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Hello All!
Here is my birth story, it was AMAZING. Below the birth story is my “perfect birth” that I visualized for hypnosis(I wrote it a few months ago). I thought I’d include it so you can see how my perfect birth really happened almost just as I had visualized it!!!!!

Ivy was born on October 6th 2009 at 6:01am weighing 7lbs 14 oz, 20 1/2 inches long!! The delivery was everything I could have ever hoped for:

It was the evening of my due date and I didn’t have too many pressure waves(pw’s) that day, however I’ve been having them off and on for a few days now very consistently every evening. I went for a big walk that morning, and another big walk in the afternoon with Craig. Earlier that morning I got a text from Donna telling me that an hour after eating Eggplant Parmesan, she went into labor with her daughter. So, even though it’s just an old wives tale, I decided I wanted Eggplant Parm!! We ordered from Vinny T’s and I had an early dinner around 5pm.

After dinner I decided to take my 22 month old Benji for a short walk. We got outside and chatted with our neighbor David for a few minutes. I told him how bummed I was that it was my due date and I hadn’t had her yet. I then saw little Sarah and her brother Zachary and talked to them for a few minutes. On my walk I didn’t have too many Pw’s like I had been having during previous walks this week. Right before we went home we saw Sarah again and she told me the story of how her brother came out just shortly after she talked to her mom’s belly and told him to come out. I told her you better tell this baby to come out too and maybe it will work!! So at 6pm exactly, she told baby girl to come out very soon! I headed home, hoping that baby would come out so that I wouldn’t disappoint Sarah! haha.

I got home, fed Benji a little snack before putting him down to bed. After I put him down, I watched House and then went upstairs on the computer. Up on the computer I started getting pw’s!! Lots of them! However I had had false labor the last three nights in a row so I didn’t really think too much of it. I decided I better just try to get some sleep and see if they go away. I layed down in bed trying to go to sleep and they just seemed to get more intense. I started to feel a little nauseas and I thought it was the eggplant parm bc I had eggplant parm before and it made me sick in the past.

I decided to try to take a shower to see if that would slow the pw’s down. After being in a shower for a while, they still didn’t slow down at all and I started to think it could possibly be “it”. I went downstairs to watch some tv with Craig and when I got down there, they finally started to slow down a little bit. So, I decided to go back upstiars and try to go to bed again. I went to lay down and they started picking up a lot! I called Craig up to tell him I thought that it “might” really be it this time.

I then threw up! I layed back down in bed and felt a tiny trickle of something and I thought, “My water broke!!!” But then when I went to look, I didn’t really see much fluid, but I still was pretty sure it broke. That was when we decided to call TBC. I called and spoke to Ann and told her i was having consistent pw’s and a trickle of fluid. She said to try to sleep through them and call around 8am or when they got too intense to talk through and were 5 minutes apart.

I layed in bed trying to rest and listening to my Early Labor hypnosis track, going into hypnosis only during pw’s, but talking to Craig about the plans for the rest of the night with him. He was also going to try and sleep for a few hours. As we were talking, I explained to Craig that I could talk but needed to go into hypnosis during the waves.

Craig started to noticed that I was going into hypnosis very very often. I asked him if he could time them because I couldn’t do it as i had been before because it was getting too intense. I showed him how to use the Contraction Master on my iPhone. They were every 2:30 to 3:00 minutes. That’s when we decided it was time to call TBC back and probably head in. That was at 3:45am.

Craig took a little while to get ready, call Anabel and his mom. At this point I was really ready to go in and thought we better hurry up. I said hello to Anabel very briefly in between waves, and then headed to get in the car. As I was walking out, I paused at the front door and leaned against the door to the basement to go into hypnosis for a wave. I then got in the car, put a towel on the seat “just in case” my water were to really break, turned on the heat and layed back in the seat waiting for Craig to come out and I listened to my hypnosis. Craig put everything in the trunk of the car and we left.

Craig drove nice and smoothly like I had asked him to before, I didn’t even have to remind him. I think it was at about the Wynnewood shopping center traffic light that my water BURST! It was huge. I continued to stay in hypnosis the rest of the drive, I looked up at the road once at the intersection of Wynnewood Rd and County Line and again when passing Haverford College. When we arrived in the parking lot, I just started to have a wave(although it was a soft one), so we waited a minute for me to get through it before getting out of the car. I held the towel between my legs as we walked up the the door and pressed the doorbell.

Ann met us at the door and showed us to the room. She asked me for a urine sample. When I went to pee, I also got amniotic fluid in the cup as it was pretty hard to reach down to hold the cup! After about 10 minutes or so, she came in to check my stats and do an internal. I was nervous she was going to tell me I was barely dilated and to go home or something, because the waves really weren’t as “bad” as I thought they might need to be to truly be in labor. I could still talk totally fine and smile and laugh between waves. But she checked and I was at 6 and -2 station(although I didn’t hear that part)already!!

After she checked me, at 4:38pm Craig called Donna to tell her we were ready and to drive over. She was already in the parking lot waiting for us to call her, yay!!!!! I’m SO glad she did that. When Ann felt the baby, she was a bit posterior so she had me lay on the side of the bed with Craig supporting me by putting my one leg on him and hanging my belly off the side. I listened to my Hypnobabies Early Labor track for about an hour like that(although it went by SOOO fast).

In my mind, I still had a long time to go, however it was getting pretty intense. I just kept reminding myself that it was a choice I had to make to stay in hypnosis and that it would work if I allowed it to and that this was finally the moment I had been practicing for for all those many many hours every night. I imagined my safe place laying on the towel in the sand with the sun shining on my back, warming my skin, feeling perfectly comfortable and relaxed, especially my skin and watching my son Benjamin and husband Craig playing in the sand and water.

There were a few times i had to get up to use the bathroom. During that time I would have Craig follow me in and put his hand gently on my forehead and say “relax”. Craig was also really great because he really wanted to help with the hypnosis. At one point he asked me if he could turn off the hypnosis track so that he could talk me through it himself and he was AMAZING at it(even though he only practiced with me about two times), it was so great to hear his calming, loving voice. He had a tendency to try and move a bit and massage me(a very natural instinct I’m sure) but I kept reminding him to be perfectly still, it was very important to me that everyone be perfectly still. Between pressure waves I told them to rub me, but to stop as soon as one started.

Donna put pressure on my lower back with my warm rice bag I made(I ended up liking the brown one best because it was so smooth). I was able to talk and whatnot between waves and felt great, but soon realized that I needed to start to continually focus and not get distracted from my hypnosis. At this point I stayed in off position most of the time.  I finally got to a point where I needed to move. I felt this intense need to get up and get some relief.

After a wave I said, “Ok, something needs to change right now, I need to get in the bath right now.” They told me it would take a few minutes to fill it up, so I went through I think two more waves and then got up(in center position) and got in the bath, laying on my right side facing the wall and went back into off position. It was at this point that things started getting extremely intense. I felt my belly with my hand during a wave and it was rock solid. I still felt like baby wasn’t very low though and thought I had a while to go.

This is when I felt as though I was losing control a bit. I started saying, “open, open, open” in a very deep, gutterly moan. I remember thinking that my voice actually sounded a bit like my son, like I reverted to a toddler for a few minutes. I then felt like I couldn’t handle another second of it. I began to think of how could I possibly get myself over to the hospital and how long it would take to find someone to put an epidural in me!! It was a fleeting thought that got me through that moment. I screamed in a deep, low moan, that kind of cracked my voice, “I can’t take it ANYMOOOOORE……….”. Someone( I think Sabrina) said some very calming things about how I COULD do it and I found her words to be very helpful and centering.

Then I said, “Oh sh**, I’m gonna sh*t…” That’s when I felt this explosive poop come out of me. I had zero control and it honestly felt like a rocket coming out. That’s when I realized that the baby was coming out. The nurse Sabrina or maybe it was the midwife Ann said, “Ok, you need to get out of the tub RIGHT NOW” The way it was said was very calm, yet firm and strong and it helped me to feel strong. When she said I had to get out, I didn’t think I could possibly do it, but I remembered watching one of those birthing shows and the exact same thing happening, so I knew it was time for the baby to come out and i had to find the strength to get out of the tub. Craig and Donna and everyone stood there to help me up. As I was getting up I felt down with my hand and felt the baby’s head and this intense burning, ripping feeling. I kept my hand there putting pressure because I felt like she was going to fall out while I was getting over to the bed and because it lessened the burning feeling. I made it to the edge of the bed, got on hands and knee’s and realized that she would come out.

No one said anything(that I remember anyway) and I realized it was the very moment i was waiting for, the time to push her out. Her head popped out during the first push and I pushed one more time and the rest of her came out. I did not look down until I realized she was out and i looked down and saw her between my legs. I waited just a moment before realizing that I could reach down and grab her and hold her, and that’s what I did. She was still attached to me and I held her in my lap. They put blankets all over her and dried her off a bit while I held her there.

She was born at 6:01am, just six hours after I thought I “may” be in labor, just an hour and a half after arriving at The Birth Center. I layed down with her on my chest and just a few minutes later, the placenta came out. I remember Ann saying, “ok, the placenta’s gonna come out now, but don’t worry, this one doesn’t have bones.” It just plopped right out. A little later she showed it to us and showed us the different parts which I thought was very cool, Craig was grossed out, haha. She then examined me and saw that I had a very small tear. She said I could get a stitch, or it could just heal by itself. I really didn’t want a stitch because I was scared it would hurt. Donna said, “oh get it” and Ann said, “well it’s her choice” and I was hesitant to get it, but then Ann said it was a little bigger than she originally thought and that I should get it. So I did. She did one small stitch at the bottom and one on the top left labia. They used some spray, but I could still feel the needle and it was a bit uncomfortable. I just tried to focus on the baby. The pressure waves continued after birth and were very intense, but at this point I didn’t feel like using my hypnosis because I just wanted to focus on my baby!!!!

The entire thing was so amazing and everything I could have EVER hoped for. It was truly my perfect birth, I think it was actually better than I visualized my perfect birth to be.

Ok and here is the birthing plan I had written out for The Birth Center and it was also what I had visualized every day:

Wake up around 8:30am as usual! Go downstairs to put on coffee, eat my cereal in front of the tv, then bring coffee up and bring Benji into bed with us. Sit and drink our coffee in bed. Get up to pee cause I’m getting a braxton hicks and those things always make me have to pee. Get another braxton hicks about 20 minutes later. I soon noticed that I’m getting them more often than usual and they’re coming pretty regularly. I suddenly realize that I may be entering my birthing time, and in fact I am!

The pressure waves are coming regularly, about every 8 minutes and lasting about 45 seconds each. As soon as I realize that I am entering my birthing time I hope online and tell facebook. I have Craig call Donna to tell her that it’s the day. I call the birth center. I  They tell me to wait to come in until pressure waves are 5 minutes apart and last 1 minute each. I then grab one of my nut bars filled with protein, eat that as well as a nice bowl in quinoa and a large cup of raspberry leaf tea. I put my headphones on and practice having a loose, limp body to allow my body to do all the work. I feel pressure waves gaining strength which feels like a power higher than myself guiding my body to take care of me and my baby and guide her out of the womb. I listen to my different hypnosis tapes and during each pressure wave I choose to use the meditations and hypnosis that I’ve learned over the past few months. I make that decision every time a pressure wave comes and remind myself to stay calm as this power takes over, it is a strong and gentle power that is going to bring me to my baby so soon. Donna arrives and I ask her to bring Benji downstairs so I can be alone with Craig. I lay on the bed, get up, sit down, walk around the hall shaking my hips, and sitting on the birthing ball and doing whatever feels good.  An hour and a half passes and the pressure waves stronger and closer together. By noon two hours have passed since I first thought I might be in labor and my pressure waves are lasting about a minute long and coming every 5 minutes. We decide that it’s time to head over to the birthing center so that I can get settled and enjoy a nice bath over there. We call Craig’s parents to come pick up Benji. Donna stays with Benji until his parents get there while Craig and I head over. Donna arrives 20 minutes behind us.

When I get to the birth center, they check my cervix and find that I am 6-7 cent. dilated. Craig sets up my blanket and pillow while I labor peacefully in hypnosis. He reminds me to drink my tea and juice. He also sets up my birth board that I made as a reminder to myself with many positive affirmations, as well as suggestions/reminders of things that I thought would be helpful to myself as well as my helpers Craig and Donna. At this point I am anxious to get back in the water to relieve some of the pressure on my back.

It’s now 1:30pm, I’ve spent some time in the bath and I decide to get out and walk around a bit more. I try different positions recommended to me by my midwife, Donna and Craig. My helpers are now helping me with each pressure wave by doing the “Peace” cue and “Relax” cues. Earlier on I was spending some time in the “off” position, but i now find I need to spend more time in “Center”. My husband Craig will also probably need some reminders from The Birth Center staff on how to assist me best as well as reminders that this is a natural, normal and healthy process, though at times intense. In fact, I will probably also need those reminders!

As I birth I will continuously use my hypnobabies cd’s, probably through my headphones. At about 3pm I will be ready to push! At that time I will put on my “Pushing Baby Out” track on the regular speakers so that everyone can hear it to best assist me. (as suggested by the hypnobabies program) I will not need an episiotomy and wish to tear naturally unless, given the midwifes experience, she feels it is absolutely necessary. Pushing takes only a few pressure waves and the baby is in my arms! After the cord stops pulsing, either Craig or I are directed by the midwife to cut the cord. Donna is busy taking pictures. When the time is right, the nurse or midwife help Craig and I on how to wash the baby and dress her. We’d like to skip the eye drops that are often given to newborns. Donna will assist me with the baby’s first latch for breastfeeding as has been the tradition in our family when Benji was born.

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This time from a Hypnobabies Instructor in Atlanta!

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Kendra Shortz   HCHI, CHt, NLP Practitioner


219-669-0769  cell

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Medaryville, IN

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist

Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor

NLP Practitioner

I offer both group and private Hypnobabies classes in the Chicagoland, Northwest IN and Lafayette, IN areas.  Classes ongoing, please call or email me for more information.

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Mikayla’s fast and un-medicated VBAC birth story

At 2:12 am on Tuesday the 13th of October, I felt a funny kick that woke me up. Soon after I started having some pressure waves. I wasn’t too worried about them, as I have been having practice waves for weeks, but these were very regular and consistent. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I decided to go downstairs to time my pressure waves on my phone at 2:58 am. I turned my computer on so I could listen to my Hypnobabies tracks on my computer instead of having my headphones on. I timed my waves until 3:29 am. I had had 8 waves during that time averaging from 3-4 minutes apart lasting a minute to a minute and a half.

At this time I was getting nervous as I was trying to go into hypnosis for the waves, and it wasn’t working. I was really doubting myself since my first labor lasted so long and ended in a c-section.  Well I finally realized I was in actual labor, so I started making brownies for the nurses and midwives. Around 3:45-3:50 my 2 year old son woke up and he and my husband came downstairs. My son wanted to nurse. During the second pressure wave while he was nursing I had to stop him and told him to cuddle next to me.

At 4, my husband called my mom and said he was bringing Brayden over to her house so we could get to the hospital. He asked if I wanted to go and I said I couldn’t, I still had 10 minutes until I could take the brownies out of the oven. I said goodbye to my son and got back to concentrating during my waves. After the brownies were out of the oven, I moved upstairs so I could get in the tub to help myself relax. At this point I was having to moan through the waves to help remind myself not to tense up my muscles and just let my body work.

My husband returned home around 4:40 and found me in the tub. After a few pressure waves he said he wanted to go to the hospital (he said at this point they were about every two minutes and I was gripping the side of the tub pretty hard). I got out and had to rest on the bed during the waves while I was getting dressed.

My husband finally talked me into leaving for the hospital (I was worried about leaving too early for the hospital and stalling my labor). We must have left between 5 and 5:15 am, my husband was driving very fast and I was going to tell him to slow down, but decided I needed to concentrate on my hypnosis and trying to remain relaxed. We got to the hospital and I told my husband just to get my birth ball as I figured we had plenty of time to grab the other things we brought.

By the time we got to labor and delivery, I was having pressure waves that seemed right on top of each other, and I had a moment of doubt thinking if the said I was only 3 cm dilated I was going to ask for the epidural. We get back into triage around 5:50 am and and the nurse was taking her time getting everything set up and asking me questions (which I let my husband answer as I had turned up the volume on my ipod). She checked me and asked if I wanted an epidural at which time I said no, and she said good, you don’t have time, you are 8 cm dilated and have a bulging bag of water.

My midwife wasn’t there yet, so she got on her phone and called for a doctor to meet us in a labor and delivery room. Another nurse came in to help and she asked if I could walk to the room, and I said no. She nastily replied that I would have to get out of bed at some point anyway, and she thought I wanted to go all natural. That is when the first nurse chimed in and asked her if she would like to walk at 8 cm dilated.

I chose to ignore all of this as my waves had changed and I couldn’t relax through them anymore (I now realize that my body had started to push). They wheeled me into my room and I transfered myself off of the stretcher to my bed. At this point the baby started having some decels to about 90 and the nurses had me roll to my side and put oxygen on me. After a few more waves where my husband looked into my eyes and kept telling me to relax and focus, the doctor walked in (it was my midwives back up doctor).

He said he was going to try to let me birth like I wanted, but if I couldn’t get the baby out quickly they would have to do a c-section (I think this put the fear of God in me!). It was at this time I looked at my husband and said I can’t stop from pushing (it felt sort of like when your body starts to dry heave, so powerful and you couldn’t stop it if you tried), but I was so nervous because I thought there was no way it was time already. The nurses said if my body was already doing it to start pushing with the next wave.

Well the next wave my water exploded (my husband said it looked like movie special effects, it hit the back wall about 10 feet away). That helped relieve a lot of the pressure. The doctor said I was doing a really good job, but he wanted to use the vacuum to help get her out as he was still concerned about her decels. I agreed to this as I figured it was better than a c-section.

This was about the time my midwife showed up. I pushed three times and her head was out, the doctor then took off the vacuum, and a few seconds later, the rest of her slipped out. It was 6:33 am. She had to be seen by the NICU staff as I had meconium in my water, and I had to get some stitches where the vacuum caused a bit of friction (which hurt worse than pushing), so I didn’t get to hold her for about a half an hour.

Her apgars were 9 and 9, and she was so alert and beautiful. What I find the most amusing was I didn’t get to sign the consent forms until after she arrived (at which point I had to laugh about signing the C-section form).

Mikayla Reese was 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19.5 inches long. She is such a content baby. I think I am still on a birth high, and that I can’t believe I did it! I couldn’t imagine it being too much better than it turned out!

While it wasn’t entirely pain-free, it was completely manageable, and I think Hypnobabies kept me relaxed and able to go with what my body wanted to do on it’s own. My husband says the only thing he would like to do different for the next one would be get to the hospital a little sooner (I think 45 minutes was too close for comfort for him, but for me it was perfect!

Brayden 6/07 C-section
Mikayla 10/09 Unmedicated, Hypnobabies VBAC!!!

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Anyway, I had c-sections with my first two kids and knew that I wanted this 3rd one to be born natually and vaginally. I decided on a home birth rather than to find a doctor who would honor a VBAC, especially after 2 sections. My husband was NOT for it at first but the more and more I read and told him, the more comfortable he became with the whole idea.

Of course I had fears but after doing some fear-clearing sessions, they just all went away and I NEVER thought of them while in labor. The whole birth was so awesome. It was easy, fast and comfortable. I would call it painless as well. I just had my headphones on in my birthing pool and went inward saying “Peace” through every birthing wave. Before I knew it I was completely dilated and apparently had the urge to push (I just thought my body was having weird spasms, lol). I then “ahhhh’d” my way through pushing. The “ahhhh’ing” got loud at some points but I still wasn’t in pain (although Im sure it seemed like it with all the noise) but the louder I “ahhh’d”, the better I was pushing and bringing baby down. I went into labor at 11pm and had the baby at 5:52 am… so less than 7 hours in labor but it felt like 2-3 hours MAYBE. My pushing was an hour and a half but felt like 20-30 minutes. It was awesome and I credit it all to Hypnobabies.

I have to say that I felt so comfortable with my headphones on (this is how I practiced for months before labor) that I wasn’t even listening to the words. I was just so relaxed because I knew that they were there [for me] if I needed them. All I had to do was listen. About an hour into my pushing my husband asked me if I wanted to take off my headphones and I asked him why. He said, “The batteries have been dead for about an hour.” I had no idea, that’s how inwardly focused I was. And of course I didn’t take them off after that either :)

I would post my birth story but it’s 5 pages long (I like to remember ALL the details) so maybe if I can shorten it, I’ll post it later but I HAD to post something to let those who are attempting or thinking about VBAC’ing that it’s possible and it’s wonderful! Two days before I went into “real” labor I was questioning everything (I was having prodromal labor [false labor] with horrible contractions that I couldnt get through even with hypnobabies. I was thinking that if I couldnt handle “false” labor, how was I supposed to handle “real” labor. But baby was posterior and after 2 days of pain and worrying and wanting to just give up and have another c-section, I did a fear clearing session and an hour later went into labor feeling pressure waves that felt different. They were comfortable and actually fun! This was “real” labor and I handled it, all pain-free!)

I also didn’t practice like I was supposed to with the scripts and I couldnt let my husband read and practice his birth partner scripts because I’d just laugh but during labor he still put his hand firmly on my shoulder and that seemed to help. I also held his hand (tightly at some points) and didn’t let go the ENTIRE time and that helped so much too. So just as long as you stick to the schedule and make it a routine, even if you don’t think it’s working, it’ll still work when it’s supposed to. I was AMAZED!

Anyway, if anyone has any questions I’d love to help if I can :)
Here is a link to the FULL story!


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Fast, easy birth.  NICU stay for infection.  Healthy baby and back home within the week.

At around 6am on Thursday, September 17th I woke up as I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and decided that I could just nap later. Once I was up and eating breakfast I realized that it could possibly be some type of pressure wave / contraction. They were different than the type that I had had earlier in the week. These were more achy where the other ones were more wave like from top to bottom. I tried to ignore them as I knew they could mean little and there was the possibility that they could go away completely.

Later in the morning when Matt woke up I mentioned that there was a little something going on, but that we shouldn’t think about it as things could change at any time. We went about our day with a walk for Dakota, our Lab Shar Pei mix and a walk to our appointment with our midwife. At our 41 week appointment we talked about the following week and the options we would have to get things moving so Baby would arrive before 42 weeks. I also told her that I was feeling something but that there wasn’t any consistency and that they were very mild.

After our appointment we went home and did a few things before heading off to Costco to pick up some items we needed before Baby arrived. The trip was fairly uneventful with the exception of some more pressure waves / contractions and my body deciding that it needed to clean itself out. I also enjoyed the samples that they had throughout the store. We went back home where we had some lunch and the pressure waves / contractions continued. They had a little more intensity but were still quite inconsistent. I would lay down on the couch to rest and get comfortable and started doing some word finds to keep my mind off things.

At around 4pm Matt called our midwife to let her know things were starting to get regular with pressure waves being between 3 and 9 minutes apart and 15 – 30 seconds long. They would increase and decrease in time between pressure waves. I also had the awesome time of throwing up at one point, something my midwife told me meant 1 centimeter of dilation, a good thing in my mind, but not fun. Our midwife suggested taking a nap and resting as I would need the energy later and she also told us to call once things were closer together, more like 5 minutes or less apart and 45 – 90 seconds long.

By 7 or 7:30pm the pressure waves were coming more and more regularly but were still only 30 seconds long. I was starting to wonder how I would ever make it through the birthing if it were to go for several more hours with the same spacing in time. We had studied Hypnobabies birthing for the last half of the pregnancy with both me and Matt studying the materials. Thankfully Matt was with me as his birth partner portion was extremely helpful as it allowed me to breathe through the pressure waves / contractions. When he would step away I could feel the pain and pressure, but if he was there it was so much better. The pressure waves / contractions were about 1 – 2 minutes apart at this point, close enough that I was having a hard time resting between them. I was also starting to wonder how women ever made it through labor when things were happening like they were but only longer.

I kept telling Matt that it felt like I had to take a poop and that there was so much pressure on my bottom. I continued to feel like I needed to push and they were pushing without my help. To this point we had none of our birthing supplies set up. I had planned to labor and birth in a birth tub, but that was still in the back yard and the hose wasn’t even close to being connected. I told Matt that we really needed to get the bed ready so that we at least had one place to birth if the tub wasn’t ready. We stripped the bead and he continued getting it ready with the shower curtains and clean sheets on top, all the while I was having pressure waves / contractions and needed him to help me through them.

Our midwife called us around 8 or 8:30pm to see how things were and Matt told her that I was feeling pressure and that the pressure waves / contractions were pretty close together but not very long in duration. She told us she was headed over and would be there soon. Not long after I decided that I needed to poop again or at least had the sensation to. In my mind, I knew that the “poop” feeling was really more and could mean that baby was close, but didn’t realize how close things were. I decided to go sit on the toilet to see if I could get anything out but as I sat down I realized what the feeling was that was rubbing on the shorts I was wearing, it was my bag of water bulging out of me.

I called Matt over and told him what I was feeling and he looked and saw the bag of water and the baby’s head inside of it. He also happened to be on the phone with our midwife and described what he saw. I was squatting somewhat and in one pressure wave / contraction the entire head came out. Our midwife told Matt to have me lay down and as I walked towards the bed the next pressure wave / contraction hit my water broke and Baby came shooting out and onto the floor. Matt quickly dropped the phone with our midwife on it and grabbed Baby off the floor. I turned and noticed that the umbilical cord was detached from the pressure of Baby coming out. I grabbed my bath towel off the wall and gave it to Matt as he was embracing Baby to keep it warm. I dashed to the bed where he quickly brought baby over so that I could keep Baby warm.

At this point our midwife and intern midwife were pulling up to our house and came flying in. They immediately started tying off the umbilical cord and checking over baby and helping deliver the placenta (I had completely forgotten about this part!). Zi’s color wasn’t the best and our midwives decided that washing her wouldn’t be a good idea as it would lower her body temperatures. She was also given oxygen to help her out. Matt and I settled into bed with Zi wrapped up tight to keep her warm as our amazing midwives began cleaning up the bathroom and hallway. They also brought us food in bed; I can’t tell you how nice this was! We were able to stay together as a family in bed enjoying our new baby while everything else around us was being done.

Our midwives decided that it would be best if they spent the night so they could check Zi’s vitals after such a tremendous delivery. They came in every hour and checked on her and at 4am noticed that her respiratory numbers were lower than where they should have been. Our midwife suggested that we go in to the hospital as she wasn’t comfortable with us being home all day if her numbers were low. Matt and I discussed it and after about an hour and the respiratory numbers still low, we decided to head in to the hospital.

At 6am we headed out to Denver Health Medical Center, not the first trip we had planned for Zi, but one we thought was necessary. When we arrived at the hospital we were greeted by a quiet pediatric section with no other patients. The entire staff in the ER was so kind and gentle with Zi. They put her on the monitors and began evaluating her. Our midwife was amazing and stayed with us through the morning, helping to answer the questions they had. One of the more difficult parts was when they put an IV in her arm, including a large IV board. Matt was kind enough to stay with her as I couldn’t bear to see her go through that.

Around mid afternoon they finally decided to move us up to the NICU for observation. Once up in NICU we were able to start to work on breastfeeding, something Zi seemed to be a pro with, but Mom needed a little work, especially with her nipples. With the help of nipple shields, we were able to get a successful latch and get Zi on her way to a good afternoon snack. They eventually moved us to our own room on the NICU floor and Matt and I started to settle in for what was to be a couple days of observation.

At around one in the morning on Saturday one of the resident doctors came by and told us that her blood work came back with a bacteria growth and that they wanted to start a seven day antibiotic treatment. Matt was up and decided that we really didn’t have much choice as it would be difficult to get rid of without. Poor Zi was continually being poked and prodded and listened to, something that she would have liked to have done without, especially all of the monitors they had connected to her.

Matt and I took turns sleeping on the pull out chair and rocking our little girl throughout the night and during the day. Thankfully on Sunday afternoon they were able to get us a room on the Mom and Baby floor where there were two beds and where Zi would be able to stay with us without being connected to any monitors. Each day was more of the same: IV’s at 1am, 9am and 5pm as well as vitals taken throughout the day and check-ups from the pediatrician and the resident doctors.

My Mom was able to fly up the day after Zi was born so Matt and I were able to take a couple quick trips home to clean up and refresh without having to put Zi in the nursery. On Tuesday the pediatrician came in and told us they thought we could probably go home, but once they ran it by the infectious disease specialist, they came back and told us we had to wait out the full seven day antibiotic treatment as the specialist wanted to be sure the infection was gone. I was extremely sad that we wouldn’t be able to take our little girl home and that she would have to endure another three days of treatment, but it was what would be best for her. They originally thought the infection was Group B Strep since I hadn’t gotten tested, but once the culture grew out it was diagnosed as Enterococcus Faecalis Bacteremia, something they really have no clue about how she got it.

Throughout the week the nurses kept their fingers crossed as they would run her IV, hoping that it would hold out. It was done twice in the same arm and later in the week they couldn’t get the IV in anywhere and asked if we would allow it in her head, which we were. I knew it would be easier for them to get and whatever we needed to do for Zi, we would do. Finally, finally, finally on Friday, September 25th, they gave us the all clear to head home after her last IV at 5pm. Once the last IV went through, we waited for permission to take the IV out of her head, something I don’t really care to see her go through ever again. We had them cut the tape off as it kept pulling her little hair and she kept crying. After all was calm and we were cleared, we were on our way, something a full week in the making. It was so good to be able to bring Zi back to her home where she was born a week prior, a place much calmer and comfortable compared the hospital.

All in all I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved laboring at home, being in a place where Matt and I were both comfortable. We did the research; we prepared our minds and our home. We loved our midwife and trusted her and her intern. Zi came quickly, but perfect. I’m very thankful that our midwife was concerned enough to have us head to the hospital. I’m content knowing we did what we needed to do to make sure our baby would be healthy. We don’t know what would have happened if things would have been different and we hadn’t had such a quick birth and we hadn’t gone to the hospital. Everything happens for a reason and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

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