…


In May 2010 we learned that we were pregnant, which was already a shock but looking at the U/S we saw TWO hearts beating, which was even more of a shock… So having had quite p**nful births in the past (my 3 other beautiful daughters :)) I decided to do some research on birth under hypnosis and that’s how I found Hypnobabies (SUCH A BLESSING!!).



The Preparation


So about 3 months prior to my guess date I decided to order the program and started it about 9 wks before my guess date. I was already listening to the “Twins tracks” and just needed to do the 5 week course. I had such a great time listening to my tracks every night!! (I miss that now!!), not sure if it would work as I always fell asleep listening to them… But I tried to listen to each track at least once while staying “awake”.


On Nov. 15 (34 wks pregnant) I went to my OB and I was already dilated to 2… On Nov. 22 I was 3 so one of my OB (Doc Skeptic) told me that we would just wait until the following week and see what would happen while the other (Doc “For It”) wanted to admit me the following day and start the induction because she felt better knowing that I would already be at the hospital would things really start moving (I have a history of fast labor and I’m “very high risk” plus this time it was twins) So we agreed to come the following day at 5:00 am. I have to specify here that Doc Skeptic was not on board with Hypnosis while Doc “For It” was totally for Hypnobabies! So I really wanted Doc “For It” to be there for the birth!!


The Big Day


Well, that day (still the 22nd) I was having pressure waves that I could feel were making things move, I knew I was getting close. So around 6:00 pm my wonderful husband and I decided to head to the hospital and I got admitted right away to an L&D room, I was 5 cm at that point. They decided to just let my body do its work until the morning because Doc “For It” was not on call that evening, which is exactly what I wanted anyway (I had visualized the birth coming on its own when the babies decided, and that’s what happened). BOP (bubble of peace) We had to deal with the anesthesiologist who really wanted me to have an epidural. We had a sign posted on our door as well as a specific request in our file asking not to have any anesthesia or push us for the epidural. But 3 anesthesiologists came in anyway really pushing hard to sell their drugs and risky procedures (end BOP). I was high risk and Twin B (Sophia) was transverse/breech at that point.  But we were very confident in the natural process and Hypno-anesthesia that we decided to make it plan A while we kept the c-section, plan B. My husband had to forcefully verbally show the anesthesiologists the door as they would not respect our request. He was really my advocate and while I was in my BOP he was the one making clear that the epidural was not an option, we were so confident that Sophia would turn the right way when she would have the room… My husband kept telling the docs the babies will be born one after the other, you’ll see! :)


So I spent a peaceful night with my pressure waves continuing to do what they were suppose to do but I was able to sleep through them! I just felt pressure really, no p**n!!





Tuesday morning was there and at 9:15 I was a good 6 to 7 cm and that’s when they decided to break my bag of water, no pitocin (a first for me :)). I was so relieved to know that we would not use pitocin!! And my husband was helping me with his hand on my forehead, repeating all the wonderful things that are written on the script for the transformation phase. I felt the pressure but again NO P**N!! This is truly amazing to me because believe me with my other births, this phase was not pretty!! I spare you the details but I was not smiling! Doc Skeptic was in the room at that point and he could not believe that I was still smiling between my pressure waves, he said that he really liked being in the room with us because it was so peaceful compare to the hectic world outside our room ;) that made me smile even more! We think Doc Skeptic was in the middle of a transformation as well J!


After probably 15 min of transformation, just when Doc Skeptic decided to leave the room (thinking it would still be a while), I told my husband: “GO get him, I’m ready!” (As Sophia may have stayed breech they wanted to move me to the OR…) So my husband told the doc: “Doc, it’s now or never, babies are coming!” So Doc Skeptic came and checked me and said: “Well, that’s what the perfect patient would tell you! She is complete and baby is at a station 2″ He did not believe how quickly and peacefully I went through transformation!


Well, I lost my concentration at that point because I knew I had to wait to be in the OR before pushing, so I breathed out and tried not to push, which is so hard… Finally we were in the room where I would welcome my babies, so I started to push and 2 min later Alexandra was there at 10:00 am, breathing right away! They put the U/S probe on my belly to see how Sophia was and just as I visualized all those months she was vertex and ready to come! So I gave another push and there she was, breathing right away too! Just 3 minutes after her sister! They both had an apgar score of 9/9, weighed 4# 4oz and measuring 16.5″. Tiny but super healthy and alert and so peaceful after the birth, you could really tell that they did not have much stress during the birth, all that thanks to Hypnobabies!! I cannot tell you the excitement in that room, everybody in there was amazed about this birth (and there were quite a few people in there!! About 10 all ready for an emergency that never came).


My placenta was delivered a few minutes afterwards and I did not have any tear :) I know they were small but still 2 went through… Super fast recovery also J


Doc Skeptic was sold, he finished his transformation as well J he said, “That’s it, I’m going to use hypnosis to loose weight.” :) I was the first vaginal twin birth for a lot of those folks in that OR room… and actually that day I was the only vaginal birth of the whole postpartum floor! Scary when you think of it!!


We had to stay one week in the NICU because they could not regulate their temperature but we are all home now and enjoying our little miracles, our 5 girls!


I just have to add that I chose to use HB and make it work! Just like Kerry says in her article “why hypnosis works for some and not for others”. What is very important, I think, is to choose to make it work and it will!

I tell everyone how wonderful the birth of my girls was and my husband and I recommend HB whenever we can, I love how my husband speaks about HB, it’s just like if he had gone through it himself, adorable!! I’m so thankful to have such a great husband!!


Thank you Kerry for making such a wonderful program! Hypnobabies made this birthing event one of the most beautiful days of our life! The only thing is that I loved it so much that I may want to use it again…



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