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I do have pictures on my blog. It is the unedited/non hypnobabies
version of my story and even longer! In fact I had to post it in two
parts. I actually had a photographer there and have over 250 pictures
but as you can imagine not all are suitable for posting on the web!
Here is our blog:
Part 1
Part 2 (with photos)

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I love stories where moms overcome great odds to have amazing births!  So when I read this birth story of The Crafty Work at Home Momma I knew I had to share it!

She was planning a VBA2c (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) and had found a supportive care provider and a supportive hospital, hired a doula and prepared with Hypnobabies.  Well her doula was looking for typical benchmarks in determining how far along mom was (looking for discomfort, etc) and mom was much further along then she thought.  When mom needed to push before leaving for the hospital, they realized they would never make it to the VBAC supportive hospital (30 minutes away) so they had to divert to the VBAC banned hospital.

Well, she managed to have an awesome un-medicated vaginal birth there!  Horray for her!

Please go read her story, it is very inspirational!

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It doesn’t get any better than this!  :)

Mariana was planning a VBA2C and used Hypnobabies to help prepare.  She hired a doula and was planning to birth at a hospital 30 minutes away that allowed VBACs.  Because she was so relaxed her doula didn’t realize she was so far along and they had to go to the hospital 5 minutes away and the baby was born 30 minutes later.  Vaginally at this hospital which prohibits VBACs. Maybe that was because there wasn’t time for them to figure that out!

You can read the whole story yourself at The Crafty Work At Home Momma!

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Hi – Just wanted to share that our daughter, Campbell, was born about 1 week ago! I had a successful VBAC and a WONDERFUL experience. While I had a wonderful birthing team – a fantastic nurse team, my mom, my husband, a hypnodoula, and my amazing dr – I did opt for an epidural after about 20 hours……… here’s my story. BOP may be needed…

39 weeks pregnant – the day prior had visited the dr and was 1 cm and 25% effaced. I was at work on Friday, getting ready to do my part of a student presentation for incoming college freshman when I noticed that I felt a little off – a little crampy and a slight backache, but didn’t give it much thought. I got thru presentation #1 and moved on to presentation #2. I then went to the restroom and noticed I had started losing my mucous plug which was significant to me b/c when I lost my plug during my son’s birthing time, things got started right away. Well I went on with my day but noticed some pressure waves. I decided to go back to my office to sit down and my friend/colleague suggested I consider going home. I agreed, though opted to pick my son up from daycare on the way home and go about our normal evening. My husband was not convinced it was time……. though my mother was ready to jump in the car for her 4 hour drive to me. I asked her to stay home for now b/c things were not really consistent. With my son I went from 0-60 in no time and I just knew that while things were starting, it wasn’t quite “it”. Went to bed – and woke up at about 5am with very consistent PWs – 2-3 minutes apart, lasting 30-45 seconds. My son woke up when I did and was acting very clingy with me as well. I called my mom so she could start her drive and started texting my doula. My husband took over things with our son and I focused on relaxing and getting in to hypnosis. I really enjoyed listening to my birthing day affirmations, though my doula encouraged me to listen to my deepening track, which was also helpful. I finally asked her to come to our house to help me work thru things. I knew that even though my waves were intense and close together, I had a while to go (with my son, it took me about 12 hours to dilate to a 6 before we realized he was frank breech and I had a c-section – pws with his birthing time started the same – 2-3 minutes apart lasting 30-45 seconds). My in-laws were also on their way (3 hour drive) to come take our son for the day/night out of the house……

So I spent the day at home – though called the hospital and asked them to page my dr to let her know that things were happening. I ignored all phone calls that day, esp those i didn’t recognize so little did I know that my dr was trying to call me all day! I was in the tub when we realized it and she requested that we go to the hospital just to be checked since I was a vbac. Around 4pm we were on our way. She did tell me that if I was not 4 cm, she would probably have me go back home – my dr knew how important it was for me to do things naturally and to have a vbac – in fact she was the one who encouraged me to hire a doula and to do hypnobabies!!!!!

Hospital monitored to me in triage and I was at a 3. Ready to go home when the charge nurse told me they were going to re-monitor me. I was not happy about this – but our son’s family dr was on call and came by to talk to me – he explained that since I was a vbac, anything less than perfect caused worry in everyone…..and so a slight decrease in baby’s heartrate during waves had some people concerned, but i knew everything was fine. Well they remonitored me (for what I found out later lasted 2 hours!!!) and during that time my water broke and I dilated to a 4. I was checked in. In the meantime I started losing it and wasn’t handling the situation well – things were very intense and I was tired. But the dr., doula, and my mom encouraged me along – they encouraged me to get to the room where i could relax more and get in the tub. by 7pm we were in our room and after about an hour, I opted to get in the tub. ahhh, it was WONDERFUL – I loved it. I spent FOREVER in the tub. Oh – and when we told the nurses that i was doing hypnobabies, they were really encouraging and excited!!!! I had left my bag in the car, which had our birthplan and hypnobabies stuff, but turns out I didn’t really need it. I explained my preferences to our nurse, and she was happy to go along with all of it without question – so wonderful!

Anyway – so I was in the tub for a few hours. Our son’s dr was monitoring me until our dr arrived (she needed to get her kiddos to bed- I love it!) and I was hoping that I had made a lot of progress, but as everyone kept reminding me, since this was my first vaginal birth, we were going to treat it as a first birth which meant that things may take a little longer than second births might usually……. Anyway my dr arrived (I was still in the tub) and after a couple hours (???) she requested that I get out so that she could check me (attempted to check me in the tub, but wasn’t comfortable with her evaluation of the situation). Argh, getting out of the tub was rough as it intensified everything A LOT! this is when I really lost it – thoughout the time in the tub my doula kept reminding me to be “limp and loose” and between my mom, husband, doula, and nurse – they were keeping me relaxed, somewhat in hypnosis (I wasn’t the best at remembering to do that…..), and dealing with my primal noises (as Ina May put in her book, I let my inner primate out during PWs). I think I was back in bed around midnight or so and at that point made a decision to get an epidural. I was feeling frustrated with my progress and so emotional and exhausted. I told everyone that I knew they would be upset with me but they all reminded me that this was my birthing time and that i needed to do what I felt like I needed to do. So i did. I then had about 3hours of rest while I fully dilated and effaced. By about 3:15am I was ready to push so we started. After about 20 minutes my dr asked me to stop b/c she was concerned about baby – we opted to let both me and baby rest again for a while. We started pushing again at about 4:15am – baby wasn’t really progressing down the canal, so my dr used the vacuum during two waves – maybe around 5am. That helped a lot. She was finally crowning but still at 6:15 wasn’t coming – I was feeling frustrated. Also the dr. thought she had swallowed some meconium so the nicu team was called in to the room. Dr cut a very very small episiotomy around that time and baby Campbell came out with my next push.

of course, b/c of the meconium issue, she was taken to the other side of the room, which didn’t totally please me – so I told my husband to follow that baby – and then started asking for someone to tell me if she was still a girl (even though the ultrasounds showed she was, I couldn’t believe it until we saw with our own eyes!!!) and she was! they finally brought her over so we could meet, but had to take her to the NICU b/c of how she was breathing. Turns out she was fine and I was able to go nurse her in the NICU for the 24 hours that she spent there.

All in all, while I ended up using medication despite the fact that I had hoped/planned not to, I am thrilled with the outcome of this birthing time. The MOST important thing, outside of a healthy beautiful child was having a successful VBAC. I visualized it and it came true! the day after her birth, my dr came by to discuss all decisions that had been made and see how I was with everything and honestly, I am 100% happy. I do not regret any decisions that were made or feel upset by any of my choices. Having a c-section with my son was very upsetting for me, so this time things were just amazing and wonderful. My doula also came by the next day to visit and commented to me that my dr was absolutely amazing – she was so impressed with her approach to my birthing time – from being with me ALL NIGHT, to using warm wash clothes to help avoid tearing, so respecting my intense desire to VBAC and therefore being okay with things taking A LONG time (remember, I woke up with PWs 2-3 minutes apart at 5am Saturday morning and didn’t have her until 6:20am Sunday!).

In addition to being grateful to my dr and doula, my mom and husband – I am blessed to have given birth in such a baby/mommy friendly hospital. Never once did they comment to me about my choices, offer me pain meds, or anything. They worked well with my doula, mom, and husband as well as my dr. Everything just fell in to place! I was encouraged by the nurses to keep my blood sugar up and to take things one PW at a time. I just had a wonderful wonderful experience. I was also thankful to the NICU resident for respecting my desire to get the breastfeeding relationship started ASAP and for allowing it and encouraging it.

Campbell is now about 1 week old and doing wonderful – she has surpassed her birth weight, and our home-nurse visit yesterday commented about the magic of mommy’s milk!!!!!!!!

Finally, while I used hypnobabies on and off throughout my birthing time – I am so glad I had this tool and will recommend it anyone interested in natural childbirth!


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I FINALLY got to sit down and write this all out this evening!  I did not really use Hypnobabies fully, but I can say without a doubt it CERTAINLY helped me stay relaxed, especially early in my birthing time.  I know that it helped me avoid a panic attack during transformation/pushing as well!!  I certainly will recommend the program to others in the future b/c even what little I was able to use made such a huge difference for me!!  I want to mention specifically that I printed out the positive “what if’s” and taped them up in my bedroom so I could always remember to focus on the positive and let the negative go!!! ;-)  It was a wonderful experience overall!!  I wish everyone the very, very best!  I will probably go special notices for a while after this.  Being a mommy of three small ones is just about all I can handle right now ;-)!!


Thank you all SOOO much!!!



Birth Story of Cael
February 11, 2009
8 pounds 12 ounces 22 inches

I woke up around 5:30AM with some mild crampiness. Since I had prodromal labor for weeks, I wasn’t convinced this was really labor. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, so I did. I decided to lie back down to see if I could go back to sleep. Just a short while later, I felt I needed to go to the bathroom again. I sorta laughed at myself saying this was a “sign” of labor because I was cleaning myself out :-). I tried sleeping again, but it just wasn’t going to happen. So, I timed some of the “cramps.” They were about 8-10 minutes apart while I was lying down. I got up to take a Pepcid because I had horrible heartburn. I noticed as I was up walking around it seemed like the cramps were pretty close together. I timed a few then and suddenly they were about 3 minutes apart!
I woke Jason up about 6:30AM and told him he probably should call the midwife—I thought this was finally it. I then went to run myself some bath water. While the water was running I came back and Jason was asleep again. I woke him up again and asked if he’d called her. He groggily asked me what was going on. I told him I was having contractions 3 minutes apart and he NEEDED to call the midwife!! He got up then. I got in the tub, and the water was SO relaxing. Jason called the midwife, and she said she’d get her things together and be here as soon as she could. She knew there was a possibility my labor would be fast.
In the meantime, Mom and Clayton got up and started getting Clayton ready for school. Clayton came in the bathroom a couple times and hung out with me before he went off to school. We didn’t tell him that he might come home to his baby brother.
I was very relaxed and calm in the tub, but the contractions were still coming about 3 or so minutes apart. I was playing my Hypnobabies CD in the background, but at some point it started skipping because there was a big scratch on the CD. I told Jason to please turn it off and bring me the computer. I started playing the tracks on the computer and decided I would let some people know that I was actually REALLY finally in labor :-).
My midwife and her assistant arrived and started setting things up. My mom joked later that she didn’t realize they still boiled water, and she had used almost every pot and pan in my kitchen getting everything ready (including breakfast).
I stayed in the tub as long as I could, but eventually the water started getting really cold. Around 8:15AM or so I decided I needed to get out at least for a while and then we could run more hot water if we needed to. I told Jason before I stood up that I was afraid to get out of the water. It had helped me relax so much. I think somehow, subconsciously, I knew that once I got out things were going to get really intense really quickly. I had a contraction as I was getting out of the tub and Jason held me up until I could walk again. My midwife asked me if I wanted her to check me, and while we were debating I had a couple more contractions and had to lean over on the bed. My mom said when she saw me do that, she knew I was getting close. We decided not to do a cervical check because I was afraid I might get discouraged or upset if I hadn’t made much progress.
I got on the bed and was flat on my back for the next contraction. I felt a little pop, but I didn’t know what it was until something started flowing out. I told them I thought my water broke, and they checked to make sure. She asked if she could check me then to make sure nothing was coming out or whatever. I was 7cm then, and I let out a big, “Thank you Jesus!”—and everyone laughed. :-) For the next contraction I rolled over on my side and I felt the most tremendous pressure. I told my midwife I felt a lot of pressure, in a confused sort of way. She then told her assistant to get by me because I was feeling “pushy”… I was really confused because she had just checked me and I was 7cm. I was scared to death to push before I was complete because I did not want to hurt myself or the baby.
I asked Jason to sit behind me and support me because I did not want to lie all the way down. My midwife reminded me to stay off my tailbone if I could, so I sorta leaned over onto my right butt cheek to take the pressure off. Jason was wiping my face with a cold wash cloth because I was sweating like crazy. He kept pushing it down in my eyes and it was really bothering me, LOL! He also tried to readjust my headband, but it was irritating me too so I ripped it out of my hair and threw it across the room :-). He really was great to me though, even when I was digging my fingernails in his legs during contractions!
The next couple of contractions I still felt like I needed to push, and this was the one moment that I really almost panicked. But, I kept telling myself that everything was fine, and my midwife kept reminding me to just do whatever my body told me to do. So, I finally did push. After that contraction I let everyone know that it was unproductive and I was slightly irritated. I told them I wanted my left leg lifted up on the next contraction, so my mom came in to help. I told them it was coming, so Mom lifted my leg up for me, and I pushed with a primal growl :-) Cael’s head came right out in one push. They all were telling me I was doing great, etc. I told them I just wanted it OUT!! So, they told me I was doing it. The next push forced the rest of Cael’s body out onto the bed—9:06AM, just a little over 3.5 hours after I “thought” I might be in labor and about 45 minutes after active labor kicked in, our beautiful little boy was born! The midwife’s assistant said she was expecting a bit of a sticky shoulder—she had NO IDEA he would come out so fast. So, she wasn’t really ready to catch him :-). At least there was plenty of soft bed down there for him to land on! I told them when it came down to it, I didn’t have time to mess around with all that slow pushing stuff :-)!!
They lifted him immediately onto my tummy and I started rubbing him and talking to him. He let out a couple soft grunt-cries. Once again, I was completely absorbed by the miracle that had just occurred. We waited until the cord stopped pulsing and then Jason cut it. I held him for a very long time. I can’t remember if I let him nurse before or after I delivered the placenta, but he did wonderfully! They finally took him to clean him up a bit more and measure him and weigh him. Everyone made a guess of what they thought he would weigh. No one thought he was the almost 9 pounds that he was!! :-) We all also commented on his head full of hair (of course my only girl was the bald one!), and his skinny long legs. His Apgars were 9 and 10, and he was just perfect!!
The midwife said he and the placenta looked about 41 weeks, so those weeks that I was afraid I was post dates, he really wasn’t that “late.” I am SO thankful that I was willing to wait and let HIM choose his birthday and be born in the best way possible!
For most of that day and night, he would spit up tremendous amounts of amniotic fluid (midwives at home births don’t typically suction a baby unless there is a problem, so he had to get it out the old-fashioned way :-)). I could not imagine where in the world he had been holding all of that!! He and I spent most of the rest of the day hanging out in the bed. We had a couple visitors—Aunt Jessie came by and held him for a while and then my daddy came for a little while. I woke Anna up when I was pushing, so Jason had brought her in to meet her new baby brother. You could tell she was completely confused, but she was already enamored with him! When Clayton got home and saw him, he asked me if the baby was in my tummy and I told him that he had finally come out. After a few minutes of confusion, he finally made the connection and he has been a wonderful big brother ever since (at least until Cael is old enough to touch his things!!)!
Finally having a home birth brought many mixed feelings for me. First of all, it was THE most amazing experience ever. It was SO much better than a hospital birth and certainly incomparable to a surgical birth! Everything was extremely peaceful and relaxed and natural. No one was bothering me or forcing me to do whatever was convenient for “them.” I was safe and comfortable in my own familiar surroundings. Cael was so calm and alert for such a long time afterward. Jason kept saying he couldn’t believe how alert he was, and I told him it was because he was born so peacefully! But, on the other hand, there is a strong possibility that this is our last baby. So, I am sad that I will probably never get to have this experience again. I won’t lie and say that I enjoy pregnancy or even labor, but that amazing high you feel after bringing life into the world—the way it was MEANT to be—is absolutely indescribable!! <3 :-) :-) :-)



Mommy to:

Clayton 6/1/2005 – c/s

Anna Cate 1/11/2008 – VBAC!!!

Cael 2/11/2009 – HBAC!!!

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I am so happy to share that my body, which was labeled CPD when I had my
first child who weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and I was told would never give birth
vaginally, after having 3 C-Sections gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at
home. We named her Leilani Rain. She was my biggest baby weighing in
at 8 lbs 14 oz, Head Circ. 14 inches, Length 20 inches, and Chest 14.5

I went into pre-labor on Sunday and by Tuesday I was in active labor for
about 13 1/2 hours. I had a great birthing team who pretty much stood back
and watched to only give me reassuring words when needed.

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and can not even
begin to describe how empowering it was. Having her at home made all the
difference in the world. I felt comfortable and safe there. My “broken
body” (gosh I have to laugh at that) produced exactly what I needed when I
needed it. Be it endorphins, strength, a new wind to keep going, etc. etc.
etc….. It was GREAT! No medication was ever needed, requested or thought
of. I owe that to you great people and all the books recommended and read.
Through it all I new I could do it naturally and I DID! I trusted My Body
and My Body did a great job!

This will probably make me sound a little bratty, but I honestly want to
write a letter to all those doctors who told me I could not do this.
Especially the one who made my son cry all the way home because he told us
that I was crazy and looking to kill myself and my baby. Well I did it with
no complications to baby or me. We are both fine and healthy (just a little

Ladies, I am the biggest chicken in the world and if ICAN do this, so can
you. Trust your bodies. We were created to give birth. I will always have
you in my prayers and will always be rooting for you.

GOD Bless you,
Jennifer Lopez ~
Wife to my Best Friend and my Rock Gregory Lopez
Mother to:
AnaMaria – 12/11/92 – C/S due to FTP and CPD,
Wizdom – 07/29/06 – another
unnecessary C/S,
and Xander 03/27/04 scheduled C/S when told I could never
birth vaginally.
And now *Leilani Rain – 06/25/08 HVBA3C!!!!!*

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A little history…my first birth, a planned homebirth, ended up being a cesarean birth due to presence of meconium during labor and also a malpositioned baby (right occiput posterior).   I had a lot of post partum stress with baby ending up in NICU for 8 days, then myself coming down with a very bad infection in my right ovary/tube area that hospitalized me for 5 days; just 3 days after we finally all got to go home.  For someone who never wanted to go to the hospital in the first place, I sure got the full experience. For this birth, I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC and we decided it would be best to use a private CNM who has hospital privileges and to have the baby in the hospital.  The hospital (Group Health Seattle) has the lowest c-section rate in WA state (23%) and are very VBAC-friendly so I was pretty comfortable with my choice, although it took me the entire pregnancy to accept it.  I would have considered another homebirth, had my husband and family been more supportive, and if I lived closer to a hospital.

At 38 weeks, the baby was found to be in a footling breech position.  I was devastated as I saw my hopes for a VBAC flying out the window.  I tried all the natural turning techniques for a whole week and had no luck.  I did go in for an ECV (where they manually turn the baby externally) at almost 39 weeks, and it was successful.  Yay!  I totally credit my Hypnobabies practice for keeping me relaxed and giving me the skills to effectively visualize my baby turning into an optimal position.  The doctors were amazed how calm I was during the external version and said it made all the difference.

Starting at 40 weeks, I started feeling some mild waves (contractions).  I labored ALL week and kept thinking “this is it” and then fizzle, fizzle, fizzle…I kept going about my business and tried to just ignore the waves as best I could.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I went to the midwife and I was at 2 cm and ~ 75% effaced, so I felt like my body was preparing. I told her that I thought the Saturday after Thanksgiving would be the day.  [I had this vision or feeling for a couple of months].  On Thanksgiving night, while at the in-laws, I kept having strong waves but I didn’t time them or anything and they’d come and go, although some were quite intense and I had to stop what I was doing, as they took my attention away from what I was doing. But then, I didn’t feel much on Friday.  I had been losing bits of my mucous plug all week.

My midwife and doula kept telling me that my body was doing all this work ahead of time and that when my birthing time came, it would be fast and easy.  And, let me tell you, they were right!  Finally on Saturday morning (41 weeks) I just kind of had a feeling it might be the day (just like I visualized) and was feeling more action all morning.  Around noon I decided to lie down and time the waves.  They were coming at 7-8 or 10 minutes apart; then nothing for about 15 minutes.  I got up, had some lunch at 1 p.m., and then they picked up again.  I stayed calm (thanks to my Hypnobabies!) and started timing them again around 1:40 p.m.  The waves were increasing in intensity and were coming fast at 2, 3, 4, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, etc. minutes apart. I told John that I needed him to put Leo (our 2 ½ year old) down for his nap because I was having troubles focusing because he was trying to play with me.  I sat on my birth ball, resting my head on the edge of the couch during each wave.  After about 15 minutes of timing them, I called my doula who said, “You better call your midwife”. It’s now about 2 p.m.  I called my midwife and she had me talk to her through a wave.  I was so calm and could easily talk through the waves, I think it threw her off, because she told me to call back in an hour.  The Hypnobabies and deep relaxation techniques I’d been practicing for months were being put to the test during this time.  I remained totally calm and comfortable, despite the fact I was experiencing intense sensations, but would not call it painful at all.

I decided to go upstairs and listen to a Fear Release hypnosis script.  I lay down on the bed and told John I was feeling kind of scared and I started crying a little.  Reflecting back, I am pretty sure I was in transition, due to this sudden swing in emotions.  I laid down and put on my script, but I couldn’t focus because I just kept thinking, “we need to go, we need to go”.  So, after about 15 minutes, I got up, went to the bathroom, had a major evacuation of my bowels and my water broke a little bit.  It was time to go, NOW!

Luckily, John’s brother was on his way to stay with Leo.  He finally arrived about 10 minutes later and I got in the car.  Whew!  My water broke more in the car, lots more water.  [I was so organized, I put towels in the car a few days prior, but didn't think to sit on them, or even put them up front, so the towels remained in the backseat, while I sat in a puddle up front.  HA! I just couldn't muster up the strength to turn around and grab them while we were driving.]  We headed down the hill, and called my midwife and told her we were on our way to the hospital.  She said she might not make it for another hour, because she had to get her kids taken care of.  We called my parents too to tell them we were on the way to the hospital. It was about 2:45 p.m. now, about 1 hour after my waves really picked up.  About 5 minutes into the car ride, my body started pushing the baby down.  It was totally involuntary and I got a little nervous.  I had my headphones on, listening to a script (can’t remember which one I put on), but it was hard to focus.  Although I pushed for 4 hours with my last birth but didn’t push him all the way out, my midwife told me she thought I’d probably have to push for about an hour with this one, so I kept thinking, “She won’t be born in the car.  We’ll make it.”  I was SO uncomfortable in the car and wanted so badly to get on my hands and knees, but no way was I taking off my seatbelt, as John was driving very fast (but safe).  Poor guy!

We finally got to the hospital around 3:15 and they put me right into a room. I instantly stripped off every stitch of clothing and hopped up onto the bed on all fours.  My doula arrived shortly after.  I remember asking one of the nurses, “Aren’t you going to check me?” and she said, “You’re pushing honey, we don’t need to!”  My midwife showed up around 4 p.m.  After about 40 minutes on hands and knees (squeezing my husband’s hand during each wave), they wanted me to change positions to see if I could open up a bit more.  So, I turned over and pressed my feet into the squatting bar with my back reclined (kind of like a reclined squat using my feet up on the bar as leverage) and that really helped.  After just a few more pushes, I could start to see her head.  I breathed my baby down, making low guttural sounds with each push, using the force of the waves to help.  It took about 6 waves for her head to be born after we could first see her head emerging – with lots of dark hair!

I got to watch her birth in the mirror.  It was amazing.  I laughed out loud when her head was out.  The nurses and midwifes all laughed along too and told me they don’t often hear women laugh during birth!  I was just thinking, “I did it!” and felt such relief that it was almost over.  In one more push, her shoulder and body slid out and they immediately laid her right on my chest.  There was a little bit of meconium in my water, so after a minute or so, they did have to take her over to make sure she was okay.  She was fine and didn’t even need any suctioning, so they brought her right back to me.  She took to nursing like a true champ.  It was so easy. She was 8 lbs. 15 oz.  A big, healthy girl!

Since it was a VBAC and I was GBS positive, there were lots of (unwanted) hospital protocols I was supposed to follow (hep-lock, cervix checks every 2 hours, continuous fetal monitoring, antibiotics) but since it was so fast, none of that happened, so in essence, it all worked out just how I wanted (with no interventions, pokes, prods, monitors, etc.).  It was nothing like my first labor, which was much longer, and I was in much more of a hypnotic state with my first, because labor progressed slowly and I eased into it.  This one came fast and hard, and was much more intense.  I’d say once `active labor’ started, it was only about 3 hours until her birth and half of that time was spent pushing.  But, the nurses said I was very calm and did just fantastic.  Without the practice of Hypnobabies, I know it would have been much harder and scarier.  I felt in control at all times.  All in all, I wouldn’t change a thing.  It was as perfect as it could be!

Thanks to all during this pregnancy for your good advice and good thoughts.  My heart is with you all…
5.15.07 – Leo (cesarean)
11.28.09 – Eliza (VBAC)

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