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Well, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and just completed my first session
“Special Place”.  Can I just say WOW!?

I have to admit I was skeptical.  Not about the program but about my
ability to relax to that state without a bunch of practice.  hehe  Not
an issue, apparently.

I was so excited to hear her address concerns that kept popping into
my head.  As I was preparing to get settled in I heard the washer and
dryer and was wondering if I should shut them down.  However, I’m
preparing to be away all weekend and NEED to get the laundry finished
so I left them on.  Imagine my surprise when I hear her voice stating
that the noises in the background that were part of my normal
surroundings were not going to distract me!!!

And when she told me to try and open my eyelids after I had relaxed
them fully…I couldn’t open them!!!  I remember in my mind being so
excited.  But, those thoughts didn’t distract me either.

And yes, there are times when I completely was outside of her realm
and didn’t “hear” what she was saying.  It was like I was drifting in
and out of a fog.  And then, I have no idea what she said at the end,
but slowly my awareness came back and I realize that she had just
begun the 2nd track on the CD and my session was complete!  I was so
relaxed, so not-drowsy (which makes me KNOW I wasn’t sleeping), and
very, very peaceful.  And baby was just rolling, twisting, and
stretching.  I’m certain my relaxed state made his/her little room
very roomy indeed.  No jabs at all!

I am a believer and I am SO excited for my birthing time!!!  I just
cannot wait for tomorrow’s session!!!

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Scared of Birth?

There are quite a few moms who seek out Hypnobabies becuase they are afraid to give birth.  That fear may come from previous births or from stories they have heard, shows they have seen.  Wherever it comes from, they are afraid of birth. 

When they find out about Hypnobabies, it gives them hope.  They realize that birth can be an enjoyable experience instead of a frightening one. 

Here are two lovely posts about fear of birth and why we don’t need to be afraid!

Overcoming Fear of ChildBirth – It goes over the reasons why moms may have this fear and it actually refers to a news segment in which a mom was afraid of birth, saw my birth video on You Tube and realized that birth could be enjoyable. :)

Myth #783 Birth is Scary – A lovely post. 

Crashing through our fears and our cultural myths is what’s scary – Birth isn’t.

So very true!

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A mom from the Yahoo Group posted this a few days ago and gave me permission to share.

I posted a few days ago that I ended up in preterm labor on
Wednesday. I received a shot of terbutaline and was ordered to take
it easy. Well, today my contractions got really hard and frequent and
were not stopping no matter what. I quickly got online and
downloaded “Baby Stay In.” I took it with me to the hospital,
listening to it a bit on the way. Then I had to stop listening to
deal with admissions, nurses, etc.

I received another shot of terbutaline upon arrival, and though it
slowed things down a bit, it didn’t completely stop the contractions.
Next, they tried procardia. Again, the contractions continued and the
baby wasn’t doing great either. I told my husband that I was going to
put on my headphones and listen to Baby Stay In, and that he needed to deal with the nurse interactions for the next 30 minutes. My eyes were closed, so I didn’t see the monitor, but my husband said, within a few minutes of starting the track, my contractions COMPLETELY STOPPED (after 4 hours of contracting!). At the end of the 30 minutes, I looked at the monitor and saw only a flat line where the contractions used to be. I had one more contraction right after
coming out of hypnosis, but then nothing.

The nurse was amazed at the effectiveness. My husband had explained Hypnobabies to her while I was listening, and when I finished, she came in and said, “Your relaxation stuff really works well!” I was discharged within 15 minutes.

This experience has given me so much confidence that Hypnobabies is going to give me the wonderful birth that I want! I am so glad I found this incredible program!!

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Hypnobabies Classes starting on February 23rd. There are two openings left.

Visit http://www.enjoybirth.com/Hypnobabies-Classes.html for more information.

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February 7th through February 14th, ONLY

Happy Valetine’s Day, Hypnobabies Fans!

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, for one week only, all products in our regular Hypnobabies website store are 20% off, including the following: (use the code below when ordering)

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Another Dream experience

I had this dream last night that I was having some p**nful procedure.
(It had something to do with my feet or lower legs, I’m not sure–maybe I was really having a leg cramp?) I stopped myself and said I don’t need to feel this.  I can use my hypnosis.  And I then felt my entire body completely relax and I felt comfortable even though the procedure was still going on.

I hope this means I am integrating my practice of Painless Childbirth
and Special Place.  (Sort of like finally dreaming in French in high
school) I can’t wait to start my class next week! I realize it was just a dream, but it really gives me high hopes that this will work : )

Bon Chance,


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This is such a relief. I have diverticulosis. If you’re not familiar with it, I have polyps along my intestine and it sometimes causes very
painful cramping, and it especially gets worse mid-pregnancy (for me).
It’s really, really, bad, agonizing pain during cramping and it usually
lasts about an hour.

Well, for the past week, I’ve had it about 5 times. I’ve done both the
peace cue and other times turned off my lightswitch, and it worked! I
am so happy about this, it’s such a difficult thing to deal with. This
morning I was in the grocery store with my husband and I felt it coming on, and the peace cue worked for me.

Thank you Hypnobabies!!!

Anja 16 weeks

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A mom submitted her birth story to True North a Central Oregon Parenting Magazine.   They published it and it is a wonderful inspiring birth story to read.

Please go and read this wonderful Hypnobabies Birth Story!

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I have been lurking for a while and gave birth to a beautiful baby
boy Sept 8th. Here’s my story:

I started the home lessons in my 27th week. Previously I had used the other birth hypnosis method and had some success, so I tried this one this time hoping for more success.

I found with 2 other kids at home, a full time job and other
responsibilities, I was not able to do enough of the program. I did
learn a lot from the reading, but did not even realize there was a
workbook until too late! I listened to all the tracks and tried to
practice the finger drop technique as much as possible, but I am not
sure how well I was doing it. What I did do was spend a LOT of time
on the exercise ball. I did all my computer work on it and was
sitting and bouncing and rolling around on it until the birth.

Here’s the story:
At 37 1/2 wks, my family and I went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. That nite my husband and I were having a very intense “discussion” probably spurred on by my raging hormones which were pretty much in check until that point (the whole time I was on that ball, moving and stretching around). At about 1 am we decided we needed to rest and threw in the towel.

I went to go get for bed and my water broke. This was 1:30. My husband had just fallen asleep, so I got in to bed with my MP3 player to relax and listen to hypnobabies. I did not get a chance to do any hypnobabies because i kept looking at the clock with every pressure wave and saw that they were 2 minutes apart! This was 1:45 am. I had had some bloody show that week and more that day.

After trying a few times to relax and ride through them, I decided at
2 minutes apart I’d better get up, wake my husband, and figure out
who was going to come stay with my other kids so we could get to the
hospital ASAP. I had to concentrate on getting coverage for my kids
so I was not able to do hypnobabies. I was chewing on ice in the
kitchen, and on the phone trying to get someone to come. We finally
got someone at 2 am to come, got in the car after first riding
through a wave outside the car, leaning on my husband. I couldn’t
really sit in the car as i was pretty much sitting on the baby’s
head, so I leaned to the side and listened to the labor hypnobabies
track. I closed my eyes and was able to get into some sort of zone
but my husband was racing through NYC streets and I feared for my

When we got to the hospital my husband got me a wheelchair since I
felt if I stood up the baby would fall out. He frantically wheeled me
in. This must have been about 3:00 am. I had to push in the elevator. Then I had to push at Admitting with the nurses yelling at me to stop. Someone took the headphones off my head, threw me on a gurney and we were racing through the halls. They wanted to transfer me to a delivery bead and I just laughed and pushed the baby out on the gurney. I am lucky someone caught him! It helped that I yelled “I’M PUSHING AND IT’S COMING OUT NOW!!”.

Gotta make yourself heard. My eyes were closed pretty much the whole time, except when I told the nurse to stop yelling at me and asked for a new nurse and begged her to be nice to me. And when they asked my social and dob.

Elisha Haim  was born at 3:35 am, just 2 hours after my water broke
and I had any inkling that he was coming.

Not sure if Hypnobabies or the ball had anything to do with the fast
birth or if the “discussion” with my husband did the trick, but it
was very fast, relatively pain free, and aside from trying to keep
the baby in and wishing I was having a home birth, it was really very

That’s my story!


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I had a slightly similar experience that was SO COOL for me.  I’ve  always struggled with fear and often have nightmares where someone (usually with a very evil feeling) is trying to scare me out of my mind.  Well, during the late stages of my last pregnancy I did a lot of  listening to Hypnobabies scripts while falling asleep at night and one night during one of these dreams, I suddenly said to myself, “This is stupid!  I don’t have to take this anymore.”  And I woke up. 

I didn’t feel scared or creepy like I usually do after waking up from one of those dreams.  As I got up to go to the bathroom I said over and over, “I am not a victim!  I am not afraid!”  LOL!  I realized then that it is my choice as to whether or not I let myself be a victim.  I totally credit the Hypnobabies scripts and affirmations getting into my consious and subconsious mind giving me this empowering change of attitude.  I haven’t had another dream like that since this experience.  Hypnobabies has made me a more confident woman in lots of other areas.  How’s that for a great side benefit??


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