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(Apr. 15, 2009) – We’ve heard it before: “Imagine yourself passing the exam or scoring a goal and it will happen.” We may roll our eyes and think that’s easier said than done, but in a new study in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, psychologists Christopher Davoli and Richard Abrams from Washington University suggest that the imagination may be more effective than we think in helping us reach our goals.

A group of students searched visual displays for specific letters (which were scattered among other letters serving as distractors) and identified them as quickly as possible by pressing a button. While performing this task, the students were asked to either imagine themselves holding the display monitor with both hands or with their hands behind their backs (it was emphasized that they were not to assume those poses, but just imagine them).

The results showed that simply imagining a posture may have effects that are similar to actually assuming the pose. The participants spent more time searching the display when they imagined themselves holding the monitor, compared to when they imagined themselves with their hands behind their backs. The researchers suggest that the slower rate of searching indicates a more thorough analysis of items closer to the hands. Previous research has shown that we spend more time looking at items close to our hands (items close to us are usually more important than those further away), but this is the first study suggesting that merely imagining something close to our hands will cause us to pay more attention to it.

The researchers suggest these findings indicate that our “peripersonal space” (the space around our body) can be extended into a space where an imagined posture would take us. They note there may be advantages to having this ability, such as determining if an action is realistic (e.g., “Can I reach the top shelf?”) and helping us to avoid collisions. The authors conclude that the present study confirms “an idea that has long been espoused by motivational speakers, sports psychologists, and John Lennon alike: The imagination has the extraordinary capacity to shape reality.”

Journal reference:

. Reaching Out With the Imagination. Psychological Science, (in press)
Adapted from materials provided by Association for Psychological Science.
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Association for Psychological Science (2009, April 15). Power Of Imagination Is More Than Just A Metaphor. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 16, 2009, from http://www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2009/04/090414153527.htm

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Well, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and just completed my first session
“Special Place”.  Can I just say WOW!?

I have to admit I was skeptical.  Not about the program but about my
ability to relax to that state without a bunch of practice.  hehe  Not
an issue, apparently.

I was so excited to hear her address concerns that kept popping into
my head.  As I was preparing to get settled in I heard the washer and
dryer and was wondering if I should shut them down.  However, I’m
preparing to be away all weekend and NEED to get the laundry finished
so I left them on.  Imagine my surprise when I hear her voice stating
that the noises in the background that were part of my normal
surroundings were not going to distract me!!!

And when she told me to try and open my eyelids after I had relaxed
them fully…I couldn’t open them!!!  I remember in my mind being so
excited.  But, those thoughts didn’t distract me either.

And yes, there are times when I completely was outside of her realm
and didn’t “hear” what she was saying.  It was like I was drifting in
and out of a fog.  And then, I have no idea what she said at the end,
but slowly my awareness came back and I realize that she had just
begun the 2nd track on the CD and my session was complete!  I was so
relaxed, so not-drowsy (which makes me KNOW I wasn’t sleeping), and
very, very peaceful.  And baby was just rolling, twisting, and
stretching.  I’m certain my relaxed state made his/her little room
very roomy indeed.  No jabs at all!

I am a believer and I am SO excited for my birthing time!!!  I just
cannot wait for tomorrow’s session!!!

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Scared of Birth?

There are quite a few moms who seek out Hypnobabies becuase they are afraid to give birth.  That fear may come from previous births or from stories they have heard, shows they have seen.  Wherever it comes from, they are afraid of birth. 

When they find out about Hypnobabies, it gives them hope.  They realize that birth can be an enjoyable experience instead of a frightening one. 

Here are two lovely posts about fear of birth and why we don’t need to be afraid!

Overcoming Fear of ChildBirth – It goes over the reasons why moms may have this fear and it actually refers to a news segment in which a mom was afraid of birth, saw my birth video on You Tube and realized that birth could be enjoyable. :)

Myth #783 Birth is Scary – A lovely post. 

Crashing through our fears and our cultural myths is what’s scary – Birth isn’t.

So very true!

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Another Dream experience

I had this dream last night that I was having some p**nful procedure.
(It had something to do with my feet or lower legs, I’m not sure–maybe I was really having a leg cramp?) I stopped myself and said I don’t need to feel this.  I can use my hypnosis.  And I then felt my entire body completely relax and I felt comfortable even though the procedure was still going on.

I hope this means I am integrating my practice of Painless Childbirth
and Special Place.  (Sort of like finally dreaming in French in high
school) I can’t wait to start my class next week! I realize it was just a dream, but it really gives me high hopes that this will work : )

Bon Chance,


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This is such a relief. I have diverticulosis. If you’re not familiar with it, I have polyps along my intestine and it sometimes causes very
painful cramping, and it especially gets worse mid-pregnancy (for me).
It’s really, really, bad, agonizing pain during cramping and it usually
lasts about an hour.

Well, for the past week, I’ve had it about 5 times. I’ve done both the
peace cue and other times turned off my lightswitch, and it worked! I
am so happy about this, it’s such a difficult thing to deal with. This
morning I was in the grocery store with my husband and I felt it coming on, and the peace cue worked for me.

Thank you Hypnobabies!!!

Anja 16 weeks

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Here is a great example from a mom on the Yahoo Group, who always thought she was sleeping, but now has proof she really had hypnotic amnesia!

I know there are lots of questions on here about sleeping through the tracks, and I just wanted to share my experience . . . . I thought I was one of those people who was sleeping through her tracks almost every time except for the first listen. Last night, DH & I were listening to Creating Anesthesia, and I “woke up” during center of the last time Kerry has you do the fingerdrop exercise in the track. I remember feeling all freaked out b/c I had been asleep, and I was thinking, “Oh shoot, I missed it all again.” But, I went ahead and followed Kerry through flipping back to Off, and then counting up to 3. After it was over, I asked DH how long I had been asleep (I have started snoring pretty badly when laying on my back in the last couple weeks, so it’s pretty clear when I’m sleeping v. just having my eyes closed). He was like, “You weren’t asleep–don’t you remember talking to me?” Apparently, after one of the times on the track when Kerry counts you up to 3 after doing a practice fingerdrop, DH asked me something, and I looked at him with my eyes open and said, “Shhhh, you’re not supposed to be talking.” I have NO RECOLLECTION of that conversation at all. None–I don’t remember anything after hearing Kerry explaining the idea of the switch until that final going into center when I “woke up.” Anyway, I just thought I’d share. Although I was taking comfort in hearing that lots of people sleep through the tracks with great results, this makes me feel even better to know that maybe sometimes when I think I’m sleeping, I really am just experiencing hypnotic amnesia.


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Journey into Motherhood is a book recommended to all Hypnobabies Students, because it is full of wonderful, positive birth stories.  I am so happy to say that Sheri Menelli has decided to give this book away free!  I hope all moms take advantage of this and are inspired by these stories!

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PregTASTIC is an online radio show about all things pregnancy, birth and babies.

They just did a podcast titled Hypno-Curious about Hypnobabies where they interviewed Kerry Tuschhoff, the founder of Hypnobabies.  It is a great show!

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There is a new website out of the UK with information for moms worried about having a big baby. 


So many moms go to a late term ultrasound and are told their baby is going to be so BIG. I loved this quote from the site. 

I heard a great analogy from an obstetrician once, that likened trying to predict the size of a baby before birth, by ultrasound, to trying to guess the weight of a man, sitting in a bath full of water, in the room next door by measuring his waist and thigh bone. When you look at it like that it really does become apparent how ludicrous these gross measures we use are!

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You become a mother starting in your pregnancy and how you are treated during your pregnancy and birth can have a positive or negative influence on you. 

Bellies and Babies Blog has a great post titled How can we expect to make mothers out of women when we treat them like children?  

One great side effect of Hypnobabies and joining the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group, is moms are finding the strength to insist on being treated with respect.  (Of course we all should be, but sometimes care providers don’t)

Some mom’s sit down and have heart to hearts with their care providers and get the support they desire. 

Some mom’s end up changing care providers to one who WILL listen.

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