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Hypnobabies Materials

  • Hypnobabies Workbook:  Includes information on many subjects ranging from nutrition, comfort in pregnancy, birth plans, and consumer issues, to Optimum Fetal Positioning and breastfeeding information.
  • Birth Partner’s Guide Booklet: This booklet helps the Birth Partners(s) to learn their role in the preparations for and actual birth support system.
  • Quick Reference Booklet for Labor: Contains the *most important Hypnobabies information* for use, at your fingertips during your baby’s wonderful birthing. Your Birth Partner and doula will love it too!
  • 12 Advanced Hypnosis for Childbirth Scripts on CD

1) Your Special Place Imagery and Relaxation: Allowing you to create a safe haven, meet and bond with your baby, and learn deep physical relaxation skills.

2) Easy, Comfortable Childbirth: This hypnosis script easily introduces you to the hypnotic state – relaxing the body and then the mind, and brings you powerful suggestions for a very positive *perception* of childbirth.

3) Learning Self-Hypnosis: You will learn how to instantly enter hypnosis on your own, and easily control your body completely with your mind.

4) Deepening Hypnosis: Taking you down three levels of hypnotic depth, this track brings you into a “somnambulistic state”, which allows you to begin creating hypno-anesthesia for comfort in labor. It also introduces you to your “Peace” cue, a post-hypnotic suggestion cue that can be used at any time, in or out of hypnosis, to produce immediate pain relief!

5) Creating Hypno-Anesthesia: You learn and practice “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis”, modifying your hypno-anesthesia to exactly where you need it in your body, and ensuring your ability to move around freely and comfortably during labor.

6) Hypnotic Childbirth # 1: In deep hypnosis, you are given a hypnotic deepening cue for your Birth Partner or doula to use during labor, providing instantly deeper relaxation, hypnosis and anesthesia. Positive suggestions are reinforced for dilating easily and comfortably during labor.

7) Hypnotic Childbirth # 2: Learning another cue for entering hypnosis quickly, you ensure that your mind and body will respond instantly to your powerful birthing waves. You also practice your “Peace” cue in deep hypnosis, moving your hypno-anesthesia around to different parts of your body. Very powerful programming for comfortable internal exams, IVs or any other “spot-anesthesia”, including the crowning of baby’s head. No “Ring of Fire”!

8) Advanced Fear Clearing Session: beginning with the creation of your Hypnobabies “Bubble of Peace”, which protects you from negative messages regarding childbirth or hypnosis, this powerful script allows you to release any fears, concerns or control issues you may have. Past birthing experiences, parenting fears or anxiety regarding childbirth are easily eliminated by your inner mind, to help you feel calm and confident about your baby’s birthing. Great for Birth Partners as well.

9 & 10) Birth Guide CD (Keeps the Hypno-Mom in hypnosis during labor) Track # 1 – “Easy First Stage” brings you deeply into hypnosis and deepens it with your already programmed Hypnobabies cues and techniques, keeping you deeply in hypnosis and completely comfortable as you easily dilate and efface toward pushing! Track # 2 – “Pushing Baby Out” keeps you comfortable, relaxed and focused on mother-directed pushing with powerful Hypnobabies cues and phrases. Helps you to open and push effectively…. and reinforces – NO “Ring of Fire.” Invaluable!

11) Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations:

“What a wonderful way to go to sleep and wake up; thinking about how great my pregnant body is and how wonderful by birthing will be with this baby”. That’s what our Hypno-moms say when they listen to this script daily. It has on it around 150 one line affirmations that begin with statements about your healthy, positive and easy pregnancy.

It continues on and begins affirming that *your birthing* will be easy, your body knows just what to do, and your hypnosis will work beautifully when you need it to!

12) Birth-Day Affirmations: 150 more wonderful, positive and very powerful affirmations created just for your baby’s Birthing Day! All in the present tense, indicating that “Today is the Day,” our Birth-Day Affirmations track helps you begin your birth with confidence and remain calm and comfortable.

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We are truly blessed and graced!

Isla Raeann was born to us Tuesday the 28th, at 2:57 in the afternoon.  I woke up early and just knew that my birthing time had arrived, there was a peacefulness about the house and my heart.  My husband was at work (or on his way), and my girls and our dog were all still asleep in bed.  I lay in bed for just a short while and soon thereafter (about 5:30 am or so), my first contraction came.  I remember just smiling and taking a deep breath.

I spent the morning and early afternoon at home, relaxing, meditating, and enjoying my time knowing that I would soon meet our little girl.  I hadn’t listened to my scripts because I was alone at home, with my two girls (ages 2 and 4) and our dog.  They needed me to be “present” for them, I relaxed, used my cues when a pressure wave came, and was peacefully comfortable.  My husband was on his way home from work, and my parents on their way from Spokane (about 5 hours away), and his parents on their way from Oregon (about 3 hours away). So, me and the girls and our dog just took it easy, they all gave me solace when I needed it, and serenity when I asked.

My husband and his parents arrived around noon or so, so I was then able to focus on myself and keeping peace and began listening to Easy First Stage, while I sat on my birthing ball.  It was amazing.  Every so often I would stop the script and listen to Psalm 23, as recorded by Temple and Brent (I downloaded it off of Amazon onto my I-Pod).  Listening to it brought me to tears with happiness that I would soon be holding my little girl – it restored me and lifted me.  Then I would return to listening to Easy First Stage.

Around 1:00 in the afternoon I could sense that everyone, except myself, was getting nervous, so I took a moment, then decided to let my husband take me to the hospital.

We arrived and made ourselves comfortable in the room (about 2:00 in the afternoon).  The nurse didn’t believe that I was in labor, though she humored me about it.  To her surprise, I was 8 centimeters and fully effaced.  I knew my baby would soon be coming, and I was completely comfortable, at peace, and filled with love and happiness.  I was happy to just sit on the bed and listen to Easy First Stage on my I-Pod.  It was the most intimate experience that I have ever had…just me and my baby with each other.  I had to tell my husband that I wasn’t trying to ignore him (grin), but I was so at peace and he was happy to just let me ‘be’ where I needed to be (emotionally, spiritually).

The remainder of my birthing time was amazing, I was blissfully happy and felt pure love the whole time.  We were at the hospital for less than an hour and Isla was in my arms.  Words cannot even describe the elation I was feeling throughout her birth.  To be so blessed, to enjoy every moment…took my breath away and brought my husband and I to tears before I even gently pushed her out.

After about 45 minutes or so, I knew she was ready to come out.  I calmly told the nurse and my husband that our baby was ready to meet everyone, and moments later, my family doctor came in.  It was perfect timing.

The room was intimate, just myself, my husband, our family doctor, and one attending nurse (the nurse proved to be an amazing soul and provided wonderful comfort).  At first, I was lying on my side, listening to Push Baby Out, but all at once I abruptly felt that I needed to be on my hands and knees; so I got myself comfortable on my hands and knees and gently pushed her out in less than 5 minutes.

Now, we rest and enjoy life.  I couldn’t have experienced birth, in such an miraculous way, without Hypnobabies.  My heart is full , her birth was perfect.


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Class1: Introduction to Hypnobabies:

Introduction to Hypnobabies’ Philosophies and Positive Mindset; Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology; Belief Systems; The Power of Words and How They Affect Us; How Your Mind Works – The Conscious and Subconscious; The Mind/Body Connection; What Hypnosis is and is NOT; Demonstrations of Hypnosis; How Fear Affects Comfort and Length of Labor; Fear Clearing for Childbirth; The Importance of Daily Birthing Affirmations; The Gifts Your Body Gives You – Your Beautiful Uterus and How it Works; Creating Your “Mental Lightswitch”.

CD tracks: 1 per day
1) “Your Special Place
2) Painless Childbirth

Class 2: Staying Healthy and Low Risk:

Importance of Diet in Pregnancy; Nutritional Guidelines; The High Protein Advantage; Eggs, Salt and Calcium in Pregnancy; Drinking Water for Two; Avoidance of Harmful Substances; Safe and Comfortable Prenatal Sleeping and Resting Positions; Natural Comfort Measures for Pregnancy; Introduction of the Stages of Labor including the “Baby-Kindness” Stage; New Baby Sensitivity Through Bonding; Using Hypnosis for Pregnancy Discomforts and Health; Prenatal Exercises for Birth; Birth Partner Assistance.

CD Tracks: 1 per day
1) Learning Self-Hypnosis
2) Deepening Your Hypnosis

Class 3: Your Options in Birthing:

The Importance of Making Excellent Birthing Decisions; the “Big Secrets”. Detailed Childbirth Choices – Risks, Benefits and Alternatives for Common Procedures; Getting Informed Consent, Hospital Forms and Your Rights; Questions for Caregivers – Consumer Issues and Positive Communication; Creating the Birth Plan of your Dreams; “Big” Babies; Packing Your Birth Bag; Touring Your Place of Birth; Benefits of a Professional Labor Assistant; “Hypno-Doulas”.

CD Tracks: 1 per day
1) Creating Anesthesia
2) Deepening Your Hypnosis

Class 4: The Onset of Labor:

Your “Guess Date” and Normal Length of Pregnancy; Preparing for your Birthing Day; Signs of Birthing Beginning; Amniotic Membranes Breaking – Your Safe Choices; True vs. “False” Labor; How to Time Your Birthing Waves (contractions); Your Birth Log; When to go to the Birth Place; Automatic Comfort and Relaxation on “The Drive” and Arrival at Your Place of Birth (if out of your home; Hypno-Guardians; Nurses – the Unsung Heroes; Using Hypnosis for Comfort During Internal Exams; Dilation, Effacement, Position and Station of Baby; The Beautiful Progress of Labor, Including Fast , Average and Slow or Stalled Labor; Artificial Induction and Natural Induction Techniques; Creating a Safe and Serene Birthing Environment; Nausea Elimination; Optimum Fetal Positioning.

CD Tracks: 1 per day
1) Hypnotic Childbirth # 1
2) Deepening Your Hypnosis

Class 5: Giving Birth to Your Baby:

Birth Partners Training: Your Role During Pregnancy and Birthing Reviewed; How a Labor Assistant Can Help the Hypno-Partner; 4 Pages of Verbal Birthing Cues; Physical Comfort Techniques; the Change of Plans Hypnosis Script. Avoiding a Cesarean Section; Late First Stage Labor – Transition…or “Transformation”; Trusting in Your Body, Your Mind and your Baby; Effective Positions for Birthing; Benefits and Use of the Birth Ball; Exhale Pushing and Avoiding the “Ring of Fire” with Hypnosis; Safe Birthing of the Placenta; Cord Traction, Pitocin, Breastfeeding, Baby Kindness, Apgar Scores and Newborn Procedures; Review: Membranes Releasing, Hypnobabies Tools, Using Your Mental Lightswitch, Fear Clearing for Childbirth.

CD Tracks: 1 per day
1) Hypnotic Childbirth # 2
2) Deepening Your Hypnosis

Week # 6 – begins our Hypnobabies Maintenance Schedule, bringing all CD tracks back into the schedule: 1 track per day, rotating all CD tracks. You continue to listen to 1 track per day until your baby is born, enjoying 35 minutes of deep relaxation and positive hypnotic suggestions for easy, comfortable birthing.

We also encourage you to listen to the additional Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations every day, while waking up, going to sleep, driving or doing quiet household or office activities. This wonderfully positive 35 minute track has no hypnotic induction on it, and can be listened anytime you need some positive thoughts, feelings or visualizations about your upcoming Hypnobabies birth. With all the negative birth stories and attitudes about childbirth we are exposed to consistently while pregnant, this CD track helps you to remain in a positive frame of mind about natural childbirth, hypnosis and your own commitment level. You will love the difference it makes as you prepare for your baby’s birth!

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I am so excited to post today!  Our little man was born last Wednesday, and I’m so grateful for Hypnobabies!  I was having a few minor contractions at the end of the day at the school where I teach, but nothing major.

I went to my weekly appt. with my OB at 4:00, and he said I was 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  He predicted that we wouldn’t last much longer.  My husband and I drove home (with pressure waves getting stronger and about 18 minutes apart) and picked up our 3 year old.  We ate dinner, and by that time my pressure waves were about 12 minutes apart.

We decided to take showers and prepare to go to the hospital (the doctor said things were going to move fast, and we should head in when the pressure waves were about 7 minutes apart).  We live an hour from our hospital. :)  By the time I got out of the shower, pressure waves were 4 minutes apart, and we all jumped in the car.  Through all of this I was using the finger drop technique and was very comfortable.

We dropped off my 3 year old and rushed to the hospital.  The receptionist was taking a very long time, working on other paperwork, and joking with coworkers while we were waiting to be processed.  I was very calm and focused, so I’m sure he didn’t think there was any urgency.  By the time we got to triage, I was 8 cm dilated, still very comfortable during pressure waves.  I got onto all fours due to some discomfort in my back, but was very calm and relaxed, listening to my hypnobabies tracks.

We were moved to a labor/delivery room, and after another 4-5 contractions, I was ready to push.  There was no time to even switch to the pushing track of my CD.  Owen was born within ten minutes of very intense pushing.  It was amazing!

I had an epidural with my first, and I was amazed at how powerful it was to experience natural birth.  Owen was born at 9:53 pm, just an hour after we arrived at the hospital.

Throughout my admittedly short labor, I used my Hypnobabies CDs and the finger drop technique to keep me focused and calm.  It was incredible how effective they were.

I was very grateful for the nurses, who were very supportive of my decision to have a natural birth and helpful with the entire process and for my OB, who didn’t question my desire to labor on all fours, which was much more comfortable for me.  The whole experience has been amazing, and I can’t say enough about how Hypnobabies made this possible for me.

Our sweet boy was born at 9:53
7 lbs, 1 oz
21 inches long. :)

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